So we have come to final chapter of our story. There are some things that could be picked up before chase or during it. I would recommend latter approach.
Those items are located at :
1. glass shard at nursery
2. snowman from make-up room

What can I do at the beginning of Chapter 7 ?
Adrienne should take a look at her computer. It's kind of sad, actually. She should try to leave the house for some horrifying moments. Performance room offers interesting viewpoint thru video machine.

What about The Chase
The Chase starts as soon as Adrienne enters darkroom.
The order of rooms is not important. Adrienne can improvise somewhat.

Darkroom, first time
Adrienne should handle that much sought-after drain cleaner, left conveniently within her reach.
IF she has snowman in her possession then she could just grab book from table and skip half of the chase. It would make for an inferior game, thou.

Adrienne tries to break out in vain. If she tries to advance toward hall, she'll be caught by Don.

There is a shard of broken glass from baby picture. Adrienne should add it to her arsenal and wait for her loving husband behind door. As soon as Don arrives, Adrienne should attack him with glass shard.

Big room at third floor
Adrienne can hide behind sofa. However Don will catch her for sure if she tries that.
Adrienne should head for secret passageways.

Chapel is used as a passage to crypt

Adrienne could try to hide in crypt by using poker on it. She can also try to repeat hiding process, this time with lesser success. Adrienne should hide behind pedestal and take another gleefully hostile action against her husband.
If Adrienne didn't trade cameo for crucifix, this is her chance to get another holy object.

Performance room
Adrienne should speed to make-up room and get snowman from floor. Now she needs to hide from don so she should force her way into cabinet. Adrienne could meet him with hammer, but poker seems to be more fit.

Darkroom again
Adrienne should grab accursed book from table. If Don tries to capture her, she can lay him down with a hammer blow.

Secret Passage
It's possible to find earhtly remains of a phone man somewhere at passages (Adrienne has to throw a switch).

Captured Adrienne
At some point Adrienne has to get caught. However she should be sure to get snowman first or the result of capture would prove horrific. Also she must possess either the glass shard or cameo.
Adrienne can talk to Don, hit him with hammer, hit him with poker or kill herself (pull at lever). She should offer snowman to her husband and then, grimly, pull that lever.

Adrienne should escape thru passage system and head for a chasm. Once there she cold try to jump over it (very dramatic) or she can cross the chasm using water pipe.

The Final Room

From now on, you have to move FAST
She could listen at door (and become very dead) or she can secure door with a door bolt. Now she should descend into room with a magic circle. Adrienne should stand at altar, place book on it and start reading. At some point she realizes that she needs talisman of sorts. This item can be obtained from nearby corpse and then placed on the book. Now she needs something sharp to get blood. Cameo or shard of glass will do nicely, and holy object could well be crucifix.

End of the Game

(C) 1995 Veikko Danilas

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