Phantasagoria is a second installment in Sierra "We Make Games For People Who Have Never Seen Computer Before" series. First one was King's Quest 7 and god knows they are going to rape Gabriel Knight 2 down to single-icon interface. This is actually tragic because one icon does NOT allow for much and varied interaction with a game world.

A bit of an afterthought: And so it was that Gabriel Knight 2 was brought down to the single cursor interface for the horror of serious gamers worldwide. Nonethless GK 2 proved to be one of the best single cursor adventures of all time. Way to go, Jane Jensen!

Phantasmagoria is first of it's kind in many ways - First REALLY BIG interactive movie and first REAL HORROR ADVENTURE. It also features VERY GREAT digitized choir music. Those factors make it outstanding although limited interface cuts down a lots of points, at least for me.

I'm writing this guide for Phantasmagoria because I've had a lots of request for it and I haven't seen a thorough one around.

I'd like to express my thanks to Mark Seibert for a work well done and to Roberta Williams for daring to do something different.

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