The Black Cauldron
                            Complete Points List

         5 Give bowl to pig.
         4 Take flute.
        20 Give pig to fary.
        10 Give apple to creature.
        13 Get into faries' cave.
        10 Give lute to faries' king.
         5 Get out of rock maze.
         5 Pass rope.
         6 Climb rocks.
         5 Pass chasms.
        18 Get into castle.
         6 Find hole in floor.
        10 Get to basment.
        10 Enter berrial chamber.
         8 Take sword.
         9 Release man.
        13 Leave castle.
        15 Get to middle of swamp.
        18 Give sword to witches.
        25 Show mirror to king.
        15 Get sword.

       230 Total, Out of
       230 Possible
               This File have been written by Avi Machness.
          for corrections / additions / comments please contact
                    me at: [email protected]
	      Note: if you have points lists for any quest, 
	        or can give me more points for this one, 
	             please contact me ASAP.
		          Thanks, Avi

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