Black Cauldron FAQ/Walkthrough [for DOS/WINDOWS]
Version 1.1.0
Copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz([email protected])

_The Black Cauldron_ is copyright Sierra on Line(game), Disney(movie), 
and Lloyd Alexander(book) too.  This FAQ is not affiliated with them in 
any ways.  This is part of my throwing water into the ocean of documents 
for people to remember old computer games.

AD SPACE = My home page = My games page = My maps page.  One day I 
hope to put a Black Cauldron color map there.

This is the first adventure game I've written a FAQ for.  I wasn't able 
to find another really in-depth one, and I liked the game(and the book 
the movie that was based on it was based on) enough to give it a whirl.  
I'd found myself asking some questions pretty frequently and can't 
imagine that I'm the only person out there who's ever played old 
computer games and read(re-read) Lloyd Alexander's series.















You are Taran, assistant Pig-Keeper at Caer Dallben.  The Horned King 
wants to steal the Black Cauldron, which changes skeletons into 
deathless, man-like, emotionless warriors and will give him a huge army 
to take over Prydain.  To do so, he needs to capture Hen Wen, the 
oracular pig, and force her to show him how.  Your mission is to get Hen 
Wen to King Eiddileg's Fair Folk realm and safety.  Then you must do 
what you can to destroy the Black Cauldron.  Your mission takes you 
through a maze in Eagle Mountain, the Horned King's castle, to the fairy 
realm, and across the Morva Marsh.

Keyboard(arrows, with diagonal directions home/page-up/page-down/end 
corresponding to NW/NE/SE/SW) or joystick or number pad moves Taran 
{Alt-Z} = quit
{tab} = inventory
F1 = help
F2 = sound
F3 = toggle item you wish to use
F4 = use that item
So, for instance, to drink, push F3 and use the arrows to move to water.  
Then push F4.  You often want to have your item prepared in advance--for 
instance, if you want to discourage the henchman.
F5 = save game[there are 12 name slots for this.  I usually save with 
points and a brief description]
F6 = perform an action.  IF you're in front of a door, you'll open it.  
If you are looking at an item, you can take it.
F7 = restore game
F8 = look around
F9 = restart game
Unlike most AGI games, this has no text interface.  This cuts down on 
possibilities and potential for difficult puzzles but can also cut down 
on general confusion.


The items here are in the order presented in the AGI editor.  Search 
"AGI Editor" download to pick it off the web or see the link in the 
credits.  The format is:  Item, where it is, what to do with it, and *-
"have you tried."

Nik Mayinger corrected a lot of errors I had when I originally dashed 
this part off.

1.  Knapsack
    At Dallben's in the cupboard
    Lets you carry unlimited items
2.  Corn
    By Hen Wen, in the shed on the west side
    Feed to Hen Wen
  * You can't eat it after giving Hen Wen the gruel.
  * Gurgi will eat it, but you won't get points for it(Nik Mayinger)
3.  Gruel
    At Dallben's on the fire
    Feed to Hen Wen
  * Won't help your hunger after you feed Hen Wen the corn
  * Gurgi will eat it, but you won't get points for it(Nik Mayinger)
4.  Food wallet
    Under the bridge SE of Caer Dallben
    Use unlimited times when hungry
5.  Bread
    Find it in the Caer Dallben cupboard
    Eat it to cure hunger
6.  Water Flask
    Get in the cupboard in Caer Dallben
    Fill it with water
  * Use it in a fast stream, and it gets ripped off by the current.  You 
may drown as well.
  * The flask will turn up in calmer waters downstream.  (Nik Mayinger)
7.  Water
    Pour water from a stream(F6) while using the water flask.
    Use when you're thirsty--five or six uses
8.  Apple
    In the Caer Dallben cupboard
    Give to Gurgi(or eat it to cure hunger)
  * Eating apple and cookie means you can't make friends with Gurgi.
9.  Cookies
    In Gwystyl's cupboard
    Cures hunger
  * Eating apple and cookie means you can't make friends with Gurgi.
10. Rope
    Dallben gives it to you after Hen Wen's Visit(Nik Mayinger)
    Lets you climb the cliff north of Eagle Mountain's base
11. Dagger
    Found pinned to a frowning tree west of Caer Dallben
    Lets you break in through the window of the Horned King's castle
12. Magic Sword
    Behind the secret door in the catacombs
    You can stun the henchman with it, and then you trade it to Orddu, 
Orwen, and Orgoch for the Cauldron
13. Harp
    Fflewdurr gives this to you when you rescue him as gratitude.
    Give to Eiddileg as a token so you can get the mirror and the flying 
14. Lute
    This is found in the tree with a hole in it(Nik Mayinger)
    Give to Eiddileg as a token so you can get the mirror and the flying 
  * 1st time you use it, it's tuned(scales).  Then it plays a song.
15. Flying Dust
    Eiddileg gives this to you when you prove your friendship.
    Use it to get out of the Fairy Kingdom, then to get to the Marshes 
of Morva.
  * You can't fly over the cliff/mazes to get to the castle(alas)
16. Keys
    The henchman is guarding them, to the west of your cell and to the 
north of where you climb out of the catacombs.
    They open the door to your cell as well as Fflewdurr Fflam's.
17. Tin Cup
    It's lying on a table in your jail cell.
    Bang it against the door, and Eilonwy will try to visit you.
18. Magic Word
    Gwystyl gives you this if you return Hen Wen safely.
    Use it south of the waterfall.  A rock will sink down, and you can 
walk over it.
19. Magic Mirror
    King Eiddileg gives it to you when you show you are friendly.
    Show it to the Horned King for a chance at maximum ending points.
20. Book of Knowledge
    The first thing the three witches offer you if Gurgi sacrificed his 
life for you.
    Accepting this with F6 will not help your score.
21. Pot of Gold
    The second thing the three witches offer you if Gurgi sacrificed his 
life for you.
    Accepting this with F6 will not help your score.
22. Hero Shield
    The first thing the three witches offer you if you turned the mirror 
on the Horned King.
    Accepting this with F6 will not help your score.  Waiting will 
resurrect Gurgi.
23. Suit of Armor
    The second thing the three witches offer you if you turned the 
mirror on the Horned King.
    Accepting this with F6 will not help your score.  Waiting will 
return the magic sword.
24. Bread
    You have 2/3 bread left.
    You can eat it if you're starving.
25. Bread
    You have 1/3 bread left.
    You can eat it if you're starving.


The map has been broken up into several parts.  Available items are 
indicated with a bracket.

  CAER DALLBEN [you can cycle vertically but not horizontally.  So the 
stone fence is north of the waterfall, for example.]

    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
    |    Soggy    |  |  Trees and  |  |    Lake     |  |  Waterfall  |
    |    Ground   |  |   Diagonal  |  | (Eiddileg   |  |             |
    |             |  |    River    |  |  is under   |  |             |
    |             |  |             |  |     here)   |  |             |
    |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
    |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+

    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
    |  Branches   |  |  Birch tree |  |  Clearing   |  |  Logs bound |
    | That knock  |  |  with knot  |  | (vine traps)|  |   on east   |
    |  you over   |  |     hole    |  |             |  |             |
    |             |  |   (lute)    |  |             |  |             |
    |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
    |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+

T M +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
o o |    "No      |  |   Trees,    |  |Caer Dallben |  |Caer Dallben |
  u |    Diving"  |  | with river  |  |cottage-geese|  |farmyard     |
  n | Split NE/SW |  | in the SW   |  |   (outside) |  |(goat, Hen   |
  t |             |  |             |  | *enter      |  | Wen) [corn] |
  a |             |  |             |  |    inside*  |  |             |
  i |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
  n +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+

T 4 +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
o   |    "No      |  | River path  |  |  River path |  |  River path |
  T | Trespassing"|  |****     ****|  |****         |  |        **** |
  r |             |  |****     ****|  |*********    |  |        **** |
  e |   [Dagger]  |  |  *********  |  |    *********|  |   ********  |
  e |             |  |  *********  |  |         ****|  |*****(bridge)|
  s |             |  |             |  |             |  |       [food]|
    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
T r +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
o e |    Next to  |  |Secret Glade |  | Three trees |  | Stone fence |
  e |    Morva    |  | (Gwystyl's) |  |             |  |   to west   |
B / |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
l s |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
a w |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
c a |             |  |             |  |             |  |             |
k m +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+


    +-------------+  +-------------+
    |Caer Dallben |  |Secret Glade |
    |(Dallben)    |  | (Gwystyl's) |
    |[bread,apple,|  |  [cookies]  |
    |gruel,flask, |  |             |
    |rope,bread,  |  |             |
    |knapsack]    |  |             |
    +-------------+  +-------------+
       vvvvvvvvv        vvvvvvvvv
     South to Caer      South to
    Dallben-outside   Secret Glade

                                     |  By castle  |
                                     |    window   |
                                     |             |
                                     |  (to front  |
                                     | of castle)  |
                                     |             |
                                     |  Midway up  |
                                     | castle wall |
                                     |             |
    +-------------+  +-------------+ |             |
    |             |==|Castle proper| |             |
    |             |==|             | |             |
    |             |  +-------------+ +-------------+
    |             |                 /(up)
    |             |  +-------------+
    |   Castle    |==|  South of   |
    |    entry    |==|    moat     |
    +-------------+  |             |
                     |             |
                     |             |
                     |             |
                      ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
             +-------------+ +-------------+
             |Left winding | |Right winding|
             |     path    | |     path    |
             |             | |             |
             |             | |             |
             |             | |             |
             |             | |             |
             +-------------+ +-------------+
                      ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
    |  Left cliff |  | Dark | Dark |  | Right cliff |
    |     face    |  | view | view |  |     face    |
    |             |==|      |      |==|             |
    |             |==|      |      |==|             |
    |             |  |      |      |  |             |
    |             |  |      |      |  |             |
    +-------------+  +-------------+  +-------------+
                   \                 /
                    \               /
                     |  Bottom of  |
                     |    cliff    |
                     |             |
                     |             |
                     |             |
                     |             |
                     | Maze at foot|}
                     |   of Eagle  |}
                     |   Mountain  |}To
                     |             |}"No diving"
                     |             |}
                     |             |}
                     |Four frowning|}
                     |     Trees   |}
                     |             |}To Dagger/
                     |             |}"No trespassing"
                     |             |}
                     |             |}
                     | Black tree  |}
                     |  and swamp  |}
                     |             |}To NE of
                     |             |}Morva
                     |             |}
                     |             |}

    +-------+  +---------+  +---------+  +---------+  +-------+
    |Parapet|  | Front of|  |  Top of |  |Tapestry |  |Balcony|
    |outside|  |  castle |  |staircase|  |  room   |  |       |
    |       |==| (window)|==|         |  |         |==|       |
    |       |==|         |==|         |  |         |==|       |
    |       |  |         |  |         |  |         |  |       |
    |       |  |         |  |         |  |         |  |       |
    +-------+  +---------+  +---------+  +---------+  +-------+
                                 |(up)                |       |
                                 |                    |       |
                            +---------+  +---------+  +-------+
                            |Middle of|  | Storage |  | Main  |
                            |staircase|  |  space  |  | floor |
                            |         |==|         |==|       |
                            |         |==|         |==|       |
                            |         |  |         |  |       |
                            |         |  |         |  |       |
                            +---------+  +---------+  +-------+
                                 |            |
                                 |            |
                             Bottom of   +---------+
                             staircase   |  Wine   |
                            (see below)  | Cellar  |
                                         | (fall to|
                                         | north of|
                                         |   trap  |
                                         |  door)  |
                                              |     \
                                              |      \(Secret chute in 
the east)
                            +---------+  +---------+  (To North of trap 
                            | Outside |  |  Entry  |
                            |   (see  |  |         |
                            |   above |==|         |
                            |    map) |==|         |
                            |         |  |         |
                            |         |  |         |
                            +---------+  +---------+

  +--------+  +--------+
  | Middle |  | Fflew- |
  |   of   |  | ddur's |
  | Spiral |  |  cell  |
  | Stairs |  | [harp] |
  |  (see  |  |        |
  | above) |  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+
      ||          ||
  +--------+  +--------+
  | Bottom |  | Patrol |
  |   of   |  |by cells|
  | Spiral |==|        |
  | Stairs |==|        |
  |        |  | [keys] |
  |        |  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+
              +--------+  +--------+
              |  Jail  |  |        |
              |Corridor|  |  Your  |
              |(stairs |==|  Cell  |
              |   down)|==|        |
              |        |  |  [tin  |
              |        |  |  cup]  |
              +--------+  +--------+

  | Burial |
  |  room  |
  | [magic |
  | sword] |
  |        |
  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
  | Loose  |  | Fallen |  |North of|
  | Bricks |  |  beam  |  |  trap  |
  |        |==|        |==|  door  |
  |        |==|        |==|        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
       |                       |
  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
  | Corner |  |Gargoyle|  |Eilonwy |  |Cauldron|
  |  Room  |  |  head  |  | (trap  |  |  room  |
  |        |==|(stairs |==| door)  |==|        |
  |        |==|     up)|==|        |==|        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |  |        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+

    MARSHES OF MORVA (west of secret glade)

  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+
  |Cauldron|  | Cottage|  | Outside|
  | Storage|  |  Room  |  | Cottage|
  |        |==|(trunk) |--|        |
  |        |==|        |--|        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |
  |        |  |        |  |        |
  +--------+  +--------+  +--------+


*=not necessary, but neat.

NOTE:  at some points during the game, you will get hungry/thirsty.  
Just select F3 for the food and F4 to use it.  Also, calm streams are a 
good source of water.  Select the water flask[F3] and then F4.  You will 
have an item, "water," in your inventory that you use[F3/F4] so you are 
not thirsty.

From Dallben's cottage:
W, N, F6 at tree knothole, F6 to get lute, S, E
F6 at the door to open it
Enter the door
F6 by the fire to get the gruel
F6[5x] by the cupboard to open it, get the apple, bread, rope and 
knapsack.  F6 to close it again if you'd like, 
*F6 to Dallben for instructions.
Leave the cottage and go east.
*Go to the corn shed, F6 opens it, and F6 gets the corn
F6 at Hen Wen's pen.  F3 to select corn or gruel, and F4 outside her 
"kennel."  She will walk out.
S, and on east side of bridge, F6 to search for wallet, and F6 to pick 
it up.  [I recommend getting water here, with F3 on the flask and F4]
N and E.
F6 to go back to Dallben's.  Hen Wen will start to follow you around.
[There are three ways to get Hen Wen to safety.  You can get her 
captured and rescue her from the castle, or you can go to Gwystyl's.  
This walkthrough is about going to Gwystyl's.
N, W, N, N.
You are now by Gwystyl's secret glade.  N, E, N, W, N, E and you will 
find his hidden house.
F6 at cupboard.  F6 to get cookies.  F6 to close it.  Leave to the 
south.  Go south again to the glade and exit.  W,S,E,S,W,S.  Now head to 
the bottom of the screen.
W, N, F6 to read notice, and F6 to get dagger, N, W.
In the mountain maze, go WNWNWNWNENWN.  Just go as far as you can in the 
lateral direction and then as far north as you can and you'll make it.
F3(rope) and F4.  It may take a few times hitting F4 but the rope will 
hook.  Which way it heads is random.  Push F6 once the rope catches.  
Then go diagonally up(left or right)...
The cliffs are not too tough to navigate but save to make sure.  Use F6 
to get a hold on the cliffs.
N to the winding road.
N through the winding road.  You'll face a moat to the north next.  The 
four alligators look tough, but you just need to move diagonally and it 
should not be hard at all.
(Nik Mayinger points out that you can go west from the moat and push F6 
to get into the henchman's cart if it is there, and you still can get 
maximum points that way.  If it is not, just exit and come back later.  
If it is, just get in and proceed.  You will get caught if you try to 
pass the guard or get out of the cart(F6) too early once in the castle.)
F3 the dagger for later.
F6 to get a hold of the wall.  Save your game here so boulders don't 
land on you.  There are several ways to get to the top but I like going 
north from the center and then going diagonally up left.  You want to 
reach the window(yellow) and hit F4 so your dagger breaks it.  That will 
put you inside the castle.  Since you've rescued Hen Wen, you can turn 
yourself in.  Let the henchman catch you.If not, you should execute the 
following sequence:
F2(turns sound on--circumvent bug in the game as otherwise you won't 
have time to rescue Hen Wen).  E, E, E.  F6 after Hen Wen shows a 
thought bubble.  Approach Hen from below(makes it easier to escape 
Creeper) and F6 to take her.
W. W. Climb stairs(be careful!  At the very top, you can fall easily!) 
W, W, F6(throws Hen Wen from the balcony) and get caught.  (Nik Mayinger 
reminded me that you will need to pick up your items from the closet 
west of the throne room if you choose this route.)
At the table, F6 to pick up the cup, F3 to the cup and F4 at the door.  
The rattling will slide open a panel.  Fall through it.
W, W, N, go to rectangles on the back wall.
F6(5x) creates a passage.  Approach the king.  F6 takes the sword.  F3 
the sword.
S. S. N. F6 at the gargoyle and climb up.
N here, but you might want to go a bit W first.  This will allow you 
more time to use the sword on the guard with F4.  Go to the keys, hit 
F6, and go to the door at the north(F4 on the guard again if necessary!)
F3(keys), F4(the door), and enter the door.  F6 around the man in 
chains, and he(Fflewdurr) will give you his harp.  F3(sword).
S, W, U, E, S, S, F4(at the crank on the west side), W.
Go E at the bottom of the screen, and remember which way you tossed the 
rope.  Go south on that side of the screen(if you don't remember, pick a 
side, go south, and see if there is a rope tied.  Or you may be doing a 
lot of extra cliff climbing!)  Hit F6 at the rope, go diagonally down, 
and land.  Retrace your way through the maze and go back to two south of 
Dallben's(E, E, E, S, S) and wait for Gurgi to appear.  If he doesn't 
duck quickly out and in.
F3(apple), F4 when Gurgi is around you.

If Hen Wen got caught, follow the advice below the first pair of 
asterisks.  If not, follow the advice below the second pair.
S, go to footprints, F6 as follows--E,E,S,E,N,E, and you will fall 
through to Eiddileg's.
S, and head to the south part of the screen.  Go all the way east, F3 
the magic word, and F4.  The rock will lower--cross it, but don't get 
too close to the waterfall.  Keep pushing east and north until you are 
in a dark cave, then go all the way east.  You'll fall into the hole.
From there, F6, and then F3 the lute and F4.  Eiddileg will give you a 
mirror and dust.  F3 the dust and F4.  Go up to escape.  From either 
location go north one and west all the way to Morva.
F3(dust).  F4 and go west to cross the swamp.  Wait for it to wear off, 
then hit F6 at the door.
F3(sword).  F6 to open trunk and let the frogs out.  F6 when the witches 
appear.  F4 a bit after. [Note:  You can also hit F4 after the witches 
appear.  A cauldron will come flying from the left.  You must face left 
and hit F4 just before it hits you or you will be turned into a frog.  
Then F3 the magic sword and F4 to give it to the witches.  If you do you 
get the same points as if you'd given it to them right away.  You can 
also F6 to talk, F3 the mirror and F4 to give the witches the mirror, 
but only the sword will get you the cauldron.  Thanks to Sashanan for 
these hints.]
Exit cottage.  Hit F6 around the cauldron and listen to the witches.  
Wait for the gwythaint to swoop.
Go back to the Horned King's castle.  Enter via the front gate if you 
can, but if not, cross the moat.

There are two ways to win(live body in the cauldron, or the mirror).  
The second gives maximum points:
Go to the bottom of the spiral staircase.  E.  F6 at the grate, then F6, 
and you'll fall into the balcony.  From the east edge hit f6.
Alternatively, you can fall in the cauldron if you haven't fed Gurgi.  
If you have he will jump in for you.
You can jump south from the balcony and use the mirror on the Horned 
****Finally, from the castle entrance, go north.  East behind the second 
barrel is a garbage-chute.  If you go south and east from where you 
land, the cauldron will be there.  Have the mirror ready--the Horned 
King is fast.
****Just wait when the witches offer you stuff.  The last option is 
always the best although on re-playing it it's cool to see what the 
other choices do.

 5 - Feed Hen Wen
[You may feed her the corn or the gruel]
 4 - Find secret house in bushes
20 - Bring Hen Wen to the secret house
 5 - Get through mountain maze
 5 - Toss rope across the cliff
 6 - Successfully navigate the ledges
 5 - Get by the crocodiles
[swim diagonally to fake them out]
18 - Climb up the castle wall successfully
[avoid the smooth grey spots and you'll be all right.]
   [alternative entry by henchman's cart also gets you 18 points.  
Thanks to Nik Mayinger.]
20 - Rescue Hen Wen from the castle
[throw her over the railing on the far west side]
 6 - Knock on your prison door with the tin cup
     [alternatively, if you fall through the garbage chute, you get 6 
10 - Fall through the trap-door
10 - Search wall and make a hole you can walk through
 8 - Get the sword
 8 - Get keys
 9 - Free Fflewdurr
13 - Leave castle
10 - Give Gurgi the apple
13 - Find Eiddileg's secret chambers(by mistake)
10 - Give the lute to Eiddileg
10?- Give the secret word to Eiddileg
15 - Find the witches' cottage in the Marshes of Morva [either by flying 
or jumping.  Thanks to Sashanan for pointing out that you can jump--go 
to the marsh with the rocks, top of the screen, and go WSESESSW on the 
18 - Offer sword to witches
So far, so good.  But there are three endings:
[30-You enter the Black Cauldron, not having made friends with Gurgi]

[20-Jump into the cauldron yourself, but Gurgi goes in your place]
[15-You ask witches to resurrect Gurgi, i.e. wait]

[25-Show the mirror to the Horned King]
[15-You ask witches for the magic sword back, i.e. wait]


--If you are thirsty/hungry and do not drink/eat after a third warning, 
you may die unexpectedly
--Fall off a mountain ledge while climbing or walking or using rope
--Fall off the winding path
--Fall off the stairs
--Walk into the Morva Marsh
--Walk into swiftly flowing rapids
--Swim beneath waterfall
--Don't bother to swim in a river
--Let Hen Wen tell the Horned King how to get the Black Cauldron
--The henchman catches you in the castle after you've been locked up
--You get too close to the gwythaint with your sword(Nik Mayinger)--
without the sword, you are just captured
--You jump too early from the balcony
--Horned King's assistant or henchman catches you stealing Hen Wen
--You are eaten by crocodiles as you cross the moat--often precipitated 
by slipping on smooth stones or being hit by a boulder
--You fall off the stairs a good distance
--You swing your sword at Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch before talking to 
them(F6) and wait around
--You fall off the winding path to the castle
--Horned King catches you by the cauldron(which is strange--he doesn't 
kill you before putting you in.  But Nik Mayinger notes that you're 
toast if you don't enter ther cauldron willingly.)
--Jump in the cauldron before the gwythaint takes it away(or at the 
Horned King's without Gurgi around.  But you still technically "win" 
--Walk north off moat bridge(you drown in the waters)
--Walk south off moat bridge(the alligators are merciless)
--You fill your flask with the poisoned water around the Horned King's 
castle and drink it(thanks to Sashanan for this one!)

    - Gurgi runs into you
    - You fall into Eiddileg's kingdom
    - The goat in Caer Dallben runs into you
    - You fall a short way off the stairs
    - You fall a short way from the rope on the mountain
    - Eilonwy opens the trap door and you fall through it
    - Fall down the garbage chute by wine cellar

Dallben--the man in charge at Caer Dallben.  He asks you, as your first 
task, to feed Hen Wen.
Hen Wen--the oracular pig, whom you must feed and protect from the 
Horned King.
Gurgi--a cross between a wolf and a man who seems to have gotten the 
worst traits of both.  In the book, anyway.  He's a lot cuter in the 
Eilonwy--a princess of an ancient line of spellcasters who is trapped 
under the Horned King's dungeons.  She has a magic bauble which provides 
Fflewddur Fflam--he is tied up in one of the Horned King's jail cells.
Horned King--sits on his throne, then is at the cauldron
Creeper--Horned King's Assistant.  Brings Hen Wen to the Horned King so 
that she may prophecy.
Gwythaint-big ugly birds who spy and capture for the Horned King.  One 
is chained outside the throne room as well.
Henchman--appears at random and can be stunned with the sword.  You can 
also hide from him behind the tapestries on the upper level, in the 
cart, or in the nook inside the drawbridge(Nik Mayinger)--I found that 
you can hide behind barrels as well, and you can often use barriers to 
confuse him.  You're as fast as he is in any one direction, except in 
the hall around Fflewdurr Fflam's cell, i.e. if you are horizontally 
aligned with him and go up, you will be caught.
Eiddileg--king of the Fair Folk.


--If you cross the swamp via the stones before seeing Eiddileg, the 
trunk is locked. (Nik Mayinger)
--If you rattle the tin cup in the prison without having gotten caught, 
nothing happens. (Nik Mayinger)
--Hen Wen can fit through the small hole in the crypt if you rescue her 
from the castle and then fall into the garbage chute.
--You can, if you are quick with the F3, F4 and return buttons, give not 
only the lute but also the harp to King Eiddileg.  This gives you the 
potential for 240 out of 230 points.  (Sashanan)
--In the cell, if you go directly west after you're put there, you can 
get to the door while it still opens, but you'll be stuck there a second 
or two before it closes.
--Other temporal anomalies include talking to Eiddileg before he talks 
to you
--Having sound off while on the balcony causes Hen Wen to tell the 
Horned King about the cauldron right away.  An unfair bug.
--You can step on the VERY edges of the swamp, but don't push it.
--Swing the sword around Dallben, and he tells you it's a nice sword, 
but be careful!
--"By allowing the pig and yourself to be captured, the Horned King has 
--The man with the cleaver doesn't seem to *do* anything, actually.
--You can't jump in the cauldron after the gwythaint appears but before 
it takes the cauldron.  The story just says that it's too strong for 
--You can make Hen Wen jump across the bridge with the food wallet by 
skirting it.
--You can get stuck in flying mode, and you'll have to use the powder 
again to undo the trick.

I've never seen the movie, but this game is a conglomeration of the 
first two books in Lloyd Alexander's wonderful Tales of Prydain.  They 
are called, respectively, _The Book of Three_(labeled [1]) and _The 
Black Cauldron_(labeled [2]).  Elements of both books are blended pretty 
well into this game, and it was fun to see what the game authors 
interpreted each character with the limited canvas VGA graphics 
afforded.  As for the plot....

In the game, Coll is nowhere to be seen.  Pity, I liked him in the book.
In the book[1], Coll dubs Taran "Assistant Pig-Keeper" and is the one, 
instead of Dallben, who gives Taran orders.

In the book[1], when Taran goes to feed Hen Wen, she escapes into the 
forest in fear of the Horned King.
In the game, Hen Wen is captured by a gwythaint along with Taran, who is 
taking her for a stroll.

In the book[2], the Cauldron has actually been taken AWAY from Arawn 
Death-Lord(who was the Horned King's mentor) by the three witches(they 
had struck a bargain earlier) and Dallben has called for its 
In the game, the Horned King is looking for the Cauldron and gets it.

In the book[1], Taran is actually captured by Cauldron-Born and thrown 
in a dungeon in Spiral Castle.  Achren, an evil witch who once ruled 
Prydain, is responsible.
In the game, it's just the generic henchman.  And the Horned King is the 
only -really- bad guy in the game.  But there are annoying spiral 
staircases in the Horned King's castle, although Spiral Castle was not 
surrounded by a moat.

In the book[1], Eilonwy rescues Fflewdurr Fflam mistakenly.  He keeps 
his harp for a while, too, and joins Eilonwy and Taran.
In the game, Taran rescues him.  Fflewdurr gives Taran the harp in 
gratitude and runs off.

In the book[1], Eilonwy finds the magic sword.  In addition, she does 
not let Taran have it, because he is not "of royal blood."  And she does 
not desert Taran.  They also fall down a slope to get in there.
In the game, Taran finds the sword and has to use it.  Eilonwy deserts 
him once he gets to the sword room.  The sword room is behind a wall.

In the book[1], Gurgi is given the magic wallet of food at the end.
In the game, it's under a bridge.  Gurgi won't eat from it, only apples 
and cookies.

In the book[2], the witches seem neutral, although they are as nice as 
they try to be to Taran.  The Cauldron is traded for a brooch, and it is 
dragged back to Prydain.
In the game, the witches are much nastier.  The Cauldron is traded for a 
sword and taken by a gwythaint.

In the book[1], the Horned King is defeated in battle by Gwydion(not the 
guy from King's Quest III), who has learned his name from Hen Wen.
In the game, the Horned King is killed by Taran's efforts or Gurgi's, 
depending on the ending.

In the book[2], the Cauldron is destroyed by someone jumping in it.
In the game, Taran can destroy the cauldron by jumping in it to "win," 
but that does not get the maximum points scored.


  Sashanan([email protected])
  Nik Mayinger
  [email protected]

  Thanks to everyone who has written to me about this game. which featured this game for download.

1.0.0 Originally started 9/23/2000 and sent to GameFAQs on 10/4/2000.
1.0.1 Written 10/23.  Added information from 
Sashanan([email protected]) including 2 tips about the witches(giving 
the mirror and swinging the sword at the cauldron), jumping over stones 
in Morva, and drinking poisoned water from the moat.  Edited some stuff.
1.1.0 Written 6/8/2001.  Added information from Sashanan again(240 out 
of 230 points trick) and a bunch of stuff from Nick Mayinger, including 
a new way to get into the castle and a lot of boo-boos in my items 
section(ArtOfCc also spotted the error about the harp.)

Thanks to where I downloaded Peter Kelly's AGI 

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