Solution to Codename: ICEMAN
At Isle

1. Take and read magazine.

2. Stand up. Walk to left scene. Look. Play ball. After a  
   while the ball will  drop into the sea, and the girl will go
   after  it.  When the girl shout  for help, walk to water to
   save girl. Perform  the  CPR procedure:

   a. shake and shout
   b. call for help
   c. establish airway
   d. look listen and feel
   e. give 2 good breath
   f. look listen and feel
   g. check pulse
   h. begin compression
   i. check pulse	

3. Walk right. Wear shirt. Walk to top scene to reach hotel. 
   Open door. Look girl. Talk girl. Get key. Look sign. Note 
   down the telephone no.

4. Walk to right door. Walk to girl at bottom right hand
   corner. Look girl. Talk girl. Buy girl drink. Dance with
   girl. When you have dance enough¬ type 'stop'. Talk girl.
   Sit. Talk girl. When asked, say yes. Follow girl to her hut.
   Kiss. Say yes. When inside hut, sit down beside girl. Talk.
   She will tell you that she have lost an earring. Kiss and
   Kiss until ... you know what.

5. After everything is over. Stand up. Pick up note. Open door.
   Walk around the beach just outside house. When you walk pass
   the earring,  it will sparkle. Get earring. Look earring.
   Open earring. Look inside earring. Get film.

6. Walk left until you find two huts. Walk to the top, the left
   to reach the next scene. You will find hut #6 there. Open
   door. Open closet. Look. Look at shirt. Look inside pocket.
   Get black book. Look book. Note down the phone no. Walk to
   nightstand. Open drawer. Get card. Get change.

7. Go back to hotel. At the entrance, look stand. Deposit change
   to buy the Times magazine. Open door to get inside hotel.
   Talk to girl. Get message from the girl. Read message.

8. Go back to your hut. Use phone. Dial the Captain Braxton
   number. Talk. Use phone. Dial the Nosinkhy Dinghy phone
   number. Talk.

9. Walk right to the game starting location. You will see a 
   dinghy there.
   Talk to man. Sit back and watch the cut screen.

At Airport

1. Show card to driver. 

At Security Area

1. Talk guard. Show card to guard. Press button. Walk inside
   lift. At top floor, show card to guard. Walk to door at the
   right. Open door.

2. The Captain will be waiting for you inside. He will brief
   you on your mission. Take note of the number you are told to
   memorise, After the briefing, get envelope. Walk outside.
   Get id from guard.

3. Walk to lift. Press button. Take lift to basement. Walk
   outside. Show order to driver.

At harbour

1. Move up until you are standing beside man. Salute flag.
   Salute officer. Talk officer. Show order.

Inside Submarine

1. When you are inside your room. Open drawer. Get caliper.
   Open bookshelf. Get Book of decoding.

2. Save your game at this moment. Walk to left door.

3. The captain will bring you to the control panel. Follow his
   order closely if you don't want to restore your game.

At Control Panel

Warning : do not carry out the action until the captain tell 
          you to do so.

1. All ahead slow : press '+' key once. Wait for speed to 
   reach 5 knots.

2. Right full rudder, set course 180 : press right arrow key 
   until wheeì cannot turn any more. Wait for heading to reach 
   180. You must brinç the wheel back to center when it is 
   at 180.

3. Right full rudder, set course 270 : press right arrow. 
   Wait till heading is at 270.

4. Set throttle 1/3 : press '+' key one time. You should see 
   two lightó up at the throttle speed indicator.

5. Prepare dive sequence, acknowledge green board : Close
   hatch. Type 'green board'.

6. Dive to 200 ft : press up arrow key until depth is 200 ft.
   You must stop at the required depth. Type 'depth attained'
   when you reach the required depth.

7. Set course to 360.

8. Full throttle ahead : press '+' key until all lights is up.

9. All stop : press '-' 4 times until all lights is off. You
   must be careful not to reverse the gear.

10. Exit

At submarine

1. The captain will bring you to his room and show you your

2. When ask about the other half of the combination. Enter
   the number you noted during the briefing. Open case. Get
   envelope. Open envelope. Read chart. Read order.

3. Walk to right door. Open door. Look map. Plot course.
   Use the following the coordinates:

   (30,170) (70,170) (84,77) (84,1) (62,25) (36,12)

4. Exit. The captain will bring you to the control panel.
At Control Panel

1. Set speed to 2/3. ie 3 lights.

2. Dive to 300 ft. When depth reached, type 'depth attained'.

3. Activate sonar : press shift-F3.

4. Set course to 330. When ask watch where you are heading, 
   set course to 0.

5. Throttle 1/3.

6. Set depth 70 ft.

7. Throttle slow.

8. Wait until radio message is received. Exit.

At Submarine

1. Talk. Note down the coded message. Use your decoding book
   to convert the alphabets to number. Check up your manual on
   the appropriate page, line and word according to the coded
   message. Walk to your room. use computer. Enter the 2 words
   you find into the computer. Note the message.

2. Walk to left door. Open door. Climb down to stair to the
   kitchen. Get bottle. A fat man will came to you and ask you
   to play a game of dice with him. Save the game at this point.
   Reply yes. You are only allowed to restore the game at most
   3 times during the game. So be careful. Win the bottle from
   him, then win all his money. He will then take out a device
   in order to carry on gambling with you. Reply yes. Win the
   device from him. There is no 100% way to win the dice game,
   so prepare to start all over again.

3. Walk left. Climb down tube. Walk right to weapon room. Talk
   man. Look panel. Push button. The conveyor will stop half
   way. Examine. It will show a sheared cylinder. Look
   cylinder. Measure cylinder with your vernier caliper. Look
   hole. Walk to storage room marked with explosive beside the
   door. Get explosive, get flare, get flare.

4. Walk left. Climb up tube. Walk left to machine room. Open
   cabinet. Get a 6" cylinder, 1/2" washer, 1/2" nut and pin.
   Use lathe. Set lathe to 1". Turn on lathe. Use drill. Select
   1/4" bit. Turn on drill. Use grinder.

5. Walk left. Then left again to reach the transducer room.
   Open drawer. Get hammer. Get 1/2" wrench. Press button. Get
   diver. Check diver. Examine vibration. Examine shaft. Measure
   shaft. Put washer on shaft. Put nut on shaft. Tighten nut
   with wrench.

6. Return to the weapon room. Insert cylinder. Insert pin.

7. Return to the control panel.

At control panel

1. Full speed ahead.

2. Set depth 300 ft.
3. Acknowledge when depth attained.

4. Reduce speed to 2/3.

5. Set depth to 100 ft.

6. All ahead slow.

7. Surface.

8. Exit.

At submarine

1. Follow captain to the top. Talk to captain. After you 
   have discovereä the enemy warship, the captain will fall 
   sick. You must then fighô the warship without his guide.

2. But never fear. I am here to guide you. First go back to 
   the controì panel.

At Control Panel

1. Disable the active sonar. Turn on the silent sonar with 

2. Dive. Be careful, the maximum depth is 1000 ft. Don't hit
   the ground. Fight while the submarine is still diving so
   that the enemy torpedo will miss you. When you reach the
   bottom, surface. Repeat this  during the battle.

3. Press shift-F2 to lower the attack panel. Use shift-F5 to
   select your weapon, shift-F6 to lock on target, shift-F8
   to fire.
4. Do not fire unless the warship fire first.

5. When the warship fire a torpedo at you. Fire 4 harpoons at
   the enemy warship at 4 different interval. Do not fire them
   at one shot.

6. Save the game. There is a 30% chance that your harpoon
   will hit the warship. When it hit, save the game again
   otherwise restore. You will need 4 harpoon to sink the

7. Because you fire the harpoons at the enemy, it will fire
   some torpedos at you. The torpedos will still be heading
   for you even when the warship is sunk. When the torpedo is
   near you, save the game. If it hit, restore otherwise save
   the game. Repeat this until you have cleared all the

8. If you don't want to save and restore, you can fire 
   decoys. But there are only 4 decoys in your submarine. Do 
   not use up all oæ them because there is another battle 
   ahead of you. 

9. After sinking the warship. Wait for radio message. Exit.

At submarine

1. Talk. Take note of the message. Decode it using your 

2. Walk back to the control panel.

At Control Panel

1. Set speed slow.

2. Press shift-F1 to activate the monitor.

3. Use the left and right arrow keys to avoid the iceberg.
   Try to keep your course at 0 so that you can score 10/10
   for clearing the iceberg. Your submarine will sink if it
   is hit 3 times.

4. After clearing the iceberg, wait until ice station is
   looking for you. Type 'contact station'. Wait for message.
At submarine

1. Talk. Decode message with computer. 

2. Walk to control panel.

At control panel

1. There will be a report of an inversion layer at 1000 ft.
   Later on you will be pinged by an enemy submarine.

2. The enemy submarine can only be destroyed using stingers
   only. Harpoons cannot be used against it. You will need
   two stingers to destroy it.

3. The inversion layer is somewhere around a depth of
   1100 ft. When you are there, the enemy torpedos will
   probably miss you.

4. Fire two or more stingers at different interval. Save
   and retore until you manage to destroy the enemy submarine.
   When the torpedos are heading for you, save and restore
   till all of them miss. You may fire off your decoys since
   this is the last battle for this game.

5. After you have destroy the enemy submarine. Wait for a
   while, you will then arrived at Portugal.

6. When erratic ping are heard, activate active sonar once
   and then deactivate it.

7. Read the instruction given carefully. Press shift-F7 the
   see the coontz. It is marked as a cross on the screen.

8. Move toward the cross. A course of 45 is fine.

9. When you are under the cross. You will be given a score
   for your navigation.

10. When you are under the coontz. It will start to move.
    You will need to keep your submarine beside it so that
    it will covered you.

11. Use left and right arrow key to control the course you
    are heading. Speed up or slow down depending on your
    position from the coontz.
12. The coontz will move approximately in this manner :


13. A rough guide is to set your course to 0 when the coontz
    is moving up. Just before it turn, set course to 45.
    Just before the next turn, set course to 90.

14. You will receive a score depending on your performance.

15. Set depth to 70 ft.

16. Speed slow.

17. Exit.

At submarine

1. Walk to scope. Look scope. Use arrow key to look left and
   right. Take note of the bearing of the enemy harbour and
   the oil rig.

2. Press down arrow to exit. Go down to the machine room. Talk
   to man. Get key from him.

3. Now walk right, climb down, left again to the storage room.
   Open compartment. Get diving gear. Willie will bring it
   to the escape hatch for you.

4. Go to the main shaft room. Press button, get diver.

5. Climb up the ladder. Open door. Wear gear.

6. You swim out of the submarine. This is a good place to
   save your game before you may run of of oxygen before
   you find the harbour.
In sea

1. Swim 3 square up and then left all the way until you find
   the oil rig. Place explosive. This will cause a diversion
   to the enemy.

2. Swim 10-12 squares right then 4 square up. You will find
   yourself among the rocks. Look for the place where there
   appear to be a path way to the top. That place have a
   magnetice field guarding it. You will need to use the
   device you won to deactivate it. You will only be
   allowed to use the device at this place, so if you cannot
   use it, then you are at the wrong place.

3. Swim to the top. Wait in the water until the fisherman net
   is lowered. Place bottle in net. Wait for net to go up.
   Do not leave the place at this moment, wait for the net
   to come down. When it touch the ground. This means the
   coast is clear.

4. Now swim 2 squares to the right until you find the pier.
   Hide diver. After hiding the diver. Go back to the area
   where the net is lowered. Go up to the surface. You will
   end up at the harbour.

At harbour

1. Walk to fisherman. Mention 'iceman' to him. He will throw
   you a fish. Look fish. Look line. Get line. Look weight.
   Open capsule. Look map.

2. Walk to place indicated on the map. Look. Open crate.
   Look clothing. Change clothing. Wait inside the house until
   the guard is gone.

3. Now walk 1 square right, 1 square up, 1 square left. You
   will find a oasis there with a woman drawing water from it.

4. Look. Say 'iceman' to woman. Get map. She will hand you a
   map, a phony ID and a key.

5. Look map. Walk to house indicated on map.
At House

1. Open icebox. Get butter. Look butter. Open/remove lid.
   Get note. Read note. Get tape.

2. Get sugar canister. Open canister. Empty canister.
   Open bottom. Remove rubber. Get rubber. Get weapon.
   Look weapon.

3. Walk to phone. Get business card. Look card. Use phone.
   Dial the number at the scribble on the card. Talk to Basal.
   Use phone. Dial the caterer number. Talk.

4. Walk to door. Wait for caterer to knock at door. Open
   door. When the caterer is inside and asking for money.
   Use weapon. Change clothing. Tie man.

5. Wait for agent. Reply yes to her question. Go outside,
   get into van.

At guard house

1. Open door. Hide gun in platter. Get platter.

2. Walk to door. Follow guard inside.

3. When you are inside. Give food. Remove lid. Get gun. Fire.
   Fire. You will need to do this fast if you don't want to
   get killed.

4. Look guard. Look ambassador. Untie ambassador. Change
   clothing. Exit. When the ambassador is freed, he will talk
   a lot, but don't border, try to do the next action as soon
   as there is a break.

5. When you outside. Stacy will join you in the van.

6. At the car chase sequence. Use the arrow key to maneuver
   the van round the corner till you reach the helicopter.

7. Watch the rest of the cut screen till the end.

	Congratulations. You have earned your dolphins and 
        have completed the game !

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