You should remember to ask all the persons about all the other
persons. Some things, like where you find the doctors body and
the cane are random, so they might not be found in the places I
specify here, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.


- Walk over to the bathroom.
* Write in notebook.
- Go to the Carriage house.
* Get can.
* Get crowbar.
- Walk back to the armor in the house.
* Oil helmet.
* Open helmet.
- Go to the kitchen.
* Open icebox.
- Go to the hall on the second floor.
* Push Armoire (Right)
* Look hole. (Your room)
        You see Ethel and her daughter Lillian talking to
        eachother. Ethel says that Gertie doesn't deserve any of
        the money because she isn't a blood relative.
        She says she is going to talk to Henri about Gertie,
        Gloria and Rudy.
- Walk to the chapel.
- Walk over to the left side of the pulpit.
* Break floorboard with crowbar.
* Look in niche.
* Get bible.
- Enter the biljard room.
- Walk out into the hall and over to the clock.
* Push clock.
* Look hole. (biljard room)
        You learn that Rudy and Gloria hate Fifi. Gloria who has
        an affair with Clarence is going to break up with him.
        Gloria has had a medical problem, and doesn't trust Dr
        Feels to keep it quiet, she is going to have a talk with
- Enter the parlor.
- Walk to the hall.
* Push mirror.
* Look hole. (Parlor)
        Clarence says he has offered a great deal of money to
        Ethel to sell him some land, but she has refused. He says
        he will have to take action.
        Gertie doesn't understand what Gloria sees in Clarence.
        Clarence says it's none of her business.
        Gerti says she knows all about Clarence' and Wilbur's
        race horse scam. Then she leaves.
- Walk up to the colonel's room.
- Go back into the hall.
* Push armoire.(Left)
* Look hole. (Colonel's room)
        Fifi says she is SO attracted to Henri. Henri says he
        appreciates her to, but that she should leave before
        someone sees them.
- Enter Gerties bedroom.


- Leave the room.
* Get handkerchief
- Enter rudy's room.
- Enter Gertie's room.
- Close window.
- Walk down through the biljard room, and out into the garden.
* Search Gertie.
- Walk to outside the study.
- Follow Wilbur and Clarence.
* Open Cabinet(Left).
- Go out into the hallway.
* Push mirror.
* Look hole. (Dining room)
        You learn that Wilbur and Clarence have stolen 100 grand
        from Henri, and that Wilbur thinks they ought to tell
        Henri. Clarence says he can get the money. They stole the
        money to buy into a racehorse. They lost the money
        because the horse broke it's leg. Wilbur says that if
        Clarence doesn't come up with something fast he is going
        to confess to Henri. Clarence warns him not to say
* Look hole. (Parlor)
        Ethel knows what people think of her, but she doesn't
- Walk into the kitchen.
- Follow Jeeves outside.
* Give bone.
* Look in doghouse.
- Enter the library.
- Enter the hall.
* Push clock.
* Look hole.(Biljard room)
        Gloria spills the beans to Clarence about her breaking up
        with him. Clarence finds it ridiculous. Clarence says he
        will have to think about it.


- Enter the library.
* Get poker.
* Look feathers.
- Go to the hall.
* Push clock.
* Look hole. (Biljard)
- Walk upstairs.
* Push armoire.(Left)
* Get cane.
* Look hole.(Colonel's room)
        You see that the colonel isn't confied to the wheelchair
        at all.
- Enter colonel's room.
* Show cane.
- Enter Rudy & Clarence' room.
- Go to the hall.
* Push armoire. (Right)
* Look hole.(Rudy's room)
        Clarence is upset at Gloria and wonders who the director
        is. He says he ought to punch his lights out. Rudy says
        that Gloria never was his girl. He says that Clarence was
        no more than a dalliance for her. Clarence starts
        badmouthing Rudy. And Rudy swears back at him. Clarence
        tells Rudy to butt out. Rudy warns Clarence that if he
        gets near his sister he is going to cut him to pieces and
        feed him to the dog. Rudy leaves.
- Enter Rudy's room.
- Go to the bell tower.
- Climb ladder.
* Oil bell.
- Climb down.
- Walk over to the right side of the tower.
* Pull rope with cane.(The bell should just miss you)
* Get crank.
- Go to the dollhouse.
* Open door.
* Talk to Lillian.
- Go to the fountain.
* Put valve in shaft.
* Turn valve.
- Go to the Chapel.
* Search Wilbur.
- Walk up to Fifi's room.


- Enter library.
* Get record.
* Look record with monocle.
* Examine mud.
- Enter the hall on 2nd floor.
* Push armoire.
* Get butt.
* Look poker with monocle.
* Look handkerchief with monocle.
- Goto Fifi's room.
* Look decanter with monocle.
- Enter the study.
* Look case.
* Show butt.
- Go to the gazebo.
* Search Gloria.
- Go to the statue of the colonel.
- Go to the hut.
* Show necklace.
* Sit.
* Talk to Celie.
* Ask about Sarah.
* Ask about Lillian.
* Talk to Celie. (Until she doesn't want to talk anymore)
* Stand up.
* Get carrot.
- Walk around until you meet Ethel.


- Go to the heart shaped garden.
* Search Ethel.
- Go to the stable.
* Give carrot.
* Open gate.
* Get lantern.
* Close gate.
- Walk to the southern/Western corner of the estate.
* Get rolling pin.
* Look rolling pin with monocle.
* Look footprint with monocle.
- Enter the dining room.
- Go to the parlor.
- Go into the hall.
* Push mirror.
* Look hole.(Dining room)
* Look hole.(Parlor)
- Go outside the kitchen.
* Open cellar door.
* Get crackers.
- Go to the colonel's room.
- Enter the hall.
* Push armoire.
* Look hole. (Colonel's room)
        Lillian asks Henri if she doesn't matter to him anymore.
        Henri says she matters just as much as the others.
        Lillian says she thought he cared more for her. Henri
        says she was wrong. She says that he was like a father to
        her. Henri tells her he was only trying to help his
        sister. Lillian says he is lying, and that there is
        someone behind this, and that she is going to find out
        who it is. Then she leaves.
- Go up to Fifi's room.
- Enter the parlor.
* Give cracker to Polly.
- Walk to the hall upstairs.
* Push armoire. (Right)
- Enter Colonel's room.


* Look wheelchair.
- Enter bathroom.
* Look in basket.
* Get bottle.
* Look bottle with monocle.
- Enter rudy's room.
- Go to the hall.
* Push armoire. (Right)
- Look hole. (Rudy's room)
- Look hole. (Your room)
- Go to the parlor.
* Look glass with monocle.
* Give cracker to Polly.
- Go outside study.
- Enter study.
* Look in cabinet. (The dagger is missing)
- Enter Fifi's room.
* Search Jeeves.
- Go to Celie's house.
* Knock.


- Go to your room.
* Open suitcase. (Lillian's)
* Get diary.
* Open diary.
        You learn that Lillian is devistated about what Henri
        said to her. She wrote that they were all in it together.
        Together they put her in the nuthouse. She writes that
        they will all have to go.
* Look diary with monocle.
- Go to Rudy's room.
* Read book.
- Go to the hall.
* Push armoire. (Right)
* Look bootprint with monocle.
- Enter Wilbur's room.
* Search Clarence.
* Light lantern.
- Go to the fountain.
* Push statue.
- Enter trapdoor.
- Walk through the passage.
- Walk over to the left corner.
* Put crank in hole.
* Turn crank.
- Walk through the passage.
* Open vault with crowbar.(All four of them)
* Look in vault. (All four)
* Get pouch.
* Look in pouch.
* Get lantern.
- Walk over to the exit.
* Get bar.
- Go to the chapel.
* Talk to Celie. (A couple of times)
* Pray.
- Go to the parlor.
* Give cracker to Polly.
- Go to the doll house.
* Open door.
- Go to your room.


- Go to the parlor.
* Give cracker to Polly.
- Go to the fountain.
* Search Lillian.
* Get bullet.
* Get derringer.
* Load gun.
- Go to the front door.
* Look note.
- Go to the attic.
* Unlock door.
* Open door.
- Walk in.
* Shoot Rudy.


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