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CHAPTER 1 (Gabriel Knight)

The chapter starts off with Gabe lying on a couch inside the Huber home. The 
first thing you should do is to 
inspect your duffel bag to find a letter, Gabe's wallet, and the Ritter dagger 
which you got from GK1. Exit the 
screen and pick up the newspaper that is sitting on the right side of the 
table. Click on the paper in the close-up 
view to hear Gabe's thoughts and to earn some points. Afterwards, go into your 
inventory and inspect 
everything you have. To do this, just click on an object and then click on the 
magnifying glass.

Go back to the screen with the couch and take a look at the cross that hangs on 
the wall. Go back to the table 
screen and read the note that hangs on the wall near the coat rack. It'll say 
that the keys are hanging 
underneath the mirror and that it's better that Gabe not drive around in 
Munich. Pick up the keys and then head 

Once outside, exit off to the right and then click on what appears to be a 
water trough. Click on the muddy patch 
near Gabe's feet to find a paw print. Click on the paw print and Gabe will 
compare it to his own hand, and he 
notes that they're about the same size. Leave the close-up view and click on 
the open area in the woods. 
There's a spot on the ground near Gabe's feet that you should look at. Once you 
find it, you'll notice a tuft of 
dark hair lying on the ground. Pick it up and then head back towards the 
farmhouse. Walk into the shed that's 
located on the other side of the car.

Inside, you'll see a sink, a bag of cement, and a bucket sitting on the shelf. 
Get the cement and Gabe will 
automatically mix some into the bucket. Leave the shed and head back to the 
spot where you found the paw 
print. Use the bucket on the close-up view of the paw print and Gabe will pour 
some cement on it to form a cast. 
Gabe will automatically take care of everything, so when he's done, go back and 
pick up the cast.

Use the car keys on the car and Gabe will get in. First head to 
Prinzregentenplatz (the police station), and while 
Gabe can't see Leber right now, you'll earn a couple points for the trouble. Go 
to Thalkirchen (the zoo) and 
when you arrive, look at the board near Gabe to learn about ‘Canis Lupus 
Lupus', or the European wolf. When 
you're done reading, click on the muddy patch that is just inside the wolf 

You'll see some wolves lounging around in the kennel (the number of wolves 
changes each time). Click on a 
wolf and Gabe will try calling it over, but with no success. Click on another 
wolf to have Gabe try again, but 
again no luck. Once you're done looking at the wolves, Thomas, the wolf feeder 
should walk over and when he 
does, talk to him and ask him about all topics. When you're done, exit off to 
the left to enter the administration 

Here, you'll get to meet Herr Doktor Klingmann. Talk to him about all topics 
and when you're finished, leave 
Thalkirchen and go back to Lochham (I'll refer to it as the Huber Farm from now 
on) as it is time to splice some 
tapes. In the game bar, click on the icon that looks like a cassette tape. Load 
the Klingmann conversation tape 
into Side A and load a blank tape into Side B. Click on the Splice button, and 
now what you need to do is to 
figure out some way to get into the wolf kennel.  What you need to say is, 
"Thomas? Herr Doktor Klingmann 
here. Show our wolves to Mr. Knight." You may have to go back and forth to find 
some of the words. When 
you're done, click on the Transfer button and you're finished with the tape. 
Get into the car and head back to 

Head into the administration building, and Klingmann is in the backroom at the 
moment, so act quickly. Feel 
free to search his desk, but what you need to do is use the Splice tape on his 
walkie-talkie that sits on the right 
side of the desk, and you'll gain access to the wolf kennels. After that 
sequence, search Klingmann's coat to 
find a receipt for something, and when you're done, Klingmann should come out 
of the backroom. Leave the 
office and head outside. Thomas will be waiting to take you into the wolf 
habitat, so watch the sequence and 
when you have a close-up view of Marguerite, first click on her tag and then on 
her fur. Gabe will start petting 
the wolf (which he isn't supposed to do) and soon another wolf will come and 
starting growling at Gabe and 
Thomas and they'll run out and Thomas will get mad at Gabe for "petting" the 
wolf. You'll never have to come 
back here again, so leave Thalkirchen.

Head to the Huber Farm, and inside, inspect the receipt you found in 
Klingmann's coat. Turn it over to find 
some carbon on the back, and then use the receipt on the mirror to find out 
what it says. Get back into the car 
and drive to Marienplatz. Exit off to the left and in the next screen, talk to 
the meat lady. You don't need 
anything from her right now, so head into the entryway next to the stand. Click 
on the second sign on the left to 
see the name of your family lawyer. Gabriel will automatically enter and you'll 
be introduced to Harry Ubergrau. 
Talk to him about all topics. After you're finished, you should now have an 
address for a biology guy, the name 
‘Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge', and you'll find out that the receipt you found 
was actually a hunting license.

Leave Marienplatz and head to Universitat (the University). Show Michael the 
farm hair, the zoo hair, and the 
paw print. After that, try leaving and he'll give you an evidence analysis 
report. Leave here and you'll never have 
to return. Go to the Huber Farm and click on the paper on the left side of the 
table to have Gabriel write a letter 
to Grace, his partner. Leave the farm and go to Marienplatz.

Fast forward all the way to the right and exit off the screen until you see and 
hear a street musician playing. 
Walk around the corner of the building to the left. Click on the second door to 
the right and you'll find the post 
office. Use the letter Gabe wrote Grace on the door and Gabe will head in to 
mail it. After that's done, head 
further down the street. Find the brown doors on the right and click on them. 
This is the Royal Bavarian Hunting 
Lodge, so go inside. Talk to Xavier, the uptight guy behind the podium. Talk to 
him until he asks for some family 
identity. I highly doubt you have any on you, so my suggestion is to find 
someone who might have them on 
hand. If you haven't guessed, I would try talking to Ubergrau about getting a 
copy of the family papers.

When you have them, go back to the hunting lodge and show the family papers to 
Xavier. Gabriel and Xavier will 
end up getting into an argument until a man named Baron Friedrich Von Glower 
enters and breaks it up. He'll 
invite Gabriel into the club. Watch the ending sequence as Von Glower 
introduces Gabe to the rest of the club, 
and the first chapter will come to a close.

CHAPTER 2 (Grace Nakimura)

In this chapter, you'll get to play as Gabe's colleague, Grace Nakimura. Watch 
the opening sequence and when 
you have control, try to open the library door that's near the head of the bed. 
Head downstairs and talk to Gerde 
about all topics. When you're finished, head outside and look at the car that's 
parked near the walkway. Head 
back into the castle and ask Gerde about the car and then head back outside.

Go down into the village by walking down the hill to the left of the walkway. 
Once there, go all of the way to the 
right and enter the Gasthof Goldener Löwe. Talk to Werner Huber, the proprietor 
of the Gasthof about all topics. 
After that, take a look at the pictures, one is behind Herr Huber and the other 
is on the wall on the right side of 
your screen. Leave the Gasthof and go to the Church that's on the opposite side 
of town.

Try speaking to Father Getz to learn that he doesn't speak English. Go into the 
crypt room that's located in the 
back of the church. Examine all of the coffins and be sure to make a note of 
the silver heart that is on Wolfgang 
Ritter's tomb. When you're finished, leave the church.

Go to the Rittersberg Rathaus (the town hall) by heading towards the Gasthof, 
but click on one of the blue 
double doors. In the close-up view, click on the left door and Grace will go 
knock on it to get the attention of the 
mayor. Speak to Herr Habermas about all topics and then head back to Schloss 
Ritter. Head inside the castle 
and then walk upstairs. Take a look inside the closet, and notice there isn't 
anything in there right now. Close 
the closet and take a look at the fireplace. You'll notice that there is a rock 
missing and that the worker left his 
toolbox behind.

Look inside the toolbox and pick up the screwdriver. Move the cursor towards 
the top of the screen until the 
cursor displays ‘Up' and click. Use the screwdriver on the small hole and this 
will unlock a secret passage 
that's in the closet. Open up the closet and you'll notice the back is missing. 
Enter the passageway and go 
through the opening that is across from where Grace is standing. This will take 
you into Gerde's bedroom. Once 
inside her room, take a look at the picture of Wolfgang that sits on the table 
next to the closet. Open up the 
closet and look at Gerde's clothes. You'll also see a key hanging in the closet 
as well, so take it and then re-
enter the passageway. Go down the stairs to Grace's right to find yourself 

Take a look around at your surroundings, and be sure to look at the roses. 
After you're done scoping this part 
of Schloss Ritter out, head back into the passageway and go back into Gabriel's 
bedroom. Unlock the library 
door with the key and head inside. Look at the middle shelf and you'll find a 
book that Grace will take with her. 
While Grace is looking through the book, an unexpected visitor will drop in. 
The unexpected visitor is Gerde 
and looks like she's caught Grace red-handed. Watch the sequence and Grace will 
blast Gerde, and as a result 
she'll exit in tears.

Click on the right shelf and Grace will find another book. Go into your 
inventory and read the two books and the 
letter to Ludwig II. When you're done, move your cursor towards the desk until 
the cursor displays ‘Exit' and 
click. With a close-up view of the desk in front of you, feel free to look at 
the stuff on the desk. When you're 
ready to continue with the game, use Professor Barclay's card on the phone and 
Grace will call him. After the 
conversation, leave the castle and head down into Rittersberg.

Once in the village, go to the Rathaus and speak with Herr Habermas about all 
topics again and when the 
conversation is over, you'll be shown the dungeon. There, examine the bed and 
then look through the window. 
Look at the church and the claw marks that are on the window.  When you're done 
looking, head back to the 
Rathaus and speak to Herr Habermas about the church records. Take the note to 
the church and give it to 
Father Getz. After this, take the file to Herr Habermas and he'll tell you all 
about it. If any topics are left, be sure 
to talk to him about those too.

When you're done, go to the Gasthof and ask Herr Huber about Ludwig II. Head 
back to Schloss Ritter and go 
into the Schattenjager library. Look at the right shelf and you'll find another 
Ritter journal. Sit down at the desk 
and click on the typewriter and Grace will type up a letter to Gabe. Before 
mailing it, use the package on Gerde 
to get the address to where Grace should ship it. Head down to Rittersberg and 
go to the post office, which is 
next to the Gasthof. Ring the bell and the mail lady will come. Use the 
addressed package on her and then use 
Grace's wallet on her. If you've followed the walkthrough closely, you'll be 
awarded with something 
special....the ending movie for Chapter 2.

CHAPTER 3 (Gabriel Knight)

Okay, the first thing you should do today is pick up the newspaper that's 
sitting on the table and take a look at 
today's news (does this sound familiar to you? If we had some coffee, we'd be 
set). Once you're done having 
your flashbacks, go into your inventory and take a look at Von Glower's 
business card, which will enable the 
Perlach button on the map.

Head outside and go visit Ubergrau over in Marienplatz. He'll give you the 
package Grace sent Gabe in the last 
chapter, so open it up and read the letter. Ask Harry about Ludwig II and the 
Black Wolf. When you're done, 
leave his office. Head into the business district, which is the area Gabe 
starts in every time you go to 
Marienplatz. About three doors down is a little shop with its lights on and it 
has a bunch of stuff hanging in the 
window. This is the clock shop, enter and click on the clock that sits on the 
left side of the counter. The clock 
will make a sound that sounds like a person knocking on a door (hint, hint). 
Buy it from the man by using 
Gabe's wallet on him and then leave and go to the hunting lodge.

It's time to finally meet Kommisar Leber. As you head to the hunting lodge, you 
should see a police car and 
some other vehicles surrounding an area nearby. Go over to the scene, and click 
on the man in black, and Gabe 
will wonder if that's Leber (it is). Click on him a second time, and Gabe will 
try to get his attention, but to no 
avail. Use the evidence analysis report on him and Leber will come over and 
yell at Gabe. Okay, since he's not 
in the mood to listen, I wonder if that TV crew will. Use the evidence analysis 
report on the nearby TV crew and 
watch the sequence. When it's over, leave the scene and head to the hunting 

Talk to Xavier about all topics, and then exit off to the left and explore the 
club. Pick up the magazine that sits 
on a small table that's situated between two chairs, but Gabe will put it back 
down because it's in German. Go 
into the hallway to the right, and open up the door at the end to learn it 
leads out into an alley. Try opening the 
door next to it to learn that it's locked. Make a note of the alley door, the 
locked door, and the potted plant.

That locked door sure is mysterious; I wonder what we could do to get down 
there? It looks like we'll have to 
formulate a plan, and here's what I propose we do:

Use the cuckoo clock on the potted plant and hurry back to where Xavier is. 
Lounge around until he leaves to 
investigate the "knocking.". While he's gone, click on his podium. Click on the 
drawer to open it and then take 
the keys. Gabe will close the drawer and hurry back around to the front of the 
podium before Xavier comes and 
catches him.

Go to the locked door and unlock with Xavier's keys. Take the cuckoo clock from 
behind the potted plant and 
then use it on the potted plant again. Follow the same plan again, except 
instead of taking his keys, return them. 
Go to the now unlocked door and enter. Down in the room, look at the various 
weaponry, the human skull, the 
diary on the shelf near where the skull sits, the animal trophies, and the 
pictures on the side wall. Be sure to 
click on everything twice to get the full points. As soon as you're done, Von 
Zell will come down shortly and 
catch Gabe down in the room. Don't worry, it's all part of the plot....did I 
say plot? I meant game (oops).

Leave Marienplatz and go to Von Glower's house in the Perlacher district (the 
button on the map says Perlach, 
and it's near the lower right corner of the map). Talk to him about everything 
and when you're finished, take a 
look at the mask that sits high atop the shelves behind Gabe. Leave his house 
and go back to the hunting club 
in Marienplatz.

Von Zell is still here, so talk to him about all topics, but save the Trophies 
in Basement topic for last. Once 
you're done talking, go to the police station in Prinzregentenplatz. Talk to 
Leber about all topics and when 
you're done, look at the bulletin board that has a map and some pictures posted 
on it. Click on the red dot that's 
in the center of the map. Notice that there is a piece of paper on the right 
side of the map. Look at it to find out 
it's a description of someone name Grossberg, and it even has his phone number 
on it. Use your notebook on it 
and then go to the Huber Farm.

At the farm, go inside and write a letter to Grace. Use the paper with 
Grossberg's phone number on it on the 
phone that sits near the couch on the right hand side of your screen. Take a 
look at the books that Grace sent 
Gabe, but he won't worry too much about the journals. He will read the 
Lycanthropes book, however, though it's 
the same stuff Grace read in the previous chapter. Leave and go visit Harry in 

Ask him about Missing Persons and then go mail the letter. Now head to the 
hunting club and you'll see that 
Preiss is here. Talk to him about all topics, and when you're done, the rest of 
the gang will come in. Talk to 
Hennemann and Von Aigner, who are at the bar, about all topics and then try 
talking to Von Glower and Preiss, 
to no avail.

Walk on over towards Von Zell and Herr Doktor Klingmann. When the list of 
choices comes up, say you're just 
getting a magazine. Go into your inventory and use the tape recorder on the 
magazine. Put the magazine back 
next to Von Zell and watch the ending sequence. Chapter 3 will close here.

CHAPTER 4 (Grace Nakimura)

Go into the library and look for a biography on Ludwig II in the bookshelves. 
Once you find it, read it and then 
head downstairs. You'll notice that Gerde isn't at her desk like she usually 
is, but try not to worry too much, as 
I'm sure she is okay. Leave the castle and head down to the post office to get 
another letter from Gabe. When 
you're finished, go into the Golden Lion Hotel (the Gasthof Goldener Löwe for 
those who don't know German) 
and talk to the Smiths about all topics. If possible, try talking to Herr Huber 
about everything. When you're 
done, leave and go to the church.

In the church, head back into the crypt area to see that Gerde is here. Look at 
Gerde and then walk back to 
Schloss Ritter. Go upstairs and go into the secret passageway. Head down the 
steps and pick some roses to 
take to Gerde. Give the roses to her and you'll get the keys to Gabriel's car. 
Head back to Schloss Ritter and 
hop in the car. Your first stop will be to Herrenchiemsee. Buy a ticket from 
the woman at the desk by talking to 
her and choosing the ‘Buy a Ticket' option. After that, be sure to look at 
EVERYTHING so that way you can get 
all of the points and the ability to finish the chapter.

Looking at the death masks and Ludwig's cloak won't get you any points, but I 
would look at them anyway to 
play on the safe side. You mostly have to look at the letters and pictures to 
gain points. Be sure to enter both 
sides of the museum and look around as well as looking around in the main 
lobby. There are two exit areas; one 
is to the left side, just behind the Elizabeth picture, and it's the area where 
you can get to see Ludwig's cloak. 
The area to the right, however, is where you get to see Ludwig's death mask.

When you're done looking, talk to the woman at the desk about any remaining 
topics, including the topics about 
the diary and the Lost Wagner Opera. After that, you can leave Herrenchiemsee 
and not worry about ever 
coming back. Head to Rittersberg and go into the Gasthof. Ask Herr Huber to 
call the Smiths down from their 
bedroom and talk to Mrs. Smith about Grace's dream. Go to Schloss Ritter and be 
sure to watch the video as 
Grace enters because Gerde should tell her that she had a call from Professor 
Barclay while she was out.

Go into the Schattenjager library and call Professor Barclay. He should give 
you a phone number for a man 
named Herr Josef Dallmeier. After the conversation, use the paper with 
Dallmeier's number on it on the phone 
and Grace will have a brief conversation with him. Leave the castle and drive 
to Bayreuth.

Once there, talk to Georg about all topics. Explore the museum and be sure to 
look at EVERYTHING again like 
you did at Herrenchiemsee. When you're done exploring, talk to Georg again 
about all topics and then go to 
Seeshaupt (The Black Crucifix).

Fast-forward all of the way to the left and click on the railings. Grace will 
look out onto the water, and in a few 
seconds, Josef Dallmeier will join her. Talk to him about all topics and once 
he leaves, click on the ground 
that's just on the other side of the railings to bring up a close-up view of 
part of the water. Click on the water 
and when you're done, leave Seeshaupt and go to Neuschwanstein.

Click on the castle and you'll actually enter Neuschwanstein. You'll have to 
look at EVERYTHING here too, so if 
you're having trouble getting through the game, this might be one of the causes 
of your problem. I have 
provided a list of stuff you need to do in order to be done with Neuschwanstein 
for now.

1)	Click on the tour tape button in the first room you're in.
2)	Click on the locked door that's next to the doorway and play the tape.
3)	Click on each of the pictures and play the tape.
4)	Go through the doorway
5)	Play the tour tape when you enter.
6)	Click on the bed and play the tour tape twice.
7)	Click on the bed and then the sink.
8)	Move the mouse cursor to the right hand side of your screen until it 
changes to an EXIT icon and click.
9)	Click on the statue that's on the wall and play the tape.
10)	Click on the two pictures.
11)	Enter the chapel by going through the right doorway that you saw in the 
previous screen.
12)	Play the tour tape.
13)	Click on the stained glass windows and play the tape.
14)	Click on the Black Madonna statue.
15)	Click on the crucifix.
16)	Click on the picture that is above the crucifix and play the tape.
17)	Leave the chapel and go through the other doorway.
18)	Play the tape.
19)	Click on the chair.
20)	Click on the linens (the cloth that's near the lower left corner of 
your screen).
21)	Click on the picture that is above the desk and play the tape.
22)	Go further into the room by exiting off to the lower right.
23)	Play the tour tape.
24)	Click on the swan motif.
25)	Exit off to the left.
26)	Play the tape.
27)	Click on the table.
28)	Exit to the study (the doorway to the left)
29)	Play the tape
30)	Click on each of the pictures and play the tape each time.
31)	Click on the desk
32)	Click on the cabinet
33)	Exit to the Singer's Hall (the doorway behind the desk)
34)	Click on each of the pictures (some may be hard to spot) and play the 
tape each time.
35)	Look out the window and play the tape.
36)	Leave Neuschwanstein (the quickest way is through the door to the left 
of the window).

Once you're finished, click on the HINT button, and if the Neuschwanstein icon 
isn't blinking, then you're okay. 
If it is, you're missing something, so be sure to go back there and find out 
what you missed. After that, go to 
Bayreuth and talk to Georg about all topics, and then go to Rittersberg.

Go into the castle and talk to Gerde about all topics. Head up to the library 
and type Gabriel another letter. Use 
the Ludwig II book on the phone and then use the new number you got on the 
phone as well. Leave Schloss 
Ritter and go into the Gasthof to make sure you've said everything you can to 
Herr Huber and the Smiths.

Leave the Gasthof and head over to the post office to mail off the letter to 
Gabe. Go to the church, but instead of 
going inside, click on the nearby bushes to see that some lilies have bloomed. 
Click on them again and Grace 
will have a look-see. Father Getz will come out and give one of the lilies to 
Grace. After that, click on the lilies 
once again. Go to Seeshaupt and head all the way to the railings. Bring up the 
close-up view of the muddy 
embankment and use the lily on the water. Watch as Grace sees someone she would 
have never thought of 
seeing here.

Leave Seeshaupt and head back to Schloss Ritter. Watch the movie as you enter 
the castle because Gerde will 
tell Grace that she received a fax at the post office while she was out. Go to 
the post office and get your fax. It 
appears that Tom Chaphill has had a change of heart and has decided to give 
Grace a copy of the translated 
Ludwig diary! Read it and then head to Bayreuth. Give Georg the fax and the 
ending movie will start. The fourth 
chapter will end here.

CHAPTER 5 (Gabriel Knight)

This has to be the most exciting chapter of the game. To see what I mean, 
continue playing the game.

After the opening movie has played, you'll find yourself on the map. Go to 
Marienplatz and visit the meat 
vendor. Click on the white sausage and then use Gabe's wallet on the vendor to 
buy some. Leave here and go 
to the hunting club. The first thing you might notice is that the hunting club 
is currently empty, with the 
exception of Xavier, who appears to be here all of the time.

Listen to Xavier as he tells Gabe that the club members will be here later to 
get ready to go on a hunting trip and 
that you should be on time unless you want to be left behind. Go into the bar 
area and click on the left brown 
chair and then click on the magazine to get the tape recorder back. Leave the 
club and go visit Harry.

You'll get another letter from Grace, so be sure to read it before you 
continue. Ask Harry about the Missing 
Persons cases and then use the Von Zell tape on him to get it translated. Leave 
Marienplatz and go to the police 
station at Prinzregentenplatz. Talk to the Kommisar about all topics and let 
him listen to the Von Zell tape as 
well. When Leber and his partner leave, click on the folder that Leber's 
partner left on the desk and in the close-
up view, click on the ledger.

Leave the station and go to Buchenau (the button is near the lower left corner 
of the map). Knock on the door, 
listen to Dorn, and then head back to Harry's office. Ask him about getting 
cash and then go back to Buchenau 
and give the money to Dorn. Once inside his kennel, ask him all of the 
available questions. When you're 
finished, walk one screen down and click on the last cage that's against the 
wall and to Gabe's right. When you 
have the close-up view, click on the straw in the lower right hand corner of 
the cage and Gabe will inspect it. 
You'll discover a tiger inside! Use the white sausage on him to keep him 
occupied for a bit and then inspect that 
same spot in the straw to find a couple of tags.

Leave Buchenau and go to the hunt club. You'll see that the group is getting 
ready to leave. The exciting part 
will be coming up in a few minutes, so let's keep playing. When you regain 
control, you'll find Gabe in a 
bedroom at the hunting lodge. Leave the room and head over to Von Aigner's 
room, which is just ‘below' 
Gabe's room. As you can see, Von Aigner is currently taking a bath, but as long 
as he'll talk to you, talk to him 
about everything. When you're done, leave the room so he can have some privacy. 
Enter the room across from 
Gabe's, which happens to be Preiss and Hennemann's room. Open up the armoire 
and take the black rope you 
find inside.

Close the armoire and move the mouse near the bottom of the screen and when it 
changes to an EXIT icon, 
click. Open up the window and then click when you see the DOWN icon that 
appears when you have the cursor 
near the bottom of the window. Click on the ledge and then use the rope on the 
ledge. With Gabriel out on the 
ledge, move over one window to the left so that Gabe will be standing in front 
of the middle window, which 
happens to be Von Zell's room. Open up the window and climb inside.

When you get into his room, move your cursor to the right side of the screen 
until you get an EXIT icon and 
click. Pick up his appointment book and take a look to see what is inside. Have 
you noticed the page that sticks 
out from the rest? Click on it and then click on the letter in the close-up 
view. Leave the screen and go into Von 
Zell's bathroom. You can check out the bathtub and sink if you want, but you 
won't find anything. Click on his 
bath mat and then click on the dirt mark that sticks out from the upper left 
corner of the mat. You'll see that the 
mark is actually a footprint! Click on the footprint and then exit the room the 
same way you came in.

Head back into Preiss's room and go downstairs to the main part of the lodge. 
You'll see that Hennemann is 
currently here, so talk to him about everything. After that, go back upstairs 
and go into Klingmann's room, 
which is next to Von Aigner's. Show him the wolf tags and watch the sequence.

Leave the room and head downstairs. Open up the armoire and get the lantern. Go 
over to the fireplace and get 
the matches that rest on the mantle. Leave the lodge and go into the nearby 
stable. Click on the tools that are 
closest to Gabriel and then take the shears. Leave the stable and exit off to 
the right. Click on the muddy patch 
that is near the right side of the screen to discover a paw print in the mud. 
Click on it and then head right one 
screen and then south two screens. Take a look at the muddy patch nearby and 
you'll find another paw print.

Click on the bushes, but Gabe won't be able to get through. You should know 
what to do next (That's why we 
stopped at the stable before we went into the woods). Inside the cave, go 
through the small entryway that is in 
between the two rocks. The excitement should start building right Click on the patch of 
darkness and Gabe will have a close encounter with death. Use the matches on 
the lantern and Gabe will light 
up the area. How disgusting! Desiccated bodies everywhere and......HOLY CRAP! 
Guess we know who's 
responsible for the mutilation killings!

Gabriel will run out of the cave and then puke just outside the entryway (It's 
funny when he does this, because 
he doesn't really puke, he just make it sound like he is, but it still isn't 
that convincing). Head back to the lodge 
by going north one screen, west one screen, north once, and then west again. Go 
up to Von Glower's room (it's 
across from Klingmann's) and Gabriel will explain to Von Glower what he just 
witnessed. This is a fairly long 
sequence, and the next part's gonna be fun for some and creepy to others, so be 

After the sequence, you'll see Gabe dressed in hunting gear. He is currently 
carrying the talisman, and currently 
he is in a spot of the woods near the wolf lair. Save your game now because 
lingering too long will result in 
Gabe's death. Go into your inventory and place the talisman in the on-deck 
window (the little window that 
shows the item you currently have selected). You can even have the talisman 
icon out if you want, but I'd be 
careful where you click, especially if you come face to face with the wolf. If 
you want to hurry and start chasing 
the blasted wolf, go north one screen, west twice, south once, and then west 
again. Save your game again and 
wait a bit for the wolf to show up. If he doesn't appear, wander around a bit 
until he does. A hint for this is when 
you start hearing a wolf howling, that means that it is nearby. Be careful of 
heading back to the lair though, as 
Gabe will be killed, no matter what. When the wolf does appear, use the 
talisman on it and then follow it in the 
direction it backs off. If you're not careful, it may even lead you to the lair 
to kill you, so make a mental note of 
the lair's location.

Continue to defend yourself from the wolf until you find yourself near a 
ravine. If the wolf is here, you will hear it 
snarling. If it isn't, you won't hear anything except for the other wildlife 
and Gabe's comment of ‘Where the hell 
is it?' so continue to lure the wolf here, but if you followed the wolf quickly 
enough, then he should be here. 
Watch the sequence and the wolf will attack Gabe, but don't worry; it's all 
part of the game. Von Glower will 
soon show up and toss the gun to Gabe. You can try shooting Von Glower if you 
want, since that is what the 
wolf is trying to tell you. You can't though, so just shoot the wolf and watch 
the ending movie for the chapter. 
Watch the whole movie and the fifth chapter will end.

CHAPTER 6 (Grace Nakimura)

It is vital that you watch the opening sequence, as you will learn some 
valuable information.

You'll notice that you start off in the dungeon. First thing you should do is 
walk over to the cot where Gabriel is 
laying. Talk to him a couple times and then leave him be. Leave the dungeon and 
go to the post office to get a 
letter for Gabriel from Von Glower. Go to the Gasthof and take a roll from the 
table and then talk to Mrs. Smith 
about all topics.

Leave the Gasthof and go to Schloss Ritter. Go up to the bedroom and take a 
pillowcase off of the bed. Go to 
the dungeon and use the roll on the pigeon that is sitting just outside the 
window. When it comes in, use the 
pillowcase on it and Grace will wrap it up and put it in her coat pockets. 
Leave the dungeon and get into the car.

Drive to Altötting and click on the church to enter. Click on the nearby 
display case and read the sign that's on 
it. Click on the display case itself to hear a comment from Grace. Exit the 
view and head left around the hallway 
(exit off to the top, but don't leave the shrine). Go through the doorway and 
use your wallet on the basket that 
sits on the right side of the table. Talk to the monk to discover that he is 
mute and he'll give you a prayer card.

Leave Altötting and go to Neuschwanstein. Notice that the tour tape button 
isn't there anymore. Go into the 
living room (the room with the chair and the linens). Go down one screen to the 
swan motif, and Grace will 
automatically turn around to see a scene with a woman and her child. Go back to 
that screen and if the guard 
isn't there, use the bottle you got from Altötting on the chair.

While the guard is gone, go back to the bedroom and click on the panel that's 
between the doorways to the 
living room and chapel. Click on the same panel again in the close-up view and 
Grace will discover the first act 
to the Lost Wagner Opera!

To find the second act, go directly to the grotto. If a guard is there, wait 
until he/she leaves. When he/she does, 
sweep your cursor around the left wall until it turns into a dagger, and click. 
Grace should discover the second 
act of the Lost Wagner Opera!

For the third act, go to the Singer's Hall. Make a note of where the guard 
currently stands. Go towards the 
window, but instead of looking out or leaving Neuschwanstein, do you see the 
archway to Grace's left? Use the 
wrapped pigeon on it and Grace will set it loose and the guard will come to get 
it out of the castle. When the 
guard leaves, go to where he was previously standing and click on the panel 
below the painting. Click on it 
again and Grace will discover the final act of the Lost Wagner Opera!

Leave Neuschwanstein and go to the St. Georg Church in Rittersberg. Go back to 
the crypt area and look at the 
silver heart on Wolfgang's tomb. Head to Schloss Ritter and talk to Gerde about 
the silver heart. She'll allow you 
to take it to help Gabe. Head back to he church and take the silver heart. Get 
in the car and go to Altötting.

Go to the monk's office and talk to him. Use either the prayer card or silver 
heart on him and you'll be lead to a 
praying area. Make a note of the display case that's up on the wall. There is a 
doorway to the right that you may 
or may not be able to see. If you can't, move Grace to the left and the screen 
will uncover the doorway (this is a 
glitch, and if you download the patch from Sierra, it'll be fixed, but your old 
save games won't work). If you 
know you patched your game, then just move Grace to the right and you'll see 
the doorway.

Place the silver heart in the basket that sits on the right side of the altar 
and you'll hear the wind start to howl. 
Open up the doorway on the right that you saw a moment ago and the wind will 
come in and blow out the 
candles. I'm not sure if you have to do this next part quickly or not, but 
after the candles are out, click on the 
chair that sits below the display case and Grace will move it. Click on the 
display case to bring up a close-up 
view and then click on the lower left urn to find Ludwig II's diagram!

Grace will automatically go to Bayreuth to give Georg the three acts of the 
Lost Wagner Opera.  Watch the 
sequence, and this marks the midpoint of the chapter.


You'll now find Grace at the Wittelsbacher Theatre. Click on the table near the 
entrance and pick up a program. 
‘Der Fluch des Engelhart', that's an interesting title for an opera. Click on 
the placard near the stairs and take a 
look at it. Exit off to the right and go through the door that's hidden to the 
right. Enter the room at the end of the 
hall to find out it's an office. You'll see Gabriel lying down in here. Look at 
the bulletin board and take the 
seating chart that's hanging on it. Click on the desk and take the opera 
glasses and Grace's to-do list. Take a 
look at the to-do list while you're at it. Talk to Gabriel and then head back 
to the main lobby.

Go through the open doors to enter the auditorium. Talk to Georg to end up 
making him worried about what's 
going to happen later. Talk to the chandelier men, who are located on the upper 
left balcony. When finished, go 
into your inventory and look at the Wagner diagram. Click on the large X that 
you see on there. Look at the 
seating chart that you got earlier and click on the part of the map where the X 
was in the diagram.

Head up the main stairway and click on the white double doors to enter the 
Mittel Loge. When Grace is finished 
scoping out the Mittel Loge, leave and exit off to the right and enter the door 
at the end of the hall. Click twice 
on the small window Grace is standing in front of. Click on the spotlight and 
turn it on. Click on the bar to move 
it around and point the spotlight towards the Mittel Loge and click. When 
you're close enough, the spotlight will 
automatically go to where it's supposed to be.

Head downstairs to the lobby. Use the seating chart on the usher and go through 
the doorway that has a small 
set of stairs in it (it's near the main stairs) and enter the door at the end 
of the hall to enter the backstage area. 
Sweep the cursor over the ropes until the cursor changes to a dagger and click. 
Click twice on the small piece 
of rope to pick it up (Grace mutters ‘oops').

Go down the stairs near the right side of the screen to enter the basement. Go 
right one screen and click on the 
panel that is on the wall. Take the keys you find inside and then head left and 
then down one screen. Click on 
the door to enter the prop room. Inside, exit off to the left and pick up the 
‘PRIVAT' sign that is sitting among the 
rest of the junk. Leave the room and use the keys you got from inside the panel 
on the door to lock it. Go right 
three screens and then down two screens to enter the furnace room. Open up the 
furnace and then click on the 
coal to shovel some in. Click on the controls just below the door and click on 
the ‘Automatisch' (Automatic) 
button. Flip the lever all of the way to the right, and Gabriel will be 

Exit off to the left and head up the stairs into the lobby. Head back to the 
office and click on Gabriel. A long 
sequence will ensue. After that is over, Grace will wind up back in the lobby. 
Go back to the office and click on 
the dress. Grace will change, and when she's done, Leber will enter. Leave the 
office and head up to the 
spotlight room.

Click on the window and use the opera glasses on it. You'll see that the 
‘special guests' have arrived and have 
been seated. Exit the room and then click on the doors to the Mittel Loge. Use 
the rope on the door handles and 
then use the ‘PRIVAT' sign on them as well.

Grace's segment should end here and gameplay switches to Gabriel Knight…

As Gabriel, exit off to the left. Click on the trunk and Gabe will move it out 
of the way. Try opening up the vent cover with your bare hands, but you won't 
be able to open it. Use the dagger on it and Gabe will pry it open. Climb on in 
and Gabe will eventually find his way to the basement, and when he does, go 
north twice and west once to find yourself backstage.

Like with Grace, sweep the cursor over the ropes until the cursor changes to a 
dagger and click. There is a roll of tape on the right side that you need to 
take. Leave the view and SAVE YOUR GAME before continuing on. Once you've done 
that, head through the doorway that's next to the basement stairs to find 
yourself in a dressing room.

You must act quickly in here, otherwise you'll end up bringing a premature 
ending to the game. Grab the red minstrel costume that is hanging on the rack, 
and then use it on Gabe to have him change into it. Click on the dressing table 
and grab the round container of powder off of the left side of the table. Use 
the powder on the left mirror of the dressing table, and Gabe will mess it up 
for the actor. Leave the view and hurry up and hide behind the changing screen. 
Wait there a couple minutes and the actor will soon enter. While he is cleaning 
the mirror, hurry up and use the tape on him and Gabe will tie him up. For 
those playing Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within for the first time, I 
recommend that you watch the next sequence, even though it is fairly long, 
it'll give you a break from playing, and it will make sure you aren't kept out 
of the loop about what is going to happen next. Otherwise, if you've already 
played Gabriel Knight 2 before, you can either skip it or watch it again to 
make sure your memory is refreshed.

After the sequence, you'll wind up in the basement as Gabriel the Wolf. The 
first couple things you'll notice is 1) you're in first-person view and 2) you 
appear to have infrared vision. The first thing to do before we start to solve 
this puzzle is to SAVE YOUR GAME. This puzzle is very difficult if your sense 
of logic isn't as great as it used to be. Your goal is to corner Von Glower the 
Wolf in the furnace room, which is located in the lower right corner of the 
map. There are some things to avoid while solving this puzzle, and it's stuff 
like trapping yourself in a room, because Leber will kill you. You also want to 
avoid cornering Von Glower in the vent room or forcing him out onto the stage 
because then you'll be forced to start over. Also, avoid cornering Von Glower 
in a room that he doesn't have a way of getting out because Gabe and he will 
fight and Gabe will always lose. Here's a quick tip for using my solution for 
this puzzle: Only move in the direction ONCE and ONCE only, unless noted 

To solve the puzzle, here are the directions, so READ VERY CAREFULLY!

1) Turn right
2) Go forward twice
3) Turn left twice
4) Close the door by clicking on the bolt near the bottom.
5) Turn right
6) Go forward
7) Turn left twice
8) Close the door
9) Turn right twice
10) Go forward twice
11) Turn left twice
12) Close the door
13) Turn right
14) Go forward
15) Turn left once
16) Close the door
17) Turn right
18) Go forward
19) Turn left

From here, if it looks like I screwed up, it should be fairly easy to figure 
out what's left to do to get Von Glower to go into the furnace room.

20) Go forward (you may have to go forward twice here, someone please let me 
know for sure)
21) Turn left
22) Go forward
23) Turn left twice
24) Close the door
25) Turn left
26) Close the door
27) Turn left
28) Go forward
29) Turn left twice
30) Close the door
31) Turn left
32) Go forward
33) Turn right
34) Go forward
35) Close the door
36) Turn left
37) Go forward
38) Turn right
39) Go forward
40) Turn right
41) Go forward thrice (three times)
42) Turn right
43) Go forward twice (You should be in the room before the furnace room after 
45) Go forward

This is the final showdown, so be prepared and hope your timing's still good. 
When you have control, click on Grace to transfer the gameplay over to her for 
a brief moment. With Grace, click on Von Glower to have her say that she can't 
take him by herself, so instead just open up the furnace door and then click on 
Gabriel (the gray wolf at the bottom). Your timing is very crucial at this 
point. When Von Glower jumps, click on his mid-section to push him into the 
furnace. A tip that was submitted to me by Ryan Ramage is to wait until Von 
Glower has leaped, and when his body is fully stretched, push him into the 

If you managed to push him in, you'll be rewarded with the ending movie for the 
game, so you can watch that and the credits if you want. I wound up with 678 
out of 679 points when I finished, so if someone can figure out where the 
missing point comes from, please let me know.

This concludes Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within. If you want to continue on, 
please get Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.


For those FAQ sites that know me (and love me) - thanks for adding my guides to 
your site, you got me known throughout the little adventure gaming world and 
has allowed me to meet some cool and interesting people.

Dan Scholtens - my high school science teacher that got me started on 
downloading theme songs off of KaZaA. Those songs provided excellent listening 
while I worked on the final version of this guide.

Heather Rather - for submitting the tip about clicking on Von Glower as Grace 
near the end of the game for one of the missing points.

Ryan Ramage - for submitting that tip for getting Von Glower into the furnace 
at the end of the game.

Sierra Studios - for making such a great series. I just wish you guys would 
realize that gamers want more adventure games and they also want to see a 
Gabriel Knight 4!!!!!

To anyone I may have forgotten - Sorry that I forgot to mention you here, but 
you know who you are, and you deserve as much gratitude and appreciation as 
everyone else here.

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