Quick Walk-through 

This Gabriel Knight 3 quick walk-through offers the required elements to complete each 
time block and ultimately the game itself. The following solutions do not include the 
dozens and dozens of optional elements you can complete in each segment to learn 
additional information, gain clues, and score points.  If you're stuck in Gabriel Knight 3, 
though, you can search by day and time and read down each element to see what you 
have yet to complete. The elements below are listed in chronological order. 

Day 1, 10:00 am 

1.PICK UP the piece of masking tape from inside the dresser (Gabriel's room). 
2.PICK UP the hanger from inside the dresser (Gabriel's room you can take it as late as 
day 2 at 2:00 p.m.). 
3.ENTER the dining room to meet Detective Mosely (hotel dining room). 
4.EXAMINE the hotel register on main desk (hotel lobby). 
5.READ entries in the hotel register on the main desk (hotel lobby). 
6.USE Prince James' card on the phone (hotel phone booth). 
7.TALK to Madeline Buthane (immediate hotel exterior). 
8.EXAMINE the Holy Grail book in the bookstore window (hotel exterior). 
9.TALK to Madame Girard (museum lobby). 
10.TALK to Lady Howard and Estelle (museum display room). 

Day 1, 12:00 pm 

1.TALK to the Abbe (church). 
2.TALK to Buchelli (church). 
3.KNOCK on Mosely's door (hotel second floor). 
4.TALK to Mosely (Mosely's room). 

Day 1, 2:00 p.m. 
1.TALK to the moped rental clerk (moped rental area). 
2.PICK UP the red hat from the lost-and-found box (museum lobby). 
3.PICK UP the spray bottle (cemetery). 
4.PET the cat (behind church). 
5.USE the piece of masking tape on the shed door hole (behind church). 
6.USE the spray bottle on the cat (behind church). 
7.PICK UP candy from the bowl on the desk (hotel lobby - you can pick this up as early 
as day 1, 10:00 am). 
8.TALK to Mosely about his passport (Mosely's room). 
9.USE the candy on the table under the painting depicting the street scene (hotel second 
10.PUSH the room buzzer for room #33 (hotel lobby). 
11.PICK UP the passport from Mosely's pocket as he eats the candy you left on the table 
(hotel second floor). 
12.PICK UP the gold coat (Mosely's room). 
13.PICK UP the black pen from the desk while Jean is away (hotel lobby - you can pick 
this up as early as day 1, 10:00 am). 
14.PICK UP the packet of syrup from the buffet table (hotel dining room). 
15.USE the black pen on the passport (inventory). 
16.USE the black fibers on the syrup to create a mustache (inventory). 
17.USE the cap on the gold coat (inventory). 
18.USE the mustache on the gold coat (inventory). 
19.USE the disguise on Gabriel (moped rental area). 
20.FOLLOW Wilkes' moped (valley roads and parking areas). 
21.FOLLOW Buthane's van (valley roads and parking areas). 
22.VISIT the Couiza train station (valley roads). 
23.TALK to the taxi cab driver (Couiza train station). 
24.EXAMINE the arrivals and departures bulletin board (Couiza train station). 

Day 1, 4:00 pm 

1.VISIT Blanchefort (valley roads). 
2.USE the binoculars to spy on Buthane and Mosely (top of Blanchefort). 
3.VISIT Roque Negre (valley roads). 
4.TALK to Wilkes (Roque Negre). 
5.VISIT Larry's house (valley roads). 
6.KNOCK on Larry Chester's door (Larry's house). 
7.TALK to Larry Chester (Larry's study). 

Day 1, 6:00 pm 

1.FOLLOW Prince James' men to the cemetery (cemetery). 
2.HIDE behind the tomb (cemetery). 
3.FOLLOW the car containing Prince James' two men (valley roads and parking areas). 
4.VISIT Blanchefort (valley roads). 
5.WALK to Larry's house (Blanchefort). 
6.HIDE behind the second tree, closest to Larry's driveway (Larry's house). 
7.TALK to Grace and Mosely and perform the handshake, correct or incorrect (Gabriel's 

Day 2, 7:00 am 

1.PERFORM search on vampires, using the laptop (SIDNEY). 
2.PICK UP the book propped against room door (hotel second floor). 
3.TALK to Madeline Buthane (hotel dining room). 
4.TALK to the Abbe (Tour Magdala). 
5.LISTEN to Lady Howard and Estelle's conversation (Blanchefort). 
6.TALK to all the characters and Mosely last (Blanchefort). 

Day 2, 10:00 am 

1.ENTER Lady Howard's room either by unlocking the door while the maid is inside or 
using the alternate route out Gabriel's window (hotel second floor). 
2.SEARCH Lady Howard's bed to locate the folder (Lady Howard's bedroom). 
3.PICK UP the folder to receive two parchments (Lady Howard's bedroom). 
4.PICK UP the tube of Suppuration H (Lady Howard's bathroom). 
5.ENTER Madeline Buthane's room either by unlocking the door while the maid is inside 
or using the alternate route out Gabriel's window (hotel second floor). 
6.OPEN the dresser (Madeline Buthane's bedroom). 
7.PICK UP the map (Madeline Buthane's bedroom). 
8.USE the tube of Suppuration H on the Abbe's office window (cemetery). 
9.CLIMB into the Abbe's office (cemetery). 
10.OPEN the Abbe's desk drawer (the Abbe's office). 
11.PICK UP the magazine in the Abbe's desk drawer (the Abbe's office). 
12.PERFORM ADD DATA on the two parchments (SIDNEY). 
13.PERFORM ADD DATA on the map (SIDNEY). 
14.RETURN the two parchments to Lady Howard's folder (Lady Howard's bedroom). 
15.RETURN the map to Madeline Buthane's dresser (Madeline Buthane's bedroom). 

Day 2, 12:00 pm 

1.CLIMB up the back wall (behind C de Serras mansion). 
2.CLIMB on the vines (behind C. de Serras mansion). 
3.OPEN the trunk (C. de Serras attic). 
4.TALK to the old woman operating the machinery (C. de Serras wine room - you can 
get there by hiding from Montreaux after opening the trunk or by entering the cellar door 
behind the mansion). 
5.TALK to Mosely (C. de Serras courtyard). 

Day 2, 2:00 pm 

1.VISIT the Armchair of the Devil (valley roads). 
2.EXAMINE the pool of blood and knee indents (Armchair of the Devil). 
3.VISIT Larry's house (valley roads). 
4.TALK to Larry Chester (Larry's study). 
5.USE the hanger on the hole in window to look at the alarm clock (Larry's house). 
6.TALK to Grace and Mosely (Gabriel's room). 
7.TALK to Jean about the wake-up call (hotel lobby). 
8.MAKE an identification card for a NY Times Reporter using the laptop (SIDNEY). 
9.VISIT C. de Serras (valley roads). 
10.KNOCK on the mansion door (C. de Serras). 
11.RESPOND as a reporter (C. de Serras). 
12.TALK to Montreaux (C. de Serras barn). 

Day 2, 5:00 pm 

1.PICK UP the manila envelope taped to the museum front door (museum). 
2.PICK UP the English church informational pamphlet from table (church - you can do 
this during the previous day 2 time blocks). 
3.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Aquarius puzzle (SIDNEY). 
4.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Pisces puzzle (SIDNEY). 
5.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Aries puzzle (SIDNEY). 
6.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Taurus puzzle (SIDNEY). 
7.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Gemini and Cancer puzzles (SIDNEY). 

Day 3, 2:00 am 

1.VISIT Larry Chester's house (valley roads). 
2.USE the shovel behind Larry's house to dig up the manuscript (Larry's house). 
3.RETURN to the hotel (hotel). 

Day 3, 7:00 am 

1.USE Mosely's door key to enter Mosely's room (hotel second floor).
2.SEARCH Mosely's closet, bed, and clothes pile (Mosely's room). 
3.PICK UP the coordinate device (Mosely's room). 
4.USE the wallet to purchase three postcards (Poussin and two Teniers) in the museum 
lobby (museum). 
5.VISIT L'Ermitage (valley roads). 
6.PICK UP the note from inside the cave (L'Ermitage). 
7.USE the coordinate device on Grace (L'Ermitage). 
8.USE the coordinate device to locate the center of the circle position (L'Ermitage). 
9.USE the shovel to dig at the marked spot (L'Ermitage). 
10.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Leo puzzle (SIDNEY). 
11.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Virgo puzzle (SIDNEY). 
12.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Libra puzzle (SIDNEY). 

Day 3, 10:00 am 

1.VISIT L'Homme Mort (valley roads). 
2.EXAMINE the footprints (L'Homme Mort). 
3.EXAMINE Wilkes' body (L'Homme Mort). 
4.VISIT Larry Sinclair's house (valley roads). 
5.KNOCK on Larry's door (Larry's house). 
6.TALK to Larry Sinclair (Larry's study). 
7.TALK to Grace (Gabriel's room). 

Day 3, 12:00 pm 

1.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Scorpio puzzle (SIDNEY). 
2.VISIT the NE Arm of Hexagram (valley roads). 
3.PICK UP the note from the fence post (NE Arm of Hexagram). 
4.VISIT the SE Arm of Hexagram (valley roads). 
5.USE the coordinate device on Grace (SE Arm of Hexagram). 
6.USE the coordinate device to locate the hexagram point on the ground (SE Arm of 
7.USE the shovel to dig at the marked spot (SE Arm of Hexagram).
8.PICK UP the note from the cave wall (SE Arm of Hexagram). 
9.VISIT Blanchefort (valley roads). 
10.WALK to Mount Cardou (Blanchefort). 
11.PICK UP the note taped to the tree (Mount Cardou). 
12.USE the binoculars to zoom in on the orange rock (top of Blanchefort). 
13.VISIT the orange rock (valley roads). 
14.USE the shovel to dig up the manuscript (orange rock - you can do the as Gabriel in 
the next time block). 
15.TALK to Prince James (hotel lobby). 
16.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Ophiuchus puzzle (SIDNEY). 
17.SOLVE the Le Serpent Rouge Sagittarius puzzle (SIDNEY). 

Day 3, 3:00 pm 

1.RESPOND during opening the cutscene (hotel dining room). 
2.VISIT Villa Bethania (hotel exterior).
3.KNOCK on Villa Bethania door (hotel exterior). 
4.TALK to Prince James (Villa Bethania). 
5.VISIT C. de Serras (valley roads). 
6.CLIMB front the gate (C. de Serras). 
7.APPROACH the front door (C. de Serras). 
8.OPEN the garage door (C. de Serras). 
9.FLIP the light switch (C. de Serras Garage). 
10.EXAMINE the bats on the ceiling (C. de Serras Garage). 

Day 3, 6:00 pm 

1.FOLLOW Emilio Baza from the hotel to the cemetery (hotel). 
2.HIDE behind the tomb while Emilio and Mesmi speak (cemetery).
3.KNOCK on Emilio's door (hotel second floor). 
4.TALK to Emilio (Emilio's room). 

Day 3, 9:00 pm 

1.SOLVE the temple chessboard puzzle (temple). 
2.LEAP to the rotating circle. (temple circle chamber). 
3.GRAB onto the pendulum (temple circle chamber). 
4.DROP to the platform (temple circle chamber). 
5.PUT the infinity symbol on the scale (temple circle chamber). 
6.PUT the egg on the scale (temple circle chamber). 
7.PUT the fruit on the scale (temple circle chamber). 
8.PICK UP the leather glove (temple hexagram chamber). 
9.PICK UP the stone from the bowl of fire (temple hexagram chamber). 
10.USE the stone on the demon statue's hand (temple hexagram chamber). 
11.STAND on the platforms to find the mirror where Gabriel looks old (temple hexagram 
12.MOVE the dial toward the mirror where Gabriel looks old (temple hexagram 
13.PRESS the yin-yang button (temple hexagram chamber). 
14.APPROACH the invisible bridge (temple veil chamber). 
15.CROSS the invisible bridge by leaping to the glowing panels (temple Veil chamber). 
16.CLIMB on the sarcophagus (temple Holy of Holies). 
17.USE the talisman on the demon creature's face (temple Holy of Holies). 
18.USE the dagger on the demon creature's throat (temple Holy of Holies). 

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