Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned Walkthrough Final Version
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DAY 1: MORNING (10 AM – 12 PM)

In Gabriel’s bedroom, open up the armoire that stands next to the window. Inside, grab the masking 
tape that is sticking to the back of the armoire, and also grab the clothes hanger. Close the armoire 
and leave the room.

In the hall, go down either set of stairs to enter the hotel’s lobby. Go through the archway to enter 
the dining room, where you’ll meet an old friend from Gabriel Knight 1, Franklin Mosely. As you talk 
to him, make note that Mosely says he is staying in Room 33. Head back out into the lobby.

Walk Gabriel towards the front desk and Jean; the hotel’s day clerk will introduce himself. Before 
starting a conversation with him, take a look at the guest register that is sitting on the desk. After 
you’re done looking, speak to Jean about all topics. When you ask about the two men, Jean will 
suggest that you speak to Simone, the hotel’s night clerk. After you’re finished, walk over into the 
lounge and speak with the man who is sitting in there. His name is Emilio Baza. Introduce yourself 
and talk to Emilio about all topics. When you’re done, walk through the red curtain that’s near the 
front desk.

Go into the inventory (right click somewhere and click on the satchel button) and choose the PICK-
UP action from the verb chooser on Prince James’s card. For first time players, the verb chooser is 
the little thing that appears when you click on an object. Exit your inventory, click on a phone 
(doesn’t matter which one) and use the card on it. As you talk with Prince James, you’ll hear 
someone enter a nearby booth. When the conversation is over, exit the booth and take a look at the 
pair of feet that is in the booth near yours. Leave the room and exit out the front door.

Go to the left and speak with the woman standing near the bus, and make note that Emilio Baza 
leaves the hotel as soon as you move away from the door. The woman’s name is Madeline Buthane, 
and she’s the tour guide that Mosely mentioned. Talk to her about all topics and when you’re 
finished, go take a look at Emilio’s feet (hmmm, where have you seen these before?) and then try 
talking to him, only to see him get up and leave without so much as saying a word to you. Anyway, 
head over to the bookstore that’s located in the area behind the bus and take a look at the San Gréal 
book that is on display. Now head to the Sauniere Museum, which can be reached by heading past 
the hotel archway and taking the exit to the left of the stairs.

In the next screen, climb up the stairs and you’ll enter the museum. Once inside, turn the camera 
around so that you can see the Lost Items box and can see a red hat inside. Try to pick it up and 
make note of Gabriel’s comment. Go to the front desk and speak with the museum’s curator, 
Madame Girard, about all topics. When you’re finished, head up the stairs behind you.

When you first enter, you’ll notice that there are two ladies currently in the room. If you walk behind 
the panels and then walk towards the ladies, you’ll be able to overhear their conversation. It won’t 
work if you try walking towards them in the front of the panels, as they’ll clam up. After you’re done 
with that, take a look at everything in the room. Talk to the two ladies and you’ll be introduced to the 
arrogant and self-centered Lady Lily Howard and the more polite Estelle Stiles. Talk to them about all 
topics and when you’re finished, leave the museum. Head to the fountain plaza (near the hotel) and if 
you followed this walkthrough closely enough, the time-block will end here.


First thing you should do in this time-block is to head into the hotel and then into the dining room. 
Listen to the conversation that takes place between Madeline Buthane and the Australian guy. His 
name is John Wilkes. When they’re done, talk to Wilkes and introduce yourself.  After that, go and 
talk to Madeline. Leave the dining room and head upstairs. It appears that Emilio Baza and the ladies 
are switching rooms. After the sequence, leave the hotel and go to St. Mary Magdalen’s church, 
which can be reached by heading towards the museum, but instead of heading left, head right.

As Gabe first enters the church, there is a bit of an argument between an Italian guy and an older 
man. These two are Vittorio Buchelli and Abbé Arnaud, respectively. After they’re done, go over and 
talk to the Abbé, who sits at a table in the back of the church, about all topics. After that, go over and 
talk to Buchelli about all topics, and then move out of his way so that he can leave. Follow suit and 
head back to the hotel.

Go into the dining room and talk to Lady Howard and Estelle, and then head upstairs. Go over to 
Mosely’s room, which you should remember is Room 33, and knock on his door. He’ll let you in. For 
right now, only talk about the first two topics. Move over to the door and use the SNEAK option. 
You’ll see that Emilio is in the hall and notice that he sets his glass down when he is finished with it. 
After that, go back and talk to Mosely about the remaining topics. Leave his room, pick up Emilio’s 
glass, and then exit the hotel. The time-block will come to a close as soon as you’ve left the hotel.


As the time-block opens, you’ll see Gabriel standing just outside the hotel. He’ll then see Wilkes go 
by on a moped and realize that the bike rental shop is now open for business. Go through the 
archway and head on over there.

Talk to Bigout (the guy running the place) and ask him about a bike. Since all of the bikes are 
reserved for the tour group, Gabe can either take the busted down purple moped or none at all. Well, 
we won’t settle for nothing, and we surely won’t take something as crappy as that thing, so we’ll just 
have to come up with a way to fool Bigout into letting us take the Harley. How do we do that you 
ask? A disguise, of course! To make the disguise we need a photo ID, mustache, hat, and a jacket.

To get the photo ID and jacket, go into the hotel and take a mint out of the dish (it’s near the left 
staircase) and then head upstairs. Go to Mosely’s room and knock on his door to have him let you 
in. Ask him about his passport, and make note that he keeps it in his rear right pocket. Leave his 
room and go around until you see a painting that has a street on it. Place the mint on the table 
underneath it and then head downstairs. When Jean leaves to go do some various things around the 
hotel, take the marker off the desk and if you’re fast enough, push the 33 button on the panel just 
next to the desk. This will buzz Mosely’s room. Take the right staircase up and walk around until the 
spot where you placed the mint is on the right, not the left. When Mosely becomes preoccupied with 
the mint, use the PICK-UP option on his back right pocket and Gabe will get his passport. Mosely 
will leave without noticing anything. Go into Mosely’s room and swipe his jacket and then leave.

Just so we’re prepared, go into your inventory and use the marker on Mosely’s ID. Before we go get 
the hat, go into the dining room and take a syrup packet from the bowl on the table. Go to the 
Museum Sauniere and take the hat out of the Lost Items box. To make the mustache, head towards 
the church, but don’t enter it. Head down the street until you reach a dead end. You should see a 
black cat sitting on the ground cleaning itself. Try to pet it and it’ll run into the shed. Go to the 
church cemetery and here you’ll see the Abbé watering his plants with a spray bottle. Once he 
leaves, Gabe can walk over and “borrow” his spray bottle.

Head back to the spot where you first saw the cat. Use the masking tape that you got from your hotel 
room and use it on the hole that the cat disappeared through a couple minutes ago. Use the spray 
bottle on the cat, who is now perched atop a wall. The cat will run into the shed again, but this he’ll 
leave you a present, a piece of tape full of fur. Take the tape off the hole, and go into your inventory 
and combine it with the maple syrup. Voila! Your disguise is complete! Combine all of the disguise 
components with the jacket, with the exception of the photo ID, and you’ll have yourself a complete 

Head to the moped courtyard and use the disguise on Gabe. He’ll change into it and then he’ll talk to 
Bigout about renting a bike. Gabriel will automatically return Mosely’s stuff, and when you next see 
him, he’ll be standing outside the hotel. Head back to the moped courtyard and use the keys on the 

On the map, go to the Chateau de Blanchefort/Mount Cardou area (it’s on the left side of the T 
intersection near the upper right corner of the map, it looks sort of like a black rock). Wait here a bit 
and when you see Wilkes drive by, click on him and select the FOLLOW option. Gabe will get on the 
bike and he’ll follow Wilkes to a place called L’Ermitage (the area will pop up when you stop). Click 
on it and when Gabe’s off the bike, follow the path up to the site. You’ll see that Wilkes is working 
here, so talk to him twice, once for general conversation, another about certain topics. Talk to him 
about all topics (Prepare for a couple laughs when you ask him about his equipment…if you don’t 
know what I mean, think Dune). After you’re done, head back to the parking area. Inspect Wilkes’ 
moped license plate and use the notebook on it. If Madeline Buthane comes by in her bus, click on it 
and choose FOLLOW, or if you want, get on the Harley and head to the Blanchefort/Cardou area.

If you didn’t follow Madeline at L’Ermitage, wait here for her to come by and then follow her. You’ll 
wind up at a place called Coume-Sourde. Follow the path to the site. Once you find her, go over and 
talk to her (you can think about her too if you want….no, not that way! LOL). Head back to the 
parking area and hop on the Harley and go back to Blanchefort/Cardou.

We don’t have to follow anyone this time, so head up the right path towards the Blanchefort ruins. 
When you reach a fork, take the left path. Once at the top, walk onto the circular platform and use 
the binoculars on Gabe to bring up the binocular interface. Move the viewer to the right a bit until 
you see a white structure near the bottom. Center it in the viewer and click on the ZOOM 50X button. 
You should be seeing Coume-Sourde and you should also be seeing Madeline scurrying back and 
forth. If you don’t, move the viewer around while in ZOOM 50X mode until you do. Once you’ve found 
her, leave the ZOOM 50X view and then move the binoculars further to the right until you see what 
appears to be a bunch of houses cluttered together. Use the ZOOM 50X button and you should be 
seeing Rennes le Chateau and Buchelli looking back at you with his binoculars.

When you’re finished, exit the interface altogether and then head back down to the Harley. Get on 
and head to the Couiza train station (it’s a building right next to the railroad tracks).

Once you’ve arrived, talk to the taxi driver that is sitting by his car on the left side of the building. 
Talk to him about all topics and when he says he’s having a hard time remembering, get your wallet 
out and use it on him. After you’re done talking, go into the train station. Talk to the ticket person 
about all topics, and then go over to the Arrival/Departure board and THINK about it. Walk over to 
the opposite end of the building and pick up the piece of paper that is next to the fallen ashtray. 
Leave the station and drive off on your Harley. If you’ve completed everything, the time-block will 


On the map, click on L’Homme Mort (it’s next to Coume-Sourde). Follow the path up to the site and if 
you look around, you can see Mosely. Talk to him a couple times, and then talk to him about his 
scooter, and if you want, you can THINK about him too. Head back to the parking area and use the 
notebook on Mosely’s moped license plate. Get on the Harley and go to the Blanchefort/Cardou area 
and head up to the ruins. You’ll see that Emilio is up here. Talk to him and then use the binoculars 
on Gabe.

In the interface, move your binoculars towards Coume-Sourde, but look at the area next to Coume-
Sourde and zoom in on it. You should see L’Homme Mort. Watch as Mosely and Madeline collide. 
When you’re finished, leave the interface and go down to the parking area.

Use the notebook on Emilio’s moped license plate (his moped is red) and then walk up the left path 
to Roque Nègre. You’ll see that your buddy Wilkes is here. Talk to him about all topics (the Dune 
humor is back) and then head back down to the parking area. Get on the Harley and head to Rennes 
le Château (it’s near Couiza, it’s on a hill and looks like a bunch of houses cluttered together).

Once there, leave the moped courtyard. Look at Madeline’s van to have Gabe note that she’s back in 
town. Go to the church cemetery. Open up the Abbé’s office window (near the huge tomb) and you’ll 
overhear a conversation between Madeline and the Abbé. When they leave, go back to the moped 
courtyard and leave to go to Larry Chester’s house (it’s above the Blanchefort/Cardou icon). Here, 
knock on the door and Larry will let you in. Talk to him about everything and then head back to 
Rennes le Château. The current time-block ends here.


Doesn’t Rennes le Chateau look better at night? Exit the moped courtyard and you’ll see that the 
“cavalry” has arrived. Gabriel will automatically walk over and talk to the gang. You’ll be introduced 
to the two Scots, MacDougall and Mallory and you’ll get to see Grace again (remember her from the 
first two GK games?). After the gang is done talking in the hotel room, leave the hotel and follow the 
Scots to the church cemetery.

Click on the large tomb nearby and use the HIDE option. Watch as the Scots bully the Abbé and after 
they leave, the Abbé will go into his office. This next part is critical, so read carefully. The Abbé will 
go into his office to make a phone call, so when you regain control, hurry up and get into your 
inventory. Take your tape recorder and use it on the Abbé’s window. You’ll be able to record his 
phone conversation, which will be needed later in the game.

When you’re done, go back to the hotel and head into the dining room. As soon as you enter, you’ll 
hear a conversation between Wilkes and Buchelli. When they’re finished, first chat with Wilkes and 
then with Buchelli. Go to the lobby and talk to Simone, the hotel’s night clerk, about all topics. When 
you’re done, go to the moped courtyard and get on the Harley.

On the map, you’ll notice a dot roaming the valley. This dot represents the Scots’ car. Go to the 
Blanchefort/Cardou area and camp out until they drive by (they’ll be coming from the south, not the 
north like the others have been). Following the Scots will take you over to Larry’s house. Instead of 
going there, head back to the Blanchefort/Cardou area and head up the path towards the ruins. 
When you come to the fork, take the right path. When you’re near Larry’s house, HIDE behind the big 
tree that’s closest to the well. Watch the next sequence very carefully, as this is also very critical. 
You’ll need to memorize the handshake that Larry and the Scots use. You’ll get two chances to 
memorize it all, so be sure to get it all.

When they’ve assembled inside, go back to the Blanchefort/Cardou parking area and hop on the 
Harley. Drive to Rennes le Bains (it’s on the right side of the map and it looks like a house. It’s 
across from L’Homme Mort). Head inside the San Gréal Tavern and talk to Buchelli and Wilkes. 
When you’re done, head outside and get Buchelli’s license plate number by using your notebook on 
it. Get on the Harley and head back to Rennes le Chateau.

If you happened to have followed Lady Howard and Estelle earlier (if you’ve been following this 
guide, then you should have), get their license plate number. Go into the hotel and talk to Emilio, 
who sits in the lounge. Walk into the dining room and a conversation between Lady Howard, Estelle, 
and Madeline will ensue. When you’re done talking to them, go up to Gabe’s room (Room 25).

When you enter, you’ll see that Mosely decided to stop by. Talk to them about all topics and when 
Mosely asks about the handshake, show it to him. Just in case you’re feeling lazy about 
remembering it, here’s the solution (in order):

Choice 2
Choice 5
Choice 3
Choice 1
Choice 4

NOTE: It’s okay if you mess up the handshake, as the game will continue, but you won’t get the full 
points for it.

Pay attention to Mosely’s comment about the handshake and when the conversation is over, 
everyone will head down to the dining room to get something to eat. The first day will end here.


Did you sleep as well as I did? Well, it looks like today we play as Grace Nakimura. Leave Gabe alone 
as he sleeps on the couch so this way Grace can get her own detective work in. Pick up one of the 
fingerprint kits that are sitting next to the desk. Click on the computer (to which I’ll refer to as 
SIDNEY from now on) and use the TYPE option to initialize SIDNEY’s interface.

If you can remember from last night, Gabe asked Grace to do some research on vampires and the 
Holy Grail. Click on the SEARCH option and do a search on ‘vampires’. Read the excerpt from Bram 
Stoker’s Dracula. When you are done reading, reset the search box and then do a search on the 
‘Holy Grail’, When you’re done reading that, exit the interface by first clicking on the MAIN MENU 
button in the lower right corner and then the EXIT button.

Leave the bedroom and pick up the San Gréal book that is sitting on the floor next to the bedroom 
door. Grace will skim through it and inside she’ll find a poem. She’ll automatically head back into the 
room and leave the poem on the coffee table for Gabe. Head back out of the room and go down to 
the lobby. Walk Grace close to Jean and they’ll start a conversation.

When that’s done, go into the dining room and talk to Madeline Buthane. Listen to Madeline 
Buthane’s voice (Do I sense some jealousy?). She’ll charge Grace 3,000 francs to join the tour while 
she only charged Gabe 2,000 francs to join the tour. Since there’s time left before the tour begins, go 
to the top of Tour Magdala (it can be reached by heading past the moped courtyard and the Villa 
Bethania and walking up the path that’s across from the Villa).

Once there, go up the stairs and talk to the Abbé and note that he decides to join the tour. Head back 
to the hotel and head upstairs. Knock on Mosely’s door and Grace will tell him that it’s time for the 
tour. Head back downstairs and go into the dining room. If you’ve done everything thus far, the tour 
group should be getting ready to leave.

Listen/Watch to Madeline’s speech on Poussin’s Tomb. During the lecture, note that Emilio writes 
the word ‘SUM’ in the sand. When the lecture is over, use Grace’s sketchpad on the drawing. Talk to 
each member of the group (some of them, like Emilio, you can’t talk to right now) and soon Madeline 
will continue the tour. Listen/Watch Madeline’s short speech on the Blanchefort ruins. When she’s 
done, walk Grace near Madeline and Wilkes to overhear their conversation. After that, walk Grace 
near Lady Howard and Estelle to eavesdrop on their conversation. Watch as everyone gathers when 
they mention the ‘Red Serpent’. First, Lady Howard will deny what she said and make up some story, 
but soon after, she’ll somewhat confess. Talk to Lady Howard and Estelle about Le Serpent Rouge, 
and then talk to Wilkes, the Abbé, Buchelli, Baza, Madeline, and lastly, Mosely. When you talk to 
Mosely, save the treasure topic for last. When the conversation is all over, you’ll get to witness one 
of Gabe’s bizarre Schattenjager dreams.


We’re playing as Gabe again, and now it’s his turn to play detective. Pick up the poem that Grace left 
on the table and then pick up the other fingerprint kit off of the desk. Inspect the dumbwaiter door 
that is between the armoire and the couch. Click on the lock and use the TURN LOCK option. Open 
up the dumbwaiter door and look inside. When you’re done, leave the room.

Here, you’ll get to meet Roxanne, the hotel’s maid. She just finished cleaning Mosely’s room, and is 
now ready to clean yours. Wait in the hall until Roxanne finishes cleaning Gabe’s room and then 
watch her as she goes to clean Emilio’s room. Continue to watch and note her routine. When she 
goes back into the room a second time (If you happen to forget when to tell she’s in the room the 
second time, the cart will be facing away from the door, which will leave a gap big enough for Gabe 
to fit through), click on the door and use the SNEAK option. Watch her in-room routine and when she 
disappears into the bathroom, hurry up and unlock the dumbwaiter door and then leave before 
you’re caught (If you don’t make it out by the time you hear a sound that sounds like a toilet flush, 
then you’ll be caught, I believe). Wait out in the hall and watch as Roxanne goes from Emilio’s room 
to Madeline’s. Watch her again and when she enters the room the second time, click on the door and 
use the SNEAK option again. This time, when Roxanne disappears into the bathroom, go out onto 
the balcony. When Roxanne leaves, Gabe will come out from his hiding place undetected. Click on 
the bedroom door lock and use the TURN LOCK option.

Quickly open up the door to see that Roxanne is cleaning the ladies’ room. Follow the same 
procedure as you did with Madeline’s room. When you’re done there, leave the room and head over 
to Buchelli’s room. Use the same procedure as you did with Emilio’s room. When she’s finished, 
she’ll go over and clean Wilkes’ room, so use that same procedure again. By doing all of this, you’ve 
created access to everyone’s room except for Mosely’s. After Roxanne is completely finished and 
disappears into the storage room, go into the ladies’ bedroom.

Inside, click on her bed and use the SEARCH option. You’ll find a folder containing two documents. 
Pick it up and Gabe will take what is inside. Go into the bathroom and pick up Lady Howard’s tube of 
Suppuration H that is sitting near the sink. Use the fingerprint kit on the mirror. In order to properly 
dust for prints, here is what you do.

Fingerprinting Procedure:

1)	Take the brown handled brush.
2)	Use the brush on the black powder.
3)	Take the brush and dust the object for prints.
4)	When you find the print(s), put the brush back and take a piece of tape.
5)	Use the tape on the print(s)
6)	Use the tape with the print on it on the plastic baggies.
7)	If there are more than one print, follow steps 5 and 6 again.
8)	You now know how to properly dust for prints.

I did that above procedure for a reason. I’ve gotten emails from me asking how to dust for prints, 
and even though it isn’t too hard to figure out, I might as well have something to help anyone else 

The prints on the mirror are located on its handle, and there’s only one.

When you’re done, leave the room and go to Madeline’s room (If you forget whose room is whose, 
use the LOOK option on the door). Open up the top drawer of Madeline’s dresser to find a cell 
phone, a tracking device, and a map. Take the map and close the drawer. Search Madeline’s bed to 
find a case containing a gun (Why would she need one?). Use the fingerprint kit on the gun, and 
you’ll find the print just above the trigger. From now on, there’s only going to be one print on each 
object you dust, unless I say otherwise. Put the case back under the bed and head down to the 
Gabe will walk over to the front desk. Ask Jean about all topics and then go to the kitchen (the 
‘forbidden’ door in the dining room) and try opening the door. Since you can’t get in, go talk to Jean 
again and ask him about food to obtain permission to enter the kitchen. Now, go into the kitchen.

Go to the dumbwaiter that is to Gabriel’s left and open it. Use the crank to bring the dumbwaiter 
down to the first floor. Click on the platform and use the EXIT option on it. Once inside, click on the 
rope and OPERATE it. This’ll bring Gabe up to the second floor. Get out of the dumbwaiter via the 
lower left to enter Wilkes’ room.

Read the letter that’s on his desk and then get back into the dumbwaiter. Exit through the opposite 
door to enter Buchelli’s room. Once inside, open up the top dresser drawer. Get the ticket stub by 
searching the black pants and then go into your inventory and THINK about it. Close the dresser 
drawer and get Buchelli’s fingerprint off of his suitcase. The print is located on the clasp. Get back 
into the dumbwaiter and head back down to the first floor.

Leave the dumbwaiter and get into the other one, which is on the opposite side of the room. Pull the 
dumbwaiter up to the second floor and get out by exiting out the top door. The other door is 
Gabe/Grace’s room, for those who wonder.

Search the closest bed to find a cloth underneath the pillow. Dust the Jesus portrait for prints, only 
to find that there aren’t any. Look at the journal that is on his table to find that it is written in 
Aramaic. Get back into the dumbwaiter and head down to the first floor. Leave the hotel and go to 
the Abbé’s office window in the cemetery.

Try to open up his office window and note that it only moves a few inches. Try to open it again to 
discover that the wood is swollen. Use the tube of Suppuration H on the window and then try 
opening it up again. Success! Exit into the Abbé’s office and once inside, move the camera so you 
can see the desk drawers and then open up the top drawer. Inside, you should see a magazine and a 
pack of cigarettes. Don’t touch the pack just yet, but pick up the magazine and read it. Get the 
Abbé’s print off of the cigarette pack and then close the drawer.

Take a look at the portrait that hangs in the room and then look at the label on it. Leave the office via 
the window and head back to Gabe’s hotel room. Since we’ve gathered a lot of information on each 
of the tour group members (except for Mosely), let’s scan the stuff into SIDNEY. Access SIDNEY, 
and then click on the ADD DATA button and scan in Madeline’s map, and to do this, just click on the 
map, and use the SCAN IN SIDNEY option (it looks like a computer). When that’s finished, scan in 
Lady Howard’s documents.

Next thing to scan in would be all of the fingerprints and license plate numbers that you’ve collected. 
When you have everything scanned in, go the SUSPECTS area and link everything that has to do 
with the suspect, which would include their prints, plate #s, and anything else that could be linked to 

When you’re finished, exit out to the MAIN MENU and then scan in the Abbé’s conversation tape. 
Click on the TRANSLATE button and then select the ABBE_TAPE file and under the FROM field, 
select French. For the TO field, select English and click on the TRANSLATE NOW button to get it 
translated. When you’re done, link the tape to the Abbé’s file and then log off of SIDNEY.

Now, return Madeline’s map and Lady Howard’s documents. You only need to use one document on 
the folder, because Gabe will return them both. When you’re done, head down to the lobby and you’ll 
get to watch an amusing sequence between Gabe, Roxanne, and Jean. This marks the end of the 
current time-block.


Gameplay switches back to Grace Nakimura as we find out how the tour has been going. It looks like 
they’re now at a place called Chateau de Serres. First thing to do is to follow the rest of the group 
into the wine tasting room. Inside, talk to the Abbé twice and then attempt to talk to the rest of the 
group and Marceau (the bartender). Leave the place.

Walk on through the stone arch that is situated between the mansion and the wine tasting room. 
Grace will hear a sound that sounds like a baby crying (Could it be?). Follow the path around to the 
cellar doors and use the LISTEN icon on them and then try to open them, but to no avail. Walk over 
to the small slanted roof behind you and use the CLIMB icon. Watch the sequence as Grace climbs 
on up and heads over to the roof just above the cellar doors. When you regain control of Grace, click 
on the ivy and use the CLIMB icon. Grace will automatically climb over to the open window.

Inside, explore the attic a little bit and then open up the wardrobe nearby. Look at the robes inside 
and then use the sketchpad on the symbols. Leave the wardrobe open and go open up the trunk 
that’s behind the wall. Grace will see a baby inside (Again, could it be?), and this event will trigger a 
timer for Montreaux’s entry. Hurry up and HIDE in the wardrobe (Good thing I told you to leave it 
open, eh?).

Once hidden, watch the sequence as Montreaux almost discovers Grace, but she will be saved when 
Madeline calls for Montreaux. He’ll leave and Grace will be free to wander around. When Grace is 
out, go look in the trunk again and search the stuff to find out that the “baby” was actually an ugly-
looking doll (Oh darn!).

Head down the spiral staircase into Montreaux’s library. Open up the desk drawer, but don’t touch 
the book. Get Montreaux’s print off of the book, which is near the lower right corner of the book, and 
then read it. When you’re done looking, leave the close-up view of the book and Grace will put it 

Inspect the nearby portrait of Montreaux to notice that something is odd about it. Move the chair and 
then CLIMB it. Inspect the portrait’s right eye to notice a picture of some sort on it. Make a note of 
this and then click on the floor to have Grace climb down.  There’s a button near the left leg of the 
desk, so move the camera down by holding CTRL and moving the camera down and push the 
button. Grace will activate a laser system, so move each of the heads to the left once to solve this 
mini-puzzle. Solving it will open up another set of stairs.

Go down the new set of stairs and go to the end of the hallway where you’ll see a door at the end of 
some steps. Go through it and you’ll be in a wine making room. That sound of a “baby” you heard 
earlier is actually the sound of a winepress at work. Look around the room a bit and then go talk to 
the old crone who stands near the winepress (Freaky, isn’t she?). Make a note that she likes to say 
‘pommes bleu’ a lot. Grace will get freaked out and run out the cellar doors you tried opening up 
earlier. She’ll walk to the courtyard where Mosely is waiting for her. Wait until you see the next 
cutscene, it’s not for the faint of heart so hit ESC when the cutscene starts if you think you’re going 
to be sick. The cutscene will trigger the end of the time-block.


We’re Gabriel Knight again, and this is one of the longer time-blocks. There’s a five-minute timer in 
effect as soon as Gabe steps out into the hall, so we have to act quickly. Use the glass on Madeline’s 
door to hear her talking on her cell phone in French (it sucks that you can’t record it, who knows if it 
could be vital?). Go over to Lady Howard’s room and use the glass on her door to hear her whining 
again (Get a bottle, you baby) and Estelle trying to settle her nerves.

Head downstairs and go into the phone alcove. On the way there, Gabe might automatically walk 
over to Jean, if he does, don’t talk to him right now. Once you’re in the phone alcove, you’ll notice 
that Buchelli is using one of the phones. Use the tape recorder on the curtain to record his phone 
conversation. When the timer expires, Buchelli will walk out of the booth and into the lounge. Try 
talking to Wilkes and Buchelli, and make a note of their glasses.

After that, go talk to Jean this time about all topics and then head up to your room. Note that Grace 
is totally absorbed in the San Gréal book. If you want to bring some humor back into the game, keep 
using the TALK icon on Grace. This is one of the few moments you get to hear Gabe sing (Ow! My 
freakin’ ears!). You can stop when Gabe says he has better things to do.

You’re done with the hotel for now, so leave and go atop Tour Magdala and have an interesting 
conversation with the Abbé. When you’re finished, go get on the Harley and head for the Devil’s 
Armchair (it’s across from Coume-Sourde).

Once at the parking area, cross the road and head up the path. Watch as Gabe startles Mosely 
(hehehe). When the first list of choices pop up, choose the VAMPIRE icon. Talk to Mosely about the 
dead bodies of MacDougall and Mallory and when the next list of choices come up, choose the 
ABBÉ icon. Talk to Mosely again and ask him about the tour group. When you’re done, look at and 
think about the dead body’s head, torso, and throat gash. Look around the ground for a pool of 
blood and some indentations (If you happen to get frustrated looking for them, try looking in the 
area mostly surrounded by rock to the far left of the dead bodies). Look at the pool of blood and then 
look at the indentations. Be sure to think about them both.

When you think about the indentations, Gabe has a little vision of what could have made those 
marks. When the sequence is over, think about the indentations again to see why the assailants 
didn’t leave any footprints. Leave the place and Mosely and Gabe will meet an angry and suspicious 
Madeline Buthane. Once Mosely and Gabe get to the parking lot, Mosely will ask Gabe if he could get 
a ride back to Rennes le Chateau since he doesn’t have any other way (You could stand to lose a few 
pounds, so use them feet of yours and walk back, hehe). After Mosely has left, head back to the 

You’ll notice that Madeline is still there and that the French police are now at the scene. You can try 
going back to the site, but it won’t help much. Instead, look at the tracks near the Harley and follow 
them up the hill. It is here that you’ll see the Scots’ car. Use your notepad on one of the tires to get 
the tread. Get back on the Harley and go to L’Ermitage.

In the parking area, go searching for some tire tracks and once you find them, use the tread pattern 
on them to get them compared. You’ll discover a match! Get back on the Harley and go to Larry’s 
house. Find the tire tracks that are near Larry’s car and use the pattern on them. You’ll discover 
another match! (Of course it’s a match, you followed them here). Knock on the door and Larry will let 
you in. Talk to him about ALL (and I do mean ALL) topics and watch as Gabriel gets thrown out.

When Gabe’s outside, watch the sequence that takes place. It shows Gabe peeking in through the 
window to see that Larry is just finishing a phone call, sets his alarm clock, and then heads up to the 
Blanchefort ruins. When he’s gone, use the hanger on the hole in the window to see that Larry set 
his alarm to 2 AM. Go up to the ruins to see that Larry is here and appears to be looking for 
something. Gabe won’t talk to him and Larry will be here for the remainder of the block. Head back 
to the Harley and drive to Rennes le Chateau.

Go into the hotel and watch as Emilio and Estelle collide. Emilio will head over to the lounge and 
Estelle will leave the hotel. Follow her out, and if you’re quick enough, you might be able to follow 
her from Rennes le Chateau. If not, get on the Harley and go to the Blanchefort/Cardou area. Wait 
until she drives by and then follow her. She’ll take you to a place in the middle of nowhere, so get off 
here. Find the path that will take you up to the site, and once you find Estelle, talk to her about all 
topics and you’ll get to learn about her relationship with Lady Howard. When you’re done, get back 
on the Harley and head back to Rennes le Chateau.

Go to the phone alcove and call Prince James. Gabe will fill him in on what’s happened since they 
last talked. Once the conversation is over, head up to the room. If you want, talk to Jean about 
getting a wake-up call for 2 AM so that it is out of the way already.

As Gabe enters the room, Mosely comes in. Grace will tell the boys about what she has learned from 
the book. When a list of topics comes up, be sure to talk about every last one of them. After they’ve 
all been explained, Grace will read an excerpt from the book explaining some background info on 
the Stewarts.  Mosely will leave the room, but he’ll leave his bottle behind. Get his print off of it, 
which is on the label near the upper right corner, and Grace will have you leave it on the desk so she 
can add Mosely to the suspect list later. Leave the room and go to the lobby.

Head over to the lounge and get Wilkes’ print off his glass. If you forgot which glass is his, it’s 
green. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to talk to Jean about getting a wake-up call for 2 AM. 
Go back to the room and log onto SIDNEY. Scan Wilkes’ print and Buchelli’s phone conversation 
tape in. No need to worry about Mosely’s print, as Grace will take care of it. Be sure to link the tape 
to Buchelli’s file and the print to Wilkes’ file. Get Buchelli’s tape translated while you’re still logged 
in. Leave the TO field alone, but change the FROM field to Italian. Click on the TRANSLATE NOW 
button to get his conversation translated.

It’s now time to investigate Excelsior Montreaux. Since you can’t get into his mansion by saying 
you’re an author or Schattenjager, you’re going to have to make a fake ID. In the MAIN MENU, click 
on the Make ID button. Be sure it’s Gabriel’s picture showing and not Grace’s. Select N.Y. Times 
from the REPORTER menu and then click on the PRINT IDENTIFICATION button to get your fake ID. 
Leave the hotel and get on the Harley to head to Chateau de Serres (it’s a gold house near Larry’s 

Once there, go through the gate and go to the bottom of the driveway. Find the tracks, and use the 
pattern on them to get them compared. You’ll have discovered another match. Go back into the 
courtyard and knock on the mansion door. When Marceau asks who you are, click on the PRESS 
icon and you’ll get to meet Montreaux. Talk to him about ALL topics to get the max points and all of 
the info. Note that Montreaux connects the Holy Grail legend with the philosopher’s stone, alchemy, 
and the Fountain of Youth. Once the long (and boring to some) conversation is over, head back to 
your hotel room at Rennes le Chateau.

Gabe will talk to Grace about his findings on Montreaux and Chester, but not before Mosely comes 
in. For the ending sequence, Gabe shows Mosely to the dining room for dinner so Grace can get in 
some more work. We’re making great time so far, so let’s move on to the next time-block.


Don’t worry, this day is almost finished. Let’s just get a little bit more work done and we can all 
continue on with Day 3. Leave the bedroom and pick up a glass from the tray that sits on the floor 
next to Lady Howard’s room. Use the glass on their door to find out that they’re getting ready for 
dinner. Head down to the front desk and talk to Simone about all topics. Walk into the dining room 
and you’ll overhear a conversation between Gabe and Mosely and watch as Madeline comes in and 
uses her charm on Gabe. When they’re done, approach them for a very brief conversation.

Talk to Buchelli and then exit the hotel. Outside, talk to Emilio, who sits on the bench. Make note that 
he says that you have ‘better things to do’. Go to the museum and take the manila envelope that is 
taped to the door. Inside is a copy of Le Serpent Rouge! (From here on out, I’ll refer to it as LSR) Go 
into your inventory and get the print off of it and then start focusing your attentions to the first two 

Go to the church and pick up the English version of the pamphlet off of the table in the back. Go into 
your inventory and read it. Look at the points of interest that are noted in the pamphlet. Knock on 
the Abbé’s office door (it’s also in the back, to the left) and he’ll let you in. Talk to him about all 
topics and then look at the Duke of Lorraine portrait and then TALK to the Abbé about it. After that, 
look at it again to hear Grace’s thoughts. Look at and THINK about the chessboard set. Leave the 

Go look at the picture of the four angels and the statue of Rex Mundi a.k.a. Asmodeus that is near 
the entrance to the church. INSPECT the angel picture to get a close-up view. Click on the bottom 
angel and click on the TRACE icon. A red dot will appear on its hand. Click on the right angel and 
TRACE it to have a red dot appear on its shoulder. Do the same thing for the remaining angels and 
then do it again on the bottom angel. A tilted square should appear. Head back to the hotel room.

Let’s shift SIDNEY into overdrive. Get on the computer and scan in the two prints you got earlier and 
also scan in the symbols that Grace sketched at Chateau de Serres. Click on the ANALYZE button in 
the MAIN MENU and analyze the symbols. SIDNEY will report that it will have to contact offline 
databases to get the symbols interpreted. Go to the SUSPECTS folder and open up Montreaux’s file. 
Link his fingerprint to his file. Open up the LSR print file and do a MATCH ANALYSIS on it to 
discover that it doesn’t match any of the prints you currently have.

Time to work on LSR. Go and do a search on RA. Read the little article on him and then head back to 
the MAIN MENU. Click on the ANALYZE button and open up the map file. Under the MAP menu, 
select ENTER POINTS. In the left pane, put a point on the Chateau de Blanchefort ruins and one on 
Rennes le Chateau’s Mary Magdalen church. Click on START ANALYSIS.

In the ANALYZE menu, open up the Parch_1 file and START ANALYSIS. After it’s done, select OK 
and SIDNEY will find hidden geometry and text anomalies. Under GRAPHIC, select VIEW GEOMETRY 
and under TEXT, select EXTRACT ANOMALIES. Select the FRENCH box when SIDNEY asks you for a 
language. SIDNEY will end up decoding a hidden message, which is then translated from French to 

When you’re done with the first parchment, open up the Parch_2 file. Start an analysis on it and then 
select VIEW GEOMETRY. Now select ANALYZE TEXT and select FRENCH when SIDNEY asks for a 
language. Grace will write the translation down and that’ll appear in your inventory. Under GRAPHIC, 
select ROTATE SHAPE. Make note that Grace says that the parchments must be linked to the Priory 
of Sion in some way. We still have plenty more of map work to get done, so let’s get crackin’. Select 
ENTER POINTS and put a point on the Magdalen churches in St. Just et-le Bezu, Rennes le Chateau 
(yes, do it again), Bugarach, and Coustaussa. Select START ANALYSIS and SIDNEY will ask for a 
shape. Bring out the circle graphic and move and resize the circle until you can get it to fit the points 
you plotted (it won’t be perfect, but if you can get it close enough, the game will adjust it 
accordingly). If you’ve done it right, SIDNEY will report the coordinates for the center of the circle. A 
note with this on it will now appear in inventory. Make a note that Grace says that the center point is 
somewhere near L’Ermitage. Let’s take a break now, shall we?

After Grace has finished the Magdalen crown, go down to the lobby to see that Gabe and Mosely are 
leaving with Madeline to go to Rennes le Bains. Emilio will enter and sit with Buchelli in the lounge. 
Go into the dining room and talk to the ladies (prepare for more whining from Lady Howard). Exit out 
and you’ll see that Buchelli and Emilio are now drinking.  Make note of Emilio’s glass. Head back up 
to the room because it’s SIDNEY time.

Do a search on QUATERNITY and follow anything linked to it. When you read the article on 
ALCHEMY: TILTED SQUARE, it points out that the tilted square is used to represent the Sun. Read 
the article on ALCHEMY: SQUARING THE CIRCLE and then do a search on ST. MICHAEL and follow 
any links. When you’re done, do a search on PYTHAGORAS. Okay, it’s time to square the circle. 
Open up the map we’ve been working on and bring out a square graphic. Resize and turn the square 
until it fits around the circle.

Go into your inventory and think about Taurus stanza in LSR and then think about the ‘blue apples’ 
cipher SIDNEY picked up earlier in one of the parchments. Go back to the map and let’s plot some 
more points. Put a point on Chateau de Serres and on the point where the Paris meridian intersects 
the top half of the circle. Now, START ANALYSIS and SIDNEY will plot a line ‘tangential to circle and 
intersects with conjoining features on the meridian’. Click on the square you placed not too long ago 
and rotate it until the top half locks in with the new line. It’s time for another break, so head down to 
the lobby.

As you can see, the ladies will invite Emilio and Buchelli to a game of bridge. Make a note that no 
one has seen Wilkes all day. Dust Emilio’s glass for prints, but you won’t find any (What’s up with 
this guy?). Go back to the room and log onto SIDNEY.

Think about the next two stanzas in LSR and make a note about the black and white mosaic tiles and 
Asmodeus. Reread the church pamphlet that has the part about the church floor tiles being linked to 
the ‘heretical Cathar notion of duality’. Do a search on ASMODEUS and then do a search on 
CHESSBOARD and follow its links. Make a note that the symbol for duality is two superimposed 
triangles made into a hexagram. This symbol will have some importance later.

Go to the MAIN MENU, select ANALYZE, and open up the map. Under the MAP menu, select DRAW 
GRID, then FILL SHAPE, and when the grid list comes up, select 8 x 8. Doing this will result in the 
ending movie. Watch it and you’ll learn what Wilkes has been up to this whole time. It appears that 
he has a found a hollow section somewhere in the area. This marks the end of Day 2, so let’s move 
on to Day 3.


(Can’t I sleep for just a few more hours?) Okay, okay, let’s get back to the game. Let’s go find out 
what’s so important that Larry has to get up early for. Leave the hotel and get on the Harley. Drive it 
over to the Blanchefort/Cardou area (There’s a reason why Gabe parked the Harley different, and 
we’ll learn why in a few minutes) and follow the path over to Larry’s house. SNEAK up to his side 
window and watch as he leaves and heads down a nearby ravine (it’s kind of funny that Gabe wasn’t 
spotted when he was RIGHT there!). This path is available for Gabe to follow, so follow Larry down 
the path.

In the next screen, Gabe will automatically hide behind a small hill to watch Larry do some burying. 
Make a note of where Larry digs because after he leaves (AGAIN, he misses Gabe when he wasn’t 
hard to spot), use your shovel on that spot. You’ll uncover a manuscript entitled ‘Most Holy and 
Sacred Bloodline’ and look, the author is Larry Sinclair! (That liar!) Go into your inventory and get 
his print off of the cover (Good ol’ fashioned plastic report covers). Follow the ravine back to Larry’s 
house and head back to the Harley.

As Gabe gets on the Harley, a black Sedan will drive by. Gabe tries to follow them, but he ends up 
losing their trail. Instead of trying to figure out where they went, go to L’Homme Mort. Once again, 
there’s Franklin Mosely searching for the treasure. Talk to him and when he leaves, head back to 
Rennes le Chateau.

Go to your bedroom and you’ll get to see another one of Gabe’s Schattenjager dreams. This marks 
the end of the 2 AM time-block.

DAY 3: MORNING (7 AM – 10 AM)

Look at the manuscript that was left on the table and pick up the Harley keys. Leave the room and go 
over to Mosely’s. Use the glass on the door to find out that he is sleeping. Use his room key on the 
door to enter it. Inside, SEARCH Mosely’s bed to find nothing but underwear. If you search his 
armoire, you won’t find anything. Search his dirty clothes pile to find a tracking device. Go into your 
inventory and THINK about the device. Leave his room and go down to the dining room.

Once again, the ladies are here. Talk to them and then head to the museum. Pick up a postcard 
depicting Poussin’s ‘Les Bergeres d’Arcadie’ and two postcards depicting Teniers’ paintings ‘The 
Temptation of St. Anthony’ and ‘St. Anthony and St. Paul’ from the top rack, and Grace will 
automatically pay for them.

Talk to Madame Girard and ask her about the envelope. Leave the museum and go atop Tour 
Magdala and talk to the Abbé. Once finished, go to the moped courtyard. Go look in the back of the 
ladies’ moped and take the pair of binoculars you find. Get on the Harley and go to L’Ermitage. 
Follow the path up to the site and then approach the cavem, making note of Grace’s comment.

Enter the cave and pick up the note that is hanging on the wall and read it. Leave the cave and use 
Mosely’s tracker on grace to get the interface up in the upper left corner of the screen. Note that 
whenever grace moves around, the longitude and latitude change to mark her current location. Move 
Grace until the numbers in the interface are that of the coordinates that Grace wrote down earlier for 
the center of Magdalen’s crown. (HINT: Take a couple steps south of the cave) When Grace hits the 
spot, she’ll mark it with an X.

Use the shovel on the X and Grace will start digging. After a little while, she’ll give up. Think about 
the sign that is in front of the cave and then think about the rock outcropping that is to the right of 
the cave entrance. Go into your inventory and inspect the ‘St. Anthony and St. Paul’ postcard. Use it 
on the outcropping and Grace will compare the two. Click on the outcropping again and click on the 
UP icon and make note of Grace’s comment. Get back on the Harley and go to Rennes le Chateau.

Go to your hotel room as its time for more SIDNEY work. Go to ADD DATA and scan in all three 
postcards. When it’s done, do a search on SOLOMON. If you scroll down, you’ll see the seal of 
Solomon. We should be on the Leo stanza right about now, so let’s keep going. Do a search on 
SHEPHERDS and read about Arcadia. Go to ANALYZE and open the Poussin postcard file. Click on 
START ANALYSIS and SIDNEY will find hidden geometry and decipherable words. Under GRAPHIC, 
choose ZOOM & CLARIFY and then when it asks if you would like to save the text, choose YES. Go 
back under the GRAPHIC menu and choose VIEW GEOMETRY and SIDNEY will uncover a hexagram.

Open up the Teniers’ ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony’ postcard and start an analysis on it to find 
there isn’t anything special about it. Open up the other Teniers postcard and start an analysis on it. 
SIDNEY will find decipherable words and hidden geometry. Go to VIEW GEOMETRY and SIDNEY will 
find the tilted square. Go back under the GRAPHIC menu and choose ZOOM & CLARIFY and SIDNEY 
will get a verse from the Bible, so select YES to retrieve it.

Reread the Leo stanza of LSR and open up the map. Go to ENTER POINTS and put one on 
L’Ermitage and one on Poussin’s Tomb that is to the northeast and start the analysis. SIDNEY will 
connect the points. Let’s take a break now since my hands are cramped from typing all of this, and I 
think Grace could use a break from SIDNEY as well.

Head downstairs to the dining room and talk to both Mosely and Buchelli. Leave the hotel and get on 
the Harley to drive to L’Homme Mort. Go to the site and where Gabe first saw Mosely, Madeline will 
have taken his place. Talk to her and then head back to Rennes le Chateau. Go into the dining room 
and talk to Mosely. Leave and head back up to the room.

Let’s work on the Virgo stanza now. Do a search on ST. VINCENT and read the article. Next, do a 
search on the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON. Click on the Temple Diagram link to learn that the site is 
currently down. Go to ANALYZE and open up the Map file if it isn’t already. Go to ENTER POUINTS 
and place points on both ends of the fourth and sixth lines (from the left) and then START 
ANALYSIS. SIDNEY will connect the points. Take the hexagram shape out. Size and rotate it until the 
hexagram fits just inside the circle and the arms are touching the meridian intersection, the sunrise 
line, and the Poussin/L’Ermitage line. When it locks, Grace will write the coordinates for the 
southwest and northeast arms of the hexagram. You’ll automatically leave SIDNEY, and if you’ve 
done everything else, the time-block will end here.


Listen to the conversation between Gabe and Grace and then watch as Mosely barges in and locks 
onto the manuscript (looks like somebody has piqued interests). Gabe will push through Mosely and 
leave the room with Mosely following close behind. The time-block will start when the conversation 
between Mosely and Gabe starts and when Jean and Roxanne are investigating Wilkes’ room.

After Mosely has left, go over to Wilkes’ door and use the LISTEN option on it. You’ll overhear a brief 
conversation between Jean and Roxanne and you’ll get a couple extra points. Move Gabe away from 
the door, and Jean and Roxanne will leave. Follow Roxanne into the storage closet and talk to her 
about all topics. Once you get into Wilkes’ room, look at the open window and then search the bed 
and bathroom.

When you’re done, go talk to Mosely in his room and talk to him about Grace. Head downstairs and 
talk to Jean about Wilkes. Leave the hotel and hop on the Harley. Drive to L’Homme Mort. Here, walk 
up the path to the site. Find and look at the muddy footprints near the back of the area, and Gabe will 
automatically follow them. This next part isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you have a poor stomach, 
have someone else get you through this area. Gabriel will discover the lifeless body of John Wilkes, 
who was killed the same way the Scots were. THINK about Wilkes’ body and then search it (sick!) to 
find a letter to his publisher. Go into your inventory, inspect the letter and then THINK about it. Go 
and locate his blood (it’s behind the big rock to the right of the body). Look and THINK about the 
knee indentations. Leave L’Homme Mort and drive to Lady Howard and Estelle’s site.

Go up to the site to find Estelle digging and Lady Howard lounging around, so chat with them and 
note that Lady Howard is being particularly nasty to you today. Leave the site and go to Poussin’s 
Tomb (it’s next to Chateau de Serres). Walk up the hill nearby to find Emilio meditating. Talk to him 
and then head back to the hotel.

When you try to open up your bedroom door, Mosely bursts out carrying a newspaper in his arms 
(Notice anything weird about it? It’s not hard to figure out he’s hiding something) and then he’ll 
disappear into his room with Madeline following him in. Go into your room and note that Grace is in 
the shower. Log onto SIDNEY.

Scan in Sinclair’s prints and link it to this file. Log off SIDNEY and get on the Harley. Drive to 
Sinclair’s house. Knock on his door and Larry will come out and say he has nothing to say to Gabe, 
but Gabe will stop the door from shutting and let himself in. Talk to Larry about all topics and watch 
as Larry becomes angry because now his anonymity has been blown and Prince James will be mad 
if Gabe doesn’t get that manuscript back. You’ll find out a lot though, such as that Montreaux isn’t a 
Freemason, and that he may not even be of Scottish Rite. Head back to your hotel room at Rennes le 

This time when you try entering your room, Madeline will walk out of Mosely’s room with that funky 
newspaper in hand. Have the camera follow her and watch as Buchelli’s head pops out of his 
bedroom door. When they’re finished, go into your room.

Grace is currently updating SIDNEY, but talk to her about all topics. When the conversation is over, 
Gabe will hear a car pull in. Oh crap! It’s Prince James! You’re going to be in trouble if you don’t get 
that manuscript back, so let Grace take over and this time-block will end.


We’re almost done with Le Serpent Rouge, but we still have four more stanzas left to figure out. Go 
out into the hall and watch as Buchelli comes out of Madeline’s room with the funky paper in hand. 
Move the camera to watch Buchelli go from her room to his own. Use the glass on Madeline’s door 
to find out that no one is there. Use the glass on Buchelli’s door to hear him flipping through 
something. Go into your room and fire up SIDNEY.

You should have some new email sitting in your inbox, so go check it out. You should have an email 
with the subject, ‘RE: Temple of Solomon’. Open it up and you’ll get the layout for the temple. Open 
up the map and let’s plot some points. To mark off the Holy of Holies, place points where the fourth 
and sixth vertical grid lines from the left intersect the third horizontal grid line (from the north). To 
mark off the rest of the temple, place a point where the seventh horizontal grid line intersects the 
fourth and sixth vertical lines. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, please visit my website to 
get a picture. When you’re finished, click on START ANALYSIS and SIDNEY will connect the points. 
Go into your inventory and read the Scorpio stanza. Go to ENTER POINTS and place a point on the 
intersecting grid line near Pech Cardou to mark the center of Holy of Holies. Doing this will mark 
‘The Site’ on Mt. Cardou. Grace will write the coordinates down. Leave SIDNEY for now and go down 
to the dining room.

The ladies are here again, so Grace will end up overhearing a conversation regarding Dr. Wen, the 
Great Seed, and other things. When they’re finished, go and talk to them. When you’re done, get on 
the Harley and notice that there are now three new sites active on the map: the NE arm of the 
hexagram, the SW arm, and The Site. Let’s take a trip to the NE arm of the hexagram.

Once you’ve arrived, pick up the paper that is attached to one of the fence posts. Turn the camera 
around so it’s facing the Harley and the mountain view and move it as close to the edge as you can. 
Try looking for a red spot in the view, and it can be hard to see. When you do find the dot, look at 
and think about it to learn that it is Chateau de Serres. You’re done here, so get on the Harley and go 
to the other arm of the hexagram.

Use the tracker on Grace to bring up the interface. Go up the hill until you see an overhang and a red 
handkerchief. Pick up the handkerchief and look at the rocks. Use the shovel on the rocks to clear 
some of them away. In the inventory, THINK about the piece of paper you find and if you look close 
enough, you’ll realize the overhang is actually a cave entrance.

Leave this area and go to Rennes le Bains. Enter the bar to find that Mosely and Gabe are here. Talk 
to them for a brief conversation. Leave and then head to ‘The Site’, which will leave you at the 
Blanchefort/Cardou area. Cross the road and walk up the path to the site. Once there, use the tracker 
on Grace. To get the right coordinates, move Grace over to the rocks on the right and when she 
does find the spot, she’ll mark it with an X. Think about that spot and then use the shovel on it.

When Grace realizes she can’t dig there, grab the note that is tacked to the tree. When you’re done 
reading it, head over to the Blanchefort ruins. Bring up the binocular interface and focus your 
attention on the orange rock. In the Zoom 50X view, you’ll see an area with Buchelli’s moped sitting 
nearby. This site will become active on the map, so head on over.

Walk around the orange rock and use the shovel on the freshly dug spot. You’ll discover the missing 
manuscript! Dust the manuscript and get the three prints that are on it. Leave the site and go to Lady 
Howard and Estelle’s site.

Go to the site and talk to the ladies and then head back to Rennes le Chateau. Go atop Tour Magdala 
and talk to Madeline. Head back downstairs and go to the hotel. It is here that you’ll finally get to 
meet Prince James. He’ll greet you after he’s done talking to Jean. You’ll also notice that Emilio is in 
the lounge, so talk to him after Prince James is done talking to you. Head up to the room and get 
back on SIDNEY.

Once you’re online, do a search on Magi, then Osiris, and then Bloodline. Go to ADD DATA and scan 
in all three fingerprints that you got off the manuscript. Go to the SUSPECTS folder and run a 
MATCH ANALYSIS on all three prints to learn that Buchelli, Madeline, and Mosely have all had their 
grubby paws on it (Of course you knew that, as you seen them take it).

It’s time to work on the Ophiuchus stanza of LSR. Go to ADD DATA and scan in the SUM note that 
Grace wrote down while she was on the tour. Translate the note from Latin to English to find out it 
means ‘I am’. While in the TRANSLATE screen, translate the Arcadia note that SIDNEY found and get 
that translated from Latin to English. SIDNEY will find that it is an incomplete sentence and will ask 
you if you would like to add text. Say YES and type in the word SUM. SIDNEY will translate the entire 
sentence and you’ll see that it means ‘I am also (even) in Arcadia’. Go to the ANALYZE folder and 
open up the ARCAD_TXT file and click on START ANALYSIS. When it finds some anomalies, go to 
the TEXT menu and choose ANAGRAM PARSER.

Watch as SIDENY brings out a long list of Latin words. To figure out the stanza correctly, first 
choose ARCAM (Tomb), then TANGO (I touch), and then DEI (God) and SIDNEY will automatically 
search for a Latin word that uses the remaining letters. It’ll complete the sentence with the word 
IESU (Jesus). This completes the Ophiuchus stanza, so let’s move on to the Sagittarius stanza.

Go into your inventory and inspect LSR. Think about the Sagittarius stanza and open up the map in 
the ANALYZE folder. Go to ENTER POINTS and place a point at the top of the track loop near 
Peyrolles. Place a few points along the track line and place your last point at the end of the track 
near Chateau de Serres. START ANALYSIS and SIDNEY will draw the serpent based on the landmark 
feature and note that the tail wraps around Chateau de Serres. This concludes the Sagittarius 
stanza, and you may now log off SIDNEY. Watch the ending sequence, and this finishes off the 
current time-block.


Looks like Gabriel’s holding a meeting of some sort and it involves Grace, Madeline, Buchelli, and 
Mosely. Here’s the order of choices that you need to select:

When Gabriel accuses someone of stealing the manuscript from his room:  Franklin Mosely
When he accuses someone of stealing it from the first thief: Madeline Buthane
When he accuses someone of stealing it from the second thief: Vittorio Buchelli
When Grace say the third thief got rid of it by: Burying it

After everyone has left, go back up to the bedroom. Look at Grace and then talk to her about the 
case and about her SIDNEY research. Leave the hotel and go to the Villa Bethania (go straight past 
the fountain and it’s the big house on the left). You’ll see that Mesmi (the Prince’s servant), Prince 
James, and Larry Sinclair have assembled inside. Talk to the Prince about all topics. When you’re 
outside, first go to the moped courtyard and get the print off of the water bottle that sits on the 
ladies’ moped. Be sure to scan this into SIDNEY and link it to Estelle’s file before going atop Tour 
Magdala to talk to the Abbé about all topics. Now leave and get on the Harley to head to Chateau de 

First thing you’ll notice is that the front gate is locked, but do you think this will stop Gabriel Knight? 
Of course not! Get over there and climb the darn thing. Marceau will come out and talk to Gabe a bit 
before he heads back in to get Montreaux. Watch the sequences and when you regain control, look 
at the garage and then head inside. You’ll see that there is a black sedan inside (Looks like 
Montreaux had something to do with the kidnapping!). It’s dark inside, so flip the light switch. It 
looks like there’s something up there, so inspect the ceiling. To avoid startling the bats, Gabe will 
back out of the garage only to find the night visitors talking to Marceau. Gabe tries to sneak away, 
but not before Marceau notices him and the kidnappers chase Gabe, but he’s already on the Harley 
and booking it. We’re nearly done with the game, but it looks like the time-block has come to a close.


The opening of this time-block shows Grace starting to worry about Gabe. Let’s get some last 
minute work done on SIDNEY. You should have some new email, so go into your inbox and read it. 
You’ll see an email called ‘RE: Hermetical Symbols’ and Grace will assume that Montreaux must be a 
part of some blood cult. Go to the SUSPECTS folder and do a MATCH ANALYSIS on the LSR print. 
You will learn that it is Estelle Stiles’ print! Link the LSR print to her file and then log off of SIDNEY.

Go to the dining room and talk to the troublesome trio and then head out. Talk to Estelle who sits in 
the lobby about Le Serpent Rouge first and then ask about the Egyptian artifacts. This will take us to 
Estelle’s room where Grace gets to take a look at some pictures while Estelle explains some things, 
and then Grace will trade the LSR for one of the pictures, and this marks the end of the sequence.

As Grace leaves, notice that Emilio comes out of his room and heads downstairs. Let’s do some 
detective work by following him to the churchyard cemetery. Here, you’ll hear a conversation take 
place between Mesmi and Emilio. Not to worry, because as you arrive, Grace will automatically hide 
behind the large tomb.

When they leave, follow Emilio back to the hotel. He’ll disappear into his room, so before you knock 
on it, grab something to eat and/or drink first because what happens next will take fairly long to 
explain. When you’re ready, knock on his door and listen to his story. The story will take you up to 
the end of the time-block.

DAY 3: THE BIG FINALE!! (9 PM – 12 AM)

The Temple of Solomon awaits us and we now have made allies out of Mesmi and Emilio Baza. 
Listen as the group talks about the situation at hand and make their plans to enter the temple. The 
team will consist of Mesmi, Mosely, and Gabriel while Grace and Emilio stay up top to keep track of 

Next thing you know, the team is now inside the temple. The porch floor resembles a chessboard 
and it will be pointed out that the tiles look like traps. Study the board very carefully before you 
make your next move. If you INSPECT the floor, you’ll get a nice overhead view, which will make it 
easier to study. Before you start, click on a blank tile and talk to Grace about it. Notice those doors 
at the other end? THINK about one of them. Here are the rules to this puzzle:

1)	Your first move must be to a tile in the first horizontal row (I started with the third tile from 
the left, but there are other solutions)
2)	After your first move, you can only move like a knight would in a game of chess.
3)	You can not land on a skull tile.
4)	When you move to a tile other than a sword tile, that last tile will drop out.
5)	The sword tile in front of the CIRCLE door must be the last one you land on.

If you ever need to start over, work your way back to where Mesmi and Mosely are at and the puzzle 
will reset itself.

If the puzzle frustrates you enough, please visit my website and download the solution.

Once you’ve conquered that puzzle, the next one will be even better (hehehe). There is a large 
pendulum swinging back and forth in the middle of the room. To make matters worse, the floor in 
front of you is rotating. Your goal is to get to the podium in the middle of the floor, just below the 

To solve the puzzle, wait until the tile with a square on it goes past you and then jump on the first tile 
behind it. Watch out for the pendulum, and when you start getting close enough, start clicking on 
the pendulum until Gabe decides to grab on. If you want to see some gore, let him get hit by the 
pendulum.  Once you’re on, time your jump carefully. You want to be able to drop down from the 
pendulum onto the podium. My strategy would be to click on the podium as the pendulum is about 
halfway between the rotating floor and the podium, but you may have other ideas. When you’ve 
made it, the pendulum will stop swinging.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is a balance, a bar of gold, and six different gold ingots. The 
balance is currently being weighed down on one end with the bar of gold, and your goal is to equal it 
out. Before you start, click on the scale and talk to Grace about it. To balance the scale out, please 
the golden infinity symbol (the sideways 8, for those who don’t know), the golden egg, and then the 
golden pomegranate. When you’ve solved this puzzle, the podium will drop down so Gabe can move 

The view switches from Gabe to Grace and Emilio as another story is told. When we next see Gabe, 
he’ll find himself in the temple’s hexagram room. In the entryway, you’ll notice an inscription on the 
wall and a statue of King Solomon. Click on the inscription and talk to Grace to get it translated to 
‘Beware! Only the initiates of the mysteries of the seal may survive’. Right click to bring up the Game 
menu and click on the Radio icon (This will replace the Hints icon for the rest of the game), and 
Grace will tell you about the statue.

Enter the hexagram room and go into the room with the two statues, one of a devil and the other of 
an angel. Click on the podium and talk to Grace to get the inscription translated to ‘choose a 
master’. Go to the area with the two basins. Inspect both of them to notice a small stone inside. Click 
on the podium and talk to Grace to get the inscription translated to ‘choose one’. Go to the area with 
the two gloves and note the same phrase is there.

Pick up the leather glove and Gabe will put it on his right hand. Go back to the area with the basins 
and pick up the stone in the fire basin with the leather glove. Go over to the two statues and place 
the stone on the devil statue. This will light up the darkened areas and darken the lightened areas.

Go into the area with the two mirrors and a pointer switch. If you look into the left mirror, Gabe will 
see himself as an old fart. If you look into the right mirror, Gabe will see himself as he is today. Turn 
the pointer switch to the left and it’ll activate the buttons across the room. Go to the button room 
and click on the inscription and talk to Grace to get it translated to ‘identify the nature of your mind’. 
Push the Yin/Yang button and the doors to the final area will open. Gabe will automatically exit.

Mesmi and Mosely will catch up to Gabe at this point. Here, there are two bridges with one 
apparently missing. Walk Gabe up to the edge of the missing one and notice that a tile will light up. 
Save your game before you start. Click on it before it disappears and Gabe will jump onto it. Don’t 
hang around too long or it’ll disappear from underneath your feet. When another tile lights up close 
to yours, jump onto it. Repeat the process until Gabe is on the other side (you will have to click on 
the ground to get Gabe to walk off the last tile).

When Gabe gets to the other side, Mesmi and Mosely will catch up (light-footed, these two). Watch 
as Marceau and his buddies come out from the other side of the veil. Mesmi and Mosely will hold 
them off for now while Gabe goes on through.

Montreaux looms over the baby, and Gabe will arrive just in time to interrupt the ceremony. 
Montreaux will mutter something and one of the pillars will come alive. This is Asmodeus, the 
guardian of sacred treasure. Time is short here, so act quickly. Gabe will automatically bring out the 
dagger and talisman. If you’re fast enough, bring up the Game menu and click on the Radio icon and 
Grace will tell you two important things about a demon. The first is that demons tend to have one 
vulnerable spot and the second is that a demon’s wounds also afflict its maker.

Watch as Gabe uses the talisman on the demon, which will temporarily stun it. Click on the 
sarcophagus in the back and use the CLIMB icon on it. Gabe will climb on top and the demon will 
corner him. Hurry up and use the talisman on it and when it rears its ugly head, it’ll expose its neck 
to you, which is your chance to USE THE FREAKIN’ DAGGER!!!!!! Do this quickly or it’ll recover and 
you’ll be in a world of hurt. Once you’ve killed it, Montreaux will die along with it and you’ll get to 
watch the ending sequences. If you stay tuned after the credits, you’ll get to see another sequence.

That is the end of Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. The latest on GK4 is 
that it probably won’t be a game, but rather made into a novel (I know, it sucks, but complain to 
Sierra about it, not me).

If you ever need to contact me, I use the following services:

Email: [email protected]
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If you do decide to contact me via instant messenger, I will ask that you provide me with how you 
found me and why I should talk to you, otherwise, I’ll deny all requests. There’s too many weirdos 
out there that find me, so that’s why I ask that.

You can find this guide and more at my website which is located at

Thank you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed using my guide(s).


Sierra Studios – though they won’t be making a Gabriel Knight 4 game, I have to give them credit for 
making the Gabriel Knight trilogy which got me started in this guide business. – Their walkthrough helped fill in some of the gaps I had when I 
first made a walkthrough for GK3.

Scatman John – his song ‘Scatman’ was cool to listen to while I updated this guide.

To all the FAQ sites that know (and love me) – thank you for adding my guides to my site, it’s you 
that got me known throughout this adventure gaming world and has provided me with the chance to 
help players out.

Nate Wolfe – if it weren’t for his chessboard solution, I don’t know how I would be able to help 
people through that puzzle.

Everyone else – Sorry I forgot you, but you know who you are…thanks!

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