Version 1.2

- update from Version 1.0

= fixed missing TWO moves in Wolf section on Chapter 6.


- update from Version 1.1

= replaced entire Wolf section on Chapter 6, as it was 
  VERY messed up.


This document was written by Ruari Buchanan of Gaming Central.  
Neill the "?" (Whatever he calls himself these days) helped out as well.  

Thanks to Simon at PC Gamer Magazine for agreeing to publish this 
in their mag !!


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with it. Got that ?  



Look at your bag next to the cabinet. Open it and click to take out your 
dagger etc.

Look on the table.  Pick up the paper.  Examine all artifacts in your 

1.1 - Look at the Cross on the wall.  Walk towards the door.  Look at the 
note pinned up to the left of the door.  Get the Car keys from under the 
mirror.  Go outside.  Walk to the right side of the screen.  Click on the 
water trough.  Look at the muddy patch to left of it, and find the paw print.  
Now walk past the trough towards the trees.  Locate a small section of grass 
near the entrance to the woods (around about 2 cm away from Gabriel and to 
the left of him.)  Click on it - pick up the hair.  Now walk back to the 
farmhouse. Still outside, walk off to the left of the screen, into the utility 
type room.  Click on the cement.  Carry the bucket back to the paw print.  
Use the bucket on the paw print near the trough. While it sets Gabriel will 
take the bucket back to the room and empty it out into the small yellow bucket 
to the right of the sink.  Go back to the paw print and pick up the casting.   

Use the car keys on the car.

1.2 - Go to the Police station (Prinzregentenplatz - far right of tube map).  
Don't expect to do anything worthwhile.

1.3 - Go to the Zoo.(Thalkirchen)  
-Look at the board "Canis Lupis Lupis".  
-Now click on the muddy patch near the trees on the opposite side of the fence 
to get Gabriel to turn and look at the Wolves.  Click on them.  
-Turn away again.  Thomas, the Wolf Feeder will turn up.  Talk to him about 
-After you've finished with him (?? - know what I mean), walk off to the left, 
into the Administrators Office - that of Dockor Klingmann.  Talk to him about 
-Go back outside.  Now is a good time for some tape spicing - the hardest 
part of Chpt.1.  Go 'somewhere private' - outside the farm is a good place.  
Once there, select the tape recorder icon under the inventory icon.  
Now click on the taple labelled 'Klingmann'.  Load it into side A.  
Click on any blank tape and load it into Side B.  Now select Splice.  
Although it looks daunting at first, this bit's easy enough.  
You need to extract various words tho make up 3 new sentences.  You have to 
file though the given sentences and EXTRACT various words in a particular order. 
The words you have to EXTRACT are these, in the right order:   


"MR." "KNIGHT".  

Now  select 'TRANSFER'.

- Back to the Zoo.  Go into Klingmann's office.  He'll be in the other 
room.  Search his desk if you wish.  Select to use the Splice tape, now in 
your inventory, on the walkie talkie on the desk.  Once done, check Klingmanns 
coat near the door.  That's it.  Thomas will be waiting outside.  Everything 
should be automatic now until you're into the Wolf's pen.  When you bend 
down to look at the wolf - look at it's name tag, and then click on his fur.  
You'll get some hair.  That's it.  You need never return to the Zoo.

1.4 - Back to farm.  Look at the Invoice you nicked from Klingmann.  Use it 
on the mirror inside the house.  Back into Car.
1.5 - Go to the Marienplatz.

-YOU CAN'T BUG THE GERMANS.  (The amount of people who must have spent hours 
trying to click various objects on the passing Germans and the 
Musican is amazing - considering how much E-Mail there was asking us whether 
that's what you had to do)

- Walk to the left.
- Talk to the Meat lady.  Don't use anything on her, or try and buy meat.
- Go into the building to the left of the meat stall.  Look at the tall 
black sign.  (What the hell was that music ? - that person ?  "Ohhh Baby - 
I love the way you move..."  Hehehe * Quote from Gabriel in GK1)

- Notice your family lawyers name.  Go in the door.  TALK to you lawyer - 
'Harry' - about everything.  At the end of it all you should have an 
address for a Biology guy, the name 'Royal Barrovian Hunting Club'. 
(translation of name in carbon from Invoice), and know that Klingmann's 
invoice was for a hunting license.

1.6  Go to the University (Biology lab).  Give all 3 Wolf items to Michael the 
Biologist.  Try to leave - he'll give you the Summary of his findings.  
Leave..never to return.

1.7 - Go back to the farm.  inside the house click on the paper on the table.  
Gebe will write a letter to Grace.

1.8  Back to the Market  Walk to the right, FAST FORWARD walk past all the 
shops until you end up near the musican.  Walk round the left corner in front 
of you.  Walk across the road to the grey Post Office building.  Select to use 
the letter to Grace on the door.  Now walk further down the street.  

- Again  walk across the road - to 54 'long German name'.  Go in.  Talk to 
Xavier until he asks for some family identity.  Go back to your lawyers and 
ask him for the Family tree/info.  Take it back to Xavier.  Now Baron Von 
Glower will interupt and invite you into the club...

CHAPTER COMPLETE !!!  Wasn't that easy ?  NO ?  It get's harder.  


If you haven't got this far in the game - try it yourself before reading this.  Don't spoil the fun.

Intro:  What 'awful accident'??  Hehehehe.  How many people out there 
started murmering to themselves 'Women' or chanted 'Bitch Fight, Bitch 
fight !!" when Grace meets Gerde.  Hehe.

2.1  Check library door.

2.2  Go downstairs.  Take to Gerde about everything.

2.3  Go outside.  Look at car.  Go back inside.  Talk to Gerde again,  then 
go back outside.

2.4  Go down into the village.  Move over to the right of the screen.  Click 
on the doorway to the far right of the screen - the Inn/Pub - called Gastof 
Goldener Lowe.  Talk to Huber about EVERYTHING.  Look at paintings on wall.

2.5 Go into Church - on the far left of the village.  Try to talk to the 
Father.  Walk down the aisle and into the Crypt area.  Examine the 
coffins, and take a mental note of the Silver Heart on Wolfgangs tomb.

2.6  Back outside.  Click on one of the two blue double doors.  The one of the 
left is the door to the Town Hall, the right one the entrance to the Dungeon.  
Click on the left one.  Talk to the Mayor about EVERYTHING.  

2.7  Go back upto castle.  Go upstairs.  Look at the wardrobe.  Now look at 
the fireplace.  Look in the toolbox.  Take the screwdriver.  Select 'up'.  
Use the screwdriver on the hole set into the fireplace.  "Click".  Open the 
wardrobe.  Enter the passage.  

2.8  Go right.  It's Gerde's bedroom.  Look at the photo of Wolfgang.  
Open the wardrobe.  Look at her clothes, and then take the key.  
Open the wardrobe again, and enter the passage.  Now go down the stairs.  Look 
around, especially at the roses.  Go back up into Gabe's bedroom.  Unlock 
the library door with the key.

2.9  The left bookshelf contains Biographies.  Ignore them at the mo.  Click 
on both the MIDDLE and RIGHT bookshelves (either order). Gerde will enter, 
exits almost in tears.  

2.10  Read all the items in your inventory - the two books and the letter.

2.11  Use Professor Barclay's card (in inventory) on the telephone.  

2.12  Go back into the village.  Go to the town hall again, and speak to that 
bloke.  You'll eventually be shown the dungeon.  Examine the bed, then look at 
the window.  Look at the church..and the scratch marks.  

2.13  Go next door and speak to the bearded bloke again.  Ask him about the 
Church records.  Take the note to the Church and give it to the Father.   
Take the Church file to Habermas (the bloke in the blue Town Hall building).  
Talk to him.  

2.14  Go into the Gastof.  Ask Huber about Ludwig II.

2.15  Go back to Castle - into Library.  Look at all the bookshelves again.  
Read the newly discovered Ritter journal.  Sit down and use the type-writer to 
write a letter to Gabriel.  Then go and post it.

CHAPTER COMPLETE !!  Well on our way !


3.1 - Pick up paper on table (how the hell a new one has appeared is beyond 
questionong ..) Look at Von Glower's business card - his house now appears on 
the tube map.

3.2 - Go to Marienplatz.  Visit your lawyer.  He'll give you the parcel from 
Grace (quick postal service eh ?).  Open it while you're there.  Read the letter.  
Now ask Harry (the lawyer) about Ludwig II and The Black Wolf.  Now leave.

3.3 - Go and buy a Cookoo clock from the shop a few steps into the Street.  
Buy the one on the table - the Woodpecker one which makes the sound of a 
knocking on a door (hint).  60 Marks is fine.  Use your wallet on the clock 
to purchase it.

3.4 - Go off towards the hunting club.  As you near there you will notice the 
squad cars.  Walk upto the crime scene.  Click on the Black suited man - Leber.  
He'll ignore you.  Use the Evidence Summary from the Biologist on Leber.  
Hmmphh.  OK.  Use the evidence on the camera crew standing near by.  You'll 
soon have his attention.

3.5 - Enter the Hunting Club.  Talk to Xavier about everything.

3.6 - Look around the club.  Pick up the magazine from the tabel.  Notice the locked 
door and the potted tree/plant.  

3.7 - Now use the Cookoo Clock in the tree.  Walk to Xavier. Wait.  When he 
leaves click on his desk.  Open the drawer - take the keys.  Go back to the locked 
door.  Unlock it.  

3.8 - Pick up the clock and repeat the previous step (3.7) Put back the keys 
this time.  Now go down into the basement.  Look at the weapons, the skull, 
the diary on the shelf, and then the pictures.  Click on the pictures twice 
to ensure maximum points and comments.  Try to leave and Von Zell will catch 
you.  That's OK.  

3.82 - Quick visit to Von Glower.  Question him about everything, and remember 
to look at his mask on the shelf.

3.9 - Now back to the Club.  Talk to Von Zell about EVERYTHING.  Ignore the 
issue of the Club Trophies UNTIL LAST.

3.10 - Now go to the police station.  Leber will be in his office. Talk about 
everything.  Once finished, look at the board on the wall.  Click on the centre 
red circle.  Click on the piece of paper with Grossberg's name & number on it.  
Use your notepad on the piece of paper.

3.11 - Return to the farm.  Write a letter to Grace.  Use Grossberg's number 
on the telephone.  Read the books Grace sent you.

3.12 - Visit Harry the Lawyer.  Ask him about Missing Persons.

3.13 - Post letter.

3.14 - Go to the club.  Talk to Price about EVERYTHING.  When finished, 
everybody else will arrive.  Talk to the men at the bar.  Once finished, 
walk upto Von Glower.  He's busy.  Walk over to Von Zell.  Talk to him - 
sort of.  Say you just wanted a magazine.  Now use the tape recorder in your 
inventory with the magazine.  Place the magazine back next to Von Zell.  

Watch end sequence: Intresting...

TAH DAH !!  CHAPTER 3 DONE !!  Tedious - but wait until Graces next one - 
ie. right now.  Boy does this get labourious.


4.1  Pop into the Library and look at the left bookcase.  Take the Ludwig 
II book Gerde must have put back. Read it.  Downstairs.  Gerde is not around 
the castle so don't bother looking.  Go down into the village and go to the 
post office.  Collect your letter from Gabriel.

4.2  Go into the Gastof (Inn) and talk to Mr & Mrs. Smith.  Talk to Herr Huber.

4.3  Go into Church.  Walk into the Schattenjager's tomb area.  Look at Gerde.  

4.4  Go back up to castle, into the secret passage, down steps, and get some 
roses.  Take them to Gerde.  Talk to her.  Once done, Gerde will give you the 
keys to Gabriels car.

4.5  Get into the car.  First place to go is Herrenchiemsee.  Buy a ticket by 
clicking on the woman (?).  Look around at EVERYTHING.  The Death Masks and the 
Cloak don't give any points - mostly it's the letters, and the entries of the 
diary.  You have to be sure to click both left and right arrows in order to 
enter each room..When you've approached the woman (??) - hold the mouse cursor 
on the central wall pillar in the centre of the screen.  Now drift the mouse 
left and right - there are 2 directions to go in.. most people are getting stuck 
here because they think there is only one room, due to the cursor for 'left exit' 
only appears when the mouse moves over a very small area.  

Once you've seen the painting and the diary et all, talk the the woman (???) 
about the diary and the lost Wagner Opera.  Leave never to return.

4.6  Now go back to Rittersburg - visit Mrs. Smith - ask Huber to get them from 
their room.  Talk about your dream.  Go back to the castle.  Gerde informs 
you of telephone call.  Go into library.  Use Barclay's card on the telephone.  
Then use the new number on the telephone.  Go down to the car.

4.7  Travel to the Wagner Museum firstly.  Look at everything.  Talk to Georg.  

4.8  Click on the Black Crusifix.

4.9  Walk all the way to the left.  Click on the railings.  Talk to Dallmeier 
about EVERYTHING.  Once he goes, click on the water between the two horizontal 
railing bars.  Grace will turn and look now towars the muddy enbankment.  Click 
on the water.  Leave.

4.10  Go to Neuschwanstein.  Click on castle.  You'll need to take a tour of 
the place.  In each room, click on absolutely everything you can (except the
guards), and whenever you see the "tour tape"button  appear in the lower left 
corner, click on it.  (This button also appears as you walk into each new room).  

---on the right --- Chapel.
---on the left --- Living Room
Grotto (click down exit in the Living Room) 
Study (up exit from above room)
Singer's Hall (up exit from above room)

4.12  Go back to Rittersburg.  Go to the library.  Sit down at the desk & 
click on the typewriter.  Use the Ludwig biography on the phone.  Use 
Chaphill's number on the phone.  Leave castle and go into town.

4.13  The Gasthof - Ensure you've said all you can to the Smiths.

4.14  Post the letter.  Go towards the church, but click to the right of it, on the 
bushes.  See the yellow flowers ??  Click on them..and again.  Now take this Lilly 
to Starnberger See (the Black Cross) and use it on the water after you've 
clicked on the railings.  Grace will 'MAKE CONTACT" ..

4.15 Go back to Castle Schoss.  Talk to Gerde.  Back down to the post office.  
Get the fax from the postmistress.  READ IT..(no..really..??)

4.16  Take the Fax to Georg at the Wagner Museum... and WHY SLAP MY THIGH 
WITH A MACE - ow - it's the end of the CHAPTER !


5.1 - Go to Marienplatz, and click left.  Click on the wurst vendor.

Click on the white sausage in the display case, then click your walleton the vendor.  

5.2 - Go to the hunt club.  Click on one of the brown chairs on the left, then 
on the magazine to get your tape recorder back.  

5.3 - Go to Ubergrau's office.  Read the new letter from Grace that shows up 
in your inventory.
5.4 - Talk to Ubergrau, and ask him about missing persons.  Click the Von Zell 
tape on Ubergrau.  Go to Leber's office.  

5.5 - Talk to Leber, and go through all dialogue choices.  Click the von Zell 
tape on him.  Click on the pile of papers the guy just dropped, then on the 
5.6 - Now go to Buchenau (left and bottom of city map, should now be lit). 
Knock on door.  Leave.

5.7 - Go to Ubergrau's office.  Ask him about cash, then go back to Dorn's 
Kennel (Buchenau).  Knock on the door, hand him the cash.  Talk to him, 
ask about all topics.  Click on the "down" exit, and click on the last 
cage on the right.  Click on the straw in the lower right portion of the cage 
view.  Use the wurst on the tiger.  Now click on the tags that are where you 
just checked in the straw.  Go to the hunt club.  Tah da.  Soon the hunt will 
really begin...

5.8 - Click on the middle door on the left side of the hall. Talk to Von 
Aigner.  Talk about everything.  

5.9 - Click on the door opposite yours.  Open the wardrobe, and click on the 
Click on the "down" exit, then click on the window.  When the window appears 
sweep the cursor until the it turns into actually reading  "down" exit sign.  
5. 10 - Click then to look down.  Click on the ledge.  Click the rope on the 
5.11 - Click the left pointing arrow to go to the middle window.  Click on the 
window to go into Von Zell's room.  Take the "right" exit, click on the 
appointment book.  See that piece of paper behind the regular pages on the 
right?  Click on it.  Click on the letter in the closeup.  Go into the
bathroom (the open passage on the right).  Click on the bathroom rug, then 
click on the edge of the footprint barely visable on the upper left side of 
the rug, then click on the revealed footprint.  You can also click on the 
Bath and the Sink, but you won't find anything.  Exit the bathroom, click 
on the "left" exit (not the door) and click on the window to exit.  
Click right, then click on the window to go back in.  

5.12 - Exit back into hall.  Click on the left door closest to the screen.  Use 
the Wolf tags on the Doktor...

5.13 - Exit back to the hall, then choose the "down" exit to go to the Great 
Room.  Open the cabinet and get the lantern.  Talk to Hennemann.  Run through 
all dialogue choices.
5.14 - Click on the fireplace.  Click on the matchbox you see on the fireplace 

5.15 - Exit the building (through the door) and click on the stable.  Click on 
the tool rack on the right, click on the shears.  Exit the stable.  Exit right.
Click on the bare patch of ground on the right.  Click on the paw print.  Exit,
and go right again.  Go down two screens.  Examine the muddy patch.  Click on 
the mud, then on the paw print.  Click on the bushes to the right of the screen.  
Now click the shears on the hedges.
5.16 - Click on the little entrance on the back wall on the left, down the bottom.  
Sounds like someone is enjoying dinner... Click on the pit (to your right) to 
ALMOST fall in.  Now click the matches on the lantern.  YES - COOL - Excellent 
Gabriel Knight style horror and spookiness.
Click north, west, north, and finally west to get back to the lodge.  Go in 
and go upstairs to the hallway.
5.17 - Click on the door closest to the bottom on the right to tell Von
Glower what's happened.  After a long video sequence, you wind up in thescreen just north of the lair.  

5.18 - Save your game NOWWWWW!! - it's really easy to get killed if you wait 
too long here.  

DON'T WAIT AROUND for the wolf.. or go and find it. - despite what other 
players might say.  There is a very quick and easy way to complete this 
section.  Normally GK2 players would say "use the talisman on the wolf to 
'push' it backwards until you reach the raviene.   DON'T BOTHER .. it's boring 
and labourious.  Do it like this.. (and tell all other GK2 players to do so 
if they want to speed along play..)

You begin in a small wooded screen.  Select your talisman from your inventory.

5.19 - Click North....then West...then West...then South...then West...  NOW 
SAVE.  WAITTTTTT!!  The wolf will come soon.  It will appear at the bottom of 
the screen (South)  Now use the talisman on it.  Quickly follow it.. if you 
wait then the wolf will have wandered off.  

5.20 - The wolf will jump you.  Von Glower shows up and throws you the gun.  

Not one GK2 player I've spoken to realises this ....  )

But... to avoid a very early conclusion to the game you have to click the gun 
on the wolf (don't wait too long).  

END OF CHAPTER.  In the end movie you notice a few things if you are sharp eyed.  
Von Glower plugged his ears to block out the sound of Von Zell as a Wolf 
howling.  (the howling would cause Von Glower to turn into one.)  

Plus.. Von Glower whispers  "The death of a werewolf cannot come from one of 
it's kind" or something like that.  That's why he could not shoot Von Zell.  
Remember in the book it says - any harm done to the Beta by the Alpha will 
also be inflicted on the Alpha.  If he shot Von Zell, he would also die of a 
gun shot wound.

Plus.. when Gabe puked up he put his hand next to some BLACK HAIR on the rock.  
Von Zell is blond haired (and is not THE BLACK WOLF).  

Plus..as the Alpha Werewolf lives, and you have been bitten.. you are becoming 
a WereWolf.  

Plus.. you discover the secret places of hiding of the Lost Wager Opera.

Plus Grace has found you (she THREATENED Huber's life ooooohhhhhh scary - what 
with ?? Her notebook ? Hah)


RIGHT.  THE FINALE -  And ooh yes.. you thought this would be the first game 
from Sierra where quick reflex, pin-point cursor reaction WOULD NOT come into 
play..  Hah.  NEVER.  The end of this chapter is as annoying as the Zombie 
section in GK1 where you had to swing on that bloody vine...


6.1  - Exit "down," then click on Gabriel. ( A number of times)  Go to the 
town square.  Go to the post office and click on the buzzer.  Read the letter 
from Von Glower.

6.2  - Go to the Gasthof.  Get the roll from the basket on Mrs. Smith's table.  
Talk to Mrs. Smith about EVERYTHING.  

6.3  - Go to the Schloss Ritter bedroom.  Click on the sheets at the end of 
the bed.  

6.4  - Go back to the dungeon.  Use the roll on the pigeon on the window.  
Then use the pillowcase on the pigeon.  Talk to Gabe if poss. - 
"Mind the hair Gracie"

6.5  - Go to Altotting (it's on the Germany map).  Click on the church, 
then click on the display case on the wall.  Click on the sign and the 
ornaments in the case.  Exit and go left around hallway.  Enter door.
6.6   - Click your wallet on the basket with the water on the table.  Talk to 
the priest.  He will give you a prayer card.

6.65 - Go to the Neuschwanstein (i.e. the castle) living room.  Click down, 
Grace should see a scene with a child.  Walk back to the section where 
the child just tried to sit, wait till guard is gone, then click on chair.
6.7 - Click bottle of water on the chair.  Exit 'up' into bedroom.
6.8   - Sweep cursor across bottom of wall to right of living room door.  
You'll get the 1st Act !

6.9   - Go to the grotto.  If there is a guard there WAIT here until the 
she goes into the study.
Once the "coast is clear" sweep the cursor along left wall of grotto-when 
it becomes a dagger, click.  2nd Act !

6.10  - Go to singer's hall.  Click on the Wolf painting .. Exit down and 
right.  Click pigeon on doorway to left.
6.11  - Go back to portion of singer's hall where wolf panels are visible, 
then click on the yellow portion of the middle panel on the right wall (it 
is situated behind where the guard was standing).  Final Act !!
6.12  - Now exit the castle and go to St. Georg's church.  Go into the crypt 
area.  Find Wolfgangs coffin and click on it - twice. Click on the heart. Go 
back to Schloss Ritter.
6.13  - Talk to Gerde and ask her about the Silver Heart.  Go back to the 
6.14  - Once again, go to the crypt, and get to the silver heart.  Click on 
the silver heart to take it.  Now go back to Altotting, and go into the 
priest's office.  Talk to him.  Then use either the prayer card or the 
silver heart on him.  You'll go into a shrine.  Note the display case on the 
right side of the room, and the doorway on the right side of the room.  
Click the silver heart on the basket on the right side of the altar.  The 
wind will start to howl.  Click on the doors on the right to open them and blow 
out the candles.  Click on the chair to the right of the display case.  Click 
on the left urn on the bottom shelf to get Ludwig's diagram.  

6.15 - You automatically return to see Georg, and give him the opera.


6.16 - Click on the table to get a program.  Click on the opera poster.

6.17 - Go "down", then right, then go to the door at the end of the hall to 
go into the office.  Click on the bulletin board.  Pick up the seating chart.Pick up opera glasses, then to-do-list.  Read to-do list.  
Talk to Gabriel (I dun know - relaxing again.. leaving Grace to do all the work..
he's faking it .. well OK so he's only got an hour or two before he turns into 
a Werewolf ....)

6.18 - Go out of the room, "down," and into the auditorium (the open doors).  
Go talk to Georg.  Now he's worried ..!!

6.19 - Then talk to the chandelier guys - high up to the left.

6.20 - Look at Wagner's theater diagram in inventory.  Click on the "X."  

6.21 - Look at the seating chart. Click the box where the "X" was, - the 
"Mittel Loge."  

6.22 - Go out of the auditorium, left, up the stairs, and click on the double doors 
to enter the Mittel Loge.
6.23 - Now exit back out to the upper level hallway.  Go right, then go to the 
door at the back of the hall.  Look out the small window (click twice). Turn 
the spotlight on by first clicking on it, then clicking on the switch. 
Click on the bottom handle of the spotlight, then move the cursoraround until the light is directly over the Mittel Loge.  Click to set it in 

6.24 - Go back to the foyer.  Use the seating chart on the usher.
6.25 - Go right, go through the door on the left through which you can see a 
little set of stairs, then through the door at the back of the hall.  Click 
on the rope section on the back wall (where the cursor is a dagger.)  Move 
cursor to the right until it becomes a dagger. Click twice to get rope.  "Oops"
6.26 - Now go down the stairs on the right to wind up in the basement.  Go 
right, then click on the panel on the north wall.  Click on the keys.  Now 
go left, then down.
6.27 - Click on the left door to find the prop room.  Go left, and click on 
the "PRIVAT" sign on the junk.  Exit the room, then click the basement keys 
on the door to lock it.  

6.28 - Go right, right, right, down, down to enter the furnace room.  (Notice how 
the furnace opens... and don't pick up the shovel of coal until AFTER you 
have opened up the furnace)
Open the furnce door.  Click on the coal in the bin on the right to shovel 
some in.  Click on the furnace controls (below the door), then on the 
"Automatisch" button, then on the handle - turn it all the way 
to the right.  Exit out left through the door, then right up the stairs into 
the foyer.  Go right, then to the door at the end of the hall.  Click on 
Gabriel.  After a fairly long video sequence in which we see that Gabe is 
REALLY starting to lose it, you'll be back in the foyer.  Go right, then 
through the end-of-hall door (back in office). Click on the black 
dress to ..wait for it... get dressed (hey, she cleans up pretty well- not bad.
..)  Now go back to the spotlight room (up the stairs, to the right, door at 
end of hall).

Click on the black window, then click opera glasses on the Mittel Loge.  

Go to upstairs central hallway, click on MitteL Loge doors.  Use rope on 
Click on door for a closeup, then use the Privat sign on handles.  

THAT's IT FOR GRACE...well except for a 4 second gap at the final showdown..

Over to you Gabriel..who's calmed down..a little.

Click left, then click on the chest standing on its side to move it.  Use the 
Ritter dagger (finally we get to USE the thing) to remove the vent cover.  
Click on the open vent to climb through.  Go north, north, then west to wind 
up backstage.  Click on the rope section of the back wall.  There's a black roll 
of tape on the right side of the pulleys - click on it twice to take it.
Gabriel mouths "Oops".  Oh - sharing lines now are we.  
Script writers these days - hehe.  Joke.. oh not funny ?  OK.
Exit & go through the right door into the dressing room.  Click on the clothes 
rack on the left.  Click the minstrel costume in inventory on Gabriel.

Click on dressing table.  Click on powder (on left).  Click on dressing table 
again.  Use the powder on the mirror on left.  Exit and click on changing screen 
on left to hide behind it.  After the Englehart actor enters, click the tape 
on him to tie him up.  

Watch the entire 'transformation' movie/opera. Pretty bloody cool - and Gabe 
made a complete ass of himself.  The cast pretend to beat up Gabe - Oh no - 
WOLF TIME.  VON GLOWER is getting a bit ruffled - hot under the collar maybe ?  
Holy Cow - nice jump.  Oh dear... he's gone into the same place Gabe has, but 
on the opposite side.
You're a wolf.  He's a Stronger and Older Wolf.  You're both in the basement.  
Leber will shoot you if he escapes out that vent. Save your game ?? Well - 
it's an idea.  FOR GOD SAKES DO IT NOW !!!!!

Right - here we go.  My brother worked out the solution to this.  he copied 
the "smell" map layout into a rough sketch on paper.  He worked out how to 
do it while I messed around getting shot and trying force Von Glower into the 
Furnace room.

Thats what you have to do - don't force him outside or onto the Stage/Lobby.  
You have to get him into the Furnace room.  Heres how to do it - and end up 
with a TOP SCORE (if you have followed all the movements in this file).
Turn Right.
Move forward TWICE
Turn Left TWICE

Close door (by clicking on the door bolt).  Now got the final 5 points before 

Close door
Close door
Close Door


Close Door




Right Twice
Close Door


Close door


Forward 3 TIMES


Forward 3 TIMES

Click on Grace. 
Click on Furnace
Click on Gabriel

Now as Gabriel again - it's that quick reflex time - as the Black Wolf 
jumps up past the furnace, click on him.  You'll knock him into the furnace.....
.......well you hope - BLOODY SIERRA..

THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This document was PAIN STAKINGLY Written by Ruari Buchanan of Gaming Central.  
Neill the "?" (Whatever he calls himself these days) helped out as well.  

Oh - all rights reserved.  Don't nick this document and take credit for it's 
contents, don't edit it except for private use, and don't disagree with it. 

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