The Semi-Official Walkthrough of Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
worked out by Dave Melanson, with the help of far too much Dr. Pepper.

1.} Walk over to the desk; Click on the newspaper to read it.  Click on it 
again in inventory to make out some words.  Take the car keys from the hook 
on the wall.  Open the duffle bag.  Pick up the letters, wallet, and dagger 
that are in it.  Click on the note on the wall to read it.  Read the two 
letters that are in your inventory.  Click on the stationary on the desk to
write a letter to Grace; it should now show up in your inventory.  Leave the
farmhouse interior.  Go right till you're at the edge of the forst, then
Click right on the tree line to investigate the scene a bit; you should find 
a flattened patch of ground.  Pick up the hairs from that spot.  Check the 
muddy area by the water trough (the log-like thing) to find a paw print; 
examine it.  Go into the barn (to the left of the car)  Click on the cement.  
Go back to the muddy area and use the cement on it to make a cast of the paw 
print.  Go back over to the muddy spot and take the cast.  Click the car keys 
on the car to drive off.  Select Thalkirchen from the Munich map.  Click on
the zoo sign that talks about wolves.  Click on the wolves to try to call
them.  Go talk to the zoo worker; you'll learn about missing zoo wolves.
Make sure you ask him everything possible; the conversation automatically  
ends when you've asked everything you need to know.  Go left.
Talk to Klingmann.  Ask him about "Himself," twice, then "Research," then
"missing wolves," then  "How long have the wolves been missing?"  Go through
all dialogue choices; eventually he will say "Thomas," which is what you
need him to say.  Return to the farm after you do.  Once inside, go to
the tape recorder controls.  Click on the tape labelled "Klingmann," then
click on the Load A button.  Click on any blank tape, then click on the
Load B button.  Click on the "splice" button.  On the splice control screen,
pick words from the dialogue (Klingmann's voice, not your own!) until the 
splice buffer says "Thomas?  Herr Doktor Klingmann here.  Show our wolves to 
Mr. Knight."  Click on the transfer button, then exit the tape recorder.  Go 
back to the zoo.  Check Klingmann's coat.  You'll find a receipt in an inside
pocket; take it.  Now take the tape labelled "Klingmann Splice Tape" from
your inventory and click it on the walkie-talkie.  Now go to the wolf Kennels
to meet Thomas again.  Click on Margarite (one of the wolves) to check her
tag.  Click on her again; you'll pet her and get a few hairs.  Now leave the
zoo and head back to the farm.  Look at the receipt in Inventory.  Turn it
over in inventory (click when cursor becomes an arrow to do this).  
Click on the words to try to read them.  They're backwards, so click the
receipt on the mirror to read it.  Now go to Marienplatz in central Munich,
click left, then on the spot in the middle (green lighting), then click on 
the open office doors.  Talk to Ubergrau; pick every dialogue choice.  
Go to the University.  Click the wolf hair from the farm on Michael.  
Then click the wolf hair from the zoo on Michael.  Then give him the paw 
print cast.  Try to exit the room, and you'll get an evidence report.  
Go to Marienplatz again, click right.  You'll walk all the way to the corner.
Click around the corner to go onto Dienerstrasse.  Click on the right side 
of the street to find the post office building.  Click the "Gabriel-to-Grace 
envelope #1" on the Post Office Doors.  Now go up one block from the post 
office and click on the doors of the building on the right (the hunt club).
Talk to Xavier, and tell him you're an avid hunter.  Now go to Ubergrau's
office again.  Go in, and ask him for the family papers.  He'll say it'll
take a while to find 'em, so you've got to kill some time.  Go back to the
main street and click "down" on the concrete wall to go to the subway.
Choose the place with the police station (P...whatever.  Upper right corner
of the map, should be in yellow).  After the desk guy tells you (in German)
to go take a hike, go back to Ubergrau's office; he'll have the papers ready
for you.  Now go BACK to the hunt club.  Tell Xavier you're from
a prominent German family, then take the family papers from inventory and
click them on Xavier.  That ends Chapter the movie.  Now we go to 

2.} Click "down," then on the door.  Exit to main hall.  Talk to Gerde about 
Gabriel and research several times.  Actually, go through all choices.  Go  
outside (the gray doors), then take the path down the left.  Go right, and
click on the Gasthof (building farthest right).  Talk to Werner Huber (the
bartender) about the case.  Go through all dialogue choices.  Exit the
Gasthof and walk over to the building with the blue doors.  Click on the left
blue door (the one that ISN'T raised up on steps).  Click on the window (the
center portion)  You'll meet Herr Habermas.  Use each dialogue choice.  
Go back to Schloss Ritter, and back to Gabriel's bedroom.  Check the 
fireplace.  Click on the tools on the fireplace to get a close-up, then click  
again to get a screwdriver.  Examine the bare patch on the fireplace.  Click 
the screwdriver on the rivet in the bare patch.  Open the closet.  Click on 
the opening to go through the secret passageway.  Click on the right side of 
the hallway to find  Gerde's room.  Look in the closet you just came out of.  
Take the library key (hanging at top of the closet)  Go back to Gabriel's 
bedroom.  Click the library key on the locked door.  Click on the occult 
bookshelf (2nd column from left)  Discover that Grace is a bitch in the
following fight.  Read the warning letter to Ludwig that just showed up in 
your inventory (it was in the werewolf book)  Read the werewolf lore book   
(there are several pages, and it's really quite interesting).  Check
the shelf on the far right for Christian Ritter's journal.  Read it in
inventory.  Click the cursor when it reads "exit" over the desk.  Click 
Professor Barclay's card on the phone on the desk.  Check the biography shelf
(leftmost column of books).  Go back to town square, and back into the
Gasthof.  Talk to Werner again, this time about Ludwig.  Go to the Rathaus 
Courtyard.  Click on the closed window of town hall again.  Go through all 
dialogue options.  You'll wind up in the dungeon (no, you WANTED to be there.  
Really.)  Examine the dungeon window.  Click on the church in the window 
close-up.  Exit to the Courtyard.  Click on the closed window again.  Run 
through all dialogue choices again; he should give you a note.  Go to St. 
Georg's Church. (click left from the entrance to the square and up those  
steps to the door)  Give the Mayor's note to the priest (he's the guy you  
wind up standing next to).  Go to the Courtyard again.  Click on the closed 
window AGAIN.  Pick the dialogue choice "Church Records."  Go to Schloss 
Ritter.  Go to the library, sit at the desk, and click on the typewriter on 
the desk in the library.  Go to the main hall.  Click the new package (no 
address on it) on Gerde.  Boy, Grace IS a bitch!  Go to the village.  Walk up 
to the post office (it's on the right side of the screen, "north" of the 
Gasthof)  Click the addressed package on the postmistress to mail it.  Click 
your wallet on the postmistress to pay for postage (hey, it's just like real 
life!)  That will end Chapter 2...including a visit from some very strange 
Americans, and back to Gabriel we go...

3.} Read the newspaper.  Check Von Glower's card in inventory-click on it to
get his address.  Go to Ubergrau's office.  He'll give you Gracie's package.
Open the package in inventory to read the letter.  Talk to Ubergrau, and ask
him about Ludwig II a couple times.  Then go back to Marienplatz (where you
always first show up-by the subway terminal).  On the right side of the 
screen, your cursor should become a dagger over a little shop.  Click there
to go to a closeup, then click on the door to go in.  Click on the thing on
the left side of the counter; it's a cuckoo clock.  Click Gabe's wallet on
the shopkeeper to buy it.  Now go back to the street and all the way to the
corner on the right again.  Go around the corner, then "up" one screen (to
the area of the hunt club).  Note the crowd (should be just about dead
center screen).  Click on the crowd to go near it.  Click on the guy in the
black suit a couple times to try to get his attention.  He ignores you, so
do what any good P.I. does; click the evidence report on the TV newswoman on
the left (when the police don't listen, talk to the press!)  Then go into the
hunt club.  Talk to Xavier.  Go through all dialogue choices.  Go through
the door on the left, then through the door on the right side of the room.
Click the woodpecker clock on the plant in the hall.  Now QUICKLY go back to
Xavier's desk.  Wait; the clock will go off, and Xavier will take off.
Click on his desk, then click on the drawer, then click on the keys.  Go
back to that hall with the plant.  Click the keys on the door on the left
side of the hall.  Click on the plant to get the clock back, then click the
clock on the plant again.  Go back to Xavier's desk quickly again.  Once 
again, he goes off.  Click on his desk, click on the drawer, and click the 
keys on the drawer to put them back.  Now go back to the room with the plant.
Click on the plant to get the clock again (you don't HAVE to, but it might
not be a bad idea).  Now click on that door on the left side of the hall to
go down to the basement.  Sweep the cursor over to the left; when it turns
to a dagger, click.  Examine the photos in the closeup.  Now exit that, and
click over by the animal heads on the wall.  Sweep the cursor over the
table...when you pass over the little black book, it should become a dagger.
Click on it to take the book.  Click on it in the closeup to read it.  Exit
the closeup and von Zell will catch you and drag you back upstairs.  Talk to
him and find out he's a COMPLETE asshole.  Ask about all sorts of topics, but
be aware that the LAST question you should ask him will mention "trophies."
After that, he gets up in disgust.  Leave the hunt club and go to 
von Glower's house.  Talk to von Glower and ask him EVERYTHING.  This guy is,
bad guy or not, cool in my book.  If you want, check the mask on the wall
for an extra point.  Leave the house.  Go to the police station.  Talk to
Leber.  Go through all dialogue choices.  Now check the map on the wall.
Click on the closeup.  Then click on the little piece of white paper on the
top right corner of the map.  Click your notebook on it to copy the phone
number.  Go back to the Huber farm.  Use the number you just copied
(Grossberg's) on the phone (on the table on the right side of the screen).
Click on the stationary to write to Grace.  Go to Ubergrau's office.  Talk
to Ubergrau, and ask about Missing Persons.  Then go to the post office, and
click "Gabriel-to-Grace #2" on the post office door to mail it.  Go to the
hunt club.  Go into the meeting room.  Click on Preiss to talk to him.  Go
through all dialogue choices (the others will arrive when you exhaust all
possibilities...Preiss is pretty cool, all things considered).  Go over to
the two guys by the bar.  Go through all discussion choices; not von Aigner
lies about not knowing Grossberg.  You should get invited to the hunt
eventually.  Now go over to von Zell and Klingmann and pick the choice to
ask for a magazine.  In inventory, click the tape recorder on the magazine.
Then click the magazine (with bulge) on either von Zell or Klingmann to put
it back.  That ends Chapter 3...the ending movie is cool, as is the start
movie for Chapter 4...and BACK to Grace we go again!

4.} Go to the library.  Click on the leftmost shelf again.  Go to the town
square.  Click on the post office, ring the buzzer.  Read the letter you get.
Go to the Gasthof.  Talk to the Smiths, and go through all dialogue choices.
Go into the church.  Click on the back wall, then sweep the cursor for when
it's a dagger near the back.  Click there to go to the crypt.  Click on
Gerde twice.  Yes, Grace, you ARE an idiot.  Go back to Schloss Ritter and
go into the secret passageway.  Click on the back area (the dark section).
Click on the roses on the right to pick some.  Go back to the crypt & click
the roses on Gerde, so the two of you make up (how nice).  Now go back to
Schloss Ritter's exterior (don't go in).  Click the car keys on the car.
Go to Neuschwanstein.  Click on castle.  You'll take a tour of the place.  
In each room, click on absolutely everything you can (except the guards, 
which brings no real result), and whenever you see the "tour tape" button 
appear in the lower left corner, click on it.  (This button also appears as 
you walk into each new room).  Click on the door to go to the bedroom.  
Repeat procedure. Click on door on right to go to chapel.  Repeat procedure.  
Exit chapel (should be back in bedroom), click on door on left to go to 
living room. Repeat procedure.  Click on "exit" cursor going down and to the 
right. Repeat procedure w/other part of living room.  Click on door to left 
to go to grotto.  Repeat procedure.  Click on "up" exit sign (door in back 
wall) to enter Study.  Repeat procedure.  Click on black section of back wall 
to exit to Singer's Hall.  Repeat procedure (especially note wolf paintings), 
exit "down," repeat procedure, click on door in back wall.  Exit "down"
from castle view, and choose Herrencheimsee on the map.  Talk to the woman
at the counter; pick all topics.  In the entry hall, click on the letters
on the left wall & read them all by clicking on each individually.  Exit
closeup, exit "up," then exit left from closeup of desk.  Click on absolutely
everything available, including everything in display cases (you don't have
to click on EVERY pin, just one, in that case).  Be sure to read diary
entries on the wall.  Then exit down, and exit right.  Once again, click on
absolutely everything available for viewing, including Ludwig's demise,
detailed on the wall.  Exit back to left & down, then click on the lady at
the counter.  She's a bitch, but ask her about all topics (you might have to
go twice).  Go to Schloss Ritter.  Go to the library.  Read the Ludwig
biography in inventory.  Make sure you read ALL pages.  Use Barclay's card
on the phone on the desk to call him.  Use Dallmeier's number on the phone
to call him.  Now exit the house and go to Starnberger See (the cross).
Click left to walk all the way to the railing.  Click on the railing.  
Dallmeier should show up in the closeup view.  Ask him everything.  Now exit
closeup, click right to exit the Berg, and go to Bayureth (north part of map)
You'll wind up in the display room start.  Click on absolutely everything
in the room.  Click on the left door.  Click on absolutely everything you 
can, including all items in closeups.  Click on left door.  Click on 
everything in room #3.  Click on "up" door.  Click on everything you can
(hey, Grace is doing RESEARCH, right?)  Now exit through left door, then exit 
"down."  Talk to Georg.  Ask him everything.  Go to Schloss Ritter.  Talk
to Gerde.  Go to the library.  Sit down at the desk & click on the 
typewriter.  Use the Ludwig biography on the phone.  Use Chaphill's number
on the phone.  Go to the Gasthof.  Talk to the bartender, ask about The
Smiths.  Talk to the Smiths.  Go to town square.  Mail the letter at the
post office (click on buzzer, click letter to Gabriel (#3) on the postlady,
then click wallet on her to pay postage).  Go left and click on bushes
to front and right of church.  Click on flowers once to get closeup, then
again to pick one.  Exit and go back to the car.  Drive back to Starnberger
See, walk left.  Click on railing to get closeup, click on water to get
water closeup, click lily on water.  Go back to Schloss Ritter and go in.
Go back to Town Square.  Go to post office, click on buzzer to get fax.
Read fax in inventory; read ALL pages!  Now go back to the Wagner Museum.
Click faxed diary on Georg.  This ends Chapter 4, and it's back to Gabriel
we go AGAIN...

5.} After that...well, interesting, opening movie, time for some work.  Go
to Marienplatz, and click left.  Click on the wurst vendor for a closeup.
Click on the white sausage in the display case, then click your wallet on
the vendor.  Go to the hunt club.  Click on one of the chairs on the left,
then on the magazine to get your tape recorder back.  Go to Ubergrau's
office.  Read the new letter from Grace that shows up in your inventory.
Talk to Ubergrau, and ask him about missing persons.  Click the von Zell
tape on Ubergrau.  Go to Leber's office.  Talk to Leber, and go through
all dialogue choices.  Click the von Zell tape on him.  Click on the pile
of papers the guy just dropped, then on the ledger in the closeup. 
Now go to Buchenau (left and bottom of city map, should now be lit).  Knock 
on door.  Go to Ubergrau's office.  Ask him about cash, then go back to 
Dorn's Kennel (Buchenau).  Knock on the door, hand him the cash.  Talk to 
him, ask about all topics.  Click on the "down" exit, and click on the last 
cage on the right.  Click on the straw in the lower right portion of the cage 
view.  Use the wurst on the tiger.  Now click on the tags that are where you 
just checked in the straw.  Go to the hunt club.  Go out to the hallway.  
Knock on the second door from the front on the left side of the hall.  Talk 
to von Aigner.  Go through all dialogue topics.  Click on 3rd door from front 
on right side of the hall.  Open the wardrobe thing, and click on the rope 
(black rope).  Click on the "down" exit, then click on the window.  In the 
window closeup, sweep the cursor until the cursor actually reads "down."  
Click then to look down.  Click on the ledge.  Click the rope on the ledge.  
Click the left pointing arrow to go to the middle window.  Click on the 
window to go into von Zell's room.  Take the "right" exit, click on the 
appointment book.  See that piece of paper behind the regular pages on the
right?  Click on it.  Click on the letter in the closeup.  Go into the
bathroom (the open passage on the right).  Click on the bathroom rug for a
closeup, then click on the edge of the footprint on the upper left side of
the rug, then click on the revealed footprint.  Exit the bathroom, click on
the "left" exit (not the door) and click on the window to exit.  Click right,
then click on the rightmost window to go back in.  Exit back to the hall,
then choose the "down" exit to go to the Great Room.  Open the wardrobe thing
and get the lantern.  Talk to Hennemann.  Run through all dialogue choices.
Go back upstairs and click on the door closest to the botton of the screen
on the left to go into Klingmann's room.  Click the wolf tags on him.  Go
back downstairs, click on the fireplace.  Click on the matchbook you see on
the fireplace mantle.  Exit the building (through the door) and click on the
stable.  Click on the tool rack on the right, click on the shears in the
closeup.  Exit the closeup and the stable.  Exit right.  Click on the bare
patch of ground on the right.  Click on the paw print.  Exit closeup and go
right again.  Go down two screens.  Examine the muddy patch.  Click on the
mud, then on the paw print.  Click the shears on the hedges on the right.
Once in the cave, click on the little entrance on the back wall on the left,
down the bottom.  Note sounds?  Click on the pit (to
your right) to ALMOST fall in.  Now click the matches on the lantern, and
be prepared for some pretty sickening video footage.  Click two north, then
two west to get back to the lodge.  Go in and go upstairs to the hallway.
Click on the door closest to the bottom on the right to tell Von Glower
what's happened.  After a long video sequence, you wind up in the screen
just north of the lair.  Save your game IMMEDIATELY; it's really easy to
get killed if you wait too long here.  Wait for the werewolf to show up
(why does that NOT sound too good?)  When it does, click the Ritter Talisman
on it.  It should back off.  If it backs off to the south (you'll see it
leaving), wait, and it'll be back.  Repeat the talisman click until you
do NOT see it leave to the south.  Don't hesitate too long on clicking that
talisman, by the way, or you're meat.  As soon as the wolf backs off (and
not to the south), go north.  The werewolf should be there, on the east exit
to the screen.  Click the talisman on it again.  Go right (follow it).  It
should be on the east exit of THIS screen.  Click the talisman on it again.
Then go east.  It should be at the south exit of the screen.  Click the
talisman on it again.  Go south.  It should be at the west exit of the
screen.  Click the talisman on it again.  Go west.  It should be at the
south exit of the screen.  Click the talisman on it again.  Then go south
to the ravine area, where it's cornered, and will attack you.  Then von
Glower shows up and throws you the gun.  Immediately click the gun on the
wolf (wait too long and you're toast).  This will end Chapter 5, and through
that ending movie and the beginning of Chapter 6 movie, you'll realize 
some things.  One, the werewolf was indeed von Zell.  Two, you've been bitten
by a werewolf and are now becoming one.  Three, von Glower plugged his ears
on the hunt for a reason...he is ALSO a werewolf.  In fact, HE is The Black
Wolf...and now Gabe and Grace are in the final chapter.  (No, you can't 
shoot HIM in the ravine.  I already tried) Hoo boy...

6.} Here we go, with the most difficult chapter.  Why Sierra INSISTS on 
this type of "reflexes from hell" segment is beyond me, but hey, what do
I know, right?  Anyway, exit "down," then click on Gabriel.  Go to the
town square (you WERE in the dungeon).  Go to the post office and click on
the buzzer.  Read the letter from von Glower you get.  Go to the Gasthof.
Get the roll from the basket on Mrs. Smith's table.  Talk to Mrs. Smith;
select all topics.  Go to the Schloss Ritter bedroom.  Click on the sheets
at the end of the bed.  Go back to the dungeon.  Use the roll on the
pigeon on the window.  Then use the pillowcase on the pigeon.  Go to 
Altotting (it's on the Germany map).  Click on the church, then click on
the display case on the wall center screen.  Click on the sign and the
limbs in the case.  Exit closeup & go left around hallway.  Enter door.
Click your wallet on the basket with the water on the table.  Go to
the Neuschwanstein (i.e. the castle) living room.  Click down;
Grace should see a scene with a child.  Walk back to the section where the
child just tried to sit, wait till guard is gone, then click on chair.
Click bottle of water on the chair.  Exit to up & left into bedroom.  Sweep
cursor across bottom of wall to right of living room door.  Go to the grotto.
Wait here until the guard goes to the study (click on guard MAY speed it up)
Sweep cursor along left wall of grotto-when it becomes a dagger, click.  Go
to singer's hall.  Exit down and right.  Click pigeon on doorway to left.
Go back to portion of singer's hall where wolf panels are visible, then click
on the yellow portion of the middle panel on the right wall (a square 
portrait...the portion you want is just above the floor line) where the 
cursor becomes a dagger.  Now exit the castle and go to St. Georg's church.
Go into the crypt area.  Click on the lower area of Wolfgang's coffin, then
on the lid, then on the silver heart.  Go back to Schloss Ritter.  Talk
to Gerde and ask her about the Silver Heart.  Go back to St. Georg's.  Once
again, go to the crypt, and get to the silver heart closeup.  Click on the
silver heart to take it.  Now go back to Altotting, and go into the priest's
office.  Talk to him.  Then use the silver heart on him.  You'll wind up in
a shrine.  Note the display case on the right side of the room, and the
doorway on the right side of the room.  Click the silver heart on the basket
on the right side of the altar.  The wind will start to howl.  Click on the
doors on the right to open them and blow out the candles.  Click on the
chair to the right of the display case.  Click on the left urn on the bottom
shelf to get Ludwig's diagram.  You automatically return to see Georg, and
give him the opera.  Two months pass...(I had to split this chapter up; it's
just too damn complicated otherwise!)

7.} Click on the table to get a program.  Click on the opera poster.  Exit
"down", then right, then go to the door at the end of the hall to go into the 
office.  Click on the bulletin board.  Pick up the seating chart.  Exit 
bulletin board closeup, click on table.  Pick up opera glasses, then to-do-
list.  Read to-do list.  Talk to Gabriel (yeah, that's him on the couch).  Go 
out of the room, "down," and into the auditorium (the open doors).  Go talk
to Georg.  Then talk to the chandelier guys (they're up on the left, WAAAAY
up there.  Click on one of 'em to talk to them).  Look at Wagner's theater
diagram in inventory.  Click on the "X."  Look at the seating chart.  Click
the box where the "X" was, or the "Mittelloge."  Go out of the auditorium,
left, up the stairs, and click on the double doors to enter the Mittelloge.
Now exit back out to the upper level hallway.  Go right, then go to the door
at the back of the hall.  Look out the small window (click twice).  Turn the
spotlight on by first clicking on it, then clicking on the switch.  Click on
the bottom handle of the spotlight in the closeup, then move the cursor
around until the light is directly over the Mittelloge.  Click to set it in
place.  Go back to the foyer.  Use the seating chart on the usher.  Exit
right, go through the door on the left through which you can see a little
set of stairs, then through the door at the back of the hall.  Click on the
rope section on the back wall (where the cursor is a dagger.)  Sweep cursor
to the right until it becomes a dagger again in the closeup-click twice to
get rope.  Note the "oops" comment from Grace.  Now go down the stairs on 
the right to wind up in the basement.  Go right, then click on the panel on 
the north wall.  Click on the keys in the closeup.  Now go left, then down.
Click on the left door to find the prop room.  Go left, and click on the
sign on the left pile o'stuff.  Exit the closeup, go through the door, then
click the basement keys on the door to lock it.  Go right, right, right,
down, down to enter the furnace room (this WILL be handy later, folks).
Open the furnce door.  Click on the coal in the bin on the right to shovel
some in.  Click on the furnace controls (below the door), then on the
"Automatisch" button, then on the handle, and turn the handle all the way
to the right (to "hoch," or "hot").  Exit closeup view, go left through
the door, then right into the foyer.  Go right, then to the door at the end
of the hall.  Click on Gabriel.  After a fairly long vid sequence in which
we see that Gabe is REALLY starting to lose it, you'll be back in the
foyer.  Go right, then through the end-of-hall door (back in office).  Click
on the fancy dress to get dressed (hey, she's not bad...)  Now go back to 
the spotlight room (up the stairs, to the right, door at end of hall).  Click
on little window, then click opera glasses on Mittelloge.  Go to upstairs
central hallway, click on Mittelloge doors.  Click rope on handles.  Click
on door for closeup again, then click Privat sign on handles.  Grace goes
bye-bye, and Gabe takes over back in the prop room...

8.} Go left, then click on the chest standing on its side to move it.  Use
the Ritter dagger to remove the vent cover (bet you were wondering WHEN you
would have to use that, weren't you?)  Click on the open vent to climb
through.  Go north, north, then west to wind up backstage.  Click on the rope
section of the back wall.  There's a black roll of tape on the right side of
the closeup (a bit tough to see, maybe).  Click on it twice to take it.
Note...Gabriel does the same thing.  "Oops."  Cute.  Now exit the closeup
and go through the right door into the dressing room.  Click on the clothes
rack on the left.  Click the minstrel costume in inventory on Gabriel.
Click on dressing table.  Click on powder (on left).  Click on dressing table
again.  Click powder on mirror on left.  Exit closeup, and click on changing
screen on left to hide behind it.  After Englehart enters, click the tape on
him to tie him up.  Watch the entire "transformation" movie.  Uh-oh.  Now
you're a wolf.  In the basement.  And so is Von Glower.  Save your game.  
NOW.  I repeat.  NOW.  The problem with this section is that it shifts to
a first-person...well, first-canine view.  Your mission is to trap von
Glower, which you must do by closing the right doors.  You can't open a
closed door (you're a wolf, remember?) but you can close an open one by 
clicking on the latch on the lower part of the door (sweep cursor across
open door bottom; when it's a dagger, click!)  Von Glower will attempt to
avoid you-all he wants to do is escape.  You've got to corner him.  So read
the next section CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU TRY IT!  "Turn left 2" or "turn right
2" effectively means doing a 180 degree turn.

9.} Turn right.  Go forward 2.  Turn left 2, and close the door.  Turn right,
go forward.  Turn left 2, close the door.  Turn right 2, forward 2.  Turn 
left 2, close door.  Turn right, go forward.  Turn left, close the door.
Turn right, forward once.  Turn left, go forward once.  Turn left, go
forward once.  Turn left 2, close door.  Turn left, close door.  Turn left,
go forward 1, turn left 2, close door.  Turn left, go forward 1.  Turn right,
go forward 1, close the door in front of you.  Turn left, go forward 1,
turn right, go forward one.  Turn right, go forward 3.  Turn right, go
forward 2.  STOP.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE, because you CANNOT save in the next
scene, and you REALLY don't want to have to do that all again.  Now read this

10.} Go forward 1 into the furnace room.  After the little scene, click on
Grace.  Then click on the furnace door (Grace opens the door).  Then click
on Gabriel again (the gray wolf) to give him control back.  As soon as you
have control as Gabriel again, LINE UP YOUR CURSOR WITH THE LEFT EDGE OF THE
COAL BIN (to the right of the furnace), AND ABOUT MIDWAY UP VERTICALLY.  Wait 
for Von Glower to leap.  When he starts the leap, he'll move in relative slow 
you time it wrong, you miss and wind up getting shot by Leber...and von 
Glower escapes.  If you timed it exactly right, von Glower gets shoved into 
the furnace, Grace slams the door, Gabe escapes, von Glower dies in the 
flames, and the game goes to the endgame movie.  GAME OVER, MAN!  (Warning: 
the timing on that last sequence is ridiculous.  Took me nine tries to figure 
out what the proper time to hit the bastard in midair was!)

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