****Gabriel Knight 2, the somewhat full walkthrough****

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This walkthrough will only get you so far. I don't tell you exactly what
to do,  because that would take too much time. But it should get you past
all the major puzzles in the game. To get past the rest, let me begin with
a couple of general pointers:

1) Click on absolutely everything you see. Sometimes, you can click on
different parts of objects, even though the dagger moves smoothly over the
object, so click everywhere on an object. It's probably a good idea, in
many cases, to run your cursor over the screen systematically to make sure
you aren't missing something.

2) Sometimes things you can't click on at a certain point become clickable
later. So if you're stuck, go back to places you've been (even in previous
chapters) and make sure that some new spot hasn't become clickable.

3) You need to hear Grace and Gabriel read all the text in the game. That
means listening to them read all the stuff in the museums, the books, the
diaries. Often you can click to get past it, but the important thing is
that you triggered the speech. Sometimes G and G say important things
after reading a page or two.

4) When in doubt, make sure you've looked at everything in your inventory
with the magnifying glass. Also make sure you try to show everything to
the people who can help you: Gerde, Harry (the lawyer), the Smiths, etc.

One last thing: this walkthrough occasionally gives hints, but often just
tells you what to do. So read carefully. Also, I should acknowledge all
the help I got when going through the game, both from people on AOL and on
comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure. Thanks.

***Chapter One***

There are three problems in Chapter One. They are as follows:

1) You need to get all the prints and fur analyzed. That means comparing
the crime scene at the farm to the wolves at the zoo. By the muddy trough
at the farm, there's a footprint. There's fur on the ground by the woods.

2) To get the zoo wolf fur, you'll need to convince Tomas to let you in
the wolf area. Do this by using the “splice” function on your tape
recorder to make Klingmann say, “Tomas, Herr Klingmann here. Show our
wolves to Mr. Knight.” Sneak into Klingmann's office, rifle through his
coat to get a receipt, then use the spliced tape you've made on the
walkie-talkie on his desk to message Tomas. He will take you to see the

3) What to do with the receipt? Use it on the mirror at the farm, which
will allow you to “see” the address on its back. Go to the hunt club on
Dienerstrasse. To prove you're a member of an elite German family, get
family papers from your lawyer.

That should cover it.

***Chapter Two***

Chapter two is the easiest of all chapters. It more or less involves
running around town and in the Schattenjaeger library reading stuff and
asking people questions. Follow the general hints in this chapter and
you'll do fine.

Getting into the Schattenjager library might be a problem. The way around
this is to use the workman's screwdriver on the hole above the fireplace,
which will open a secret door in the closet. Go into Gerde's room, where
you'll find a key hanging in the closet. Make sure to look at the picture
of Wolfgang on the desk. Use the key to get into the library.

Also, don't forget to write to Gabriel. Use your wallet on the post office
lady to pay her.

***Chapter Three***

Hint one: Xavier will answer a “knock” at the back door.
Hint two: If you can't listen to the conversation, maybe you can record

There are two major problems in this chapter: getting into the basement
and ending the day. They can be solved as follows:

1) Getting into the locked room requires buying the cuckoo clock, putting
it in the plant by the back door of the club, hanging around Xav's desk
until he goes to "answer the door", then sneaking his keys out of the
desk. You might want to do this trick twice, as it seems important to
return the keys to the desk before going down.

2) Ending the day requires somehow overhearing the conversation between
von Zell and the Doctor. Get the magazine, combine it with the tape
recorder, and put it back on the table.

Other places for getting stuck include failing to see the crime scene,
which is right next to the club. Use the evidence analysis report on Det.
Leber, then on the news media. When you get to the Det's office, make sure
to note the newest victim's phone number (on the map) in your notepad.

***Chapter 4***

The biggest problem with chapter 4 is its length. It's easy to get
discouraged and so on.

So let me begin by saying: the solutions to the Ludwig museum and castle
(ie to get them to stop clicking) involve nothing more than clicking on
every single available object. This is tricky in the following places:

1) In the museum, make sure you see the diary excerpts *and* the last
days sections. They look alike. Both are on your left in four-panel

2) In the castle, click on everything *and* listen to the tour tape for
everything. Make sure not to miss the chapel, to the right of the bedroom.

Some general hints:
1) Make sure you've done all the book-learning you can. Sometimes it pays
to check the library twice.

2) Don't forget to return Barclay's call. You have another call to make,
too. It's related to clue 1.

3) Making up with Gerde will get you far. Who does she find important?

4) Flowers are important in this chapter TWICE, both involving dead

And now the full answers:
Make up with Gerde by giving her roses to put on Wolfgang's grave. Then
make sure you talk to the Smiths at the Goldener Lowe. Get two Tarot

Do some preliminary research at the musuems. To get the Wagner museum to
appear on your map, make sure to talk to the nasty woman at the Ludwig
museum. As I noted earlier, check everything.

After seeing the painting of Ludwig's sleigh rides, you'll be able to meet
the Smiths again.

Also, when you return to the castle, Barclay will have called. Call him
then call his friend.

Check periodically to see if you can write to Gabriel. I don't remember
triggers this.

After meeting with the friend, go back and call the publisher of
book. They will put you in touch w/ his son, who will say he can't give
the diary.

However, the lilies by the church will have bloomed. Remmeber how Ludwig
talked about the "pwoer of the lily"? (I didn't either). The priest will
give you one. Go to the S. See (the mtg place) and put one in the water.
To get to the water, click on the shoreline near the railing.

Return to Rittersberg. Gerde will tell you there's a fax for you at the
office. Go get it -- it's the diary! That Ludwig, what a pal.

Head to the Wagner museum for a final tete-a-tete with Georg. The

***Chapter 5***

Two hints:
You can't light the lamp until someone lights the fire. They'll do
that after you've done everything else you need to do.

You need to use the rope twice - once in the lodge, once in the woods.

And now the full answers:
Before lighting the lamp, you need to:

1) Visit all the people in the lodge and talk w/ them.
2) Sneak into Preiss's room and get the rope.
3) Using the rope, climb out Preiss's window and into von Zell's room,
where you need to get the sheet of paper from his address book and
see the muddy footprint under the bath mat.
4) Get the lamp from the main closet, the shears from the stables.
5) Go out into the woods. Find the place with the muddy footprint (same as
the bathroom!),then find the brambles. Cut through them with the shears.
Go look at the cave. There's also something on the ground beneath the
brambles I think you need to look at.
6) Come back in, show the tags to Klingmann so as to adjust his attitude.
7) Go back downstairs. The fire will be lit. Get the matches off the top
right of the mantle.

Make sure you have done everything I mention here—you may need to see the
muddy footprint in the woods before you see the one in von Zell's
bathroom, etc: the matches will not appear until you have done all this
and heard what you need to hear.

After lighting the lamp, you should:
1) Go back to the cave. A long movie ensues. Go back to the lodge and
talk to von Glower. Save your game.
At night, in the woods, you need to:
1) Upon meeting the wolf, let it attack you (just wait) at least once
so you can see the creepy death scene. Then restore your game.
2) Find the ravine. It's around, just wander around until you get
3) To drive away the wolf, use the talisman, not the knife.

Upon reaching the ravine, you should:
1) Head back out until you find the wolf. Then drive it backwards to
the ravine by scaring it with the talisman. It will attack you; von
Glower will arrive.
2) Shoot the wolf. End of chapter.

***Chapter Six***

A complicated and frustrating chapter. Some say not worth the wait.

Part one hints:
1) What silver offering could you make at the chapel?
2) What if that little kid did something terrible to the chair?
3) A bird is a useful distraction.

Full answers:
To get the scrolls, you need to:
1) Get the one from the grotto. No one will bother you.
2) Pour holy water from the friar onto the chair in the living room. The
guard will run in. Go into the bedroom and get the scroll.
3) Get a bun from Mrs. Smith, use it to attract the bird. Catch the bird
using the pillowcase that was on the bed at the Schloss Ritter. Bring the
bird into Neuschwanstein and let it loose in the hallway by the Singing
Room. Get the third scroll from beneath the middle painting (check the
opening movie to make sure).
4) Go look at Wolfgang's silver heart. Then talk to Gerde about borrowing
it. Once you're in the chapel with the friar (use his card on him to get
him to take you), and after you've gotten your bearings (ie figured out
where the urn is and decided that you just need to move the chair), put
the heart in the offering basket. The lights will go out, and you can move
the chair and get the last scroll. Go visit Georg at the Wagner museum
(this may actually be the closing movie for that part of the chapter, I
don't remember).

Also, be sure to talk to Gabriel. You should also read the letter from von
Glower that's in your inventory, and ask Mrs. Smith about it.

Part two hints:
1) There's a reason the game shows the wolf's jump in movement mode, not
movie mode.
2) You need to cover up the mirror with something.
3) Make sure you've clicked on every part of the chandelier diagram.
4) The rope isn't useful, but something near it is.

Full answers:
As Grace, turn on the furnace downstairs (put some coal in, then light it)
to keep Gabriel warm. Go into the prop room and get the Privat sign from
the top of the box to your right. Upon leaving, use the keys (in box on
wall in basement) to make sure you can lock the door. Get a rope from
backstage; it will prove useful. Don't forget to get a programme from the
main lobby and read it. Also, make sure you understand how the basement
doors work (ie click at their bases).

Talk to Georg twice, and talk to the chandelier makers (you can do this
from the main auditorium). Go to the spotlight room and look around. Then
make sure to look at the chandelier diagram, clicking on the X in the
middle. Then look at the seating chart, clicking on the Mittel Loge. Then
go visit the Mittle Loge. Go back to the spotlight room and aim the
spotlight. On your way back down, talk to the usher. Then go talk to
Gabriel. It's time to take him downstairs. Go back upstairs and change;
Leber will show up.

Once the opera has started, you'll need to go to the spotlight room and
use the opera glasses to make sure von Glower is in the box. If you're
like me, your game will crash here and Sierra will be of no help for two
whole weeks and someone will finally send you a saved game to get you past
the problem (thanks, Denise).

Then go put the rope on the door, and add the Privat sign. That should
trigger the opera scene. Much excitement. The disk-switching is normal.

You then become Gabriel for a while. There's a grate behind a box in the
prop room; move the box and go out the grate. Go backstage, where you need
to grab the tape from the right side of the pulley area (first click on
the rope place that Grace used, then look to the right—it's almost
invisible). Then head into the dressing room. Grab the Erhart costume off
the rack, and put it on (use it on yourself). Go start to use the powder
off the desk. Gasp! Someone's coming! Quick, powder the mirror, then go
hide behind the screen. As the poor actor sits there, sneak up behind him
and use the tape on him. You'll cover his mouth, he won't scream, and more
excitment will begin.

As Gabriel, you'll end up in the basement in wolf form. Click on smell:
it's not just smell, it's smell-o-vision! Your goal is somewhat obvious:
force von Glower (the red square; you are the blue arrow) into the furnace
room. You must do this by closing doors and moving, understanding these
simple rules:

1) You can never open a door you've closed, and you can only close doors
from the side that they open toward.
2) Von Glower will never stay in a room adjacent to you, unless it's a

I recommend, so that you understand the process, “smelling” and watching
as von Glower moves through the basement and escapes, which is what I did,
in total confusion, the first time I arrived in the basement. It's

With that in mind, the solution is as follows. Turn right, go forward
twice, close the door behind you. Turn right, go forward, close that door
behind you, too. Now von Glower can't get out. Turn around, go forward
twice, and close that door. I'd go through the rest, but it's a fun
puzzle, so let me give you the theory: you must create a path from where
von Glower is to the furnace room that he cannot escape. That means that
you need to trace the path backwards, closing doors all the while, until
you can force him into the mouth of the path with no other options (the
top left corner of the map is important here). Be sure to save right
outside the furnace room.

In the furnace room, click on Grace. You'll become her. As Grace, open the
furnace door, then click on Gabriel (like tag-team wrestling). As Gabriel,
wait until the black wolf jumps, then click on it. You'll knock it into
the furnace. Congratulations. The game is over. There is some speculation
that there's another ending to the game, but no one's seen it.

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