Solution of: King's Quest, submitted by Ton Kroon ([email protected])
walk over bridge,go west,open door,enter castle,follow red carpet,bow king,
talk king,leave castle,walk bridge left,go north,get carrot,go west,climb tree,
look nest,get egg,go down,go south,move rock,look hole,get dagger,go north,
go east 3 times,in this location u get a magic spell from fairy gedmother,if
she not disappears go other lokation and come back,if u have spell go east,
go east,go south,look in stump,get pouch,go south 3 times,go east 4 times,
get bowl,look bowl,fill bowl,go north,look beach,get pebbles,go west,go south,
get walnut,open walnut,go west (watch out),go south,swim trough water and go
from this location to the north(watch out),go west,eat house,open door,enter
house,open stove,open cupboard,get cheese,get note on the table,read note,
leave house,go north 4 times,go west,open gate,show carrot,go south with goat,
go south,go west,walk over bridge,go west,walk over bridge)goat help u),
go south,look man,talk man,ask name 3 times,get key,go south,go south,get clover
go south,go west,go west,go south,go west,go west,go south,go west,enter house,
give bowl,get fiddle,leave house,go east,go south,go east,go south,go south,
(now enter the strange house,inside use keys 7 and 9 to go up,down 3 and 1.)
unlock door,open door,enter door,up,up,up,leave cave,go south,go to tree
and look hole,get sling,go north,go west, play fiddle,walk in this location
till the giant falls in sleep,get chest,go east,enter cave and go down,outside
the strange house go east,walk in this loc. till a little elf appears,
talk elf,(u get ring),swim east,swim and then walk east,go east,go east,
outside the cave,walk here till appears a bird,jump on bird in the right side
from the screen,use key 0,after landing go west,get mushroom,go east,jump
in the hole,go south,go west,give cheeseto rat,open door,enter door,go south,
get shield,go back to the first room with the strange creatures,play fiddle,
go back to room king,get sceptre,walk up the stairs,go to the hole,eat mushroom,
outside go north,clibm pail(jump bucket),go water,swim,dive water,swim trough
the hole,throw dagger,get miror,enter hole,swim up,climb rope,go south,swim
east,go east,go east,walk over bridge and go to king..

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