Soultion for: King's Quest IV, submitted by Mike Ellis (ZX730X@GWUVM)
                          THE PERILS OF ROSELLA
                     AND MAY SPOIL YOUR FUN WITH KQIV!!
        (i.e.: Mother, Brother, Wife etc.) READ THIS FILE SO THAT THEY MAY
      N                        MAP OF TAMIR
O  |
C  | BEACH         MEADOW         POOL      OGRE'S     BACK OF    WITCHES
E  |                                        HOUSE       HOUSE       CAVE
A  |                                                    DEADLY
N  |                                                    TREES
   | HOUSE         HOUSE        BIG ROCK                TREES     TREES
   | BEACH         MEADOW       FROG POND    WEST      HAUNTED    E.GRAVES
   |               W/ STUMP                  GRAVES     HOUSE      CRYPT
   | CLIFFS                     RIVER        HOUSE                  CAVE
   | BEACH          RIVER       WOODS        DIAMOND    PINES       PATH TO
   | RIVER          TREES                     MINE      DIRT        LOLOTTE
	After your speedy arrival in Tamir and Genesta's hasty departure, you
walk EAST.  Keep your eyes peeled for a robin pulling a worm from the ground,
you could see it anytime when you do scare of the bird and "GET THE WORM".
If you miss your chance, restore the game and be faster!
     Continue EAST for two screens, past the river and thin trees to the
more heavily wooded area.  From here go SOUTH until you get to a lovely
pool.  Wait here a while, and who should happen by?  It's Cupid!
You run to greet the little creature, but he is frightened and flies off,
forgetting to take his bow.  So you go and "GET THE BOW".
	From here walk SOUTH into a wooded area with a big rock.  Continue South
and you are by a lily covered pond with a little frog.  You would like to
get your hands on the little guy, but no luck.  Go SOUTH another screen and
you are again at the river, this time by a small bridge.  But what's that?
There's something shiny under this bridge!  So you "LOOK UNDER BRIDGE" and
lo and behold!  It's a golden ball!
	You haven't the foggiest idea what this ball is good for, so you decide
to go NORTH to the pond and ask froggie.  He doesn't speak good English though.
So you take a really wild guess (I did) and "THROW BALL IN POND".
Well what do you know!  This frog is a retriever!  He deposits the gold ball
at the other side of the pond.  You walk over to him and instead of retrieving
the ball just yet, first you "PICK UP FROG".  Remember that old fairy tale?
You guessed it!  "KISS THE FROG", and poof, it's a snobby prince.  Well at
least he gave you his crown!  Don't forget to "GET THE BALL" before you
move on.
	You walk EAST into a graveyard, you might want to read a few tombstones
but it can wait until later, when it gets dark (hehe).
It's a bit creepy here so you go SOUTH and find a funny looking house
on the river.  The door is open so you go in and have a look around this messy
place.  Who could stand to be in such a pig sty?  Certainly not a princess!
So you "CLEAN UP", and make things nice and tidy.
	Well, no sooner than things are nice and neat, the occupants return.
You sit down for a hearty repast and engage in a little idle chit-chat
until the Dwarves return to work.  They all file out, and you "CLEAN UP" again
but what's this?  You "LOOK AT TABLE" and see a blue pouch.  You "GET POUCH"
and "LOOK IN POUCH" discovering a small fortune in diamonds.  After a moment of
reflection you decide that honesty is the best policy.
	You walk "SOUTH" and find a cave.  Go inside and find the head dwarf
at the back of the cave.  "GIVE THE POUCH" to the dwarf or at least try.
He's so impressed with your honesty that he lets you keep the bag and throws
in a lantern to boot!
	If you haven't found the worm yet, go EAST one screen to the dirt patch
that has a couple of pine trees.  The bird is found often around here.
In any case, from here go NORTH two screens until you get to the old house.
	"OPEN THE DOOR", you might want to take a look around, but the important
room for now is on your left as you enter.  "LOOK AT THE BOOKS".  Do you like
Shakespeare?   Well it's all you can get.  "TAKE THE BOOK".
	"LOOK AT THE PICTURE" of the man which hangs on the wall.  Hmmm....
better "LOOK AT THE WALL".  Aha!  You found a latch.  "PULL THE LATCH"
and walk through the secret door.  "GET THE SHOVEL" next to the doorway,
and forget about the stairs for now, unless you're very curious.  Save your
game if you are; those stairs are treacherous!
	Well now that you have this stuff, what are you gonna do?
Leave the house and go EAST and you're in another graveyard; this one
has a crypt, but the door is locked.
	Go SOUTH one screen and there's a lovely waterfall.  You try to get
to it but the water pushes you back.   You get out of the water and think
"Now what was that frog wearing?"  The crown!  "WEAR CROWN"  and poof!
You're a frog!  Now you can swim under the fall, and there's a cave on the
other side.  You take a look around and find a board at the entrance
"GET BOARD" and go in.  You take a fast look around because someone is
coming, you see a pile of bones and "GET BONE" and get out of there fast!
Through the falls you go.
	Well, what now?  Go SOUTH one screen and there's a path leading EAST.
You follow it one screen EAST and there's Lolotte's castle in the distance,
but two of her goons have spotted you!  Well what the heck, instead of running
away you let them catch you and together you fly to the castle.
	This Lolotte is one tough broad!  She tosses you in the slammer to cool
your heels.  After a while her guards come to get you and return you to the
throne.  It seems Lolotte has a job for you, huh?
	Once you are returned to Tamir you proceed with the problem of the
Unicorn.  You may have seen him in the meadows, but could not get close.
Go back to the meadows and explore for the unicorn, but when you find him
keep your distance.  What's that thing you got from Cupid?
Of course, these arrows are special; they shoot love bolts!
"SHOOT AN ARROW AT THE UNICORN" and it seems you've made a friend.
You try to mount the beast, but whoa, you have no bridle.
	Make your way to the beach, perhaps you will encounter a minstrel
around here?  If you do strike up a conversation with him and he'll play
you a tune.  But hey!  This is no Andres Segovia (that's spelled
Eddie Van Halen to you youngsters) you've got here!  Maybe this guy should
look for another line of work?  Why not drop a hint?  "GIVE BOOK TO MAN".
Well of course, if you've got no special an actor!  And you
get that lovely lute in return!
	Perhaps during your travels you encountered a little pixie named Pan,
but just couldn't get him to stand still?  Next time you see him
"PLAY THE LUTE" and he'll watch you perform.  Your musical tastes run more
towards woodwinds than strings, so why not "GIVE LUTE TO PAN".  In return
Pan gives you his flute.  Now proceed to the fisherman's house.
	When you get to his house check the pier to the WEST.  If he's there
you can try talking to him but watch out when he gets up or you'll have to
swim back to shore.  Follow him into the house and look around.  Bet you could
find some use for that pole, especially with that juicy worm you caught.
But what do you have that he might want?  A gift certificate from Van Cleefs?
	Oh no!  Not those!  Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but after all
these people are very needy; and what good are these stones around here anyway?
So you bite the bullet and "GIVE POUCH TO MAN", he oughta give you the tittle
and deed to his house, maybe even some stock in Sierra-On-Line, but all you get
is that lousy pole.
	WEST to the pier you go, careful not to fall off the edge.  "BAIT POLE
WITH WORM" then "FISH".  There's a tug on the line....smoked salmon
perhaps?  Nope, just a stinky fish.  Keep it, you may get hungry.
	You decide to take a "LOOK AT THE OCEAN" but can see nothing at all.
Time for some exploring.  Save your game and jump in.
	Swim WEST until you reach the island...Genesta's island.
Have a look around, go inside if you like but you can't get any help from
Genesta, she's out of it.
	You explore the island a little more and come upon a beautiful peacock,
which sheds a feather.  "GET THE FEATHER", you're gonna need it!  And walk
back into the surf. BUT SAVE YOUR GAME HERE NOW!!!
	You are looking for a whale here, but sometimes you get a shark instead.
It would be a real pity to end up in JAWS 3-D without a saved game here.
Sometimes you get the shark, sometimes you can make it back to shore.  If
you return to shore, take a breather and go back in the water, or restore to
your last saved game and try some more.  Eventually the whale appears, stay
where you are or swim to him.  He'll swallow you!
	First thing you should do in the whale is SAVE GAME!!!
Look around, "GET THE BOTTLE", "OPEN BOTTLE" and "READ NOTE".  It's just
some advertising.  Go to the right side of the whale's tongue, about a half
inch from the wall of it's mouth.  From here you must climb diagonally up and
to the left to a point on the whale's tongue, about an inch from the top of
the tongue and a half-inch from the center, where there a two taste buds that
look like a point and a hyphen.  (EXAMPLE}   ._
	When you get there Rosella will stand up, (Good place to save game) and
you must continue moving diagonally to the top left, just to the top of the
tongue and to the immediate right of it's centerline.  "TICKLE WHALE WITH
FEATHER", if you're told "not here", maneuver a bit until you're in the middle.
	Once you're successful, the whale will regurgi...Ahem..barf you up.
There is a small island to your NORTH.  Go there and get a little closer
to the pelican, but don't scare him off.  He comes back, so don't worry.
"THROW FISH TO PELICAN" and he leaves you a whistle.  But don't blow it just
yet.  First you have to find the bridle.
Yes it is here!  Though there's nary a clue in the game about it's location!
I know you've dug everywhere for it and couldn't find it, used every verb in
the manual trying to move the boats.  Looked in the wrecks, dug in the wrecks,
shook the tree(s), and pulled the hair out of your head.  No doubt many will
read this file just for the bridle's location....well....CALL SIERRA 209-683..
	Just kidding, save the $$$ on the long distance call or the HINT B$$K.
Go to the boat wreck on the right, stand in the middle of it (done it a
thousand and "LOOK AT GROUND".  Miraculously, Rosella stoops down
and picks up the bridle.  "BLOW WHISTLE"......How's that for service.
Hop into the water and go visit your new pal.  "RIDE DOLPHIN" and you're
off and back to shore.
	Go back to where you shot the unicorn, he's still there.  "PUT BRIDLE ON
UNICORN",  go to his left and "RIDE UNICORN".  Enjoy the ride as he carries
you back to 'Lolotte's House of Leather'........ "Pain anyone?".  And congrat-
ulate yourself on completing your first quest!
	"Well some people are never satisfied!"  You mutter to yourself as the
goons carry you back to the forest.  You begin your quest for the hen by
heading for the ogre's house.  It's the one with the yellow roof.
Make sure the ogre or his wife don't see you, though you may observe the wife
bringing home dinner.  The best way to get there is to go WEST two screens to
the diamond mine and then go one screen SOUTH.
    Have you got that bone from the waterfall cave?  You're going to need it!
Go into the house if nobody's outside, the door isn't locked now.  But horrors,
there's an angry bulldog charging you.  Quickly, "THROW BONE TO DOG" and go
upstairs.  "LOOK AROUND"  and "GET THE AXE" you just saw, don't worry about
this closet, it has nothing you need.
	Go back downstairs, the ogre's wife is cooking dinner in the room to the
right, save your game now if you intend to take a look at her.  But she's not
important, so you go to the closet across from the table and "OPEN THE DOOR".
Once inside "LOOK AROUND".  Yes that keyhole will come in handy.  Eventually
the ogre will come home, when he does "LOOK THROUGH KEYHOLE" watch him until
he falls asleep.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE and "OPEN DOOR" go to the table and
"GET HEN" being careful not to get too close to the un-jolly giant.
	Once you have the hen and are halfway to the door SAVE YOUR GAME,
getting out is tough since the hen always wakes up the ogre and there's
nothing you can do about it.
***ALSO NOTE WELL that this sequence is very hard to complete if your machine
runs slower than 8 Mhz, and you have the version of KQIV designed for "Turbo"
machines.  There are 2 versions of this game.  One for fast machines and one
for slower ones.  Many people with slow machines and the "fast" version of
KQIV have tremendous difficulty out-running the ogre in this sequence, but it
can be done.  See your documentation for information on exchanging disks.
	Once you are by the door speed up the game by hitting the + key many
times, it helps!  "OPEN THE DOOR", the hen clucks and wakes the ogre.
Run out of the house and down and around the woodpile one screen EAST, be
careful not to get close to the trees.  The ogre won't chase you around the
house, but you've got to get past the trees.  And you have just the thing trees
hate!  "SWING THE AXE" and all the "dead" trees will fear you from now on.
	From the back of the ogre's house go NORTH one screen to the pine trees
and dirt and then EAST two screens to Lolotte's.  Her "biker" pals come down
to give you a ride.  Hooray!  You finished quest number two!
	We'll she tells you to get Pandora's Box, but doesn't offer any clues!
Gee thanks!  So you're back at the path to her castle.  Why not explore some
uncharted areas?  Now that you are safe from the "Venus Fly" trees, you can
check out the area to the NORTH.  Go NORTH to the waterfall, you stop to
ponder the hidden grotto but decide to wait a bit and proceed NORTH one screen
to the graveyard and NORTH again another screen.
	Well now you can get through here, those trees don't scare you anymore!
Go NORTH again and you are in front of a skull like cave.  Go in but don't get
too close to the witches.  SAVE GAME NOW!  One of them will come towards you,
let her.  Pay close attention to the two in the back.  Watch how they pass the
eye back and forth.  That's the key, you can grab the eye at the moment they
are exchanging it.  If you can avoid the one chasing you.  Try to "GET THE EYE"
at the proper moment and if you do they are helpless!
	Leave the witches for now.  They eye is a powerful bargaining chip even
though it's of no use to you.  Let them sit in the "dark" for a while and think
it over.  Maybe they have something you could use?  Go back into their cave
and they plead for their eye.  They throw you a scarab.  "LOOK AT SCARAB",
"GET SCARAB".  They plead again for the eye.  "THROW EYE TO WITCHES" and
you get some points, but don't go any closer!  You've gotten all you need from
	Go back to the waterfall, and turn yourself into a frog.  When you reach
the entrance to the cave, "LIGHT LANTERN" and SAVE GAME!  If you don't have
Pan's flute, don't bother with this now, go and make those trades, then come
back.  If you have the flute, proceed EAST into the cave.
	Beware of the troll it is possible to lose him in the cavern but
difficult.  Usually he gets you and you need to restore until you get a
a chance where he doesn't come out.  It's sort of like trying to get swallowed
by the whale and avoiding the shark.
	From the entrance go SOUTH as many screens as possible until you get to
the SOUTHERNMOST part of the cave.  From here go EAST until you get to
a screen where you see a light in the distance.  SAVE YOUR GAME!!  There is
a chasm ahead, chances are you will fall in a few times and it was tough
getting here in the first place, right?  Move EAST very slowly, you will
see the chasm in the glow of your lantern.  "PUT BOARD ACROSS CHASM", if
told to "move closer" do so carefully until you can put the board down.
	Once the board is down, get close to the SOUTHERN walls and move slowly
to the EAST across it.  Once you make it SAVE GAME!  Just in case you fall in.
Go NORTH another screen and proceed EAST out of the cave.
	Move EAST to the edge of the water. SAVE GAME AGAIN! There is a small
point of land, with a longer jetty just under it, directly across from the
nearest tuft of grass in the swamp.  Move to this point on the shoreline
and "JUMP".  If you are told to "just move", you are not on the right spot.
Keep trying to find the right spot.  When you are on it, Rosella will jump
onto the tuft.  Repeat the "JUMP" command until you reach the last tuft of
grass and are right in front of the island with the magic tree.
"PUT DOWN BOARD" and a cobra springs awake. "PLAY THE FLUTE" and the snake
is charmed.  But not for long, so be quick and cross the board, "GET FRUIT",
stay clear of the snake and cross back.  "GET BOARD" and repeat the jump
process until you are back on shore.
	Night has fallen and there's lot's to do if you're going to get this
apple to your father in time, so go back through the cave. SAVE GAME!!
And find the right spot to "PUT BOARD OVER CHASM" and cross over.  Go WEST
all the way and then NORTH all the way until you are out of the cave.
Back through the waterfall and into the night air.
	Move NORTH one screen and you are in the graveyard with the crypt.
All sorts of things are popping up around here, but with that scarab they
can't touch you!  Go WEST to the haunted old house and "OPEN DOOR".
	Once inside you hear a baby crying upstairs, so up you go to the
bedroom on the left and move WEST into the babies room.  The crib rocks but
there's nothing in the room this kid wants.  So down the stairs you go and
out of the house.  Walk WEST to the graveyard.  Good thing you have that
shovel!  You "READ THE TOMBSTONE"s while the zombies harass you, until you
find one on the right side all the way in the back, where a six month old
baby is buried.  "DIG" and you find a rattle.  Go back to the house, put the
rattle in the crib and the crying stops.  But chains start rattling downstairs.
	Down the stairs you go and search until you see a ghost. "LOOK AT THE
GHOST", why it's an old 'miser'.  Back to the WEST graveyard you go.
Reading the tombstones until you find one that mentions a 'miser', on the
right towards the front.  You "DIG" and find a bag of gold coins.  You then
return to the house find the ghost and "GIVE COINS TO GHOST" and it vanishes.
	Next you hear crying from upstairs.  Go to the bedroom on the left and
a woman appears in a rocking chair.  You "LOOK AT GHOST" and find that she
is a lonely ghost.  Heartbroken, perhaps?
	Off to the WEST graveyard you go.  Read the tombstones at the front
to the right of the big tree.  You find one that belongs to a woman who lost
her love at sea.  "DIG" here and you recover a locket which you return to the
lady ghost.
	You hear more wailing downstairs and find another ghost wandering
about below.  You "LOOK AT THE GHOST" and see he is the distinguished "Lord"
of the house.  The tombstone next to the lady ghost's belongs to a "Lord" a
war hero as a matter of fact.  Back to the WEST graveyard you go, and
locate the tombstone that belongs to the man who "served his country well".
"DIG" and you find a Medal of Honor, which you gladly return to the "Lord of
the house".
	A boy ghost appears and you follow him upstairs, to the bedroom on the
right.  "CLIMB" the ladder to the attic and observe him.  "CLIMB" back down
the ladder and go to the graveyard on the EAST side of the house.
His grave is the one on the left in the back.  The only one that belongs
to a boy, his name is Willy.  You "DIG" and recover a toy horse, which you
return by climbing back up the ladder.
	Once he has the toy, the boy ghost vanishes and you can "OPEN CHEST" and
"LOOK IN CHEST".  You find a piece of sheet music and take it with you.
	"CLIMB" down the ladder and go downstairs to the secret room in the
library.  Walk up the stairs (SAVE GAME! YOU MAY FALL!) and go to the organ
get in front of the bench and "SIT", "PLAY THE SHEET MUSIC".  When you are
done a secret drawer opens up, "LOOK IN DRAWER" and "GET THE KEY".
SAVE YOUR GAME and go back downstairs.
	Leave the house and go EAST to the crypt.  "UNLOCK THE DOOR" and enter
the crypt.  "LOOK AROUND", kind of Egyptian isn't it.  "GET THE ROPE" and
you discover it's a ladder.  "CLIMB DOWN" and don't worry about the mummy.
SAVE YOUR GAME before you go "GET PANDORA'S BOX", which sits on the floor.
This way you can open it and see the ghosts, they'll kill you but it's worth
a look if you enjoyed RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.  "CLIMB ROPE" and head back
to Lolotte's.  The goons will pick you up when you get to the mountain.
Congratulations!  You've finished your third quest!
	But Lolotte has a surprise!  You're gettin' married in the mornin'!
To a lovely lad with a green complexion.  The goons escort you up to
Edgar's room and leave you there.  After a while, Edgar comes up and leaves
a rose in your room.  "LOOK AT ROSE", there's a gold key attached!  "GET KEY"
and "UNLOCK THE DOOR", "OPEN THE DOOR".  That Edgar...what a guy!
	SAVE YOUR GAME before heading down the stairs.  Be careful not to wake
the sleeping guard at the bottom of the stairs.  Go EAST into the dining room
where there is another sleeping goon and two doorways.  Go to the uppermost
doorway, don't wake the guard and walk EAST into the kitchen.  "OPEN CABINET"
on the right and you've found all your possessions!  "TAKE ALL", SAVE YOUR GAME
and walk back out to the WEST.
	Without waking the goon go to the lower doorway and EAST into the
throne room.  There's another goon here so be stealthy and go to the stairs
to EAST.  SAVE YOUR GAME on these stairs, they're a bit tough.  Walk all the
way up until you get to the door.  This is the door to Lolotte's bedroom.
	You "LOOK AT LOLOTTE" and see she is sleeping, she's also wearing
Genesta's talisman.  If you try to take it she might wake up.  But wait,
what about your bow and arrows.  So you "SHOOT ARROW AT LOLOTTE" and bang,
the witch is dead.  Edgar comes up and sees his mother dead but he doesn't look
too unhappy.  He gives you run of the castle!  But first, go to Lolotte and
	You go down the stairs one flight and enter the room to the WEST.
Three goons bow to you as you pass.  On your right there is a room, you
get curious and "OPEN DOOR".  You've found a closet, in fact both the hen and
Pandora's box are kept here.  Pick up these items and go downstairs and
leave the castle.
	There's a stable at the entrance to the castle, so you go in and
find the unicorn.  Move to the middle of the gate and "OPEN GATE" and the
unicorn runs free, like it should.  Exit the stable and SAVE GAME before
heading down the mountain.
	But you still have Pandora's box and it's evil, so before you go
to Genesta's go back to the crypt.  "CLIMB DOWN THE ROPE" go to the
corner where you found the box and "PUT DOWN BOX".  "CLIMB UP ROPE" and
exit the crypt.  "LOCK THE DOOR" and you slide the key under it.
	Make your way back to the pier and SAVE YOUR GAME.  Jump in the water
and swim WEST to Genesta's island.   Find her castle, climb the stairs to
her bedroom and "GIVE GENESTA THE TALISMAN".

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