********Walkthrough of Kings Quest 7: The Princeless Bride**********

Note: This game sometimes has several different ways of solving the
levels, so I'll try my best to explain them all, but if I don't, well,
"Oops" You also don't have to follow most of the things I say in
complete order, but sometimes you do. And one more thing: I'm telling
you only what needs to be done, there are plenty of people and things
you can talk to and stuff you can do which I won't be telling you about.
So have fun and explore; you don't have to follow me word for word.

**Chapter One: "Where in the blazes am I?"**

This level has three different ways of completing it, depending on what
you choose to do. This is the shortest version.

STARTING POINT: You show up here after being spun around in a twister.
Watch as a kangaroo rat is terrorized by a jackalope, and as you catch
your dress on the cactus and tear it. When you're able to start playing,
take your petticoat. Then walk two screens south.

DESERT: There's a skeleton here, lying in the sand. There is also a
hunting horn. Take the horn, and blow into it. It should remove all the
sand that has clogged it up. Then walk three screens north.

OUTSIDE CAVE: You're standing outside a cave. There's a plant growing
here, and you can see a diagram on the wall and water dripping into the
sand. Enter the cave.

CAVE: You should see four clay pots sitting in a row, and a basket on
the floor. Take the basket, and open the lid. Clicking the basket on the
eye symbol on your screen, rotate it around (Cool, eh?) and take the
corn kernel that's inside. Then pick up all four of the jars. The first
three will always break, no matter what order you try, but the fourth is
yours. Leave.

OUTSIDE CAVE: Nothing new. Walk one screen east.

OUTSIDE HOUSE: There's a little house here with the sign "Rare
Curiosities", as well as a couple holes in the ground. Knock on the door
and talk to the kangaroo rat, who informs you he can't see. Then the
jackalope bounces around and gets rude, so it's time for a little pay
back. Use the hunting horn on the eastern hole. The jackalope shrieks
and fairly flies out of the hole, catching a bit of fur on the cactus as
the kangaroo rat's glasses bounce away and his slides back into his
hole. Take the fur and the glasses, then knock on the door again. This
time, give the glasses to the kangaroo rat. He offers to trade, so give
him the corn kernel and receive a turquoise bead in return. Walk two
screen west and one south.

STATUE: There is a pool here, as well as a big, strange-looking statue.
Take the stick lying on the ground. Then, noticing the glittering
objects by the pool, click on them and find you've taken salt crystals.
Now click on the statue's head. It will rotate and sun rays will pop
out. Then examine his collar and line all the beads up to the third
column. Finally, click on the statue's wrist. The bowl will turn upside
down and drain the pool. Nicely done, Valanice! Enter the pool.

POOL: There's a small statue here, holding an offering tray. Examine the
tray, then put the turquoise bead onto it. The statue will nod (scary,
since the thing's made out of stone) then take the turquoise piece on
the right. Leave.

STATUE: Walk two screens east.

OUTSIDE TEMPLE: There's an entrance to a temple here. Before entering,
use your ripped piece of clothing on the stick to make a flag. Now go

TEMPLE: Not much time to look, because a huge scorpion comes out and
goes in for the attack. Wave your flag, and the scorpion will be
attracted to it and pin his stinger to wall. (Heh, heh.) Go over to the
small statue on the table, and click on the symbol that looks like an
upside-down teardrop. It will rotate, bringing up three crystals. Take
the blue one and put it on the lower hand of the statue, then place the
yellow bead in the raised hand. Last, put the red bead on the pedestal
near the statue. A turquoise piece should appear. Take it, and make a
quick exit.

OUTSIDE TEMPLE: Walk two screens west and one north.

STATUE ENTRANCE: A big mouthy statue is here, and some ominous looking
footprints lead up to it. Hit the cactus on the right of the doorway
with the stick to get the prickly pear. Then join your two turquoise
pieces to make an arrow shaped  piece, and examine the hole above the
doorway, until it zooms in for a closer look. Put the piece into the
hole, and watch as the doorway opens. Take a deep breath, Valanice, and
go in.

TUNNEL: Boo! Surprise, surprise, those footprints should have warned
you. Scream all you like, cause this level's over.

OTHER WAYS OF BEATING THE LEVEL: Don't get the hunting horn. Put your
corn kernel into the wet sand beside the cave. When the corn stalk pops
up, take the ear of corn and go to the statue screen. Twist the head and
fix the collar (the same way as before), then use the comb on yourself.
You take it out and sob about Rosella. Then cry into the statue's bowl.
Fill your clay pot with the water from the pool, then pour it into the
bowl. Put the ear of corn into the statue's hand, and it makes fresh
water. Fill your pot with the fresh water and head out into the desert.
Talk to the desert spirit once, then again. The second time, give him
the pot. He'll drink, then lead you to his skeleton, where he offers you
a rope or bug reducing powder. If you take the rope, go to the starting
point of the level and tie the rope between the cacti, and the jackalope
should trip, losing fur and glasses, and you know how to deal with
those. If you take the powder, go the temple and use it on the scorpion
instead of the flag. The scorpion is shrunk and you know what to do

**Chapter two: "A troll is as a troll does."**

This level is long because is takes a lot of walking back and forth. The
objects to make the magic potion don't have to be collected in any
special order. It's up to you.

BEDROOM: After being pulled through a mirror and talking with King Otar,
you're taken to your room where you pout about being a troll. There's
nothing to do here for now, so leave.

MAIN CAVERN: You are confronted by a troll whose name is Matilda, and
she promises to help you turn back into a human if you gather the
correct components for a potion and promise to go to Ooga Booga Land to
find the REAL King Otar. After that, a little troll will come out, dump
his toy rat, and leave for a meal. Take the rat, then the shield from
the wall left of the throne. Enter the kitchen at the top right.

KITCHEN: You sneak in here and giggle about a troll chef cooking
something really quite disgusting, then you are thrown out. (Literally.) 

MAIN CAVERN: A tall woman disappears into the mud pool area. Interested?
Follow her, and watch as she has a very brief talk with the two male
trolls, then she leaves. Talk to the male trolls and find out her name
is Malicia, and she's a fairy from above. Now leave the mud pool area
and go back to the kitchen.

KITCHEN: This time, the chef continues his little song and dance but
doesn't notice you. Wind up the toy rat and set it loose. The chef will
chase around the rat and it ends in a crash, and you collect the rat
again. Take the bowl from the shelf (Gold bowl, one of the spell items)
then take the machine next to the shelves and get the baked beetles.
(Another spell item.) Leave.

MAIN CAVERN: Go into the mud pools again, and listen to the female
trolls talk about some very useful information. (Sulphur puts trolls to
sleep, flowers wake them up.) Leave and go into the workshop at the
lower left.

WORKSHOP: There are two trolls who work here. One is pounding away at an
anvil, the other is deliactely chipping at something else. Talk to the
troll behind the window, who is the first (and probably the only) polite
troll you've ever met. The other troll just hits on you, so go to lower

SULPHUR CAVERNS: Smells like rotten eggs, which can only mean sulphur.
Dip the gold bowl into one of the pools of green water. (It's emerald
water, another spell item.) Then take the lantern, and walk to the edge
of the crevasse and feel the updraft. Walk a little bit lower and jump
to the rock in the center, then across to the other side. Take the wet
sulphur and retrace your steps back to the workshop.

WORKSHOP: The rude troll has just completed a silver spoon (Hmm... think
of spells, Rosella). When the fire is hot, light your lantern. Then,
when the rude troll is turned away, put the wet sulphur in the fire.
Soon the troll is snoozing, and you are free to the spoon.
Unfortunately, it's a little hot, so take the tongs from the rack and
pick up the spoon with that, then drop the spoon box into the bucket of
water to cool it off. You get the silver spoon, so return the tongs and
leave the workshop.

MAIN CAVERN: Enter area to the lower left.

BRIDGE: A much-simplified elevator shaft leads up, but it's too
precarious for now. A bridge leads across a river of hot lava, and there
is a wagon at the upper corner of the screen. Try to walk across the
bridge. A huge troll will appear and demand a ridiculous toll, so go the
wagon. Using your eye symbol on the shield, remove the spike. Then put
the shield on the empty axle. Secure the shield with the spike, and ride
the cart. Wee!!! Slam into the troll, who meets an untimely end, and
continue on your way.

CRYSTAL CAVES: Crystals glitter from every corner here, and it sounds
like someone breathing nearby. Follow the path leading right and keep

DRAGON CAVE: There is a magnificent crystal dragon here (Hint: think of
crystal dragon scales.) Talk to the dragon, who informs you that it has
lost it's spark. Spark, did it say? Offer your lantern. The dragon,
overjoyed, takes the spark and gives you a huge red gem, then flies
away, promising to give you a scale when it returns. Go back to the main

MAIN CAVERN: You're not quite finished collecting things yet. Go to the

WORKSHOP: The rude troll (thankfully) is still snoring. Give your gem to
the jeweler troll, who thanks you and gives you his chisel and hammer,
then leaves. Go to the dragon's cave.

DRAGON CAVE: The dragon has returned at last. Unfortunately, it's asleep
and shows no sign of ever waking up. When the tail flops to the ground,
quickly use your hammer and chisel on it. Take the scale and move away,
otherwise...well...  Go to the main cavern.

MAIN CAVERN: At last! It's time to give Matilda what she asked for. The
gold bowl of emerald water, the silver spoon, the baked beetles, and
crystal dragon's scale. With a little mixing (and a bit of forgetfulness
on Matilda's part), you are a human once again. You now have a silver
pellet, which is the melted spoon. Your joy is short-lived. Malicia and
the false Otar appear. Malicia locks you in your room.

BEDROOM: There's something new here: there is smoke drifting from the
picture on the wall. Take the bench and put it under the picture, then
stack the seat and stool on top. Climb up, remove the picture, and go

VENT: (At least, I'm supposing it's a vent.) Eavesdrop on Malicia and
the fake Otar, and learn that they're plotting to destory Etheria. Climb
out, and get the dragon toad on the throne.

MAIN CAVERN: Walk to your bedroom. You overhear a heated argument
between Malicia and Matilda. Matilda gets zapped and sulkily returns to
her usual seat in the room. Give Matilda the dragon toad. She tells you
it's the real King Otar's, and she KNOWS he's in Ooga Booga Land. She
gives you an enchanted rope. Now try to leave to the room with the
bridge. Malicia wil appear, so use the toy rat on her. She screams and
disappears, so go to the bridge room.

BRIDGE: Use the enchanted rope on the elevator. Then climb in. This
level also ends in a screaming. Congratulations, Rosella, level two is
done for!

**Chapter Three: "The sky is falling!"**

This level can be a little tricky, since Valanice has to return to the
desert again, which may have confused some people who didn't know that.
Also, you could have completed the level without getting all of the
items needed for level three, but you can always go back and get them.

TUNNEL: It resumes where it was: a giant lizard is roaring at you. Use
the prickly pear on the monster and he'll leave you alone. Walk one
screen northwest and one west.

TREE: There is a huge tree here, bleeding out sap. A stag rests. As soon
as you enter, he leaps up and warns you of the danger of this land. Keep
talking to him until you can't anymore. (He is Attis, and the tree is
his wife, the Lady of Summer, both turned into their current forms
because of Malicia.) Walk one screen west and one north.

STREAM: There is a dried up stream here. Despite it's innocent look, the
mud is still quite dangerous. Jump on the rocks to cross the stream.

FOREST ENTRANCE: A giant spiderweb spreads across the entrance to a path
through the forest. A spider is attempting to snack on a hummingbird, so
capture the spider in your basket. You'll toss the basket aside, then
take the hummingbird. She will thank you, offer any assistance in the
future, and fly away. Enter the woods.

CITY GATES: If you knock on the door, you'll be confronted by a creature
who tells you not to enter. Pay no attention to him, just enter through
the small door beside the gate.

FALDERAL: Welcome to the city of Falderal, the most confusing, mixed-up
place you've ever been. The duke, a poodle named Fifi Le Yip-Yap, will
come out. Use your comb on him. He is moved by your story about Rosella,
and he disappears into his house. Enter the China Shop.

CHINA SHOP: The wares here are beautiful, but the price is much, much
too steep for you. Talk to the owner of the shop, who is Fernando. He
will explain he is sad because his little bird, Treasure, has been
stolen. You sympathize, than leave.

FALDERAL: Walk one screen east.

TOWN SQUARE: Upside down building, a mocking-bird tree, a big pool, a
shop. Typical of Falderal, eh? Remove the cover over the cage by the
shop. A bird is inside. Open the cage door, and explain to the bird that
you are Valanice of Daventry (really, you give out your information too
easily, Valanice!!) and that the bird's owner is looking for her.
Treasure will perk up, and she's yours for the time being. Return to
China Shop.

CHINA SHOP: Fernando is still boo-hooing, so give Treasure to him. He is
so grateful he gives you the china mask on the wall, then disappears
into a back room. Leave.

FALDERAL: Watch as the guests file into the City Hall, wearing masks. A
masquerade birthday party is going on in celebration of the Arch Duke
Yip Yap. Put on your mask and knock on the door. You are welcomed and
escorted inside.

CITY HALL: A cake and a pompous poodle adorn the table, and guests are
all standing around and chatting. Leave the party through the curtained
door at the back of the room.

STAIRWAY MAZE: Stairways here, stairways there, stairways everywhere!
Walk left on the one you're standing on, and it's pretty easy to
navigate from there. Open the doorway you come to. It's a powder room.
Step through the third mirror, and you come out in the office. Open the
drawer and take the mirror, then exit and return to the party.


FALDERAL: Walk east once.

TOWN SQUARE: The sky is falling! Well, maybe not the sky, but the moon
certainly is! The mockingbird is frightened away, so climb up on the
edge of the pool and take the wooden nickel in his nest. Since you can't
reach the moon, just eat your salt crystals and enter the Faux Shop.

FAUX SHOP: Falderal-worthy is every respect. Give your wooden nickel to
the turtle, and you get a book. I doubt I have to walk you through the
pathway back to the desert. Just go there.

STATUE ENTRANCE: Walk two screens east.

OUTSIDE HOUSE: Knock on the door of the "Rare Curiosities" shop. Offer
the book to the kangaroo rat. In return, you get a sherpherd's crook.
Now go back through the tunnel.

MARBLE STATUES: A crumbling bridge leading across a dried-up river, as
well as two marble statues, are here. Do you see the hummingbirds
fluttering around the flowers near the top of the screen? Use your clay
pot on them. Now your pot is filled with nectar. Go back to the Town

TOWN SQUARE: NOW you can reach the moon! Use your shepherd's crook, of
course. Just as you pull it out, Fifi and his guards march up and you
are arrested! Adios, level three!

**Chapter Four: "Will the real troll king please stand up?"**

In this level, you can't spend too much time standing around or reading
headstones, or whatever. The Boogie Man can appear at any time and get
you. Luckily, if you are fast enough, just leave the screen and return.
Until you have the black cloak, the Boogie Man might pose a problem.
Also, there are two final endings to the game, so you may need the extra
life, and then again, you may not.

BROKEN ELEVATOR: The scream and the tremor you heard and saw at the end
of chapter two was not needless: The elevator is going to collapse!
Fortunately, a gravedigger comes along and offers you his shovel. Grab
the blade, and you are pulled up. As he lumbers back to his grave
digging, grumbling about how small his shovel is, glance around. Strange
place. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) in Ooga Booga land is dead or the
living dead. Talk to the gravedigger as many times as you can (until he
wishes not to be bothered.) Turns out his rat Iggy was stolen, and Iggy
was the only thing that could make his rat-powered digging machine work.
Walk southeast.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: A gigantic pumpkin serves as a house for two rude little
punks. Walk west once.

DOCTOR'S HOUSE: This house is more down-to-earth. (Unintended pun.)
Watch as one of the kids and his cat makes fun of the resident of the
house, then run away. Walk east.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: If you do not see an elevator-thing behind the spider web
beneath the house, keep leaving and coming back until you do. When it is
there, hop aboard and go up.

INTERIOR PUMPKIN: This place is full of creepy things. All you need is
the back bone and foot-in-the-bag. There are two ways to leave the
house: back down the elevator, or, if you heard the kids coming or just
want something different, you can jump out the window. However, never
leave through the mouth of the pumpkin. The kids with "get" you.


DOCTOR'S HOUSE: If you haven't seen the second kid bothering the doctor,
you'll see him now. When he's gone, knock on the door. The doctor will
invite you in.

INSIDE DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Dr. Mort Cadaver, huh? Talk to him a bunch, then
give him the back bone you found in the pumpkin house. He thanks you,
and gives you a weird pet in return. Leave the house, and go to the
pumpkin house.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: The kids are here, tossing a rat back and forth and
singing a song. Listen carefully: if the branch shaped like a snake is
pointing up, run away because the boogie man is inside. If the branch is
down, it's okay, because he's gone. (That's not the exact words, but the
idea.) Offer the weird pet to the kids. They lower the elevator for you.
Put the pet on the elevator, and watch. Soon you'll have Iggy. Walk

BROKEN ELEVATOR: The gravedigger is still here, digging away. Give Iggy
to him. The gravedigger, thankful, gives you a horn and says any time
you blow it he'll come to you and dig you a grave. Then he and Iggy get
to work. Walk southeast.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: The kids are here, giving a funeral to a cat (who is
still alive) in a coffin. When they leave, bust open the coffin with
your hammer and chisel. The cat comes our and thanks you. She gives you
a life (after all, she still has eight left) and tells you that Otar is
buried under the deadfall, where the Boogie Man lives. Walk north.

BROKEN ELEVATOR: The gravedigger and his contraption are gone, but a
shovel has been left behind. Take it. Walk west and south twice.

DEADFALL: Remember the song, and look at the long, crooked branch. If it
is pointing up, leave the screen and keep returning until it is pointing
down. When it is, stand at the very lower left of the screen, in front
of the bushes, and blow the horn. If you are standing correctly, the
gravedigger will come, dig the grave, and go away. Enter the deadfall.

OUTSIDE COFFIN: You fall with a little scream, and land in front of a
coffin. Look at the lock. It is covered with symbols. You've probably
noticed symbols all over the place: the skull, the bat, and the spider.
Try out the combination. It opens, and Otar is inside. Just then,
Malicia comes, locks you both inside, covers the deadfall, and leaves.

COFFIN: It's cramped and dark: no fun. After explaining to Otar why and
how you found him, there is a ferocious slamming above you, and Otar
says you need to escape. Give him the dragon toad. He uses him armband
to the bring the dragon toad to life, but it gets stuck. Use the chisel
and hammer to get it loose. The dragon toad will dig you two to safety.

GRAVEYARD: You, Otar, and the dragon toad appear in a graveyard. Otar
sends the dragon toad to warn Matilda about the trouble going on, and
then he gives you a staff and turns himself in a scarab. Take Otar, and
then the cloak that is nearby. Put on the cloak so that you look like
Lady Tsepish. (If you talked to Dr. Cadaver enough, you'll know all
about Lady Tsepish.) Walk north, and enter Dr. Cadaver's house.

INSIDE DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Dr. Cadaver will warn you to leave Ooga Booga
because of Malicia. Talk to him. He will then tell you about a monster
that Malicia has guarding the exit, so he will give you some defoilant
to take care of it. Leave.

DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Walk east.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: The kids are here, hitting a bat with baseball bats.
Scare them, then walk south to the garden.

GARDEN: Sure enough, the monster jumps out and scares the heebie-jeebies
out of you. Not to fear, use the defoilant on him. As you walk past the
three-headed plant, it will talk to you. Keep talking, if you want to,
then throw your foot-in-a-bag to them. As they fight over it, quickly
move in and take the flower by the plant. Then move back and walk east.

OUTSIDE MALICIA'S HOUSE: As you attempt to pass the stone gargoyle
sitting on guard outside the house, the king will stop you and talk
about the danger of the situation and how to get the machine that will
destory Malicia. Walk north behind Malicia's house. (HINT: IF THERE IS A

BEHIND MALICIA'S HOUSE: The back of the house is every bit as weird as
the front. Pull away the vines covering a hole by the house. Use the
shovel to enlarge the hole, then crawl in.

UNDER FLOOR: You'll pull up the board and poke your head around. Quickly
go back under. The dog should appear. Use your defoilant on him, and
watch as he sneezes a lot and Malicia takes him for a walk. Now it's
safe to enter the room.

MALICIA'S HOUSE: One thing is for certain: that old fairy has baaaaaad
taste. Go over to the dresser and open the drawers until you find one
that is interesting. Keep pulling out Malicia's clothes until you find
the machine that will rid of Malicia. Then take the pile of clothes and
dump it back into the drawer. A woolen stocking should have fallen. Take
it, then leave the house through the floorboard.

BEHIND MALICIA'S HOUSE: Put the cloak back on. It's not safe without it,
especially since the Boogie Man is around. Walk to the front of the
house, then east.

WOOD OF THE WEREBEAST: It's quiet here. Put your silver pellet into the
woolen stocking and carefully proceed. A werebeast will pop out and
freak you out. Hit him will your stocking. Since werebeast hate silver,
he'll be pretty confused. Run east, quick!!

WEREBEAST WOOD ENTRANCE: Safety, at last! Do you recognize this place?
You should, because Valanice has been here. Go to Falderal.

FALDERAL: Enter the City Hall.

CITY HALL: The party is abandoned. Oh well, that's good for you. Leave
the room through the curtain door.

STAIRWAY MAZE: Using the same path as before, go to the powder room.

POWDER ROOM: Once you get here, you're stuck. The door is locked. The
room is the same before: decorated with a tacky taste. Examine the
plaque on the base of the cherub. Since it is tarnished, you'll need to
clear it up with the woolen stocking. Now a little poem can be read.
Feed the cherub, huh? Use your chisel and hammer to get a golden grape
from the pillar on the right side of the room. Then give the golden
grape to the cherub. The cherub will spit it out and partially open the
secret entrace to the Volcanix Underground through the fountain. Use the
wand on the troll king. He will turn back to his usual form and open the
entrance the rest of the way. Then follow him, until you encounter a
fight between the two troll kings. Level four's done.

**Chapter Five: "Nightmare in Etheria."**

This chapter is a lot like number two: there's a lot of walking back and
forth. To save a LOT of time, skip through the part in Etheria where the
butterflies dance with you.

FALDERAL: Well, you've been arrested, and your punishment is to return
the moon to the sky. Walk east.

TOWN SQUARE: Enter the Faux Shop and give your mask to the turtle.
You'll get a rubber chicken in return. Now exit and go west.

FALDERAL: Take the feather from the chicken. Put the rubber chicken in
the branch on the tree at the right. Then put the moon on the chicken.
You pull the chicken back and the moon is shot right back into the sky.
The chicken runs back to the Faux Shop. Walk east.

TOWN SQUARE: Give the magic statuette to the salesman at the shop near
the bird cage. You'll get the werebeast salve and instructions about how
to use it. Now leave the town.

CITY GATE: Walk south.

FOREST ENTRANCE: Walk east two screens. 

ROCK: A huge rock is sleeping here. The rock is shaped like a face. Use
the feather on the rock's "nose." The rock will wake up and tell you
about how to restore the woods back to their beauty, then he falls
asleep. Walk two screens west and cross the dried up stream.

STREAM: Walk south and two screen east.

MARBLE STATUES: Use the nectar in your pot on the statue nearest to you.
Suddenly, the bridge is fixed by a rainbow, and water gushes out of the
pitcher the statue is holding. The stream fills up. Walk west.

WEREBEAST WOOD ENTRANCE: Use your jackalope fur on your bottle of
werebeast salve. Then apply the salve. You are turned into a jackalope,
and race past the werebeast in the woods (who looses his pants, ha ha)
and you turn back into a human in front of Malicia's house.

OUTSIDE MALICIA'S HOUSE: Yipes! The monster that Rosella defeated
earlier is back again. Fortunately, since Attis was turned back to his
human form when you filled the stream, he pops up and destroys the
monster, than disappears. Now walk east.

GARDEN: Those "charming" plants are at it again. Carefully walk around
them and leave the garden through the gate.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: The kids are here, banging pots and yelling. Leave, then
come back. They should be gone. If the elevator is down, use it. If not,
keep leaving and coming back until it is.

INTERIOR PUMPKIN: The only thing different from when Rosella was here is
that the mummy is now holding a bone. If you can't get it from him,
touch his hair ("Hey! Don't touch my do!") and then take the bone.
However, it usually works the first time. Leave.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: Walk two screens west and one north.

BURNED HOUSE: Always before, Rosella found a shadow of a dog. Valanice,
however is not so lucky. The dog jumps out and barks up a storm. Throw
the bone to him. While his is munching away, talk to him. Keep talking
until you get the medal he is wearing and the learn the story about how
Malicia's gargoyle burned their house and beheaded Count Tsepish. Walk

COUNT'S CRYPT: Lady Tsepish is still here, crying. Give her the medal.
She is overjoyed to have it, and disappears. Walk to screens east.

PUMPKIN HOUSE: The kid is running here with a string of lit
firecrackers. One falls, so take it. QUICKLY walk two screens west,
because we all know what firecrackers do!

COUNT'S CRYPT: Hurry over to the door of the grave and toss the
firecracker inside. Stand back as the door explodes open, then enter.

INSIDE CRYPT: The only thing inside the crypt is a casket. Open the
casket and take the count's head. (Eeew, Valanice!) Then leave the

COUNT'S CRYPT: Walk south once.

DEADFALL: You should see Rosella's friend the cat here. Talk to her. She
will tell you about Rosella, and that to get to Etheria you must seek
Count Tsepish's help. If you hadn't talked to cat, what you are going to
do next won't work. Walk north once.

COUNT'S CRYPT: Stand in the path. When Count Tsepish lands, hold up the
skull. The horse will skid to a stop, and the count will thank you and
offer a fife. (Whenever you use it, the horse will appear and take you
to Etheria.) Then Tsepish and Lady Tsepish and their dog all laugh and
hug and stuff, then you are lifted onto the horse and flown to Etheria.

ETHERIA: Wow, nice place!! Walk two screens east and then climb to the
top of the mountain.

CLIFF: There is the entrance to a cave here, along with a tree. Climb
the tree and shinny out to the edge of the branch. Take the ambrosia,
then climb down. Walk south.

MOUNTAIN: Climb back down the mountain and walk south, then west.

ETHERIA: Use the southeast rainbow to warp to the woods with the marble

MARBLE STATUES: Walk northeast across the bridge. Then place the
ambrosia into the cornucopia the statue is holding. Drum roll, please.
Well it's not too exciting, to tell the truth. A bunch of fruit appears
in the cornucopia. Click on it, and you'll get a pomegranite. Then walk
back across the bride and then west.

TREE: Attis is here, playing a lonely tune on his pipes while he lounges
beneath the tree that was once Lady Ceres. Use the pomegranite on the
bleeding tree. Ceres is uncursed and turned back into her usual form.
She and Attis embrace, then he leaves and Ceres works on helping the
forest. Use the fife to return to Etheria.

ETHERIA: Walk east and north.

HARP: There is a harp here, with a strange globe sitting atop it. If you
have danced with the butterflies, you might recognize the tune you are
about to play. Use the strings 1, 5, 6, 4. The rest of the song is
played. Then enter the globe on the harp.

THREE FATES: Inside the globe, you talk to three fates. They tell you to
talk to Maab in the land of dreams, then you are sent back outside.

HARP: Once again, play the tune and enter the globe.

THREE FATES: Talk to the fates again. They tell you to sleep to reach
Maab. Then you are whisked outside.

HARP: Walk south, then west.

ETHERIA: Use the southwest rainbow to get to Ooga Booga Land.

GARDEN: You plop down in front of those annoying plants. Open the gate
and leave the garden.


DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Knock on the door. Dr. Cadaver greets you and invites
you inside.

INSIDE DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Talk to Mort a couple times, until he tells you
that you can sleep at his house. You lie on the coffin/bed and he covers
your face with dream silk. Then you drift off to sleep and have a
disturbing dream where you find Maab encased in ice. When you wake up,
leave the house.

DOCTOR'S HOUSE: Use the fife and go to Etheria.

ETHERIA: Walk east and north.

HARP: You play the harp and hop inside the globe, where you tell the
fates that Maab was in ice. They advise you to talk to Lady Ceres. Go
south and west.

ETHERIA: Use the southeast rainbow to warp to woods.


TREE: (I'm just going to keep calling this place "tree" even though the
tree is no longer here.) Talk to Ceres. She tells you that you must fill
a crystal with sunlight to save Maab from being frozen forever. Use the
fife and return to Etheria once again.

ETHERIA: Use the southwest rainbow to go to Ooga Booga Land.

GARDEN: Walk east.

OUTSIDE MALICIA'S HOUSE: Walk behind the house.

BEHIND MALICIA'S HOUSE: Once again, the deal is the same. If the dog is
barking, you have to keep leaving and coming back until it's not. If
there is no barking, it is safe to enter the hole behing the house.

UNDER FLOOR: When Cuddles (the dog) comes along and sniffs the hole, use
your ambrosia on it. The dog will eat it, and then Malicia will pick up
Cuddles and there will be talking, then they'll leave. When the coast is
clear, climb up into the room.

MALICIA'S HOUSE: Look at the crystal chandelier. Take one of the
crystals, then leave the house through the floorboards, as before.

BEHIND MALICIA'S HOUSE: Walk to the front of the house.

OUTSIDE MALICIA'S HOUSE: Use the fife to go the Etheria. Don't worry
about this bothering the gargoyle; it won't.

ETHERIA: Use the northwest rainbow to go to the desert.

DESERT: Walk two screens north and one east.

OUTSIDE TEMPLE: Enter the building.

TEMPLE: A shaft of light is shining across the statue. Sunlight, of
course. Use your crystal shaft on the sunlight. Now that it's done, exit
the temple and use the fife.

ETHERIA: Walk east and north again.

HARP: Enter the harp and talk to the three fates once more. Since you
can't carry things to dreamland with you while sleeping, you must go
there while awake. The fates give you a dreamcatcher so that you may get
to their nephew, the dreamweaver, safely. Walk south and east and climb
the mountian again.

CLIFF: Try to enter the cave. A ferocious nightmare will come out and
attempt to attack. Use your dreamcatcher on it, then enter the cave.

DREAMWEAVER'S CAVE: Talk to the Weaver of Dreams. He seems quite
uninterested in you. Then show him the dream catcher, and explain about
Maab. Worried, he weaves you a tapesty of dreams and tells you to help
Maab quickly. Use the tapesty of dreams on yourself.

DREAMLAND: You are on a cloud with a strange clock, when a huge black
nightmare comes along. Use your dreamcatcher on it. The two nightmares
fight as you walk south and fall into the water.

WATER: Swim east.

ISLAND: You climb up on the island and enter the building. When you see
Maab, use the crystal shaft. The ice will melt, and Maab will listen to
your story. Then she will give you a magic bridle so that you can
harness the white wind and talk to Oberon and Titania, the King and
Queen of Etheria. Then she send you back to Etheria.

MOUNTAIN: Climb the mountain.

CLIFF: Stand near the very leftmost part of the tree. When the wind
sweeps by, throw your bridle at it. You harnessed with wind! Jump on and
you will be taken even farther up the mountain.

TOP OF MOUNTAIN: When you get there, you have a talk with the winds, and
then Oberon and Titania themselves. Worried, they leave to try and stop
the evil plot....

**Chapter Six: "Ready, set... BOOM!"**

This chapter definitely requires the least amount of user actions. I'm
not going to mention ALL the parts where there a movies, it would take
too long.

CONTROL ROOM: As the two kings stuggle and fight, examine your magic
wand. At the top of the wand you can see the letter "T". Rotate the wand
so that you can click the bottom and change the setting to "F." Then,
when the false king is thrown to the back of the room, use the wand. He
is turned into human form--Edgar, son of Oberon and Titania! Then
Malicia appears and ruins everything, transporting you to the center of
the volcano!

VOLCANO: Use your hand on the wall. You will dig a hole large enough to
climb through, the come out in a tunnel. You should recognize it.

TUNNEL: Walk northwest.

DOOR: Click on the left eye, then the right, and then the nose. The door
will open. Hurry inside, you are running out of time.

CONTROL ROOM: Use the mysterious device you've been carrying around
since Malicia's house and plug it into the socket. When it is fully
charged and begins to blink, take it back. Then use the flower on King
Otar to wake him up. He jumps up and begins fiddling with controls,
while elsewhere Edgar has picked up Valanice, and Oberon, Titania, and
Maab are trying to stop the volcano from errupting. Finally, Otar gets
it to work. Cheerful music plays, and you and Otar laugh. Then Edgar and
Valanice appear, and so does Malicia. Malicia fights with Edgar (and
wins). Quickly use the mysterious device on Malicia to turn her into an
infant. Now use the extra life on Edgar, (or, for an alternate ending,
don't!) and.....

I'm not going to ruin either one of the endings for you. You're just
going to have to play to find out! Congratulations for completing Kings
Quest 7: The Princeless Bride, and happy gaming!!

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