- RPG/Adventure game mantra - Go to every house, click on everything,
talk to everyone, search every pixel!

Follow crow to lakeside. Talk to Wizard. Go to house with bale of hay.
Notice axe on the beam. Push hay, climb it to reach axe. Go to mill,
chop  down the tree to stop the water mill. This will allow you to get
the rope. Climb up to the wizard's tower in the middle of the lake.
Click the quill, tear the page off the spell book, and use it on the
globe. Use the reveal potion to see the invisible chest near the
shelves. Use the bell from the chest on the odd gadget at the foot of
the tower. Bang it 3 times with your axe to get the sword. Go to the
waterfall, climb up at the side, push the rocks to block part of the
water flow. Enter the waterfall to reach the castle. Use the candles on
the walls to open the secret door in the fire place. Push against the
king's picture to get the key. Go to next room, picking up the torch ash
along the way, and click on the mirror. At the knight's tomb, break the
entrance with your axe and get the ring from the coffin. Use the key to
unlock the portal room in the ruins across the tomb. Kill the skeleton
on the top floor to get a leather armour. Use your axe to break into the
house with the door boarded shut. Get the scroll of might. There is a
unicorn next to a toxic pool you can talk to northern part of town. Go
the the town chapel, climb up the wall next to the main entrance. Pick
up the sacred candle, push the urn near the window. Kill monster
guarding the door to the town crypt to get the crossbow. Enter to
portal. Return to the wizard and hand him the ring, the candle and the
ash. Return to the portal.

Dimension of Death

- Explore every inch of the place, you need to pick up some rocks and
pull some switches to to disarm some traps. Don't trade your sword for
the weapons dropped by the skeletons.
- Climb any tower or high wall you can find.
- DoD is a square compund. Lord Azriel's prison is in the South-East(SE)
- Boxes and urns can be broken with your sword.

Lord Azriel's Prison & Broken Shield - Move around killing all the
skeletons. Pick up the giant spinning key and get a piece of broken
shield from a fallen knight. Boxes can be broken with your sword. Use
the key on the four lights near the entrance by pushing against it after
inserting it into the slot. Enter Lord Azriel's prison. Solve the step
puzzle (this can be done by simple trial and error, if you don't end up
where you started, you are on the right track) and speak to Lord Azriel.
Open the gates to the Compound of the Dead.

Chainmail - There is a skeleton in chainmail on top of a tower in the
Eastern(E) region of the map, North(N) of where you started. Keep
hacking at him, slowly pushing him back till he falls off the ledge.
Pick up the chainmail from his remains.

Crying girl - She is trapped in the South-West(SW). Climb up the
southern high wall in the big area with the pool of water(it gives you
health if you drink it). Climb down on the other side to reach the girl.
Push the block blocking the entrance to free the girl.

Girl's brother - He is lying in a corridor in the southern halls.

Boatman - He is at the North-Western part at the banks of the River of
the Dead.

Key to switch room - Dropped by a skeleton in the sparring room South of
map, East of the dead brother.

Angel - She is at the health pool. Push away the four metal blocks to
release the switches on the floor and she will appear.

Rust - Dip the broken shield into the River of Dead.

Portal Room. It is west of the tower where you got your chainmail.

Portals to War, Respite, Immortality, Justice - The switches are at the
tower East of the Angel. Use your rocks to keep the switches activated.
Use your map to see which switch opens which portal. Open Respite first.

Respite/Skull - Jump over from the highest block. From the shelves on
the left, pick the skull 3rd shelf down from the top, the 7th skull from
the left. Push the column and use it to jump back.

War/Feather - Place the skull on the headless statue to get the Feather.

Immortality/Bleeding Heart - Heart will be automatically healed once the
Scales of Justice are balanced.

Justice/Scales - Place the feather on one pan, then walk forward to jump
onto the other pan to balance the scales.

Mould - It is sunken in the pool of blood at the end of the corridor
with the smell. You can pick it up after healing the heart which causes
the blood to subside.

Switch Room/Opening Gate to Bridge of Life - The levers on the east wall
lowers the four entrance gates to the prison cells. Lower all of them.
Open your map to see the bars being lowered. West wall levers represent
each of the four rows of cells. The South wall levers opens the cells.
Select one lever on the West wall, then lower all 4 levers at the South
wall, then enter the prison hall to kill the trapped spectres/skeletons
and pick up whatever is inside the 4 open cells. Go back to the switch
room and pick another lever from the West wall, then lower all 4 levers
on the South wall, then back to the cells to clear the next 4 opened
cells. You will have to repeat this 4 times as there are 4 rows of
cells/4 West wall levers. The Lever that opens the gate to the Bridge of
Life is in the last Eastern-most cell.

Door in switch room/Throwing Hammer - Walk through it, it is a fake

Bridge of Life - Use the Hammer to throw the mechanical lever on the
left of the bridge to lower it.

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