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AUTHOR  : Tom Hayes
E-MAIL  : tomhayes83(at)hotmail(dot)com
UPDATED : 22nd May, 2004


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Point List
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Copyright Information


VERSION 2.0 : 22nd May, 2004
  Updated the format.

VERSION 1.0 : 24th March, 2000
  First version.


1.                                Introduction


King's Quest I is the first in a series of eight adventure games for the PC. In 
this game, Graham travels to the land of Daventry to meet the king, who gives 
him a quest to find three golden treasures. These are hidden in various 
dangerous places of the land, like the golden mirror near the dragon at the 
bottom of the well, or the golden chest in a magical land on top of the clouds 
where a ferocious giant walks.

Like in most of Sierra's early adventures, a typing interface is used. The 
arrow keys move Graham to different points on screen, while verbs can be typed 
to interact with the surroundings. For example, "Look" would give a description 
of the area, while "Get (objectname)" would get the specified object on screen 
and add it to the item list, also known as the inventory. Overall, this is a 
good game which features a huge amount of locations to explore.


2.                                Walkthrough


You start the game in an area near the castle.  Cross the bridge and walk up to 
the doors of the castle. "Open doors". North. West. Walk up to the start of the 
steps. "Bow to king". "Talk king". East. South. South. West. Go behind the rock 
and type "push rock". "Get dagger". North. "Climb tree".  Walk along the branch 
of the tree to the nest. "Get egg". Climb down from the tree. West. West.

"Cut rope". Walk to the top-right corner of the well and "lower rope". "Climb 
rope". Climb down into the well. Climb down to the bottom of the rope and 
Graham will fall into the water. "Dive". Swim into the hole at the bottom-left 
corner of this area, and you should arrive in the cave of a dragon. Exit the 
cave to refill the bucket, and then enter the cave again. Walk close to the 
dragon, and type "throw water". "Get mirror".

Walk into the water to refill the bucket, and then enter the cave again. West. 
West. South. South. "Look in stump". "Get pouch". "Open pouch". West. North. 
North. West. Walk over to the four-leaf clover. "Get clover". South. A fairy 
should show up and give you a spell that will protect you. West. Walk onto the 
garden. "Get carrot". North. North. West. "Get bowl". "Read bowl". West. "Get 
walnut". "Open walnut". North. East. "Get pebbles". North. West. West. West. 
Enter the house. "Give bowl". "Fill". "Get fiddle". Exit the house.

South. South. "Eat house". "Open door". Enter the bedroom and wait for the 
witch to enter the house and move to the stove. Walk up to the witch, and type 
"push witch". "Open cupboard". "Get cheese". "Get note". "Read note". Exit the 
house. West. South. South. "Open gate". Walk near the goat and type "show 
carrot". Exit the pen, and the goat should be following. South. South. South. 
West. Start to cross the bridge and the goat will hit the troll out of the way. 
West. "Talk gnome". He will ask you to guess his name. "Ifnkovhgroghprm". "Get 
beans". East. East. "Plant beans". A huge beanstalk will grow from the ground.

"Climb beanstalk". Up. Up. Up. Walk east along the clouds. East. South. East. 
East. "Look in hole". "Get sling". North. West. Try and get the giant caught 
behind the tree so that he can no longer follow you. Wait behind the tree until 
the giant falls asleep. "Get chest". East. Enter the cave and walk down all of 
the steps to the exit. East. Wait for the elf to appear. "Talk elf". North. 
East. East. South. East. East. Wait until the bird appears.

Walk behind the rock on the east side of this area, and type "jump" when the 
bird is flying above Graham. The bird will take you to a new location. West. 
"Get mushroom". East. Fall down the hole. South. West. Walk close to the rat 
and type "give cheese to rat". "Open door". "Play fiddle". South. "Get 
sceptre". "Get shield". West. "Eat mushroom". Go through the hole. East. North. 
North. East. "Open door". North. West. "Bow" to complete the game.


3.                                Item List


  The gnome will give Graham the beans after he guesses his name. They are used 
  to grow the beanstalk.

  The bowl is found two screens north and one screen west from the garden. It 
  is given to the people in the old house for the fiddle.

  The carrot is found in the garden. It is shown to the goat in the pen.

  The cheese is found in the cupboard in the witch's house. It is given to the 

  The chest is found in the area with the giant. It is not used.

  The clover is found one screen north-east from the garden. It is not used.

  The dagger is found under the rock west of the castle. It is used to cut the 
  rope of the well.

  The egg is found up the tree north-west of the castle. It is not used.

  The people in the old house will give Graham the fiddle for the bowl. It is 
  played in the room after the rat.

  The mirror is found behind the dragon in the well. It is not used.

  The bird will drop Graham one screen east from the mushroom. It is eaten to 
  walk through the hole near the castle.

  The note is found in the witch's house. It is not used.

  The pebbles are found one area north-east from the walnut. They are not used.

  The pouch is found in the stump two screens south-west from the well. It is 
  not used.

  The sceptre is found in the room after the rat. It is not used.

  The shield is found in the room after the rat. It is not used.

  The sling is found in the hole in the tree near the giant. It can be used to 
  defeat the giant.

  The walnut is found two screens north-west from the garden. It is not used.


4.                                Point List


| 158 POINTS |

1 : Open the doors to the castle.

3 : Bow to the king in the castle.

2 : Push the rock from the north side.

5 : Get the dagger from the hole.

2 : Climb the tree.

6 : Get the egg from the nest.

2 : Cut the rope at the well.

1 : Climb down the rope into the well.

4 : Dive into the water at the bottom of the well.

1 : Swim into the hole.

2 : Go back to the water and refill the bucket.

5 : Throw water at the dragon.

2 : Go back to the water and refill the bucket.

8 : Get the mirror from the dragon's cave.

1 : Look in the stump.

3 : Get the pouch from the stump.

3 : Open the pouch.

2 : Get the clover.

2 : Get the carrot from the garden.

3 : Get the bowl.

1 : Read the bowl.

3 : Get the walnut.

3 : Open the walnut.

1 : Get the pebbles.

3 : Give the bowl to the people in the house.

3 : Get the fiddle.

2 : Eat the witch's house.

7 : Push the witch.

2 : Open the cupboard.

2 : Get the cheese from the cupboard.

2 : Get the note.

1 : Read the note.

5 : Show the carrot to the goat.

4 : Use the goat on the troll.

5 : Say "ifnkovhghprm" to the gnome.

4 : Get the beans.

2 : Plant the beans to make the beanstalk grow.

2 : Get the sling on top of the clouds.

7 : Wait until the giant falls asleep.

8 : Get the chest near the giant.

3 : Talk to the elf.

3 : Grab onto the bird.

1 : Get the mushroom.

2 : Give the cheese to the rat.

3 : Play the fiddle.

6 : Get the sceptre.

8 : Get the shield.

2 : Eat the mushroom.

1 : Go through the hole.

1 : Open the doors to the castle.

3 : Bow to the king in the castle.


5.                         Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I've arrived at an area with a giant. Should I use the sling on him, or wait 
   until he falls asleep?
A. While you can use the sling on the giant, you won't get as many points for 
   it. The best way to defeat the giant is to make him fall asleep by getting 
   him caught behind the tree.

Q. I'm in the area with the bird, but it doesn't seem to be taking me to a new 
   location. What should I do?
A. Make sure you "jump" when Graham is standing directly under the bird.

Q. How do I walk down the steps after defeating the giant?
A. Although it can be done with the arrow keys, it's much easier to do by 
   turning num lock off and using the 1, 3, 7 and 9 keys to walk diagonally 
   down the steps.


6.                          Copyright Information


This document is Copyright 2000-2004 Tom Hayes. It is not to be distributed in 
any form without the permission of the author. The author of this document is 
not affiliated with the creators of this game in any way. The latest version of 
this document can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

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