King’s Quest 1: Quest for the Crown



      You are Sir Graham of Daventry, a brave night. King Edward the Benevolent of Daventry calls to his castle for reasons of the unknown. When Graham arrives King Edward tells him he must find the lost three treasures of Daventry, which are the Magic Mirror, Chest and Shield. When he does he will become King of Daventry



Note: The first paragraph should only be used for those playing the original version of this game. For those playing the remake this was covered in the introduction sequence.

  Go west and open the castle door. Follow the hall to the Throne Room, type “Bow” and then “Hello”. Talk to the King, he tells Graham that in order to become king he must gather three treasures. After that leave the castle the way you came in. (This is were the Remake picks up.)

     From the castle go west one screen. Push the rock, look in the hole and take the dagger. Walk north one screen, climb the tree. When you get to the branch screen save. Go to end of the branch look in the nest and take the egg. You can fall from the tree of climb down; it’s your choice. From the bottom of the screen go north once and east once. There should be an elf there, if not leave and come back, do this until he appears. When he does talk to him he gives you a brilliant ring that if you rub you become invisible. Go south, pick a carrot the eat it, and then pick another one, save.

       Go north two screens. Take the bowl, look at the bowl, say fill, eat the stew, say fill again. Go east once take a walnut, open and it’s gold inside. Go south four screens, west two and north one. Save.


Getting the Magic Mirror:

    Cut the rope and lower the rope. Climb down rope. Type “DIVE”. Swim south then west then north. Type, “GET OUT OF WATER”. Then fill the bucket with water. Save then go west. You can either throw the water or dagger at the dragon again its your choice. Well after killing or throwing water at the dragon take mirror. If you killed the dragon leave the way the way you came. Then go east. If you threw the water at the dragon, go west. Leave the cave and go south now that we’re all together again let’s save.



     Open the gate, then close it, catch up with the goat and show it the carrot. Open the gate save the game and go south three times and west once. Try to cross the bridge but the troll stops you. The goat butts the troll and leaves you alone. Save and cross the bridge. Talk to the gnome he gives you 3 chances to get his name right. If your playing the old King’s Quest 1 his name is: NKOVHGROGHPRM, If your playing the new King’s Quest 1 the name is: NIKSTLITSELPMUR. He gives you magic beans. Save the game and go south twice, pick the four leave clover and go north once and three times save the game.

    Go into the witches house if she’s there leave keep on coming back in until she’s gone. When she’s gone go into her bed room and take the note and read it. Wait in there until she arrives when she does save the game and walk behind her and push her into the pot. Save the game, open the cupboard and take the cheese. Leave her house. Go north once and enter the woodcutter’s house give him the stew and take the fiddle. Leave his house go north once and east once take the pebbles. Save. Now go west twice. Look in the stump take the pouch and go south twice. Plant the beans


Getting the Magic Chest:

       Lower the speed and climb the beanstalk. When you reach the top go east twice, south once then east twice look in the hole and take the sling. Save the game and go north. Type “WEAR RING” the type “RUB RING” now go west once. Wait until the giant falls asleep. Or you could not wear the ring and use the sling with the pebbles to kill the Giant. When killed or napping take the chest and scram. Go east twice. Now your in the cave. Go down the stairs in KQ1OLD or in KQ1NEW it’s a suspended walk way ,save continuously. When you get to the bottom leave.


Land of the Leprechauns:

      Go west three times and save the game. When you see the condor’s feet swoop down go to that spot and start to jump. When the condor drops you save, go west once pick the mushroom and go east once again. Go down the hole and save the game go south then east. Give the rat the cheese, don’t get to close to it or it’ll eat you. Save the game.


Getting the Shield:

     Go through the door an play the fiddle when the guards near you, this will make them go away. Then go west and wait until the leprechauns leave, then go to the throne and take the shield and scepter. Save the game, go west once when reach the top of the stairs, eat the mushroom and quickly go through the hole.



        Now that you’ve gotten all three treasures go north twice and east twice when you reach the castle, Save he Game, call it  “The End” (you can if you want). Now type “OPEN DOOR”. In the EGA version walk, to throne room, type “BOW”.



Congratulations: You’ve Completed King’s Quest 1 the Quest for the Crown


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