.;jfi,   .ft.   ;t                        ,t
               .:::j   ;:j   it:                       tW.
               Lf KE  ,Lf,        i, .j;t:     .;jt,    :   .,ti::.
            .GG#L WE:t##L:  .;t. .L#t,,iE#;  jW;  ;WE:     DW.:
               #L Et tGt,   ;K#i  i#i   LW   f#,   KE      tD;:;;,
               j..::.: .W;   EW   t#t   LW   L#;  .KE           ;#j
              .;jLLGD,  LD:  ;Gj .tLD:  ,Gt .tDEt,:DE      ;itLj;t
                ,iffj:fffj:                                  ,j,
               LE  fG: i ;Kf                                 j#i
              L#:  WE  i..:#; tf:  :fj,   .;,ff.   .,ti::. :fj#tj:
              E#   WE  i ..#j :WG  .j#j   WG ,ED. DW.:       i#i
              i#j  WD  i  ;W:  KG   ;#;   WD::.    tD;:;;,   i#i
               ;Ej ;   i iL:  ,WE: :t#i  :WE,           ;#j  f#j
                 ,i.:,jt,.    .;fi:  ij.  'fij:'   ;itLj;t   :jft;
   ,,--.             .                 .  .          ,--.
   |`. | . . ,-. ,-. |-   ," ,-. ,-.   |- |-. ,-.   | `-' ,-. ,-. . , , ,-.
   |  .| | | |-' `-. |    |- | | |     |  | | |-'   |   . |   | | |/|/  | |
   `---\ `-^ `-' `-' `'   |  `-' '     `' ' ' `-'   `--'  '   `-' ' '   ' '
        `                 '

                     ~ King's Quest:  Quest for the Crown ~
                       A Mystical Quest To Save A Kingdom
                           for the Personal Computer
                         FAQ/Walkthrough by bananagirl
                              [email protected]
                        Final Version (v2.0) - 04/04/02

This document is (c)2001-2002 bananagirl. All information contained within is 
                   protected by international copyright law.

                   .:*~*:.  { Table of Contents }  .:*~*:.

    1. Introduction
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    3. Game Basics                   
         o Story
         o Characters
             } Sir Graham
             } King Edward the Benevolent
         o Getting Started
         o Basics
             } Score
             } Saving/Loading/Restarting
             } Actions
             } Speed
         o Controls  
    4. Walkthrough 
         o Introduction
         o Obtaining the Magic Shield
         o Obtaining the Magic Mirror
         o Obtaining the Magic Chest
         o Return to Castle Daventry
    5. Other Useful Information
         o Maps
             } Daventry
             } Castle Daventry
             } Land of the Leprechauns
             } Well
             } Land of the Clouds
         o Point List
    6. FAQ
    7. Revision History
    8. Copyright & Contact Info
    9. Credits/Thanks

                     .:*~*:.  { 1. Introduction }  .:*~*:.

Hiya, and welcome to my KQ1 FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide thing. It's my fourth 
guide, and I probably shouldn't do it, as I have 3 other guides to finish, 
but variety is the spice of life or whatever, and I really need a break from
the others. So this is the result. And since it's an old game, I probably 
won't be getting too many emails or anything for it. ^_^

On another note, this is probably the final version of this guide, since I've
got mostly everything here.

                   .:*~*:.  { 2.  Preliminary FAQ }  .:*~*:.

Why are the graphics so shoddy?
  When this game was first released, in 1984, these were great. Especially the
  3D aspect of it. Those of you who weren't big on gaming back then might not
  realize this, but walking behind a tree was a big deal then. And so what if
  Graham's a little blocky? At least you can see him. And move him. The 
  graphics underwent a massive improvement with the VGA remake in 1990. It's 
  amazing how much things advanced in 6 years.

Who's this Robert Williams person?
  Roberta Williams is the brain behind the King's Quest series, and many other
  wonderful games, such as Mission: Asteroid (which I've also written a guide
  for), Mystery House (first hi-res adventure game ever), and the Laura Bow

Where can I get this game?
  Your chances of finding an original copy of it are pretty slim, but you 
  might be able to find the remake somewhere if you look really, really hard.
  You'd probably be better off to just buy the entire series, with both 
  versions of KQ1, in either the Roberta Williams Anthology (dunno if this is
  even still available) or the King's Quest Collection. Both should be fairly
  inexpensive, but there _are_ quite a few games in each pack, so expect to 
  fork over at least a few bucks.

Is this appropriate for my kids?
  Of course! There's nothing in it that will traumatize them, or even damage 
  their egos. Graham can die, but when he does, it doesn't show anything. 
  There's no other killing involved, and nothing else that can possibly happen
  in real life is harmful to the little ones. The difficulty level might be a
  bit high for some children, but it's fun for everyone, so don't hesitate to 
  help out should they ask.

How 'bout for older people?
  It's a classic. Highly recommended for everyone. Just make sure you keep your
  saved games easily distinguishable from everybody else's. Few things are more
  annoying than getting most of the way through a game and having someone else
  replace your game with their own, which just happens to be near the beginning.

                     .:*~*:.  { 3.  Game Basics }  .:*~*:.

Once upon a time, there lived a mighty king named Edward the Benevolent. He 
reigned over the kingdom of Daventry with his wife by his side, but he had no

The kingdom's prosperity was maintained by the presence of three great 
treasures, known as Merlin's Mirror, the Shield of Achille, and the Chest of 

The Magic Mirror foretold the future, and was extremely valuable, as the King
used it to view the weather. This knowledge was used to enhance the harvest, 
and as a result, Daventry was always well fed, and the excess food was sold 
to neighboring kingdoms.

The Magic Shield, which was made of titanium and set with precious jewels, 
made the bearer invincible and granted success to his army. The King led his 
soldiers into battle with this shield, and Daventry easily fought off any 

The Magic Chest was a simple wooden trunk, but contained within was an 
unlimited supply of gold. Edward used this to pay his soldiers, and buy 
whatever resources and such that Daventry could not supply. Even when gold was 
taken out of it, the Chest would magically refill itself, and Daventry's 
treasury was always full.

One day, while strolling through the castle gardens mourning their lack of 
heir, the King and Queen stumbled across a sorcerer. The sorcerer, seemingly 
eager to enhance the prosperity of the kingdom, offered his services in 
exchange for the Magic Mirror.

The King and Queen, eager for an heir, consulted the Mirror, and, seeing a 
sturdy youth wearing a gold crown, determined this to be the son they had 
always wanted. They gave the sorcerer the Mirror, and he hid it away in his 
underground lair. Many months passed, but still the Queen was not blessed 
with a child. The sorcerer disappeared, and the kingdom was left heirless and 

The years wore on, and Daventry was weakened by the loss of their crops. They 
were forced to buy food from neighboring kingdoms, and a Plague was brought 
into the kingdom. This plague struck down the Queen, and for many days she 
was bed-ridden. 

On the fourth day of her illness, a dwarf arrived at the castle with a root 
that he claimed would cure the Queen. Touching it to her lips, the Queen's 
eyes flickered open, and everyone rejoiced. The King, grateful for the 
dwarf's services, offered him whatever amount of treasure he might desire. 
The dwarf requested that he be given the Magic Shield in payment, and the 
King, his wife not yet out of danger, agreed. The dwarf hid the shield in the 
earth in the fashion of his kind, and the Queen consumed the root.

The supposedly magical cure, despite its miraculous effects when touched to 
her lips, did nothing more for the Queen. Her condition worsened, and within 
a few days, she perished. The kingdom mourned her loss, and that of the 
Shield, and neighboring countries, hearing of the weakened condition of the 
army, attacked. Without the Magic Shield, many battles were lost, and the 
kingdom sank deeper into despair.

The King was lonely without a companion, and often took to riding with his 
men. On one such trip, they came across a pack of wolves surrounding a tree. 
At the approach of the armed men, the wolves scurried away, and a young woman 
descended from the branches of the tree and thanked them profusely for the 

The King, infatuated by the young woman's beauty, took her back to his 
castle, where she stayed for many a day and night. Eventually, realizing that 
this was to be his partner in life, Edward proposed to Princess Dahlia, as 
she was called, and the kingdom rejoiced at the thought of a wedding and, 
later, an heir.

But, on the night before the wedding, Dahlia stole the keys that hung at 
Edward's belt, and went into the Royal Treasury. The treasurer, noticing the 
door ajar, peered in, and witnessed in horror the transformation from the 
beautiful to a wrinkled crone. The witch, cackling madly, stole the Magic 
Chest and flew off on her broomstick.

The King's heart was broken, and his treasury empty. He could no longer 
afford to pay his soldiers or buy food for his starving country, and the 
woman he loved was gone.

The years wore on, and Edward realized that his days were nearing their end. 
He summoned his closest knight, Sir Graham, and informed him of his troubles. 
Sending him on a quest to retrieve the three lost treasures, the King 
promised Graham his throne upon his death. And so Graham set off on a great 
quest, hoping to return the lost treasures to his country.


Sir Graham
Graham has been sent out on a quest to retrieve the three lost treasures of 
Daventry. His reward for this noble deed is the crown of Daventry.

King Edward the Benevolent
Edward has led the kingdom of Daventry through many years of prosperity and 
famine. As his life nears its end, he must find an heir to his throne.

                                Getting Started

Since you've obviously booted up your computer, or you wouldn't be reading 
this, it's time to install your game, if you haven't already.

Insert your game disk or CD into the proper drive. Since you're probably 
running Windows 95 or better (which doesn't really take much), I'll 
start with the installation instructions there.

Go to the Taskbar (it's that thing at the bottom of your screen) and hit the 
Start button. From there, select the Run option (it's near the bottom), and 
hit the browse button. Go to the directory of your disk or CD drive, and 
select install or setup or whatever. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you're running Windows 3.x (and if you are, no offense, but you should 
probably upgrade), in the Program Manager, left click on the menu choice File 
and choose Run. Do what they say.

If you're running MS-DOS, type the letter of your disk or CD drive followed 
by a colon (:), and press enter. You'll see the drive's prompt. At said 
prompt, type 'dir' to view the drive's directory, and type the file name of 
the install or setup or whatever program. Voila.

To play in Windows, open the directory in which you installed the game, and 
double click on the game icon. In DOS, go to the prompt of the drive on which 
you installed the game and type 'dir' to see the directory, then type the 
.bat or .exe file matching the name of the game.


Throughout the game, various actions and items will earn points for you. 
There are 158 points in the game, but you don't have to get all of them to 
finish it. It's just a nice little challenge for you.

Saving (found under File) is a way of keeping your progress, even if you exit 
the game. Save often. Save well. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Restoring (also found under File) recalls your saved games. Do it if you die. 
You _did_ save, right?

Restarting (guess what? It's also under File!) restarts your game. Big surprise 
there. Don't do this unless you're unbelievably stuck or you forgot to save or

  Graham can swim if you choose this under action. 

  Boingy, boingy, boingy. Pretty self-explanatory.

  Can't recall any actual use for it, but it's your final action.

This drug stimulates your nerves... er... This Menu Bar option determines the 
Speed at which the game runs.

  If you're using a modern computer, this is the Speed you'll wanna be using 
  throughout the game.

  If you're on an old computer, this might be the Speed for you, but you're 
  just asking for trouble if you use it on anything faster than a 486.

  This Speed is far too sluggish for me, so I never use it. Do so if you want 


                     F1............Display the Help screen
                     F2............Toggle sound on and off
                     F3...................Retype last line
                     Tab...............Open your Inventory
                     Esc.......Display Menu Bar/Pause Game
                     Enter...................Enter Command
                     Ctrl+J...........Set up your Joystick
                     Alt+Z...................Exit the Game
                     Arrow Keys................Move Graham
                     Letter Keys.............Type Commands

                     .:*~*:.  { 4.  Walkthrough }  .:*~*:.

You'll start out on the bright green grass outside Castle Daventry. Nobody 
tells you this, but the general idea here is to get your bum in there and 
talk to Edward. So cross the bridge. It might look 3D, but it's only 2D. So 
just go across. It's easy to do. 

Once across the bridge, make your way over to the left, and walk that way  
until you're in front of the door. Walk up to it, and open it. You'll end up 
inside the castle. 

It's not much of a building, is it? Make your way down the hall and around a 
corner, and you'll reach the throne room. Walk up to the big guy, bow, and 
talk to King Edward, who'll give you the following message: 

"Sir Graham, I am an old man. I fear my end is near. I have chosen you to 
prove yourself worthy of the throne. As you know, our kingdom is weak and 
poor. I have knowledge of three things that would make our kingdom wealthy 
and strong. Somewhere within our kingdom, there is a magic mirror which tells 
the future. There is a magic shield that will protect the bearer from mortal 
harm. Finally, there is a magic chest that is always filled with gold coins. 
Go, Sir Graham! Go and bring me back those treasures. If you succeed, you 
will inherit the throne."

Now it's back outside for our coral-clad hero. So go outside, then head to the 
left. See that rock? Stand behind it and push. If you stand below it, it will 
fall over you and kill you. So make sure you're behind it. When it's out of the 
way, look in the hole, and grab the dagger. Yay.

Head north. Climb the tree with the hole in it. Creep along the branches and 
get the egg, then climb back down. Or jump. Your call. Now go east. You'll end 
up in a big carrot patch. Grab a carrot. Yummy. You can eat it, but it would be 
easier not to, 'cause if it's eaten, you'll have to get another one, and that's 
just too much hassle.

Walk north. If you're lucky, there'll be an elf wandering around. If not, enter 
and exit until there is one. Then walk up to it and talk to it. Graham's a 
pretty lovable guy, so the nice li'l elf will give him a ring. So sweet.

Go north again. Grab the giant bowl on the ground. Have fun while doing so. I 
always enjoy picking up dishes in the middle of nowhere, don't you? Look in 
the bowl, and say "fill." Ooh. I wouldn't eat that if I were Graham. After all,
who knows where it's been? Despite this, the soup is quite safe to eat, but if
you like the feeling of a warm bowl of soup in your pants, no matter if you'd
rather not do so.

If you go north again (north is quite a popular direction these days, no?), 
you'll end up by a river. It's kinda hard to tell, but those brown and grey 
things in the sand are pebbles. Grab 'em. They make great slingshot ammo, and 
you'll need that later.

Go back south, then head west. You can nab a walnut, but this ain't no 
ordinary nut. Open it for the point value. Make sure it's not an ordinary nut. 
If it is (and it shouldn't be), grab another one and open it. Hopefully this 
one is the valuable one. Now go south.

Ignore that door for now, and go south for two more screens. You should end up 
back at the boulder under which you found your dagger. Head to the left. You'll 
end up by a lake. Get in, and swim. Splashy splash splash. Whee. Swim across the 
lake and get out at the west shore. Walk west for a screen, then look into the 
stump. Get the pouch, and open it. Not really necessary to finish the game. It's
just one of those fun point things you can do.

Now go back east, then south. You should be at the woodcutter's pad. Nothin' 
you can do outside, so go on in. They look depressed. Or maybe they're just 
hungry. Say "fill" if you haven't already, then give them the bowl. Yumminess. 
Now head down into the lower-right corner of their shack (avoid the holes... 
you're too young to die), and grab the fiddle. Play them a song, then go back 

Go south for a few screens, and you'll run into the Gingerbread House. Save 
your game, then eat the house. If the coast is clear, the house will be yummier 
than it looks. If not, someone will say the nibble mouse thing. If you get the 
nibble mouse thing, just leave the screen and return, then try again.

When you get the yummy line, go in, then go to the bedroom and pick up the note 
on the nightstand. Read it. "Sometimes it is wise to think backwards." It's a 
hint for a puzzle you'll have to save later.

Now, wait where you are until the witch comes home, and do the cool thing and 
save your game. When she gets there, she'll walk over to her oven and start 
jiggling around. Walk up behind her and push her. Ding dong, the witch is dead.
With that taken care of, open that cupboard against the back wall and take the 
cheese from it. I don't like swiss, but somebody must. 

If you're a pacifist, you could just stand outside the witch's door and use the 
ring the elf gave you to do all that stuff, and the witch won't return. But 
that's a waste of a perfectly good one-time-use ring. Plus it's more fun to set
people on fire.

When you're done in the Gingerbread House, go west three times. Ignore the 
bridge (you can't cross it yet anyway) and go south. Ooooooh...Clovers. Get one. 
It's got four leaves. Lucky you. My friend Kallie once found one with 5 leaves.
The power plant in the town where she found it was shut down for leaking 
radiation. Coincidence? I think not. I don't think Graham's has anything to do
with that, so I'll get on with the walkthrough.

It's time to get the three treasures. In the original version, this can be done 
in any order. Since I'm playing the original version, and this guide is for it, 
I'll just do the treasures in whatever order I feel like doing it in, and you 
can skip around as you like. But I would recommend getting the Shield first, as
it will protect you from thieving dwarves and the like.

                          Obtaining the Magic Shield

It's off to leprechaun land to get the first thing. So head east 2 screens.
At this point, you should be outside a small cave. If you hang around for a few 
seconds, a giant friendly bird will show up. Prepare to jump. As the Condor 
swoops overhead, jump. Graham will end up clasped tightly in his vicious talons. 
And they call this thing FRIENDLY?

You see nothing special.

Nothing special? You're flying through the air in the talons of a giant bird
with flashing eyes!

After a minute or so of this, the Condor will drop you, and you'll land in an 
area with lotsa bushes with purple berries and a hole in the ground. You'll 
want to jump into that hole eventually, but for now, just head west.

Nab the mushroom sitting beside the river, then go back over to the right. 
Step on over to that hole, and you'll fall in. So now you're in...

LEPRECHAUN LAND!!!!! Whee. Go down, and left from there. Go right up to the
edge of the rat's circuit, and give him the cheese. Count your fingers. Now 
open the door and go in. The leprechauns will be impressed by that clover you 
picked up earlier and will leave you alone. Go down, and play a pretty song on
your fiddle. Everyone will frolic away. Pocket the scepter and the shield. 
Imagine the glances Graham would get while walking through town with THAT. 
"Hey, is that a scepter in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Go left. Walk up to the tiny hole in the wall and eat your mushroom. Graham 
will turn into a midget. Normally, shrinking an image would decrease the pixel
count and the character would look grainy. I see no difference. I don't think 
Sierra maxed out their graphical capabilities when they made Graham. I feel 

                          Obtaining the Magic Mirror

If you're doing things my way, you should be near the rock with the glowing 
hole in it at this point. Go south three screens and west one. You should end
up beside a well.

Now that you're there, make sure the bucket is up, then cut the rope. Move 
around to the right side of the well and lower the rope, then climb in. When 
you reach the bottom, you'll fall off. Swim. Dive. Swim down and into the 
hole on the left side. You'll see a dragon. 

There are two ways to get rid of the dragon. Either way, move up close to it. 
Not too close... just to right beforeits breath ends. Once their, it's decision 

The best method, and the one that earns points for you, is to throw the water 
at the dragon. When you were swimming around, your bucket was filled up. That 
will extinguish the flaming breath, and the big scary dragon will scurry off. 
The other way of doing things is cruel and inhumane. Throw your dagger at it. 
It dies. Meanie!

Once the dragon's outta the way, pick up the mirror. Look into it, and you'll 
see yourself as King. That's always good.

Decision time again. Now you have to choose how to get out. It's best to go 
out the way you came. You get more points. If you don't want to go out that 
way, you can follow the dragon out. But you probably shouldn't do that.

If you take the first way out, just swim back up to the surface and climb the 
rope. Get your scurvy bum outta there, and you've finished part 2 of the 
three quests. That was easy, wasn't it?

                           Obtaining the Magic Chest

From the well, head left one screen and you'll find the goat pen. Open up the
door, go in, close it, and find the goat wandering around in there. Graham 
has little respect for his fellow citizens, so he'll have no qualms about 
stealing someone's goat. So show the goat the carrot. Don't give the carrot 
to the goat, or it will not follow you.

With the goat in tow, reopen the gate and head west for two screens. From 
there, go north twice, and you'll be in front of a bridge. Walk onto it. Your 
goat will take care of things from here, then run off.

Go north, and you'll encounter a gnome. When you talk to him, he'll tell you 
to guess his name. Remember the note at the witch's shack? It said "Sometimes
it is wise to think backwards" or something to that effect. Well, this is the
hardest puzzle in the game, so listen up. The name "Rumplestiltskin" is the 
one you've gotta start with. From there, you have to reverse the name, not by
making it "Nikstlitselpmur," although that name works in the remake, but by 
reversing the alphabet. Like this.

            A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
            Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B A

So anyone with any logic whatsoever should be able to figure out that the 
guy's name is "Ifnkovhgroghprm." How you're supposed to pronounce that, I 
know not. But it might be something like "if-nuh-kov-grog-hip-urm." Ah well.
Leave it up to Graham to figure that one out.

If you've guessed it right, Iffy goes away, leaving 5 or so beans for you. 
Get 'em. If you waste your guesses, you'll get a golden key. Oh well... It 
gets you to where you need to go, so be happy about it. Or something.

Now that you have your prize, we'll split up the walkthrough for a bit. If 
you got the key, skip to the section below this one. Otherwise, check out the
next part.

Take your new food, if you haven't already. But DO NOT EAT THEM. Unlike the 
carrots, you can't go out and get new beans whenever you feel the urge to do 

With beans in hand, head east two screens. You should be at a flower patch. 
This looks like a good place for gardening. Plant your beans. A beanstalk 
will sprout. If you know what's good for you, save your game. 

This next part is EVIL. It's all about saving every time you move a single 
pixel and going at the slowest speed. The beanstalk is big, it's tall, and it
has lots of little things that you'd think Graham would be able to climb, but
he can't. So anyway, make sure both of yer grubby little paws are on the vine 
at all times, and creep your way up there.

...That was your reward for guessing the name... *Snort*... some reward. 

If you guessed the gnome's name wrong, then he'll leave you with a key. Take
it, then head over to the door in the mountain. For those of you lacking 
knowledge as to the exact placement of that location, just go south twice and 
east 5 times from the gnome's shack.

Use your key in the lock, and you'll be granted access to the stairs within. 
Save your game, and go on up. Hopefully you already got the shield, 'cause if 
that gnome steals anything, restore. 'Cause you ain't gettin' it back. 

Make your way upstairs, and then it's on to the next section for you.

When you reach the top of the mountain, save your game again, then head over to 
the right. Go south from there, then east two screens. Move on over to that 
tree with the hole in its base, and peek in. Grab the sling outta there, then 
go north.

There are two possible ways to eliminate the giant. The more profitable way, 
point-wise, is to do it without killing him. So wear your ring, head west, 
and rub it upon entrance. Wander around, avoiding him, until he falls asleep,
then walk up to him and get the chest. Whee. Insta-money! I'd imagine that
having the shield in your possession at this point would help somewhat, but I
didn't do it in that order, so I don't really know for sure.

The alternate violent, not-as-profitable way, is to shoot him with your sling. 
So from the cave entrance, go west, and use your sling. You'll kill the giant. 
You big meaniehead.

Either way you went about getting it, the chest is now yours, so go east. You
should see a cave. Save your game, then head in. Edge your way down the 
stairs, and leave through the bottom. Of course, you could also take the 
beanstalk if that's how you got there... But I wouldn't recommend it. Why make
things harder for yourself?

                           Return to Castle Daventry

You've got all your treasures, so it's back to the castle for you, young man.
Walk north twice then east twice, open the door, and go see Mr. Benevolency. 
Bow to him, then walk up to him, he'll stand up, have a heart attack, and 
you'll be King. All done...

               .:*~*:.  { 5. Other Useful Information }  .:*~*:.

ASCII maps are hard to make, but I'll try my best. Which, in this case, doesn't 
seem to be enough, but... um... yea. Good enough for the time being.

                                     [ 7 ]
[ A ]-[ A ]-[ B ]-[ A ]-[ A ]-[ C ]-[ D ]-[ ! ]
  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
  |     |     |     |[ 4 ]|     |     |     |
  |     |     |     | |   |     |     |     |
[ E ]-[ F ]-[ A ]-[ G ]-[ G ]-[ H ]-[ @ ]-[ J ]-[ 9 ]
  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
[ K ]-[ E ]-[ L ]-[ A ]-[ M ]-[ N ]-[ $ ]-[ I ]
  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
  |     |     |     |[ 5 ]|     |     |     |
  |     |     |     | |   |     |     |     |
[ E ]-[ O ]-[ C ]-[ P ]-[ Q ]-[ R ]-[ # ]-[ I ]
  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
  |     |     |[ 6 ]|     |     |     |     |
  |     |     | |   |     |     |     |     |
[ S ]-[ A ]-[ T ]-[ U ]-[ A ]-[ V ]-[ W ]-[ A ]
  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
[ X ]-[ Y ]-[ Y ]-[ Z ]-[ 1 ]-[ 2 ]-[ 3 ]-[ 3 ]
                   |           |  
                 [ 8 ]       [ 10 ] 

B.....Stump with diamonds
C.....Useless screen
E.....Troll bridge
F.....Old bridge
G.....Woodcutter's house
J.....Condor's dropping point
L.....Flower patch
M.....Rock with hole
P.....Witch's house
R.....Walnut tree
S.....Clover patch
T.....Outside cave/Condor
X.....Fairy Godmother
Y.....Goat pen
2.....Egg tree
3.....Carrot garden
4.....Inside woodcutter's house
5.....Inside witch's house
6.....Inside cave
7.....Inside castle
8.....Inside well
9.....To Leprechaun Land
10....Up tree
!.....Starting point

All screens, excepting that of the leprechaun land and the troll bridge 
opposite it, wrap around, meaning if you go west from point X, you'll end up at 
point 3. 

Castle Daventry

[ A ]-[ B ]
      [ B ]
      [ C ]

A.....Throne room
C.....Outside castle

Land of the Leprechauns

                        [ A ]
                        [ B ]
            [ D ]-[ C ]-[ B ]
[ G ]-[ F ]-[ E ]

A.....Condor dropping point
E.....Throne room
G.....Rock with hole


            [ A ]
            [ B ]
[ E ]-[ D ]-[ C ]

A.....Outside well
B.....Inside well
D.....Dragon's lair
E.....To Inside cave

Land of the Clouds

[ A ]-[ B ]-[ C ]-[ D ]-[ E ]-[ F ]
  |           |     |     |     /
[ G ]       [ B ] [ B ] [ H ][ F ]
  |                           /
[ G ]                      [ F ]
  |                         /
[ G ]                    [ F ]
                       [ F ]

A.....Top of beanstalk
H.....Tree with hole

                                  Point List

 Enter castle...............1
 Move rock..................2
 Get dagger.................5
 Get carrot.................2
 Climb tree.................2
 Get carrot.................2
 Get egg....................6
 Get bowl...................3
 Read bowl..................1
 Talk to elf................3
 Get pebbles................1
 Get walnut.................3
 Open walnut................3
 Look in stump..............1
 Get pouch..................3
 Look in pouch..............3
 Eat house..................2
 Get note...................2
 Read note..................1
 Push witch.................7
 Open cupboard..............2
 Take cheese................2
 Give bowl..................3
 Get fiddle.................3
 Pick clover................2

Obtaining the Magic Shield
 Ride Condor.................3
 Pick mushroom...............1
 Give cheese to rat..........2
 Play fiddle.................3
 Get shield..................8
 Get sceptre.................6
 Eat mushroom................2
 Leave through hole..........1

Obtaining the Magic Mirror
 Cut rope...................2
 Climb down.................1
 Enter dragon's cave........1
 Throw water on dragon......5
 Get mirror.................8
 Leave by water.............4

Obtaining the Magic Chest
 Show carrot to goat........5
 Goat attacks troll.........4
*Get gold key...............3
 Unlock door................2
*Guess gnome's name.........5
 Get magic beans............4
 Plant beans................2
 Get sling..................2
^Kill giant.................2
^Let giant sleep............5
 Get chest..................8
 Total......................26 with key and killing
      ......................29 with key and sleep
      ......................32 with beans and killing
      ......................35 with beans and sleep

Return to Castle Daventry
 Open gate...................1
 Bow to Edward...............3

Final Total................150 with key and killing
           ................153 with key and sleep
           ................155 with beans and killing
           ................158 with beans and sleep     

So if you want to get the most points, you have to guess gnome boy's name and
put the giant to sleep. Not hard. Enjoy. ^_^

*,^ = Variable Event (symbol matches variation). All events within the --- 
      are triggered by the variation marked by the symbol. 

                         .:*~*:.  { 6.  FAQ }  .:*~*:.

I keep falling off the bridge in the beginning! Why?
  I don't care if it looks 3D, it's not. Just walk across it like this:
       |___|   ||
  {-- /\{--\ {--
       |   |

  Or something. I'm bad at ASCII art. That G represents Graham's starting 
  point, of course.

Why did I lose points?
  It's not really a big deal if you don't get every point in the game. But 
  sometimes if you do something wrong (such as bribing the troll or eating a
  carrot), you lose points.

What do I do if the dwarf stole my Mirror/Chest?
  Restart or restore. There's nothing you can do to get it back. Maybe you
  should've gotten the Shield first...

                   .:*~*:.  { 7. Revision History }  .:*~*:.

v1.0 (03/21/01) - Pretty much everything that I intend to put in here is in
here. Perhaps the addition of a Quick Walkthrough or some other such 
silliness will be added at a later date, but that's rather doubtful. I'm 
pretty lazy. Sittin' at a mean 52K.

v2.0 (04/04/02) - Brand spankin' new format. It's so purdy. And neat. Also, a
few sections have been modified and rearranged, a few small errors fixed, most
of the crap in the Game Basics section removed. Nothing else major or anything 
like that. Just small things. Y'know what I'm sayin'? Oh, and bow down to my 
mad file shrinking skillz. Currently measuring in at about 42K. w00t.

              .:*~*:.  { 8. Copyright and Contact Info }  .:*~*:.

This document (c)2001-2002 Bananagirl.

This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not 
intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone other than the 
author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written 
permission from the author. 

The information found within the document is, to the best of the abilities and 
knowledge of the author, 100% accurate. However, the possibility exists that 
inaccurate information may be found within. Any errors (human, computer, or 
otherwise) should be reported to the author. 

If you would like to use this document on/in your web site, magazine, 
or other published work, please contact the author and obtain permission 
before doing so. 

King's Quest, KQ, King Graham, and all events and titles are trademarks of 
Sierra Online, Inc. The author makes no claim to the creation of these.

More information on copyright laws can be found at the copyright section of 
the official Library of Congress web site. (http://www.loc.gov/copyright).

This document can currently only be legally found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.

If you have found this document anywhere else or are at some other site that 
foolishly forgot to remove the copyright information, contact the author.

                    .:*~*:.  { 9. Credits/Thanks }  .:*~*:.

  Bananagirl ([email protected])

Thanks to
  Roberta Williams, for creating some of the best games known to civilized man.

  The King's Quest Companion, by Peter Spear, for a few points that I forgot to 
  record, and an order of doing things. Without this great book, which you can 
  buy at Amazon.com (that's where I got it, anyway), I wouldn't know where to 
  start. Thanks, Peter!


                                        K   jf
                                  ;LLfjjW    LLGLLf:
                                 GDi;;;t#     W;;;;E;
                                .ELLLL;tK     KLDfjLt
                                     tGEi    f#t
                                     D#f     E,
                                    jWK  jLfLEf;
                             .fEt,,,,tDL,fG. .W;;Ki
                          :tGGi,,,;LDf,iEt    K;tK
                        tDLi,,;tLDGi,;DL.     jLE:

                                                 Copyright 2001-2002 Bananagirl

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