King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne





  King Graham, after being King for a few years, longs for a wife to give birth to heirs to his throne. After seeing every maiden in Daventry, the image of a woman, named Valenice, is locked in a Quartz Tower in the Land of Kolyma and instantly falls in live. Graham then leaves immediately for Kolyma.



  Begin the game by going east twice to the little house. Open the mailbox and get the basket. Close the box and go [w] to the beach and back to the house until you see Little Red Riding Hood and then give her the basket. Continue east until you come to the front door of the monastery. Now whenever you see a fairy in the game, stay there until she gives you a spell. Go into the church and pray at the altar. Answer "King Graham" to the priest's question. He will then give you a cross. Wear the cross and leave the church. Go up to the bridge and cross the bridge to the next screen. Go up to the magic door. Read the inscription on the door and go down.


Getting the First Key:

Go west to the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue left to the next screen. Go up and get the mallet out of the hole in the tree. Go west then south to the dwarf's house. Open the door and go down the ladder. Go east [if the dwarf is home, go left and right until he's gone] get the pot of soup from the fireplace. Open the trunk. Look in it and get the earrings. Exit the house and Go up. Now go left and look in the stump next to you. Get the Necklace and continue left to the beach. Get the trident lying on the Ground. Go north twice and get the shell and the bracelet on the ground. Go east and get the stake under the tree. Go west and continue north again.

   Swim up to the mermaid and give her the flowers. In return she summons a seahorse. Ride the horse, don't bother trying to talk to King Neptune, but give him his trident. Get the gold key from the huge clamshell. Return to the surface by going east again. Go east three times to the cave. Get the cloth out of the bottle and enter the cave. Go to the birdcage and put the cloth over the cage. Get the cage and exit the cave. Now go way east to the bridge and unlock the Magic Door with the Gold Key.


Getting the Second Key:

  Read the second inscription. Go west to the next screen from the bridge and north four times and east once to the house. Enter the shop and give the nightingale to the shop owner. In return she gives you a Lamp. Exit the shop and rub the lamp. Ride the carpet and go east from the cliff.

When you see the snake, rub the lamp. Rub the lamp Again and throw the bridle to the snake. Talk to the white horse and continue east to the cave.

   Enter the cave and get the second gold key From the rock. Get out of the cave and ride the carpet again. Go north from the shop. Swim to the rock and look in the hole. Get the brooch And go north twice cross the bridge and unlock the magic door with the gold Key.


Getting the Third Key:

 Read the third inscription. Now cross the bridge to the next screen. Go west twice and then south to the little house enter the house and give Grandma the chicken soup [If the wolf is there, leave and re-enter] and look under the bed. Wear the cloak and ring. Leave and go west, north three times and east two times get into the boat. On the other side, get out of the boat and eat the sugar cube.

   Go up to the Castle and ignore the ghosts and open the door. Go west and up the stairs to the room. Open the drawer and get the candle. On your way down, stop at the burning torch on The wall and light your candle. Proceed east to the dining room and get the ham off the table. Now go east again and go down the stairs to the dungeon. Go left to the room with the coffin in it. If  the coffin is open, leave and re-enter until it is closed. Open the Coffin and kill Dracula. Get the silver key. Look in the coffin and take the pillow. Get the last gold key and exit the dungeon. Go up the stairs to the dining room. Go up and climb the stairs to the tower. Inside the room, unlock the chest, open the chest and get the tiara. Now get out of the castle and return to the boat. Go to the bridge. Go south twice and east twice, unlock the Third Magic Door.


Rescuing Valenice:

  Enter the door and go due north to the waterfall. Get the net lying on the ground and go fishing until you catch one. Take the fish and then throw it back into the ocean. Ride the fish. On the island, go east and get the amulet. Look at the amulet and go down. Enter the tower and climb the stairs to the top. Give the lion the ham and open the door. Talk to the girl and type King Graham. Type "Home".  


Congratulations! You have wed the beautiful Valenice, who loves Graham as much as he loves her. She will provide a loving wife and mother to Graham and his children.                             

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