Solution of: King's Quest III, submitted by Ton Kroon (ISAABK@HHEOUH50)
e,n,clean kitchen,,get spoon,get knife,get bowl,get bread,get mutton,get fruit,
s,get cup,w,up,wait till manannan apears,enter mananans room,n,look mirror,
open drawer,open closet,look behind clothes,close closet,look on top off closet,
open drawer,u have found mirror,map,key and essence,leave room and go up,
look telescope,get fly,d,d,n,open cabinet,go to books,move books,pull lever,
d,d,look shelf,get powdered fishbone,get nightshade juice,get mandrake root
powder,get saffron,get toad spittle,get toodstool powder,up,up,pull lever,
move books,open cabinet,s,s,open chicken gate,get chicken,get feather,open
gate,go down mountain,on base mountain go w,show mirror to medusa,w,hit return
when medusa appears,s,get cactus,s,s,get skin,e,wait for eagle, get feather,
e,get mud by the river,e,e,go in water and get water,back on beach,n,n,climb
ladder,w,s,get mistletou,w,open door,go up stairs,open drawer,get thimble,
d,get porridge,leave house,look flowers,get dew,w,n,look hole,grab hole,
up,get purse,look map,point to th village,f6 teleport,open door,enter store,
get dog hair,look shelf,buy pouch,buy salt,buy fishoil,buy lard,look map,
point at base of mountain,f6 teleport,up to the house,open door,up,east in
ur room,drop all under bed,get fruit,w,d,e,n,wait for mannanan,s,give fruit
to mannannan,w,up,wait in front of bedroom tiil he sayd he take a nap,e,
get cat,get cat hair,enter ur room,get all,w,d,n,open cabinet,move books,
pull lever,d,d,turn to page II
1.put the small feather in a bowl.
2.put the dog fur in the bowl.
3.put the snake skin in the bowl.
4.add a spoonful of powdered fish bone.
5.put the thimble of dew in the bowl.
6.mix with hands.
7.separate mixture into two pieces.
8.put dough pieces into your ears.
9.recite this verse exactly:
feather of fowl and bone of fish,
molded together in this dish,
give me wisdom to understand
creatures of air,sea and land
10.wave the magic wand.
Turn to page IV
1.put a pinch of saffron in essence
2.recite this verse:
oh winged spirits, set me free
of earthly bindings, just like thee
in this essence, behold the might
to grant the precious gift of flight
3.wave the magic wand.
Turn to page XXV
1.put the mandrake root powder in a bowl
2.put the cat hair in the bowl
3.put two spoons of fish oil in the bowl
4.stir mixture with a spoon
5.put the dough on the table
  pat the dough into a cookie 
7.recite this verse:
mandrake root and hair of cat
mix oil of fish and give a pat
a feline from the one who eats
this appetizing magic treat
8.wave the magic wand
look map,teleport to spider cave f6,dip eagle feather in essence,fly into
the web,enter the cave,leave cave,w,listen to birds,n,n,w,wait untill the
acorns are dry,get acorns,e,n,dip eagle feather in essence,fly up to house,
eagle begone,myself,return,open gate,open door,n,pull lever,move books,open
cabinet,s,up,e,put cookie in porridge,drop all,get porridge,w,down,e,n,wait
till mananan comes back,s,give porridge to mananan,w,up,e,get all,w,down,
n,open cabinet,move book,pull lever,d,d,turn to page VII
1.grind a spoonful salt in a mortar
2.grind the mistletoe in the mortar
3.rub the stone in the mixture
4.kiss the stone
5.recite this verse:
with this kiss, i thee impart,
power most dear to my heart.
take me now from this place hither,
to another place far thither.
6.wave magic wand
Turn to page XIV
1.grind the acorns in a mortar
2.put the acorn powder in a bowl
3.put the nightshade juice in the bowl
4.stir the mixture with a spoon
5.light a charcoal brazier
6.heat the mixture on a table
7.spread the mixture on a table
8.recite this verce:
acorn powder ground so fine
nightshade juice like bitter wine,
silently in darkness you creep
to bring a soporific sleep
9.wave the magic wand
10.put the sleep powder in the pouch
Turn to page LXXXIV
1.put a cup of ocean water in bowl
2.light a charcoal brazier
3.heat the bowl on the brazier
4.put a spoon of mud in the bowl
5.add a pinch of toadstool powder
6.blow into the hot brew
7.recite this verse:
elements from the earth and sea,
combine to set the heavens free.
when i stir this magic brew,
great god thor, i call on you.
8.wave the magic wand
9.pour the storm brew into the jar
Turn to page CLXIX
1.cut the cactus with a knife
2.squeeze the cactus juice on spoon
3.put the cactus juice in a bowl
4.put the lrd in the bowl
5.add two drops of toad spittle
6.stir the mixture with a spoon
7recite this verce:
cactus plant and horny toad
i now start down a dangerous road
combine with fire and mist to make
me disappear without a trace
8.wave the magic wand
9.put ointment in the empty lard jar
look map,teleport to the village f6,open door (taverne),look sailers,give gold
to captain,leave taverne,e,e,step aboard,e,get box,w,drop box,jump on box,
jump on box,jump on ladder,up,w,open chest,look in chest,close chest.e.get
shovel,w,d,w,wait till land in sign and anchor is down,pour sleep powder on
floor,slumber henceforth,jump on box,jump on box,jump on ladder,u,u,e,dive
in sea,swim to island,e,n,s,look tree,count 5 steps to the earst from the center
of the tree,dig,n,e,w,climb rock,e,n,e,dipeagle feather in essence,n,e,e,s,
go down to reach the first cave on the left,go down to the middle cave under
in the screen,enter cave,go up in the screen in the middle of the screen,
now u come out the cave under in the right of the screen,e,e,s,enter cave,
climb the stairs,as soon as you exit the cave:rub ointment on me,w,stir storm
brew with finger,brew of storms,churn it up,talk to rosella,untie rosella,
e,enter cavern,d,d,w,n,n, end!!

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