King Quest 3 - Complete Points ListKing Quest 3
complete points list

      1 Type: "take cup". 
      1 Type: "take mirror". 
      1 Type: "take rose petal essence". 
      7 Type: "take map". 
      3 Type: "take key". 
      1 Type: "take cat hair". 
      1 Type: "take fly wings". 
      4 Type: "take magic wand". 
      5 Type: "push lever". 
      1 Type: "take saffron". 
      1 Type: "take mandrake root". 
      1 Type: "take nightshade juice". 
      1 Type: "take fish bone powder". 
      1 Type: "take spittle". 
      1 Type: "toad stool powder". 
      10 Make: "Fly Like an Eagle or a Fly". 
      1 Type: "take bowl". 
      1 Type: "take knife". 
      1 Type: "take spoon". 
      1 Type: "take mutton". 
      1 Type: "take fruit". 
      1 Type: "take bread". 
      1 Type: "take chicken feather". 
      2 Type: "take eagle feather". 
      3 Over hear bandits (as a fly). 
      5 Fly into oak tree hole (as aa fly). 
      1 Type: "take acrons". 
      3 Type: "pull rope". 
      2 Find bandit's hideout. 
      4 Type: "take purse". 
      4 Type: "Put all under bed" (first time). 
      1 Type: "buy empty pouch". 
      1 Type: "buy salt". 
      1 Type: "buy fish oil". 
      1 Type: "buy lard". 
      1 Type: "pet dog". 
      1 Type: "take mistletoe". 
      1 Type: "take water with cup". 
      1 Type: "take mud with spoon". 
      5 Type: "show mirror to Medusa". 
      1 Type: "take snake skin". 
      1 Type: "take cactus". 
      2 Type: "take porridge". 
      1 Type: "thimble". 
      1 Type: "take dew in thimble". 
      10 Make: "Cat Cookie". 
      10 Make: "Understanding the Language of Creatures". 
      10 Make: "Causing a Deep Sleep". 
      10 Make: "Brewing a Storm". 
      10 Make: "Invisibility Ointment". 
      12 Type: "give porridge to Manannan". 
      4 Kill spider (as eagle). 
      3 Get amber stone (in cave). 
      10 Make: "Teleportation Stone". 
      3 Type: "give money to captain". 
      2 Board ship. 
      2 Escape from hold. 
      3 Type: "open trunk" (find stolen possessions). 
      1 Type: "take shovel". 
      5 Escape ship. 
      7 Type: "dig" (find treasure). 
      4 Get past Abominalle Snowman (as eagle). 
      7 Kill dragon (using the "Browing storm" spell). 
      3 Type: "untie Rosella". 
      4 Get into castle (END GAME). 

      210 Total, Out of 
      210 Possible 
               This File have been written by Avi Machness.
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