King's Quest 4 Walkthrough
by Jessica

While playing this game, remember to save often and under different names.
I’ll remind you during the most important parts. You might want to make a map
to help yourself.  There’s a points list that also goes along with this
walkthrough. When you finish, you will have 230 out of 230 points. What’s in
is exactly what to type in. Enjoy playing; this is a very good King’s
Quest game!

At some point, there will be a bird pulling a worm from the ground. This can
happen on several different screens.  Make sure that you get it.  When you
see the bird, it will fly away and leave the worm wiggling in the ground.
Take worm
. Go to the pool. When you leave the screen and come back, Cupid
will come. But as you walk over to talk to him, he gets scared and flies
away. But he forgets his bow. Take bow. Go to the bridge, 3 screens south.
Look under bridge
. You get a nice ball. Well, there’s only one thing you can
use it for. Go north to the pond. Throw ball in pond. This is no ordinary
frog! He goes and gets the ball for you. What a nice frog. Take frog. You
decide to reward him. Kiss frog. Oh my! He turns into a prince. Sound
familiar? You get a crown that the prince was wearing. Don’t forget to take
Go south and east to the dwarfs’ home. Take a look upstairs. How messy! You
decide to clean up. The dwarfs come in and invite you to eat. [You might want
to increase the game speed during this; this part’s very slow.] Clean up
again, once they leave. Someone left a pouch on the table. Take pouch. Look
in pouch
. Jewels! This definitely should be returned! You feel too guilty
keeping it. Go to the mine, south. On the right side of the mine, there is a
white haired dwarf standing there. Give pouch to him. What a nice guy! You
get to keep the pouch and he gives you a lantern to top it off! Go to the
waterfall, east, north, east. Wear crown. Jump in! As a frog you can swim
under the waterfall easily. Take board by the cave. Save here. Go into the
cave and most likely a troll comes. When that happens, leave the cave and you
will be okay. There is a pile of bones on the inside of the cave. When you
can, take bone. We’ll come back to the cave later, when we have more stuff.
Enter the haunted house, west, north by open door. Go through the door on the
downstairs left. Take book from the shelf. Look at picture. What’s he looking
at? Look at wall on the left. Pull latch. A secret door! Neat! You enter and
take shovel
. Don’t climb the stairs yet. Now find a man playing a lute. I
labeled him as “man” on my map. Talk to man. Maybe he would like the book
you got. Give book. He sure does. You get his lute. You may have seen a
half-horse guy, named Pan, dancing around. Find him now. I labeled where he
could be on my map. Play lute. Finally the guy stops jumping around! Give lute
. You get his flute! Go to the fisherman’s house. Disturb the man on the dock
until he goes inside. Enter the house. You need the fishing pole on the wall.
But what could you give him? The only thing he would want is the pouch. Give
. That should get you the pole. Go to the edge of the dock. If you don’t
have the worm yet, keep looking until you find it! Put worm on hook and fish.
You get a juicy fish!
Now go to Lolotte’s by going up the path. Her goons catch you! They take you
to her castle and put you in a cell! But they bring you back out and she asks
for a unicorn. You’ve seen one around; go find it. It’s marked on my map.
When you see it, don’t get too close and shoot unicorn with arrow. Aw, how
sweet. It loves you. You try to ride it to Lolotte’s castle but you need a
bridle. Go to the dock and save. Swim west to an island. Look around to find
a peacock feather that’s on the beach. Take feather. Now save again and swim
around looking for a whale. Keep trying; you might get swallowed by a shark
by mistake or see the whale but you don’t get swallowed. If this happens,
start again from where you saved on the island. Once the whale swallows you,
save again. Take bottle that’s floating in the water. Open bottle. Read note
several times. This is an Easter egg; it has stuff about other games. Now is
the tough part; you have to climb the whale’s tongue diagonally towards the
middle starting from the outside in on the right half of the tongue. This is
extremely hard; I’m not sure why they made this part so hard. When you’re
almost there, you should stand up. When you do that; save immediately. Tickle
whale with feather
. You’re probably not in the right spot, so keep walking
diagonally and try again and again until you reach the very top of the
tongue. If you fall, you can always go back to where you saved. When you
finally accomplish this difficult task, the whale barfs you up. Swim north to
the small island and save.
Give fish to pelican. Be careful not to scare him away. He drops a whistle.
Take whistle
. Go into what’s left of the wrecked boat and look down. You get
a bridle, finally! Blow whistle and a dolphin will come. Ride dolphin and
it’ll take you back to the mainland safely. Go to where you left the unicorn
and put bridle on. Ride unicorn and you’ll go to Lolotte’s. Oh great! Now
you have to get some magic hen from the ogre. Go to his house, west, west,
south. Wait until no one’s coming and open door. Quickly, throw bone. That
takes care of that dog! Now go upstairs and take axe that’s on the right
wall. Now go back downstairs and open door that’s a closet. Don’t enter the
kitchen on the right. When you’re in the closet, wait awhile until the ogre
comes in. Look through keyhole at the ogre. What a way to treat your wife!
When he falls asleep, take hen on the table and save. Open door to exit the
house. Oh no! The ogre wakes up and chases you! Run two or three screens west
until you’re sure he’s not chasing you anymore. On some computers, this is
really hard and on some it’s really easy.
Go to the killer trees and wave axe. That takes care of those pesky trees!
Now go to Lolotte’s again. Pandora’s box! Where the heck is that?! Well,
first go through the now non-killer trees to a cave that looks like a skull.
Save before you go in. Go around the right side of the pot a little, then go
back around the pot by the left side. Quickly go to the middle or left of the
two witches standing still and take eye. This may take a few tries; don’t
give up! Once you have the eye, they can’t get you. Exit the cave and
re-enter. Take scarab that’s lying on the ground. Give eye from where you are
and don’t get any closer. No, they don’t have something else for you.
You have enough things to go in the cave now! Go to the waterfall and wear
. Save, light lantern, and go in the cave. This will take many tries and
is very difficult because of the troll. Keep entering and exiting the cave
until you get a chance when the troll doesn’t come. The troll still comes
sometimes and it’s hard to outrun him; so keep trying and don’t give up! In
the cave, go east, south, south, east and you’ll see a blue hole. Before you
move, save again under a different name. There is a chasm that runs across
the whole screen, from the top left to the bottom right. To get across, put
board over chasm
. Walk straight right and up a little, then when you’re over
you take the board again automatically. If you don’t, take board. Crawl
through the hole and when you’re out of the cave save again. Jump from Lilly
pad to Lilly pad until you reach the last one. Play flute to hypnotize the
snake. Put board down so you can walk across. Quickly take fruit off the
tree. You might need to play flute again; the snake doesn’t stay hypnotized
very long. Walk across the board and take board. Jump from Lilly pad to Lilly
pad again and save and go back into the cave. Place board over chasm again
and walk across. Now save and go back through the cave and exit through the
Go to the haunted house, north, west, and open door. You hear a baby crying.
Go in the upstairs left door and to the left again. Look in cradle and you
find that there’s no baby there! Go to the west graveyard and find a small
tombstone that’s in the back on the left. To check and see if it’s the
baby’s, read tombstone. It should say “aged 6 months” at the end. There will
be many extremely annoying zombies trying to get you almost every second, but
they can’t hurt you because you have the scarab. You should save here and not
save again until you’re done with the fifth dig, because if you dig a wrong
grave, your shovel will break before you’re done and you’ll be stuck. When
you’ve found the baby’s grave, dig with your shovel. You get a rattle. Give
to the baby in its room. You hear chains rattling and see a guy
walking back and forth at the main entrance. Look at ghost and you see that
he’s an old miser. At the west graveyard in the lower left is his grave. It
ends with “miser.” Dig and you get coins. Go inside and give coins. Check
out the weeping from the upstairs right room and look at ghost. Go to the
east graveyard, her grave is in the front with a unique top. Dig and you get
a locket. Look in locket if you want. Give locket back to her inside. Enter
the downstairs room on the left and you’ll see the lord of the manor. Go to
the west graveyard; his grave is the left of the pair in the lower right. Dig
and you get a Medal of Honor. Give medal back to the man and you’ll see a
boy. Go to the upstairs right room, and climb the ladder. You see that he
wants a toy. Climb down and go to the east graveyard and his grave is the one
in the back on the left. His grave says “little boy, Willy” at the end. Dig
and you get a toy horse. Climb the ladder in the house and give toy horse to
the boy. He goes away and you open trunk and look in trunk. You get a sheet
of music. Climb back down the ladder.
Go to the parlor where the secret door is. Save and climb the treacherous
steps. Sometimes in situations like this it’s easier to use the mouse. Sit at
the organ and play sheet music. A drawer opens and you look in drawer and
take key
. Stand, save and climb back down the stairs. Go to the east
graveyard and unlock door of the crypt on the right. Take rope and be careful
not to fall. Climb the rope ladder; don’t worry about the mummy; it doesn’t
hurt you. Take box and don’t open it (duh.) You finally have Pandora’s box!
back up, close door and lock door. Now go to Lolotte’s, south, south.
Married?! Oh no! Now what can you do? Wait for Edgar to come and slip a rose
under the door. You’ll automatically look at it if you walk on it. Take key.
Unlock door
. Open door. Go downstairs. You might want to save here; they’re
tricky. When you get downstairs, save again in case you wake the guards. Go
east, and go through the door which is farther north. Face the cabinet on the
right and look in cabinet and take stuff. Finally you have all your
possessions back! Close cabinet. Okay, now enter the door on the south, the
one you didn’t go in before, and climb the steps. Go to the room on the very
top, not the first door you reach. When you get to the top, save and unlock
door with gold key
and open door. Shoot arrow. Ding, dong, the witch is dead!
Edgar comes and seems almost happy she’s dead! Take talisman off of
Lolotte’s body. Now go down one flight of stairs and enter where you didn’t
before. Go to the first door and open door. The magic hen and Pandora’s box
are in here! Take hen and take Pandora’s box. Exit the castle by going south
through the main room where Lolotte used to sit. Enter the barn on the left
and open gate. Stand in the center of the barn against the gate to do this.
You free the unicorn! Save and go down the walkway. Remember to use a mouse!
(Much easier)

Go to the east graveyard and unlock door and open door of the crypt. Climb
down the rope and put down box. Climb back up the ladder and close door and
lock door
. You slide the key under the door so no one will enter the crypt
again. Save and go to the dock and swim west to the island. Open door of the
palace and climb the steps to Genesta’s room. Give talisman to Genesta.
Genesta gets her magic back and is very grateful. You give her back the hen
and Edgar shows up and turns into a “handsome hunk.” But you decide to save
your father rather than marry Edgar so you say goodbye. But will you see him
again? Maybe not in King’s Quest 5, but keep your eyes peeled for Edgar in
King’s Quest 6. You get sent back to Daventry and you give your father the
magic fruit and he is cured. You’ve finished the game! If you followed this
walkthrough correctly, you should have 230 out of 230 points.

King's Quest 4 Points List
by Jessica

take bow    +2
look under bridge  +2
kiss frog   +3
get crown   +2
clean up   +5
take pouch   +2
take worm   +2
give pouch [to dwarf]  +3
wear crown   +5
take board   +2
take bone   +2
take book   +2
pull latch   +4
take shovel   +2
give book   +3
give lute   +3
give pouch [to man]  +3
put worm on hook  +1
fish    +3
shoot unicorn with arrow +4
take feather   +2
tickle whale with feather +5
give fish to pelican  +4
take whistle   +2
look down [get bridle]  +3
blow whistle   +2
ride dolphin   +2
put bridle on   +3
ride unicorn [to Lolotte's] +7
throw bone   +4
take axe   +2
take hen   +4
wave axe   +4
[go to Lolotte's]  +7
take eye   +3
take scarab   +2
give eye   +3
put board over chasm  +2
play flute [to snake]  +4
take fruit   +12
[exit cave]   +2
dig [get rattle]  +3
give rattle   +2
dig [get coins]   +3
give coins   +2
dig [get locket]  +3
give locket   +2
dig [get medal]   +3
give medal   +2
dig [get toy horse]  +3
give toy horse   +2
look in trunk [get music] +2
play sheet music  +4
take key   +2
unlock door   +3
take rope   +2
take box   +4
[go to Lolotte's]  +7
take key [off rose]  +2
unlock door   +2
take stuff   +4
unlock door with gold key +2
shoot arrow   +10
take talisman   +3
take hen   +2
take pandora's box  +2
open gate [release unicorn] +4
put box down   +2
lock door   +2
give talisman   +10
[give hen]   +2
   230 of 230