.;jfi,   .ft.   ;t                        ,t
               .:::j   ;:j   it:                       tW.
               Lf KE  ,Lf,        i, .j;t:     .;jt,    :   .,ti::.
            .GG#L WE:t##L:  .;t. .L#t,,iE#;  jW;  ;WE:     DW.:
               #L Et tGt,   ;K#i  i#i   LW   f#,   KE      tD;:;;,
               j..::.: .W;   EW   t#t   LW   L#;  .KE           ;#j
              .;jLLGD,  LD:  ;Gj .tLD:  ,Gt .tDEt,:DE      ;itLj;t

     ,iffj:fffj:                                  ,j,     .:iftitititfiftitfi.
    LE  fG: i ;Kf                                 j#i       j#i j#i      j#i
   L#:  WE  i..:#; tf:  :fj,   .;,ff.   .,ti::. :fj#tj:     j#i  i#i    i#i
   E#   WE  i ..#j :WG  .j#j   WG .ED. DW.:       i#i       j#i   i#i  i#i
   i#j  WD  i  ;W:  KG   ;#;   WDLt;'   tD;:;;,   i#i       j#i    i#ii#i
    ;Ej ;   i iL:  ,WE: :t#i  :WE,           ;#j  f#j       j#i     f##j
      ,i.:,jt,.    .;fitj ij.  'fij:'   ;itLj;t   :jft;   .:iftititfiftitfift.

,--,--' .        .-,--.          .                 .-,--.             .  .
`- |    |-. ,-.   '|__/ ,-. ,-. . |  ,-.   ,-. ,"   `|__/ ,-. ,-. ,-. |  |  ,-.
 , |    | | |-'   ,|    |-' |   | |  `-.   | | |-   )| \  | | `-. |-' |  |  ,-|
 `-'    ' ' `-'   `'    `-' '   ' `' `-'   `-' |    `'  ` `-' `-' `-' `' `' `-^

                   ~ King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella ~
                 An Enchanting Adventure Through A Foreign Land
                                for DOS/Windows
                         FAQ/Walkthrough by Bananagirl
                              [email protected]
                            v1.0 (Final) - 08/04/02

  This document is copyright 2002 Bananagirl. It is not to be republished in
               any form without the prior consent of the author.

                    .:*~*:.  { Table of Contents }  .:*~*:.

    1. Introduction
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    3. General Information
         o Story
         o Characters
             } Rosella
             } Genesta
             } Lolotte
    4. Game Basics                   
         o Scoring
         o Saving/Loading/Restarting
         o Controls  
    5. Walkthrough 
         o Introduction
         o Capturing the Unicorn
         o Locating the Magical Fruit
         o Stealing the Hen
         o Seeking Pandora's Box
         o Escaping from Lolotte's Castle
    6. FAQ
    7. Revision History
    8. Copyright & Contact Info
    9. Credits/Thanks

                     .:*~*:.  { 1. Introduction }  .:*~*:.

Hello! I'm in a writing sort of mood today. Not a playing mood; just a writing
mood. Fortunately, I've got everything I need to write a walkthrough right in
front of me in the form of a point list I made a month ago. 

I can't really think of anything to say here. I guess that doesn't really 
matter. Enjoy the guide, and may the force be with your or something.

  - Bananagirl

                   .:*~*:.  { 2.  Preliminary FAQ }  .:*~*:.

Q. Who's this Roberta Williams person?
  Roberta Williams is the brain behind the King's Quest series, and many other
  wonderful games, such as Mission: Asteroid (which I've also written a guide
  for), Mystery House (ditto, and the first hi-res adventure game ever), and 
  the Laura Bow games. All worth playing.

Q. How do I bypass the copy protection?
  It's there for a reason. Read the manual. If you don't have it, too bad. I'm
  not helping.

Q. Where can I get this game?
  Your chances of finding an original copy of it are pretty slim, but you 
  might be able to find it somewhere if you look really, really hard. You'd 
  probably be better off to just buy the entire series in either the Roberta 
  Williams Anthology (dunno if this is even still available) or the King's 
  Quest Collection. Both should be fairly inexpensive, but there *are* quite a 
  few games in each pack, so expect to fork over at least a few bucks.

Q. Is this appropriate for my kids?
  Of course! There's nothing in it that will traumatize them, or even damage 
  their egos. Graham can die, but when he does, it doesn't show very much. 
  There's a bit of Yeti killing involved, but nothing that can possibly happen
  in real life is harmful to the little ones. The difficulty level might be a
  bit high for some children, but it's fun for everyone, so don't hesitate to 
  help out should they ask.

Q. How 'bout for older people?
  It's a classic. Highly recommended for everyone. Just make sure you keep your
  own saved games easily distinguishable from everybody else's. Few things are 
  more annoying than getting most of the way through a game and having someone 
  else replace your game with their own, which just happens to be near the 

Q. Why do these questions look familiar?
  Because I stole them from my King's Quest 1 guide, of course! I'm too lazy to
  come up with new questions and answers for everything, so if the same ones 
  work, I'm all for recycling them.

                 .:*~*:.  { 3.  General Information }  .:*~*:.

Everyone was happy, as well they should be. The long-lost Prince Alexander had
returned to the Kingdom of Daventry, and he had rescued his sister, Rosella, 
from the clutches of the dragon on his way. King Graham was ready to pass his
Adventurer's Hat onto the next generation, but as he did so, he felt a sharp
pain in his chest. He fell to the ground, and his family ran to him. The hat
was abandoned. 

While Queen Valanice and Prince Alexander stood at the king's bedside, 
Princess Rosella sat in the throne room and wept. Suddenly, a voice called her
from the Magic Mirror. A fairy, Genesta, told her of a Magic Fruit that would
save King Graham. Genesta could bring Rosella to her land, Tamir, but unless
Rosella helped Genesta, she would not be able to send her back unless Rosella
helped her. Determined to save her father's life, Rosella agreed to the 
bargain. When she arrived on the island of Tamir, Genesta told her about 
Lolotte, an evil fairy who had stole Genesta's amulet. Without the amulet, 
Genesta had only 24 hours to live. 

Genesta turned Rosella's clothing into that of a peasant so as not to attract
unwanted attention, then returned to her island. Rosella set out to rescue not
only King Graham, but the good fairy Genesta as well.


  Rosella is visiting the land of Tamir to find a magical fruit that will save
  her father's life. While there, she must also defeat Lolotte and recover the
  amulet that she stole from Genesta.

  Genesta uses what is left of her magic to bring Rosella to Tamir. Before she
  can send her home again, she needs the amulet that supplies her power.

  Lolotte and her goons rule over the mountains on the east side of Tamir. As
  Genesta's archnemesis, Lolotte is selfish and spiteful. She stole Genesta's
  magic amulet and antagonizes poor Rosella with her demands.

                     .:*~*:.  { 4.  Game Basics }  .:*~*:.

Throughout the game, various actions and items will earn points for you. You 
don't have to get all of them to finish it. It's just a nice little challenge 
for you.

Saving (found under File) is a way of keeping your progress, even if you exit 
the game. Save often. Save well. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Restoring (also found under File) recalls your saved games. Do it if you die. 
You _did_ save, right?

Restarting (guess what? It's also under File!) restarts your game. Big surprise 
there. Don't do this unless you're unbelievably stuck or you forgot to save or


                     F1............Display the Help screen
                     F2............Toggle sound on and off
                     F3...................Retype last line
                     Tab...............Open your Inventory
                     Esc.......Display Menu Bar/Pause Game
                     Enter...................Enter Command
                     Ctrl+J...........Set up your Joystick
                     Alt+Z...................Exit the Game
                     Arrow Keys...............Move Rosella
                     Letter Keys.............Type Commands

These might be a little bit off, but I'm too lazy to check. Figure it out 
yourself if you really need something. 

                     .:*~*:.  { 5.  Walkthrough }  .:*~*:.

As soon as you gain control of Rosella, take her as far east as possible. You 
should reach a mountain path. Start climbing. On the next screen, don't move.
Lolotte's goons will fly up and catch you. Lolotte will assume you're nothing
but trouble, but her son, Edgar, will talk her into letting you go. You'll
have to capture the Unicorn wandering around Tamir before you're truly free, 
though. The goons will drop you off at the base of the mountain.

Wander around Tamir until you see a bird tugging at a worm in the ground. Walk
towards the bird to make it fly away, then grab the worm. Head for the river 
and follow it until you reach a bridge, then look under it to get a Golden 
Ball. Head west to find a pond and toss in the Golden Ball. A frog will jump in
to retrieve it for you. When it comes out, pick it up and kiss it. The frog 
will turn into a prince (as expected), but seeing Rosella's peasant clothes, 
he'll toss aside his crown and leave. Pick up the Golden Crown, then explore 
the area until you find a house built under the roots of a tree.

This is the house of the Seven Dwarves... er... 'Dwarfs' of Snow White fame. Do
as she did and clean it. When you're done, the dwarfs will file in and eat 
their lunch, allowing you to join them. When they finish, they'll leave again.
One will leave a Pouch of Diamonds on the table. Take it. Go to the mines just
south of the house and walk in. The head dwarf is at the opposite end of the
cave, looking through a bucket of diamonds. Give him the pouch. He'll be so
impressed with your honesty that he'll give you a lantern and let you keep the

Leave the mines and go east. Look around a bit. Eventually, you should come 
upon a pool. If you wait a moment, Cupid will appear. When he's in the water,
step up to the pool to startle him. He'll fly away, leaving his bow and arrows
behind. Take them, then find the mansion. Inside, go to the library. It is the
room to the west on the lower floor. Check the shelves to find a Shakespeare
Book and take it. Leave the mansion and find the screen slightly east of the
beach that holds a stump. Exit and reenter this screen until you see a minstrel
singing a less than pleasant tune. Give him your Shakespeare book; he'll gladly
give you his Lute in exchange.

Now, head to the beach and look for the grey shack. Dancing around nearby is a
little creature that is half-goat, half-boy. This is Pan. Play your Lute for 
him, then give it to him. He'll give you his flute. Now that we're done 
gathering seemingly useless junk, it's time to get that Unicorn. 

                             Capturing the Unicorn

Go to the end of the dock in front of the Fisherman's house. Said Fisherman is
sitting on the dock. After he reels in a boot, he will go back to his house. 
Follow him and knock on the door, then go in. Give the Pouch of Diamonds you 
got from the Dwarfs to either the Fisherman or his wife. They will gladly part
with the Fishing Pole. Take it out to the end of the dock, bait it with the
Worm, and start fishing. You should hook one fairly quickly. Once you've done
that, save your game and hop into the water. Swim due west until you reach an
island. You may encounter a shark as you travel; if so, restore your game and
try again.

This island is Genesta's home, but she's too weak to see you right now. Wander 
around until you find a Peacock Feather on the beach, then save your game 
again and head for the sea. Swim around until you are swallowed by a whale.

There is a bottle floating around in the whale's stomach that holds a different
message every time you play the game. Take it if you want to, then start 
climbing the whale's tongue. Start close to either edge and make your way 
slightly up and to the center until Rosella stands up. From there, edge your 
way to the top, then tickle his uvula with your Peacock Feather. You'll be
sneezed out onto an island.

This island holds the Golden Bridle required to capture the unicorn. It's in 
the bow of the washed up ship. Just go look at the ground until you find it, 
then it's time to get out of here. It's too far to swim, so you'll have to find
another way off the island. Give your fish to the pelican. It will drop a 
whistle. Pick it up and blow it to summon a dolphin. Ride the dolphin to get 
back to Tamir. 

Find the Unicorn wandering around the meadows near the river. Shoot it with 
Cupid's bow to gain its trust, then put the bridle on and ride it. Lolotte will
be pleased, but she wants you to find a hen. We'll get back to that. First, we
have a Magical Fruit to find. 

                          Locating the Magical Fruit

Go to the waterfall in Tamir and wear the Golden Crown to turn into a frog. 
Rosella will take this opportunity to swim under the waterfall. Once there, 
pick up a Bone and a board and save your game. Go inside the cave and go south,
then east, then south and east again. There is a chasm here, but you won't be 
able to see it. Use the board on the chasm, then pick it up again. My 
directions are from memory, so they might be a bit off. Also, you'll be 
followed by a hidden troll whenever you're in the cave; just keep moving, and 
it won't catch up.

On the other side of the chasm, go north and exit the cave. You'll find 
yourself in a swamp. Jump onto the tuft of grass sticking out of the goo and
hop from place to place. When you reach the last one, put down your board, then
play your flute to charm the snake. While it's hypnotized, grab the Fruit, 
cross your board again, pick it up, and make your way back across the swamp,
through the cave and past the waterfall. Whew. Now, about that hen...

                               Stealing the Hen

There is a pair of Ogres inhabiting Tamir. They live in a large stone house. 
Find this house and go inside. Head up the stairs and take the Axe leaning in
the corner, then go down and hide in the closet. Eventually, you'll hear the
sounds of a returning Ogre. Look through the keyhole.

Once it's asleep, open the closet and go out. Pick up the hen and run for the
door before it squawks and wakes up the Ogre. Return to the mountain path, 
where the goons will grab you and take you to Lolotte. Unfortunately, she still
isn't happy. You'll have to find Pandora's Box for her.

                             Seeking Pandora's Box

Head to the evil forest to the east of the Ogres' house. Swing your Axe near a
tree to frighten them, then make your way through. On the other side is a house
shaped like a skull. Go inside. There are three hags living here, but they've 
only got one eye between them. When one hag lunges for you, run around the fire
and grab the eye from the other two. When they ask for it back, refuse and go
outside. Go back in; this time, they'll throw a Scarab at you. Pick it up and
toss the eye at them, then go outside.

At this point, night has fallen. Fortunately, the Scarab protects you from the
undead. Go to the mansion and head inside. You should hear a baby crying. Go to
the library and examine the painting, then the wall. Flip the latch you should
find there and go in. Take the shovel then leave again. Head out into the 
graveyard and look around until you find the grave of a baby. Dig it up and 
return to the house. Find the baby and give him the Rattle you found in the 

When you go downstairs, you'll find the ghost of a miser floating around. Head
outside, look for his grave, and dig it up to find a Pouch of Gold. Give it to
him, and you'll hear a lady crying. Go find the grave of a woman who lost her 
love and dig it up to find a locket, which you should give to the woman. Back
downstairs, the lord of the house is floating around. Find his grave and give
him them Medal of Honor buried there. 

The last ghost is that of a little boy. Go outside and dig up his grave to find
a Toy Horse. Follow the boy up the ladder and give him the Horse to get him off
the chest he's sitting on, then open it up to find some Sheet Music. Take it 
and go to the secret passage by the library. Go up the stairs here. When you 
reach the top, use the Sheet Music to play the organ. A drawer should pop out.
Take the Skeleton Key within, go downstairs, and leave the manor. Find the 
crypt on the east side of the graveyard and unlock it with the Skeleton Key. Go
in and use the rope to form a rope ladder. Climb down and pick up the box in 
the corner. This is Pandora's Box. DO NOT OPEN IT. Return to Lolotte. 

It seems Edgar's taking a liking to you. In fact, you get to marry him! Oh, 
joy. Now, how to get out of this mess...

                        Escaping from Lolotte's Castle

If you wait a moment, Edgar will slip a rose under your door. It has a small
key attached to it. Take the Golden Key and use it to unlock your bedroom door,
then make your way downstairs. Sneak past the goons and look for the kitchen.
Inside one of the cabinets, you'll find all your seemingly useless junk. Take 
it and make your way up the stairs through the door just south of that of the
kitchen. At the top of them all, you'll find Lolotte's room.

Use your remaining Arrow to shoot Lolotte. With her out of the way, take the
Amulet. The goons are now ever grateful to you, so they won't bother you 
anymore. Go halfway down the stairs that took you to Lolotte's room. The first
door in this hallway holds both the hen and Pandora's Box. Take them both, then
leave the castle. Outside, go into the stable and open the gate to free the
unicorn and follow it down the mountain path. You might want to save your game

We now have everything required to finish the game, but before we're done here,
go back to the crypt and replace Pandora's Box. Lock the door when you're back
outside, and Rosella will kick the key under it to prevent anyone from reaching
it ever again. Now go to Genesta's Island and go into her castle.

Go up the stairs to find Genesta's bedchamber and give her the Amulet. With her
power restored, she'll be able to send Rosella back, after she finishes taking
care of some last minute business. And so it all ends. Congratulations. You 

                         .:*~*:.  { 6.  FAQ }  .:*~*:.

Q. The unicorn keeps running away from me! How can I get it to like me?
   Find Cupid's bow and use it to shoot the unicorn. It will now allow you to
   get close enough to capture it, should you have the right tools.

Q. How do I get the unicorn to Lolotte?
   Ride it. You'll need the Golden Bridle, though.

Q. Where's the fruit?
   In the middle of a swamp. You'll have to go through a cave and a waterfall 
   to get there, though. 

Q. Where's the hen?
   An ogre's got it.

Q. Where's Pandora's Box?
   In a crypt, where it should be.

Q. Where to babies come from?
   The toothfairy brings them if you're really good all year.

                   .:*~*:.  { 7. Revision History }  .:*~*:.

v1.0 - 08/04/2002
Ah, the thrill of completion. Everything's done, and it only took me an hour or
so to do it! The walkthrough is finished, but the FAQ is a bit lacking. If you
have a question, feel free to send it in so I can beef it up a bit.

               .:*~*:.  { 8. Copyright & Contact Info }  .:*~*:.

This document is copyright  2001 Bananagirl ([email protected])

This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not 
intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone, including the 
author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written 
permission from the author. 

The information found within the document is, to the best of the abilities 
and knowledge of the author, 100% accurate. However, the possibility exists 
that inaccurate information may be found within. Any errors (human, computer, 
or otherwise) should be reported to the author As soon as possible. 

If you would like to use this document on/in your web site, magazine, or 
other published work, please contact the author and obtain permission before 
doing so. 

King's Quest, Rosella, and all characters, locations, etc., are trademarks of 
Sierra On-Line. The author makes no claim to the creation of these.

Don't email me unless you have something useful to say. It isn't nice. Also,
don't email me if you're going to send it to everyone else with a FAQ for the
game. That also isn't nice.

                    .:*~*:.  { 9. Credits/Thanks }  .:*~*:.
   Bananagirl ([email protected])

Thanks to:
 - Gonzo the Muppet, whatever the heck he is.
 - Sierra On-Line for a great game.
 - Whoever bought me the Roberta Williams Anthology.


                             .fEt,,,,tDL,fG. .W;;Ki   
                          :tGGi,,,;LDf,iEt    K;tK    
                        tDLi,,;tLDGi,;DL.     jLE:    

               __ )                                     _)      |
               __ \   _` | __ \   _` | __ \   _` |  _` | |  __| |
               |   | (   | |   | (   | |   | (   | (   | | |    |
              ____/ \__,_|_|  _|\__,_|_|  _|\__,_|\__, |_|_|   _|
                             [email protected]

                                                     Copyright 2002 Bananagirl

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