Leisure Suit Larry II Solve                           
     Ok, the first thing you do is go into the garage...Search it all around,   
each part of it, until you find the dollar bill.  Get it!  Next, go to the      
Quickie-Mart and buy a Lottery Ticket...use any numbers.  Go to the T.V.        
and give the ticket to the secretary.  She'll tell you what the winning numbers 
were.  Remember these numbers, when she asks you for your numbers you tell her  
the winning numbers she just told you.  She'll let you into the green room, sit 
down on the chair and wait.  THe fag comes out and takes you onto the dating    
game.  The only thing I have to tell you about the dating game is just say      
whatever you want when the girl asks you questions, it doesn't make a           
difference.  The rest just happens.  When you leave, sit down on the chair      
again and a girl will come out and bring you to the lottery.  The lottery scene 
happens by itself too.  When you're done with the lottery, leave and go to the  
Molto Lira (the suit shop).  Buy a swimsuit and the bitch will change your      
million dollar bill.  Go to Swabs Drugs and buy some sunscreen.  It's on the    
left wall.  Go back to the Quickie-Mart and Buy a Grotesque Gulp.  Go back to   
Eve's House and Search the Trash.  The first time, it'll ask you why you wanna  
do it, just hit search trash again and you'll find a passport.  Go to the Music 
Shop and talk to the girl.  You should get an Onklunk.  Go to the Barber Shop   
and sit in the chair to get a haircut.  Then go to the screen directly to the   
right of the barber shop, you'll find the dock.  As long as you have a passport 
and ticket just show the man the ticket and you're all set.                     
     On the boat, you                                                           
should probably save your game.  First thing to do is go into your room, that's 
the doorway closest to you.  Get the fruit from the nightstand.  Go into the    
next room and you'll meet Momma.  If you have a saved game right here, I think  
you'll get a laugh out of what happens if you go near Momma.  What you have to  
do is leave her room and your room, then go back in, and wait til she's not on  
the bed.  Make sure the game is saved!!!  Momma has a tendency to come back as  
you search her room.  Open the nightstand, get the sewing kit, close the        
nightstand, and get the FUCK out of there.  You should save your game here,     
just save over the one before you got the sewing kit.  Find the barber shop     
(Don't worry, there's 5 barber shops in this game) and sit in the chair.  Go to 
the bar and get the spinach dip at the left of the bar.  Go to your room and    
change into your swimsuit.  Go to the pool and put sunscreen on.  Go into the   
water and dive.  Get the bikini top.  Climb up the ladder and walk over to the  
lounge chair.  Put more sunscreen on and lie down.  When this bitch comes over, 
let her leave!  She's trouble.  After she's gone for a while, leave the pool    
and go back to your room and change into your leisure suit.  Go to the bridge.  
Go to what looks like a blue stick on the control panel right behind the        
captain.  Pull switch.  Now, go to the lifeboats and jump into the lifeboat.    
Now, at the screen where it shows the whole ship and all the lifeboats being    
lowered, as soon as you start drifting away, type WEAR WIG and throw the        
spinach dip overboard.  That's it until you reach the island.                   
        The first thing to do on the island is go to the left and get the       
bikini bottom.  Go back to the first screen and go down.  This is a bitch!!!    
In the restaurant, after you get a seat, get the knife from the buffet table    
and leave..Now in the hotel room, get the soap and matches.  Leave the          
maid alone.  Now leave the room. Oh yeah, as you're walking through the         
jungle, wait until you're near the potted flowers, and type GET FLOWERS.  If    
it keeps saying "You're not close enough" keep trying.  You'll get them.In the  
Barber Shop, sit down in the chair.  When you get back to the beach, start all  
over again.  Go back down.  In the restaurant, just leave.  In the hotel room,  
go into the dressing area behind the bathrrom and change into the bikini.  Type 
PUT MONEY IN BIKINI TOP.  Now leave.  In the barber shop, sit down in the chair 
again.  You now look like a girl(???).  Back at the beach, go to the right.     
Just go right by the KGB agents.  Now, these cliffs aren't as bad as they look. 
Just get by them and you're at the airport.  At the very end of the cliffs, as  
it's giving you the big thing how you've escaped the KGB etc...try to type      
constantly, as soon as you can, type CHANGE CLOTHES.                            
        At the airport, first go to the left and get a haircut.  Now, go back   
to the ticket lines and go to the right.  Show the passport to the man and      
he'll let you pass.  Go right by the guard and to the suitcase line.  Wait for  
the green cammo suitcase and get suitcase.  After the bomb goes off, go over to 
the line and buy a ticket.  Go back to the guy you showed your passport to and  
show him the ticket...go by the the guard again and go to the next screen.      
Order some food.  Don't eat it, just get the bobby pin.  Go to the machines and 
get the parachute from the FLIGHT INSURANCE machine.  Just type BUY INSURANCE.  
Get on the ramp.  At the waiting room, get the pamphlet off the counter and     
give the man the ticket.                                                        
        On the plane, as soon as you sit down, give the pamphlet to the man     
next to you.  Go to the back of the plane and wear the parachute.  Open the     
emergency door with the bobby pin.  When it shows the scene where you're        
falling through the sky, pull ripcord.  When you find yourself in the tree, cut 
        On this next screen, pick up the stick and crawl under the bush with    
the bees.  On the next screen, wait til the Annaconda comes after you and HOLD  
STICK.  On this screen, follow the bright patches near the bottom of the screen 
to avoid the quicksand.  Depending on your colors, this may be hard to find,    
but you'll make it.  On this next screen, find the right vine and JUMP.  When   
you get onto the vine, type JUMP again.  Keep going until you reach the other   
side of the river.  Find the vine you can take and GET VINE...move either to    
the right or up, it doesn't matter.  Now sit back and watch the cartoon for the 
next five minutes or so.  When you get to the chasm, go back down to the        
village, back to the screen where the fire was, and get ashes.  Go back to the  
chasm and throw vine.  If you're close enough you can swing on the vine across  
the chasm.  Keep going until you get to the bottom of the glacier.  Find the    
right place and type THROW ASHES.  Go up to the top of the mountain where the   
elevator is.  Go to the edge of the chasm, I always use the part where it       
widens into a whole near where the steam comes out.  Type PUT BAG INSIDE TONIC  
BOTTLE.  That worked for me.  It's very sensitive here to the exact wording.    
Light bag and drop bottle.  It'll blow the door open.  Go into the elevator and 
that's it.  It takes over from here.  Get ready for a good 15-20 minute         

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