By Joycelyn Yik
Version 1.0

Before I start, let me tell you this small and irritating matter. If you do exactly what this hint book tells you to do, you will not, repeat will not, get full marks. Yes, I tested and tested and tested until my fingers were nothing but stubs, but to no avail. I did not know what to do anymore, so you will end up with three thousand something points instead of four. (If you know how to get all the points, please inform me. I'd be happy to write another version of this.)
Anyhow, I don't care how you use this hint book. Other hint books tell you not to read them until you are really stuck, but if you want to read it, go on and do so! After all, it's up to you. (Yeah, especially since you bought it!)
Well, good luck in your little adventure! If you even find this thing useful, I might write books for the other sierra games too!

Joycelyn Yik

Hints and other cute things
I never liked the ugly default colour of the words in this game. To change their colour and background colour, push Ctrl and C. Put in the number 15, then 0. This will either give you black words and white background or vice versa, depending on whether I remember correctly or not, but then again, you could always switch the numbers over, right? (See how lazy I am to check?) Try different combinations, too.

You can also put in one of your favourite swear words after pushing Ctrl and X. The computer will use it in some situations. The default is 'Son of a bitch!", but for fun change it to 'Oh, shit!'or something like that.

If you really want to play the game at its most grotesque level, answer all the questions correctly. This may take some tries, but it's worth it. Save your game when you start.
The Walkthrough
Walk to the grass patch. <Look at plaque><Exit> Walk to the binoculars on the left. <Look through binoculars> Watch the girl. Walk out of the screen. Follow whatever the game tells you to do. After you find out about your wife and your job, walk back to your house. Walk to that greyish thing on the wall. <Open box><Get card> Leave the screen. Forget about closing the mail box, it's not your house anymore anyway. Walk to around the middle of the screen, next to the small granadilla tree. <Get wood> Go to the fountain screen. Move to the topmost of the screen until you stop, then go east. This is the toilet. Walk to the sink. <Get soap><Drink water> Go back to the fountain screen. Go south. Voila! The beach. <Look girl><Look face><Talk><Give card> After finishing, you will discover that you have the knife. Move to the fountain screen. Walk on to the steps, but don't enter the hotel. <Sharpen knife on steps> Go back to the forest before this screen. Go north a bit so that you pass the dividing shrubbery then go east. Move to the patch of grass in the middle of the screen. <Cut grass with knife><Make skirt> Go to the toilet and enter the first and only functioning cubicle. <Change into skirt><Carve wood> Go to the beach. You will get $20 for selling the wood carving. Go to the toilet cubicle again. <Change into suit> Go back to the beach. <Get towel><Lie on towel><Stand> Enter the hotel. Go north, then west, then west again. Walk up to the man. <Show ticket><Ticket number><Give money> Watch the show and enjoy. After you exit, wait awhile. The star of the show, Cherri Tart, comes out to make a phone call. Walk up to her. <Look girl><Talk girl><Give land>Exit the hotel and go to the forest screen before it. Walk a teeny bit west, until the end of the dividing shrubbery, maybe, and go north as far as possible. Just as long as you get to the north-east corner, you're fine. Enter the office. Walk up to the clerk. <Talk><Land> He will send you to Miss Cheatem's office. <Sit><Land><Stand> Leave the room and exit the office. Immediately come back and walk to the clerk. <Get deed> Go back to the entrance of the cabaret and walk to the door. <Knock> When the darkness ends, you will find yourself on stage. After the computer ends off with the words"...what are you going to do now, Larry?"or something like that, <Dance> After the show, you will find out that you have earned $500. Do not change your clothes, repeat, do not change your clothes. Walk to the office clerk at the office again. <Talk><Yes> When the computer controlled scene ends, exit the office and immediately enter it again. Walk to the clerk. <Get divorce> Go back to the entrance of the cabaret and walk to the door. <Open door> Walk to your clothes. <Get clothes> Exit the screen and keep on walking east. You will be at the bar. Walk to the chair closest to the pianist and <Sit><Look girl><Show divorce><Exit><Stand> Go to the forest screen. See the pink shrubbery? Walk west at the south of it. Enter the whale's mouth. Walk to the door on the left. <Use card><Turn card> You will see that your locker number is 69 and some names of the businesses in your copy of the game's manual. Get the page number each of their advertisements are on respectively. Walk west, east, north, west, north, west, south, west, north. If you still can't find the locker, it is the only locker which is facing south which is on a wall of its own. <Open locker><Numbers><Wear sweats><Close locker> Walk through the door on the right. Now think of the top view of this exercise machine. It is a rectangle. Walk to the east line of the rectangle and <Do curls> Do 67, then <Stop> (For your information, you should do at least 67 on each machine in order to progress with the game.) Walk to the eastern part of the south line of the rectangle. <Do weights> Do 67, then <Stop> Walk to the little chair. <Sit> Do 67, then <Stand> Walk to the centre. <Exercise> Need I tell you to do 67? <Stop> Wowee! Look at those muscles! (The reason why I asked you to do it in that order was because you would get a full view of Larry's new body. If you did the curls as the last one, you wouldn't be able to see him bloat up.) Exit the room and go back to your locker. <Open locker><Numbers> For some fun, <Undress> Walk about and look at Larry naked. Walk back to your locker. <Wear towel><Close locker> Enter the door on the left. Move to the middle, northmost part of the screen. <Turn on shower><Use soap><Turn off shower> Exit the bathroom and go to your locker. <Openlocker><Numbers><Dry><Use deodorant><Wear suit><Close locker> Exit this place. Go to the door on the north wall. <Use card> Walk to the girl. <Look girl><Talk girl><Help video> Watch the computer controlled scene. Exit the spa and walk to the place where you cut the grass. Walk east and enter the Comedy Hut. Walk in front of the chair. <Sit> Watch the show. The jokes are not too bad, so enjoy yourself. You get points for watching the whole show. After the comedian walks off stage, <Stand> exit the Comedy Hut and go back to the grass screen. Walk into that hole in the rocks. Walk very carefully to the edge of the cave and get the flowers on the right. <Get flowers><Make lei> Go to the bar and walk to the same seat. <Sit><Look girl><Give lei><Go to penthouse><Stand> Run back to the Comedy Hut and get the wine on the table. <Get wine> Enter the hotel and go east to the lobby. Walk to that big square between the two lifts. <Press button><Go to penthouse><Pour wine> Watch the longest computer controlled scene in this game.
Walk to the table. <Get wine> Go behind the dressing screen. <Get pantyhose><Get bra><Wear panties><Wear dress> Exit the room. <One> Walk to the bar. Walk to the board. <Get marker> Walk to that greenish thing. <Get tips> Walk to the wild grass place. Walk to the man. <Give money> Walk to the chair facing the stage. <Sit> Watch the show. <Stand> Soon, the stripper will walk through the audience. More or less try to stop him from leaving by blocking his path and repeatedly typing <Talk man> He will recognize you and sit down. Hurry, <Sit><Look man><Talk about Larry><Exit> Exit the place and go to the sink at the toilet. <Fill bottle> Go to the screen where the Comedy Hut is and go east. Save your game. (You hopefully saved your game lots of times before I reminded you, right? Accidents can happen, you know.) Enter the bamboo forest. Go north, north, east, east, north, west, north, east, north, north, north, west, west, south, west, west, north, north, west, and finally north. (When you start crawling on the floor, <Drink water>) Slow down the game and walk to the river's edge. <Drink> Go north. Carefully walk to the rock. <Take off pantyhose><Tie pantyhose round rock> After recovering from your little landing, walk as south as possible. <Get leaves><Make rope> Walk to the tree on the right. <Climb tree><Get coconuts><Climb down> Slow the game down and walk as close to the edge of the cliff as possible. <Throw rope><Tie rope to tree><Tear dress><Climb rope> Go to the north of the screen. Save your game. <Remove bra><Put coconuts in bra> Walk slowly to the northwest. When a pig is coming at you, type <Throw bra> The pig will fall into the river and die. This may take a few tries, but be patient. If the presence of the pig shocks you too much to type, after you prepare your bra, type <Throw bra> but don't press Enter. Instead, press Esc. When the pig appears, just quickly press F3 and Enter. Now that the pig is out of the way, walk to the river. Walk into the river to the log and type <Push log> Don't worry, the game will automatically make Patty swim. <Get on log> Coming up will be an arcade scene. You can skip it, but you will lose points. Watch the computer controlled scene. When you finally understand why Larry left, type <Use marker> Enjoy the computer controlled scene. Roam around the sierra studios. When you get to the Space Quest set, use your right cursor key. When you are as far right as possible, wait till you're upside down then type <Unplug wire> That is the end! Hurray! Remember to tell me how to get full marks if you ever find out. Bye!

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