Here is a list of all 32 Where's Dildo's.  Anyway, I hope this is 
helpful to anyone looking for all of them too.  I'm also looking for 
the last few points available.  If anyone has compiled a list of all 
the little things you can do to get points (i.e. use the remote in 
the Replica Statue room after the horseshoe competition)  please let 
me know.  And, as always, if anyone comes up with any bona fide 
Easter Eggs, please pass them along...  Jeff Woodie

P.S.  The real fun is in the quest, so use this as a last resort...

Multiple dildos in one location
1.  Atrium--behind right column
2.  Atrium--over library entrance
3.  Atrium--upper deck on left side

4.  Cabin--behind bucket
5.  Cabin--behind toilet
6.  Cabin--behind pipes on bottom

7.  Ballroom--on stage
8.  Ballroom--behind statue on right side near bottom
9.  Ballroom--behind table on bottom right
	(you have to get all of these before you complete the Jamie Lee 	
quest	or else the ballroom will be locked)

10. Poolside Cabana--behind bushes on left side
11. Poolside Cabana--behind bushes on right side

One location, One Dildo

12. Bridge--plain sight
13. Aft deck--behind topiary dildo
14. Forward deck--beside topiary sheep
15. Promenade--up the topiary's butt
16. Li'l Seaman Lounge--Behind third seat
17. Johnson's Bar--in wood knot on left side of bar
18. Horseshoes Competition--across courtyard in opposite horseshoe 	range
19. Kitchen--one of the sausage links
20. Heavin' Ho--in the salad
21. Meat Carver--in the sausage links
22. Library--beside grandfather clock
23. LoveMaster2000--in booth #4
24. Best Dressed Competition--next to terminal
25. Replica Statue room--next to David's foot
26. Casino--sitting at blackjack tables
27. Employees only room--behind the table
28. Bowling Competition--behind the rhino
29. Juggs room--behind the bales of hay
30. Vicky's cubicle--behind pineapple  (post transformation)
31. Luggage hold--lower left side of screen
32. Help/About screen--one of the designers of course

Enjoy!  JW
[email protected]

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