All Easter Eggs in

Leisure Suit Larry 7

"Love for Sail"

Last updated February 9, 1997

By Erik Gos ([email protected])

There are 8 easter eggs in Leisure Suit Larry 7. They are recognized by the multi-colored egg flashing in the top left or top right of the game screen when active.

Here is a list of them all:

  1. At the Clothing Optional Pool, click on the Pesky Branch that's covering Drew's breasts. Select "Other" and type "Push". Waw, breasts.

  2. In the Library, click on the beaver on top of the right shelf. Select "Other" and type "Milk". The first time you enter the Jugg's dressing room (next to Johnson's bar at the back deck of the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge), you will see the Jugg's egg. And not only breasts this time.

  3. After the performance of the Jugg's go on the stage (Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge again) and go to the left. Click on the mixing table, select "Other", type "Feel". Now go to Drew Baringmore and talk about "Fokker". You don't have to look here in the eyes any longer. You will be looking at something else instead. Just guess.

  4. After winning Strip Liar's Dice from Dewmi, return to her cabin and take the bottle of Orgasmic Powder from her table. Make sure you have Drew's suitcase and return to Drew. Talk to Drew. Use the "Orgasmic Powder" on what's left of her "Gigantic Erection" drink, click on the drink, select "Other" and type "Drink". Talk to Drew about her suitcase. When she leaves, Larry won't block the view anymore. Yeah, yeah, again.

  5. Leave and return to Victorian Principles (the librarian) after putting the "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules" book in the "Prudish and Proud" book jacket on her pile of books. Now she's Vicky. Before doing anything else, "Left-Click" on the leftmost guy in the shower on her computer display (it shows the shower from Larry 6), while holding the "control-key" on your keyboard. Now just play on. Selecting the topic "Weather" will trigger the second part of the egg. I'm sorry, breasts again.

  6. Go to Captain Queeg's Ballroom, click on Larry, select "Other", type "Dream" and yes, some more breasts.

  7. After killing old Boning, but before giving the Insurance Policy to Annette, return to the Owner's Suite. Click on the bulge of the third guy statue at the left, select "Other" and type "Unzip". Now push the doorbell. Again, some more breasts and ... money.

  8. The last egg will only show up if you found all Dildo's, scored a maximum 1000 points and found the 7 other eggs. You should look through the credits until the end. Suddenly, just before the alien invasion from outer space, an egg will show up a the top left of the screen. Look quickly at the Captain Thygh egg. It barely lasts two seconds, but you will see some breasts again.
If only looking at the eggs, one could conclude that this is a man's game. Well maybe it is, but it's kinda fun.

So, this is it. Hope this helps all desperate egg hunters. For some help on how to get a maximum score or where to find all Dildo's, look at the two entries above this one.

Copyright © 1997, Erik Gos ([email protected])

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