Colonel’s Bequest Walkthrough

by Jessica

While playing this game and following this walkthrough, usually it’s okay if
you change the time by accident.  Just try to get back to where you left off.
And feel free to go other places and to look at things that I don’t mention,
unless I say not to.  Save often and under different names! It’s easy to die
by accident even when you have this in your hand.  I also suggest sitting
through the introduction. What is in bold is exactly what you have to type.  
This will have a successful conclusion at the end and a full notebook.  Good

Act I You begin in Lillian and Laura’s (you) room. Go to Ethel’s, Lillian’s
mother, room on the right. Talk to Ethel 3 times. Make sure you ask about Rudy
. You find out he’s into gambling.

Enter the bathroom. It’s left of your room and is at the north part of the
upstairs hallway. Look at Lillian at least twice. She’s putting perfume on.

Exit the bathroom and face the closet on the left of your screen. Pull closet
. You enter a secret passageway. It doesn’t get you very far, though! What
could it be for? You see a picture on the wall. There’s actually another one
behind it that you can’t see. Go behind it and face north at the other one.
Look in holes
. Wow! A conversation between Fifi (the maid) and the Colonel!
The time changes to 7:15. Maybe there are more conversations to “overhear”
you wonder.

Repeat the same thing on the closet on the right this time. Look in the north
holes again to see a conversation between Lillian and Ethel.

Enter Colonel’s room. Look at cigar. If you type look and then any
character’s name that is in the room you will see a profile of that person.
Try it with the Colonel. He also goes by Henri. It only works the first time,
so make sure you read it then. You might want to try it on all the characters
to get a little more information on them. What a cool elevator! You go to use
it, but Henri won’t let you. Maybe later you can use it when he’s not around.

Enter Dr. Wilbur C. Feels’ room on the left. Look at bag on his bed.
Go downstairs. There’s a clock on the left and a mirror on the right. Pull
. Look in holes (south this time) to see a conversation between Rudy and
Gloria. The time changes to 7:30.

Enter the library. (northwest) You’ll see Gloria try to argue with Dr. about
her medical problem. I wonder what that could be? Well, no one knows because
you never find out.

Go back into the hallway. This time pull mirror. Look in holes. (south) You
see an argument between Gertie and Clarence. The time changes to 7:45. Enter
that room and look at decanter on the counter. You notice a parrot here.

Go outside. Ignore the message that says to go back inside. Enter the
carriage house. Take oilcan that is on the table. Look in carriage. You get a

Enter the church. Face the pulpit. Walk to the left of it until you step on a
loose floorboard. Pry floorboard. Darn, it won’t open! Maybe that crowbar
will come in handy here. Pry floorboard with crowbar. Yes! Look in hole. Read
. This is the beginning of the Sarah Crouton mystery. It’s a mystery
inside a mystery! But unfortunately, you cannot take the Bible with you. It
has to stay in the Church.

Act II Time to go back inside. Enter Gloria and Gertie’s room upstairs.
Gertie is snoozing on her bed and won’t talk to you. Exit the room. Right
outside the door on the floor is a handkerchief. Take handkerchief. Re-enter
Gertie’s room. Oh no! What has happened to Gertie?! You were outside the door
the whole time, and no one went inside. Then you see the open windows. Has
Gertie fallen and killed herself? When you run to go see if she is on the
ground below, you notice someone is stalking the second story veranda! Has
someone pushed Gertie out? You run outside. The fastest way is through the
billiard room downstairs. Oh no! Gertie’s dead! You look around put no one’s
there. Search Gertie. Go back inside the billiard room and you see Gloria.
Tell about Gertie
. Not there! You go and check. She isn’t there! Did Gloria
just move the body or was it someone else? You keep your eye on Gloria.

Walk to the left. The time changes to 8:15 when you see Dr. and Clarence.
Follow them. But when you get to the hallway, don’t enter the dining room.
Spy on them through the holes to the dining room. Pull mirror. Look in holes.
(north) Then Look in holes to the south to see Ethel drunk, talking to the
parrot, Polly.

Enter the kitchen. In the northwest corner of the room, there is an icebox.
Look in icebox.
You get a leftover soup bone. Maybe the dog would like it.

Go outside through the kitchen. Throw bone once the dog is in its dog house.
Make sure you don’t leave the screen during this part. Go over to the
doghouse and look in doghouse. You get a necklace. You wonder who’s it could
be. Maybe Celie. You should wait until she is in her house though. Then she
will invite you in. But right now she is in the kitchen. Go check. Okay, by
now Jeeves should have entered his room in the cellar. If not, just wait
until you see him do so. Knock on his door. Open door.

Go inside the cellar. Jeeves is resting on his bed. You see crackers on his
nightstand. Take crackers. You can give Polly cracker and he will say
something different every act. Only one an act though because you don’t want
to run out. Don’t worry if you forget. It’s not important so I won’t say to
later. You have to remember if you want to see want he says. If you try to
use toilet
in Jeeves’ room, it will say to use the one upstairs. You can if
you want, but save before use shower. Don’t worry about this though. It’s
not important either.

Enter the library. It’s now 8:45.
Enter the study on the left. Look at gun on the desk. Look in cabinet on the
left. Take note of what’s in there now.

Face the armor in the downstairs hallway. Oil mask. Lift mask. You get a
valve handle and a note to Sarah Crouton from her parents. The note says to
use the valve handle at a water nymph. You can do that later.

Enter Rudy and Clarence’s room. (upstairs southeast) Rudy tries to kiss Fifi
and she slaps him. Go Fifi!
Go downstairs, and pull clock. Soon there will be a cane and later a cigar
butt hidden in one of these secret passages. In which secret passage I cannot
tell you because it is different every time. When you see a cane or a cigar
butt make sure you take cane or take butt. You need both of these to finish
the game successfully. Now look in holes (south) and you will see Gloria and
Clarence break up.

Act III Enter the library. Signs of a struggle! Now you know for sure one or
more of the people here are murderers. Take poker. Look at feathers. Gloria
again! Hmm...

Before you find Wilbur, first go upstairs and pull closet on the left. Look
in holes
(north). You see Colonel get up out of his wheelchair and poke the
fire! He can walk fine! So the Colonel’s hiding something too!

Now to find Dr. before it’s too late. He’s either in the church or the barn.
When you find him, he’s dead! This is awful! Who could be doing this?! Search
. You take his monocle, which is something similar to a magnifying glass.
There are a few things that are important to examine. Right now, all you can
do is examine handkerchief with monocle and examine poker with monocle.

Oh, what to do?! Now might be a good time to talk to Celie. Now she’s in her
house. Knock on her door. Give necklace. Talk to Celie 7 times. Take carrot
that’s on a table.

Enter the barn. Show carrot to Blaze, the horse. You open gate now that Blaze
is your friend. Make sure you take lantern. There’s nothing to light it with!
It’ll still come in handy later.

Go to the playhouse and knock on its door. Lillian’s there acting quite
strange. The time is now 9:15.

Enter the billiard room. You see Gloria listening to some music. It’s now

Go upstairs to the closet on the right. Pull closet and look in holes
(south). Boy, Rudy and Clarence sure don’t seem to like each other.
Now it’s 9:45.

Time to get in that attic! In Colonel’s room, look in barrel of the model
cannon on the mantel of the fireplace. A key! Take key. Since Colonel’s not
in his room right now, enter the elevator. First make sure the elevator is
there. (duh) If it’s not, go downstairs to the library to use it, or exit and
re-enter the room a few times until it shows up. Look controls once you’re
in. You decide to unlock elevator and go up. Read newspapers that are on your
left. This explains why he’s in a wheelchair, but why does he pretend not to
be able to walk? Go south and look in trunk (southwest). Look at insignia.
[I’m not sure if I spelled that right; it’s on the boot.] You can get back
downstairs by using the elevator (go down) or by using the door on the right.
Right now, use the door. Unlock door and open door.

Act IV Go straight into Fifi’s room. She slaps Rudy again. Look at decanter
on the table. Examine decanter with monocle. You see just one fingerprint.

At some point, when you enter any secret passage you will automatically smell
a faint sense of perfume. Keep checking in the secret passages because if you
don’t do this you won’t get a full notebook at the end.

Enter the billiard room. You see signs of a struggle! Take record. Examine
record with monocle. Look at feathers

Go to the gazebo. If Gloria’s not there, go to the well. Wind crank. Search
if at the gazebo. Gloria is dead!! She couldn’t have been the murderer!

If you saw Clarence or Rudy on the way to Gloria and the time changed, don’t
worry about it. Go to the center garden. It’s now 10:30. A juicy fight
between Clarence and Rudy you witness! Wow!

Look for Ethel. She’s walking around on the west side of the island outside.
When you find her, the time will change to 10:45.

If you haven’t gotten the cane or the cigar butt yet, go to each of the
secret passages until you have them both. Go to the bell tower. Climb the
ladder and oil bell. Now climb back down and stand to the right of directly
below the bell. You might want to save before this. You don’t want to stand
directly under the bell because then you will get squished. Pull bell with
cane. Take crank
; it’s on the bell.

Enter the dining room from the kitchen on the other side of the house. Just
make sure you don’t enter the study. You see Jeeves pinch Fifi’s butt! Oh
my! What is going on between these two?! Enter the hallway and pull mirror on
the right. Look in holes (north) into the dining room to hear their

Act V Enter the study and talk to Lillian 8 times. You wonder why she was
looking in Henri’s weapon cabinet.

Go to the carriage house or the rose garden until you find a body. Oh no! Not
Ethel, too! Search body. Nothing on her, but you get scared and decide to go
inside with the others. Or what’s left of them.

Enter the dining room. Rudy is eating desert. The time changes to 11:15.
Enter the bar. Clarence is having a drink. The time is now 11:30. Look cigar
in case you haven’t yet.

Go upstairs and pull closet on the left. Look in holes (north) to see a
heated argument between Lillian and her Uncle Henri. The time is 11:45.

Enter Fifi’s room. She changes her clothes almost right in front of you! Geez!

Act VI Enter the Colonel’s room. The time changes to 12 as you stare at the
empty wheelchair. Where is Colonel?! Did the murderer get him too? Get in the
elevator, unlock elevator and go up. Look in trunk. Where are the clothes?!

Enter Fifi’s room. Gasp! Jeeves and Fifi! Dead! Search bodies. How could they
have died? Examine decanter with monocle. Now there are 2 fingerprints! Whose
could it be? Unfortunately, you have no way of identifying any fingerprints.

Enter the bathroom. Look in wastebasket. Examine label with monocle. So
that’s how they died. Poisoned. Who could the murderer be? Let’s see.. the
only people left on the island are Rudy, Clarence, Colonel, Lillian, and

Enter Clarence’s room. You see him writing in a notebook as the time changes
to 12:15.

Enter the study. You notice the cabinet is left wide open. Look in cabinet to
see if anything’s missing. What happened to the pearl-handled dagger?!

Enter Rudy outside from the study. The time will change to 12:30 when you see
Rudy with Beauregard.
Go to Celie’s house and knock on her door. She will warn you. It’s now 12:45.

Act VII Go to yours and Lillian’s room. Lillian is on her bed. Talk to
7 times. What a temper!

Enter Clarence’s room. Oh my! Signs of a struggle! Read notebook on his desk
and the time will change to 1:15.

You can find Clarence in the bathroom or in Wilbur’s room, dead as a
doornail. This time it’s a stabbing. You look at dagger. It’s the missing
pearl-handled dagger from the weapon cabinet! Search body. You get some
matches. Now you can finally use that lantern!

Go to the hedge garden. Stand in front of the statue. Put valve in shaft.
Turn it
. The fountain turns on. How nice. Now go to the other side of the
statue and push statue. Now it’s time to light lantern. Go into the hole.
Follow the tunnel until you come to the sealed-off portion of the basement.
Notice Jeeves’ room faded on the right. Go to the pile of... something under
the chute. Eek! A pile of dead bodies! So that’s where they’ve all been
dragged to. See the yellow square on the left wall? Stand over there and put
crank in hole
and turn it. Continue along in the tunnel and you’ll climb some
steps. Take lantern or else you’ll leave it there. Go over to the vault that
says “Ruby” on it. Pry vault with crowbar. Take pouch. Look in pouch. This
is the conclusion of the Sarah Crouton mystery. Southwest, you’ll see where
the tomb sticks out a little. Go there and you’ll feel that the tomb is
barred shut. Lift bar and exit. Notice you were in the Crouton tomb.

Enter the Church. You see Celie there; she is busy praying and won’t talk to
you. The time should change to 1:30.

Knock on the playhouse door. Lillian is there. Look at Lillian. Look at
. Seven tally marks. What has there been 7 of tonight? It’s now

Enter the study. Look at case. The gun is gone! This does not look good!
Go outside to the most southwest screen there is. It is south of the barn and
by where water meets the fence. There is a rolling pin on the ground. Take
rolling pin. Examine it with monocle
. Yikes! Examine footprint with monocle.
Remember the insignia on Colonel’s boot? Someone later stole his clothes. The
murderer wore his clothes and made this mark. Or was it Colonel himself?

Go to the bar. Examine glass with monocle. It’s on the counter.

Act VIII Enter your room. Rudy is in YOUR room, going through YOUR things!
Talk to Rudy
3 times. None of my business?! It’s MY room! Anyway, he
obviously could care less about you and continues looking for something
anyway. Ger... sometimes you just want to kick Rudy. When he leaves, open
on Lillian’s bed. For some weird reason, you have to be on a certain
side of the bed. Take diary. Examine diary with monocle. Read diary. Does
Lillian seem kind of off the edge lately, or is it just me?

Go outside through the main front doors. Beauregard is there, looking at
something on the door. What is it? It’s a note! Read note.

You decide to follow where the note says and go to the hedge garden. You
almost faint as you see one of your best friends, lying dead on the grass
with a gunshot wound. You kneel beside Lillian and see if there is any hope
for her. Nope. She’s dead. Search body. As you search her, you pick up a
skeleton key but you also notice that she wearing the colonel’s missing
clothes! A harsh realization comes over you. Could it really be Lillian who
killed all of her family members here tonight? If so, why is she dead now?
Did she kill herself? Maybe someone else could help you clear things up and
answer your questions. But before you leave, you take gun and take bullet.
They are laying next to her. It’s the derringer stolen from the study! You
load gun
, just in case.

Now, quickly walk into the house, using as few screens as possible. You might
want to pause the game as you’re reading this. When you come inside, you hear
scuffling upstairs. If you don’t, then you are too late. Go faster next time.
Go upstairs. Now you hear scuffling further upstairs. That means something’s
happening in the attic. You go to Colonel’s room to see if the elevator is
there. You look at bag on the floor; the Dr.’s bag. So that’s where it went!
The elevator is not here; it’s not downstairs either so don’t waste time
looking for it. It’s already in the attic. Go up the hallway to Fifi’s room
and face the door to the attic. Unlock door and open door. You use your
skeleton key from Lillian for this. You see a fierce struggle between Rudy
and Colonel! Gathering your conclusion more quickly than you’d prefer, you
shoot Rudy
and hope for the best. Yes! You did the right thing by shooting
Rudy. Colonel will now explain everything for you.

You should now be a super sleuth in rank and have a full notebook.

For fun, go back to your last saved game and instead of shooting Rudy at the
end shoot Colonel or take your time and see that Rudy has already gotten
Colonel with the needle. Rudy will give you this really long made up story
that’s fun to hear.