Laura Bow 2:
The Dagger of Amon Ra

by Jessica

I suggest listening to the introduction before playing this game. It explains
how Laura ends up working at the Tribune and provides a valuable clue for the
game. It’s okay if things don’t happen exactly as I say in this walkthrough,
just try to get back on track as soon as you can, and don’t skip anything.
You can also look at, do things and go places that I don’t mention unless I
say not to. All I say is what’s required. This will lead you to a successful
ending. There’s a map of the Leyendecker Museum in the book if you’re not
sure where a room is. Have fun!

Act 1

Sit down at you desk with the hand icon. Lift up the lower right hand corner
of the thing on the desk. You see a key. Take it and unlock the desk drawer
with it. It gets stuck in the desk, but don’t worry about it. Open the drawer
and take the press pass. Click on the wastebasket next to you with the hand.
Take the baseball; it’ll come in handy later. Now time to talk to Crodfoller.
You can ask him about anything you want, but make sure you ask about the
Flower Shop, then Ziggy, then the speakeasy.
Now go outside. You have to go to the police station across the street next.
You can use the taxi or, the easier way is to cross the street. To safely do
this, use the eye on both sides of the street (left and right) until it says
“there are no cars coming from this direction” on both sides. Now walk
across the street. Poke the bum sleeping on the sidewalk with your hand and
walk inside. Knock on the back door on the left. This is O’Riley’s office.
He’ll give you what you need for the case. When you’re done, talk to the
desk sergeant. He won’t answer questions unless he eats his lunch. Exit the
police station and look at the newspaper the bum left on the street. Take the
coupon for a free sandwich.
Cross the street again and you will see Luigi, a grumpy man selling
sandwiches. Give him the coupon you just found and he reluctantly gives you a
sandwich. You take it and decide to give it to the desk sergeant across the
street. Give it to him and ask him about the speakeasy, then Ziggy. He tells
you the password to the speakeasy, which is Charleston.
Go outside and call a taxi by using the hand on the taxi sign. Show him your
press pass and go to the 12th street docks. Here you see a man working at the
docks. Talk to him and ask him about Carrington and the Leyendecker Museum.
He gives you the Countess in your notebook. What a nice guy that Steve Dorian
Call a taxi and go to Lo Fat’s Laundry. Talk to the boy sitting in the middle
of the two other boys outside Lo Fat’s, his name is Biff. Give him your
baseball and he gives you their magnifying glass. What a trade! You’re sure
the magnifying glass will be much more useful than that baseball. Enter Lo
Fat’s and ask him about the Leyendecker. He puts some important names in your
Cross the street and you are at the “Flower Shop.” Knock on the door of the
speakeasy on the left and say you know the secret word. Use “Charleston” in
the back of your notebook and he will let you in. Ziggy is sitting at the
table at the bottom right of the screen. Talk to him and say Crodfoller sent
you. Question him about Egyptology and you will hear a VERY important riddle.
He also gives you Ramses in your notebook.
Go outside and call a taxi but don’t go anywhere. Say the “No, Sir” one so
you won’t get kicked out. Now search through the trash with the hand. You
should find a yellow laundry ticket. Take it and get out of the cab.
Cross the street and give Lo Fat the ticket. He gives you a nice formal dress
that would be great to wear to the party tonight. But where can you change
into it in? The ladies’ lounge in the speakeasy would work. Cross the street
again and change there. The door to the lounge is in the top right. Ignore
the gross lady sitting there watching you. You can answer either one. She
does have information about the Countess, but you already got that from Steve
so you don’t need to talk to her. Change behind that folding thing. Now exit
the speakeasy and you will be automatically sent to the Museum.

Act 2

7:00 Show your press pass to Wolfie and he will let you in. Go around and ask
all the main characters (the ones in the foreground) about every person in
your notebook and talk to them. (I have finished a successful game without
doing this so I guess it’s not required. But I suggest you do it so you learn
about the characters.)
Now eavesdrop on the conversations. I think there are 14 in all. If you
already have by accident, don’t worry about it. To eavesdrop is simple: just
walk back and forth from the people in groups and you will get a close-up of
them and their conversation.
When everyone is gone, (where they go I don’t know) enter the gift shop on
the right. Behind the counter by the wall, there are fake daggers of Amon Ra
in the display case. Look at at least one with your magnifying glass. It says
“Made in Pittsburgh” on it which symbolizes that it’s fake. But look at the
one on the very end, on the left. It doesn't have “Made in Pittsburgh” on
it. It’s the real dagger of Amon Ra! But before you can do anything, Wolfie
comes in and kicks you out.
7:30 Find Steve in the center of the lobby. You two go on a romantic walk
outside the museum. Smootch, smootch! Now he disappears too when you come
inside. Take the glass on the table on the left. Walk into the rest of the
museum through the door in the back. Wolfie’s not there anymore so now you
can explore a bit. Take a right (yes, there is a door there, you just can’t
see it) to the Pterodactyl Room and go north to the T-Rex Exhibit. Take the
bone on display and exit the room.
Go left into the Armor Room and go north to the Egyptian Room. On the left
wall, use the magnifying glass to get a close-up of the Rosetta Stone.
Carefully look at all the letters. Look at the plaque on the wall next to it.
At the bottom is says the other half was taken by O.M. Now who could that be?
See the gold ankh by the mummy case? Take it and look at it with the
magnifying glass. It’s Tut Smith’s you conclude when you see the initials.
Look at the pile of blood made with a dainty shoe. Hmm.. you open the 3rd
mummy case and scream. It’s Pippin Carter! Stabbed to death! You look at the
dagger and it’s not the real one; it has “Made in Pittsburgh” on it. Make
sure you take his notebook from his pocket with the hand.
8:15 O’Riley comes when he hears you scream.

Act 3

10:00 O’Riley questions the guests of the museum and everyone is locked in
until further notice.
Go through the left door of the Mammoth room and through the art gallery to
the hallway with “the Thinker.” Put your glass on Yvette’s door on the right
to eavesdrop. Now enter Olympia’s office (south) and you will see something
covered by a sheet on the right. Uncover it with the hand and use your
magnifying glass on it. It’s the other half of the Rosetta stone! Examine all
the letters carefully. So figure “O.M.” stood for “Olympia Myklos.” You can
look at the chalkboard and I haven’t deciphered it yet, but it’s not
important for the game so don’t worry about it. Look at the snake oil on her
desk and try to take it. Olympia will come in and take it away.
Follow her and you see her disappear. You also see the Thinker’s head move.
Touch it’s neck and it will move. Go through the right hallway and you see
the secret passage to the basement. Then the light bulb burns out. Darn! Now
you have to get a new one from somewhere. But where? Maybe Yvette has one. Go
into her office and look in the trash. Take the carbon paper and hold it up
to her light. Looks like Ernie’s into fencing. Now look at the lamp and turn
it off. It’s still hot though, so you’ll have to wait before you can take
the bulb.
Enter Carrington’s office on the right. Use the glass to eavesdrop on Ramses
and Yvette. Take a piece of coal from the fireplace. Rub it on Pippin’s
notepad. There are some various appointments; you will visit the next one, in
the Egyptian room, soon. But first, look at the things on his desk. The phone
is dead. Figures. Read the white notepad. There is another appointment with
Countess and Ziggy in the Armor Room at one. Now look at the intercom. You
can hear up to 3 conversations. One button on the left is held down while 3
others in a row are pushed. If you can’t do this, don’t worry; they are not
important. The purple phone list has various phone numbers on it. The
important one is B. Sayff. His number is KL-0527. There is a safe behind the
painting above the fireplace. Click on the painting with the hand and it
should open. Use the last 4 numbers on the safe. When you get it open there
is a notebook. Read the note about people fearing the Countess. *I have a
newer computer, and sometimes the painting won’t open. Don’t worry, just
come back frequently and see if it will open then. If it doesn't; it's okay
because you can still get a successful ending.
Enter Yvette’s office and take the cooled light bulb. Now go to the Egyptian
10:15 Tut Smith comes and talks to you.
Go to the armor room. Look at the set of armor in the center. Lift the mask
and look at it again. It’s Pippin! Stuffed in the armor! But O’Riley said
his body was taken away!
11:15 Go straight to the Pterodactyl Room. Gasp! A dead body! It has no head!
Who is it? Where is the head? Well, of course it would be in the Life Mask
Exhibit. But don’t go there yet!
Go to the secret passage you found and replace the light bulb by putting the
new one over the old one. Now you can go downstairs. Enter Wolfie’s office
(north.) On his bookcase, find a book that is placed backwards. Use the eye
on the left side of the bookcase, 3rd shelf from the bottom, two thirds of
the way over. Take the book out and examine the garter with the eye and
magnifying glass. Surprise, surprise, it’s Yvette’s. You might even hear a
message from Olympia for Wolfie over the intercom while you’re in here.
Exit Wolfie’s, and go to the preservation lab on the right. Go in the back
door to the storage room. Olympia is there and she will talk to you for a
while then kick you out.
Go to Yvette’s office BUT before you go in listen to Yvette and O’Riley talk
with the glass. If you want to, you can walk in on them. Gee whiz!
Go to the Life Mask Exhibit (south of armor room) and look closely at the
mask at the northeast part of Asia. It’s Ziggy’s head! You scream and
O’Riley and Wolfie come.
Enter Carrington’s office. Oh no! Another murder! Carrington is killed with
porcupine quills and the close-up is quite gruesome. Notice the C.P. written
on the desk in blood.
12:45 Go to the bookcase in his office. On the 3rd large shelf, a little more
than halfway over is a book called “Crime and Punishment.” (That’s what C.P.
stands for) Open the book and take Wolfie’s police file and read it.
Go to Yvette’s office. Look at the paper cutter; it has a bloody blade. That
must be what the murderer used to cut Ziggy’s head off! Touch it and Olympia
will come talk to you.
Go downstairs. On Wolfie’s office door use the glass twice to hear Olympia
Enter Ernie’s office. It’s on the right of the preservation lab. If you take
too long here, Ernie will come and kick you out so don’t waste time! Take the
snake lasso on the floor next to his desk. Open the tool box and take the
wire cutters. Look at them to notice a beige fabric caught on them. Who was
wearing beige? Of course, Yvette. Open the black vat book on his desk. Notice
vat 13 is warthogs and vat 14 is King Edward of Daventry. [If you’ve played
King’s Quest games, you know who that is!] Press the button on the wall. It
opens a secret passageway in the storage area but you can’t go there now. *If
Ernie is in his office, you have to wait until he isn't there. Keep checking
back. If he still won't go away, you may have to wait until act 4. If this is
the case, you will have to get the key off the painting with the dagger
instead of the wirecutters. Skip to the last paragraph in act 3 to see how to
get the dagger.
Go to the Master’s Gallery. Touch one of the paintings and you’ll feel the
paint is still damp! Are these paintings forgeries? Go to the large painting
on the right. There is a yellow sparkle on it. Use the magnifying glass on
the sparkle to get a close-up. Use it again on the sparkle in the close-up.
You’ll see a skeleton key. Use the wire cutters on the key to get it off.
Quickly, go to the armor room. It’s almost time for the appointment with
Countess and Ziggy! Hide behind the tapestry by using the hand on the rug
hanging on the left wall.
1:00 When Countess comes in holding a painting, quickly come out and talk to
her with the “!” icon. Wow, that Countess isn’t too bright, is she?
Get a close up of Ziggy’s body in the Pterodactyl Room with the eye. Look at
the wire on the left and cut the wire and take it. Go downstairs and use the
bone on the case on the left. Take the lantern and look at it with the eye
and magnifying glass. There are 3 secret tunnels in the museum. To use them,
make sure you have your lantern turned on before you do anything. You don’t
need these but they are neat to go through anyway. There is the one in the
storage room; that goes to the Egyptian room. There is one in Olympia’s
office; that goes to the preservation lab. (Use the hand on the right antler
of the skull on her desk.) And there is another one in Wolfie’s office; that
goes to Carrington’s office. (There is a button behind one of the pictures by
the bookcase.)
Go to Wolfie’s office. Use the snake lasso or the bone on the mouse trap.
Then get the cheese. Go to the storage area and take the snake oil that
Olympia forgot on the table. Open the small gray door on the left and take
the slab of meat. Use the skeleton key on the trunk under the table. (Look
familiar? It would if you watched the introduction) As soon as you open the
trunk, take the slab of meat out from your purse and put it in the trunk. The
bugs in there eat that instead of you. Now look inside. A skeleton! But who?
Using the magnifying glass, get the watch from the skeleton. Open it and read
what it says. Take the watch. It says that it’s Carrington’s! If this is
Carrington, who died in his office? An impersonator? (The impersonator is
Watney Little; you read about him in the police file. He killed Carrington in
the introduction and put him in the same trunk.)
1:45 Use the glass on Ernie’s office.
Go to the armor room. Hide behind the tapestry again.
2:00 Wolfie and Olympia have a conversation you overhear.
Go to the Mammoth room. Gasp! Poor Ernie is hanging from some Mastodon tusks!
Look at him with the magnifying glass and you’ll notice he smells like
alcohol. Get the warthog hairs off his body.
Go to the Old Masters’ Gallery to report Ernie’s murder. Take note of what
O’Riley says in the beginning. Go to the preservation lab and find vat number
13 with the eye. Climb the ladder and you’ll automatically stir and find...
the dagger of Amon Ra! Yes, this time it’s the real thing.

Act 4

Enter Yvette’s office. You will automatically talk to her and exit the room.
You’ll see Steve and Olympia, and eventually you will chat with Steve. But
Yvette drags him away like all the other guys. Listen to them with the glass
and you barge in on them.
2:45 Go to the preservation lab. There actually is no meeting here like
3:00 Listen on Wolfie’s door with the glass to hear Ramses and Olympia.
Go back to Yvette's and find signs of a struggle. Make sure you take the
shoe. (Think of what that was used for earlier.) Look at the red hairs and
the piece of shredded fabric, all on her desk.
Listen on Wolfie’s door again to hear a quite interesting conversation with
Olympia and Wolfie.
Go to the Old Master’s Gallery and you’ll see a strange new statue there.
Hit it with the bone.
3:15 Look at Yvette with the eye. Take the bifocal glasses and look at them
with the magnifying glass. Take the red hairs.
Go to the armor room. A boot will be on the floor. Take it. You figure it’s
Steve’s since he was wearing boots tonight. But it doesn’t look good for him
since it’s surrounded in a pool of blood.
Enter the hallway with “the Thinker.” You get a “Meanwhile...” scene with
Olympia and Countess.
Before you go in, check to see if you have a full bottle of snake oil. If you
do, great. You will if you haven’t used it yet. If you don’t have a full
bottle, you need more. Go down to the preservation lab and on the left is
some extra snake oil to fill your bottle up with. Now SAVE before entering
Olympia’s office. It’s easy to mess up and you won’t get another chance for
a while.
Enter Olympia’s office. Her pet snake, Barney, will come out. When he stops,
use the snake oil on him. He will move, and when he stops again, use the oil
on him again. Do this one more time for a total of 3 times. He will be backed
up into the corner. Now use your snake lasso on him. Walk over to the cage on
the left and put him in by using the hand. Now that you’re safe, look at him.
He has only one fang. Who has he bitten? Duh, the Countess lying dead on the
desk. Take a look at her and then her left ankle. There it is. Take the
grapes and get the smelling salts off of her with the magnifying glass.
4:15 Ready for act 5? Exit the room and get ready to run!

Act 5

The murderer is now trying to get you! But you can’t tell who he/she is
because of the cloak covering his/her face. (You might want to pause it when
you’re reading this.) But the only thing to do now is RUN! Run to the right
and close the doors behind you. Put the wire on the door handles. Run to the
left, close the doors behind you and put the board down. Go north. In front
of the dusty door on the left is a chair now. Move the chair with the hand
and you’ll automatically stand on it. Open the transom above the door with
the hand. Run north to the Egyptian room and head left. Open the mummy case
on the left with the hand and you’ll hide in it. He/she doesn’t find you and
thinks you went through the door you moved the transom on and he/she breaks
it down. Now go through the door. Move the hanging crate with the hand in
front of the door. Move the crate on the right next to the wall with the hand
to reveal a hidden elevator. Move the controls and you’ll go down it and
enter a mummy room. Close the door behind you. Take the mummy closest to you
that’s lying on the ground with the hand and prop it up against the door.
There is a standing mummy case leaning up against the left wall. Use the
snake lasso on its head. Move the case with the hand and go in the opening.
You encounter a strange ceremony and Ramses wants to sacrifice you. But he
gives you a chance to live if you can answer his riddle. (Remember it from
Ziggy way back in Act 1?) Answer with the hieroglyphics in your notebook.
Don’t mess up! You can’t clear.
What is the room you leave without entering? Womb
What is the room you enter without leaving? Tomb
You enter the furnace room. SAVE here. Notice a person laying in the coal.
Move the coal away from his/her face. Use your smelling salts to revive
him/her. It’s Steve! Quickly give him the boot you found before he stands up.
Move the Egyptian Stone on the wall. Light your lantern with the hand while
it’s showing what’s in your purse. Go in the secret passage.
Oh no! You see some deadly snakes in the way. Barney’s family? When they
start moving, throw the snake oil on them and they will turn around and go
away. Keep going in the tunnel. Uh oh! The murderer got through the Egyptian
sun worshipers! And there are rats in the way! Throw the cheese in either
door. The left door will burn them, the right door lets them get live. Now
walk through the door on the right. You come out Rex’s mouth! But the
murderer is hot on your tail! (SAVE here) Press the button on the right that
makes Rex talk. The murderer gets trapped, but when you pull off the mask,
you can’t see who it is!

Act 6

This act is just answering questions the coroner asks you about the burglary,
murders, and other random things about the museum staff. The person chasing
you was O’Riley. You can watch the successful ending when you’re done
answering questions.

Who murdered Pippin Carter? O’Riley Motive: cover another crime
Who murdered Ziggy? O’Riley Motive: cover another crime
Who murdered Ernie Leach? O’Riley Motive: cover another crime
Who murdered Yvette? O’Riley Motive: jealousy
Who murdered Countess? O’Riley Motive: cover another crime
Who was the skeleton in the trunk? Carrington
Who murdered Carrington? Watney Little
Who impersonated Carrington? Watney Little
Who murdered Watney Little? O’Riley Motive: cover another crime
Who stole the dagger from the exhibit? Watney Little
Who manipulated Little into stealing it? O’Riley
Who was the woman involved in stealing paintings? Countess
Who was the man involved with stealing paintings? Watney Little
Who was the middleman who replaced paintings? Ziggy
Who is the high priest of the sun worshipers? Ramses Najeer
Which employee runs a sideline fencing business? Ernie Leach