#      ####    #####    ####    #   #   ####    ####
#      #         #      #       #   #   #  #    #
#      ####      #      ####    #   #   ####    ####
#      #         #         #    #   #   # #     #
####   ####    #####    ####    #####   #  #    ####

****    *   *   *****    *****
*       *   *     *        *
****    *   *     *        *
   *    *   *     *        *
****    *****   *****      *

@        @      @@@@    @@@@    @     @
@       @ @     @  @    @  @     @   @
@      @ @ @    @@@@    @@@@      @@@
@      @   @    @ @     @ @        @
@@@@   @   @    @  @    @  @       @



Leisure Suit Larry AGI Full Walkthrough
For DOS/Windows
Written by Fasta Killa
Version 3.7 - October 27, 2001


1.0 - Table of Contents
    1.1 - Version History
    1.2 - Info you should know
    1.3 - Ways to die
    1.4 - Ways to get stuck
    1.5 - Items
2.0 - Walkthrough {AGI}
    2.1 - Gambling
    2.2 - Phone numbers
    2.3 - Maps
3.0 - Point List
4.0 - Debug info
5.0 - FAQs
    5.1 - Leisure Suit Larry 8.1 for Ti-83 Walkthrough
6.0 - Credits
7.0 - Legal Info


Version 1.0 - All sections are up. {3-17-00}

Version 2.1 - Updated "Info you should know" section.
              Added "Maps" section.
              Added "Ways to die" section.
              Added "Phone numbers" section.
              Fixed grammar in various sections. {3-19-00}

Version 2.5 - Corrected and added various things.
              Added "Debug info" section. {3-25-00}

Version 3.0 - Added more "debug info."
            - Corrected various things. {5-5-00}

Version 3.2 - Added "FAQs" section.
              Updated "Gambling" section with rules for Blackjack.
              Updated "Ways to die" section.
              Corrected a few spelling errors. {5-27-00}

Version 3.5 - Updated "Ways to die" section.
              Updated "Credits" section.
              Rearranged "Items" section {now arranged by number}.
              Corrected various sections.  {9-23-00}

Version 3.7 - Added Ti-83 Walkthrough.
              Updated "FAQs" section.
              Updated "Info you should know" section.


At the very beginning, it asks for your age, so type anything from
18 to 99, then press Alt + X to skip the questions.

Use the arrow keys to move Larry.

Most people prefer the "fast" setting.  To do this, type {FAST}.

Whenever you get a comment about your breath, just type {USE SPRAY}.

Like Al Lowe says in The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry,
"Save early and often!"  There are many ways you can get stuck or die.

If you don't want to wait long in the elevator, type {FASTEST} and when you
are done, type the speed you were using earlier {probably fast or slow}

In this walkthrough you see something like this {LOOK DOG}, it means
type "Look dog" {without the quotes, of course}

Whenever I say "Go to _____" where _____ is a place {disco, casino, etc.},
you have to be outside where there is a road and {CALL CAB}, {GET IN},
{_____}, {PAY MAN} {when he tells you the price}, and finally {GET OUT}.

Whenever I say 2 numbers in parentheses (3,10), that is how many points you
get, and how many points total {there are 222 possible points}.

Assume that all the information in this is for the regular, AGI version.
It will be different for the calculator version unless otherwise noted.


These are things that you should avoid unless you just want to see how
Larry dies {save first!}.

1.Use "boss key."
2.Walk to the "Bad Alley" {see "Maps" section}.
3.Call a taxi, when he asks where to go, say {HOME}.
4.Walk in the street.
5.{FLUSH} toilet.
6.Steal from store.
7.Buy wine from store, and go in the cab without giving it to the wino.
8.Have unprotected sex with the hooker.
9.{LICK} the hooker.
10.Have sex and don't remove condom.
11.Don't lose virginity by midnight.
13.{LEAN OVER} the railing at Lefty's without using rope. {thanks to Andrew}
14.Call a taxi, tell him where to go, and {GET OUT} without paying. {Andrew}


If you do any of the following, you will not be able to beat the game.

1.Eat Apple.
2.Give person item {you can give various people items including the hammer,
  the ring, etc.}
3.Get tied to the bed without buying wine and giving it to the wino.
4.Don't get married to Fawn, so she never comes back.

1.5 - ITEMS

Here is a full list of all items in the game.

The format is easy.

Item name {debug #}
- Purpose
- Where the item is found

Wallet {1}
- To pay for things and to find out Sierra On-Line's phone number
- You start out with it.

Breath Spray {2}
- To have good breath
- You start out with it, but if you use it 10 times and run out, you can get
  more at the Quiki Mart by walking up to the clerk and typing {GET SPRAY}.

Pocket Lint {3}
- None
- You start out with it.

Wrist Watch {4}
- A reminder that if you don't lose your virginity by midnight, you'll die.
- You start out with it.

Apple {5}
- To give to Eve
- Man in barrel outside the Casino {He is not always there}

Diamond Ring {6}
- To give to Fawn
- Lefty's Bathroom

Whiskey {7}
- To give to the drunk and receive remote control
- Lefty's Bar

Remote Control {8}
- To turn on TV and change channels, so you can distract the pimp
- The drunk in the hallway {when you give him whiskey}

Rose {9}
- To give to Fawn
- Lefty's Hallway

Prophylactic {10}
- So you don't get a disease
- Inside the Quiki Mart

Used Prophylactic {11}
- To remove so you don't get arrested
- Upstairs bedroom, after you have protected sex with the prostitute

Box of Candy {12}
- To give to Fawn
- Upstairs Bedroom

Inflatable doll {13}
- To find Eve
- Closet of Penthouse

Disco Pass {14}
- To get in the disco
- Ash tray in the Elevator Lobby

Pocket Knife {15}
- To cut the rope when you are tied up
- The Wino outside the Quiki Mart {when you give him wine}

Bottle of Wine {16}
- To give to the Wino outside the Quiki Mart and receive the Knife
- Inside the Quiki Mart

"Jugs" Magazine {17}
- To read about tying yourself to the balcony, so you can get the pills
- Inside the Quiki Mart

Hammer {18}
- To smash the window and get the Bottle of Pills
- In the dumpster in the alley

Bottle of Pills {19}
- To give to Faith so you can get on the roof of the Casino
- Window in the Alley

Rope {20}
- To tie yourself to the balcony, so you can get the pills
- Bed in the honeymoon suite {when Fawn ties you up}


_Lefty's Bar {First time}_

The game starts out with Larry in front of Lefty's Bar. {OPEN DOOR}, then
walk to the empty chair and {SIT DOWN}.  {ORDER WHISKEY} (1,1) and you
automatically pay, so {STAND} and walk to the hallway.  Walk to the table
and {GET ROSE} (1,2).  Go to the drunk and {GIVE HIM WHISKEY} (2,4), then go
to the bathroom.  {SIT} on the toilet, and {STAND} when you're done (1,5).
{READ WALLS} 4 times (2,7), then {GET RING} by the sink.  Go back to the
main room of the bar and {KNOCK} on the door.  When the man asks for the
password, tell him {KEN SENT ME} or {AL SENT ME}.  {USE REMOTE} to turn on
the TV (3,13), then {CHANGE CHANNEL} 7 times (8,21).  Go upstairs, then
{GET CANDY} (2,23).  There's nothing else to do now, so {OPEN WINDOW} and
{CLIMB OUT}.  Outside, walk left until you fall off the balcony, and {GET
HAMMER} (3,26).  {GET OUT}, then walk back to the Bar entrance.  Go to the
store (1,27). {see my section on Info you should know}

_Quiki Mart {First time}_

{LOOK PHONE} (1,28), {DIAL PHONE}, and call {555-6969}.  You can answer
these questions any way you want (2,30).  {DIAL PHONE} again and call Sierra
On-Line at {209-683-6858} (5,35).  Go in the store and {GET WINE} from the
back shelf (1,36).  {GET MAGAZINE} (1,37) and {READ MAGAZINE} (1,38).  Go
to the clerk's desk and {ASK ABOUT PROTECTION}.  It doesn't matter what kind
of condom you get, so pick either choice on all questions (4,42).  Go
outside, and if you called the Sex Survey earlier {555-6969}, the phone
should be ringing, so {ANSWER PHONE} (5,47).  When the man asks for any
spare change, {GIVE MAN WINE} (5,52) to get the knife.  Now, go to the

_Casino {First time}_

Walk inside, and gamble {see my section on gambling},{Get $250 this time}.
Go to the lobby and {GET CARD} from the ash tray (1,53), then go to the
Cabaret and {SIT} on the chair in the lower-right chair (1,54).  Now go
to the Disco.


{SHOW PASS} to the guard (5,59), then walk right in.  {SIT} down in the
empty chair next to the lady (1,60), and {LOOK AT HER} twice (1,61).  {TALK
TO HER} (1,62) then {DANCE} and {STAND} (5,67).  When you're done dancing,
{SIT} down and {LOOK AT FAWN}.  {GIVE HER CANDY} (5,72), {GIVE HER RING}
(5,77), {GIVE HER ROSE} (5,82), and finally, {GIVE HER MONEY} (7,89) {you
must have at least $100}.  Now, go to the Chapel.

_Quiki Wed_

Walk in front of the man so he flashes you, then {TALK MAN} (1,90).  Go in
the chapel and {GET MARRIED} (12,102) {you must have at least $100}.  Walk
outside the chapel and walk left to the Casino.

_Casino {Second time}_

Go inside the casino and walk to the elevator in the lobby and {PRESS FOUR}.
Walk to the door with the heart and {KNOCK}.  {TURN ON RADIO} and hear a
message about Ajax Liquor (1,103).  Now go to the store.

_Quiki Mart {Second time}_

{DIAL PHONE} and call {555-8039}.  You want to get {WINE} to be delivered
to the {HONEYMOON SUITE AT THE CASINO HOTEL} (5,108).  Go to the Casino.

_Casino {Third time}_

At this point in the game, there should be a man in a barrel walking around.
You need to {BUY APPLE} from him in order to complete the game, so you
should do it now so you don't forget (3,111).  Now you're  way
through the game point wise.  Go all the way back to the Honeymoon Suite and
{KNOCK}.  Go inside and {POUR WINE}.  It looks like Fawn's ready, so {GET IN
BED}.  She ties you up, so you need to {CUT ROPE WITH KNIFE} (10,121).  Now,
{GET THE ROPE} (3,124) and gamble again.  This time, you should only need
about $60.  Go to Lefty's Bar.

_Lefty's Bar {Second time}_

Inside Lefty's, {KNOCK} and tell him {KEN SENT ME}, then go upstairs.
{UNDRESS}, {USE CONDOM} (10,134), {GET IN BED} (11,145), and when you're
done, {REMOVE PROTECTION} (1,146).  {CLIMB OUT} again and walk all the way
to the right.  {TIE ROPE TO ME} then {TIE ROPE TO BALCONY}.  {LEAN OVER},
and {SMASH WINDOW}.  Now you can finally {GET THE PILLS} (8,154).  {GO
BACK}, {UNTIE ROPE}, and go to the Casino for the last time.

_Casino {Fourth time}_

Go in the elevator and {PUSH EIGHT}.  {LOOK LADY}, then {GIVE HER PILLS}
(5,159).  Now, {LOOK DESK} and {PUSH BUTTON}.  Walk through the door that
opens (5,164).  Go to the bedroom and {OPEN DOOR}.  {LOOK} in the closet and
{GET DOLL} (5,169).  {INFLATE DOLL} (5,174), then {USE DOLL} twice (8,182)
{or type {USE DOLL}, then {YES}}.  Go to the hot tub and {UNDRESS}.  {LOOK
HER} and {TALK HER}, then {GIVE HER APPLE} to beat the game (15+25=40,222).


When you want to gamble, you can either {PLAY SLOTS} or {PLAY BLACKJACK}.
Either way, bet the most money, {SAVE}, {PLAY}, then {SAVE} if you win or
{RESTORE} if you lose.  To play blackjack, you start with two cards, and you
can get more if you want {Type {HIT ME} or push F6} or stand {Type {STAND}
or push F8}.  To change your bet, type {CHANGE BET}.  The object of
Blackjack is to get your cards to add up to 21 without going over.  The
numbers 2-10 equal the numbers they are supposed to be, Jacks, Queens, and
Kings are worth 10, and Aces can be worth 1 or 11.  If both of your numbers
add up to 11 or less, you should definately hit because it would be
impossible to go over 21.  If you have 20 and the dealer has less than you
or more than 21, you win.  If you have 6 and the dealer has 23, you win.


555-6969      Sex survey
555-8039      Ajax Liquor
209-683-6858  Sierra On-Line

2.3 - MAPS

              -------     --------
             |       |   |        |
             |  14   |   |   13   |
              -------     --------
                 |                     --------
                 |              ------|UPSTAIRS|
                 |             |      |BEDROOM |
              -------     ---------   |17      |-
             |BAR 15 |---|STOREROOM|   --------  |
              -------    |   16    |       ------
                 |        ---------       |
   -----      -------                  --------
  |9 BAD|----|OUTSIDE|----------------|ALLEY 12|
  |ALLEY|    |LEFTY'S|--               --------
   -----     |  11   |  |   -----
              -------    --|9 BAD|
           -----      -----
          |STORE|    |DISCO|
          | 21  |    | 24  |
           -----      -----
             |          |
 -----    --------    --------    -----
|9 BAD|--|OUTSIDE |--|OUTSIDE |--|9 BAD|
|ALLEY|  |STORE 22|  |DISCO 23|  |ALLEY|
 -----    --------    --------    -----


             ------    -------    -------
            |HOT   |--|LIVING |--|BEDROOM|
            |TUB 43|  |ROOM 44|  |  45   |
             ------    -------    -------
                 -----     |
                | 8TH |----
                |DESK |
                | 42  |
 -----   ------      |       -------
|SUITE|-|40 4TH|  --------  |FLOORS |
| 41  | |FLOOR |-|ELEVATOR|-|1-3,5-7|
 -----   ------  |  N/A   | |  N/A  |
                  --------   -------
                --------   -------
               |LOBBY 35| |  36   |
                --------   -------
                 ------     ---------
                |CASINO|   |WEDDING  |
                |  31  |   |CHAPEL 34|
                 ------     ---------
                   |           |
         -----   ---------    ---------    -----
        |9 BAD|-|OUTSIDE  |--|OUTSIDE  |--|9 BAD|
        |ALLEY| |CASINO 32|  |CHAPEL 33|  |ALLEY|
         -----   ---------    ---------    -----


 -------    -----    -----    -------    --------
|SCREEN |  | 38  |  | 37  |  |FAWN 25|  |SCREEN 6|
 -------    -----    -----    -------    --------

 ---------    -------    ---   ------
|SCREEN 20|  |   19  |  |10 | |LAB 8 |
 ---------    -------    ---   ------


_Lefty's  Bar {First time}_

{ORDER WHISKEY}        1
{GET ROSE}             1
{SIT/STAND} on toilet  1
{READ WALLS} 4x        2
{GET RING}             3
{USE REMOTE}           3
{GET CANDY}            2
{GET HAMMER}           3
{GET OUT}taxi 1st time 1

                Total 27

_Quiki Mart {First time}_

{LOOK PHONE}           1
{DIAL PHONE/555-6969}  2
{GET WINE}             1
{GET MAGAZINE}         1
{READ MAGAZINE}        1
{ANSWER PHONE}         5
{GIVE MAN WINE}        5
{209-683-6858}         5

                Total 52

_Casino {First time}_

{GET CARD}             1
{SIT}                  1

                Total 54


{SIT}                  1
{LOOK HER} 2x          1
{TALK HER}             1
{DANCE/STAND}          5
{GIVE HER CANDY}       5
{GIVE HER ROSE}        5
{GIVE HER RING}        5
{GIVE HER MONEY}       7

                Total 89

_Quiki Wed_

{TALK MAN}             1
{GET MARRIED}         12

               Total 102

_Casino {Second time}_

{TURN ON RADIO}        1

               Total 103

_Quiki Mart {Second time}_

{555-8039}             5

               Total 108

_Casino {Third time}_

{BUY APPLE}            3
{GET ROPE}             3

               Total 124

_Lefty's Bar {Second time}

{USE CONDOM}          10
{GET IN BED}          11
{REMOVE CONDOM}        1
{GET PILLS}            8

               Total 144

_Casino {Fourth time}_

Walk through doors     5
{GET DOLL}             5
{INFLATE DOLL}         5
{USE DOLL} 2x          8
{GIVE EVE APPLE}15+25=40 {First you get 15 points, then 25}

               Total 222

Thanks to Sierra Classics AGI Page {http://www.ozemail.com.au/~ptrkelly/agi}
and The Ultimate Leisure Suit Larry Website

You can enter debug mode by typing Alt+D {and enter twice}.

The object numbers are listed in the "Items" section.
The room nubers are listed in the "Maps" section.

{TP}, {{ROOM #}} to teleport.
{GET OBJECT}, {{ITEM #}} to get an object.
{GIMME GIMME} to obtain all items.
{OBJECT NUMBER} to show a list of items and numbers.
{OBJECT ROOM}, {{OBJECT #}} to say what room an item is in.
{ROOM NUMBER} to show Larry's x/y coordinates & current room number.
{SHOW VAR} or {SV} to display value of a variable.
{SET VAR} or {CHANGE VAR} to change value of a variable.
{SET FLAG} or {SF} to set a flag.
{VIEW FLAG} or {SHOW FLAG} to see if a flag is set or not.
{RESET FLAG} to reset a flag.
{Alt+M} to display heapsize.
{Alt+I} or {SP}, {{OBJECT #}} to show information about screen objects.
{Alt+V} or {PRIORITY} to display priority screen.

5.0 - FAQs

Q.Where do I get the wine?
A.From the Quiki Mart's back shelf.

Q.How do you play Blackjack?
A.See "Gambling" section.
 {You can't play it in the calculator version}

Q.What do you do with the lint?
A.Nothing, like the game says, it's a joke.
 {There is no lint in the calculator version}

Q.Is there any actual nudity in this game?
A.The only nudity is the picture in the bar and the Jugs magazine.
 {If you meant the calculator version, then no; it's text-only}

Q.Where is the hammer?
A.In the dumpster in the alley by Lefty's {not the Alley where you die}.
 {In the calculator version, it's in the first screen if you type {SEARCH}.

There is now a text-only game for the Ti-83 calculator called
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards v8.1.
It was ported to the Ti-83 in 1999 by Gockies/Shiznit Software.
Either type the number of the choice, move down and hit enter, or type it in
with Alphalock {only use this for password}.  Here is the walkthrough:

When you start out, {ENTER} the bar and {ORDER DRINK}.  Pick {WHISKEY}, then
{NOTHING}.  Now go to the {HALLWAY}, {LOOK} at the drunk, then when he asks
for a drink, say {YES}.  He will give you a remote control.  Now {SEARCH}
to find a rose.  {OPEN DOOR}, then {USE} restroom.  Say {NAH} to flushing,
but {YES} to washing your hands to get the ring.  Keep {LOOK}ing until you
get the password.  Now {LEAVE} the bathroom, and in the hallway, go {BACK}.
Try to {OPEN DOOR}, but you need a password, so type {PUMPY}.  Now, {LOOK},
and you will change the channel to distract the pimp.  {GO UPSTAIRS}, then
{LOOK} to get the box of candy.  Now {SEARCH} and say {YES} to going out
the window.  {CLIMB DOWN} the fire escape, then {SEARCH} to get the hammer.
{CALL TAXI} and go to the {KWIKIE-MART}.  {ENTER} the kwikie mart, and go to
the {ALCOHOL} rack.  Then look at the {MAGAZINES} if you want, and {LEAVE}.
Outside, {EXPLORE} and say {YES} to giving the man wine to get the knife.
{CALL TAXI} again, and go to the {HOTEL}.  {ENTER}, then {EXPLORE} the lobby
until you get a disco pass.  Now {LEAVE} the lobby and {CALL TAXI} to go to
the {DISCO}.  {ENTER} the disco club, {LOOK}, and say {YES} to visiting the
girl.  Keep {TALK}ing to her until you dance, then {GIVE} her the rose, the
candies, and the ring.  Say {YES} to getting married, then {CALL TAXI} to go
to the {CHAPEL}.  {ENTER} the chapel, {GET MARRIED}, then choose {MORE} to
go to the hotel.  {ENTER} the hotel, then look at the {ROOMS}.  Go to the
{4}th floor, then {LOOK} to find your room.  Say {YES} to getting started,
then {CALL TAXI} to go to the {KWIKIE-MART}.  {ENTER}, then walk over to the
{CASHIER}.  {ASK} for a condom, then pick your choices, which don't matter.
{STRIPED}/{PLAID}, and {PEPPERMINT}/{SPEARMINT}.  {LEAVE} the kwikie-mart,
then {CALL TAXI} to go to the {BAR}.  {ENTER} the bar, then {OPEN DOOR} and
type {PUMPY} again.  {GO UPSTAIRS}, then {FUCK}.  Do it {SLOW AND EASY} or
{FAST PACED}.  Now {SEARCH} and say {YES} to climing out window again.
{LOOK} to get the bottle of pills, then {CLIMB DOWN} and {CALL TAXI} to go
to the hotel.  {ENTER}, go to the {ROOMS}, and choose the {6}th floor.
{LOOK} at the top floor, then say {FINE} to asking the girl out.  Now keep
typing {LOOK}, {SEARCH}, and {EXPLORE} until you win.

This walkthrough is pretty lame sometimes, like saying "say {YES} to..." but
that way, if you don't want to read all the extra stuff, you can just beat
the game by going {ENTER},{ORDER DRINK},{WHISKEY},{NOTHING},{HALLWAY}, etc.
I would like to thank the following people:

Al Lowe, for creating, designing, writing, programming,  and producing
Leisure Suit Larry, and writing the Leisure Suit Larry theme song.

Andrew Schultz, for telling me 2 more ways to die.

Ken Williams, Larry Laffer, Mark Crowe, Sierra On-Line, Chuck Benton, John &
Jerry Albright, Passionate Patti, Jeff Stephenson, Robert Heitman, Pablo
Ghenis, Stuart Goldstein, William Skirvin, Bonnie Borucki, Douglas Herring,
John Williams, Carlos Escobar, Roger Hardy, Mike  Dana, Rob Atesalp, Robert
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Karin Young, Russell Truelove, Victor Sadouskas, Chris Carr, Ruben Huante,
Phy Williams, Phy "No Relation" Williams, Larry Williams, Arthur Laffer,
Donovan "No Relation" Skirvin, Dan Kehler, Dan Woolard, Paul Anderson, Rich
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Scott Bullock, Michael Geoff, Kevin Richardson, the LSL Casino team, Jan
Rabson, the LSL 1-7 teams, the LSL Pinball team, Peter Kelly, and Catz.

No thanks whatsoever to David Grenewetzki, for "putting off" LSL8.


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