Manhunter: San Francisco

How to play Manhunter: San Francisco

What's the object of this game?
After being forced to  become a Manhunter in New York by  the Orb
Alliance, You discovered that  Phil Cook, an  Orb ally, was  a
dangerous killer.  As the game begins, Phil  is escaping from  New
York in  his spaceship. You  chase him in a second spaceship
vowing  not to let him get away.  Having chased him across the
country you crash land in San Francisco.  Find Phil before he
kills again, help
defeat the Orbs!!

Manhunter: San Francisco requires no typed commands. How do I find
Most clues  are visual and symbolic.  You must look carefully  at
the screen to determine how the clue  in that screen ties in with
the  rest of the game. Take notes as you play. Save the game
often. The game shows you what you are able to do, what you can
get, and where you are able to go.

What do the cursor symbols mean?
If the  cursor is an  arrow, press {ENTER}  to move in  that
direction. If  the cursor is  a magnifying glass,  press {ENTER}
to  take a closer  look. If your cursor is a hand, you may pick up
or manipulate the object by pressing {ENTER}. If the cursor is a
#3, you are  in third person perspective and are able to see
yourself on the screen.

How do I travel?
Press  {F3} to  travel. You  will be   shown a  map of  San
Francisco.  All the locations you are authorised to investigate
are indicated by a blinking square. The number of locations you
can visit will increase as the game progresses. Use your  arrow
keys  or joystick  to position  the blue  and red  circle over
the location you want to travel to and press {ENTER}.

How do I use objects in my robe?
Press the {TAB} key to view your  inventory screen. Highlight the
item you wish to use by using the up-down arrow keys and press

What is the MAD, what does it do?
The MAD (for  Manhunter Assignment Device) is a personal  computer
that has two functions: INFO and TRACKER. The MAD is standard
equipment for all Manhunters.

How do I use the MAD TRACKER function?
Manhunters are able to track all humans using the "TRACKER"
function. The Orb's have surgically implanted travelling disks
into  the necks of all humans. These disks transmit  the location
of  the user. Press  C (for computer)  to use MAD. When your
cursor becomes a pointing  hand, place it over  the "TRACKER"
button and press {ENTER}. The yellow target is the suspect being

How do I track other suspects?
The yellow  target is the person  you are currently tracking.  The
tracker will allow you  to see exactly  where your  suspect  has
travelled. If  more than one person is involved  in the criminal
activity, you may  put your cursor over the other suspect while
tracking, and quickly press {ENTER} to tag the new suspect.

How do I use the MAD INFO function?
The "INFO"  function provides limited information  on all humans
living  in San Francisco. Press C  (for computer) to use your MAD.
When your cursor becomes a pointing hand, place  it over the
"INFO" button and  press {ENTER}. Type in the name  of the
suspect, and  MAD will  display the  name, address,  and a visual
description of the suspect.

Day One

What do I do at the crash site?
Move your  cursor to the  green card on  the ground. Press
{ENTER} to take the card.  Note the name "Peter  Brown" on the
card.  Enter "Peter Brown" into your MAD.  You will assume Peter
Brown's identity. Peter Brown's  apartment is now yours.

Where can I find my MAD?
At  the crash  site. Move  your cursor  to the  rectangular blue
object on the ground and  pick it up.  Peter Brown was  tracking a
suspect.  Use the Tracking function to  track the suspect. Watch
as the suspect travels  from the bank to the warehouse, the Ferry
Building, and  the Embarcadero Fountain. Travel to the Bank of

What do I do at the Bank of Canton?
Enter the  bank through the same  door that the suspects  used.
Take the dragon note that is on  the desk. Take the newspaper that
is  lying on the floor. Note the name  of the scientist  in the
article.  Look at the  dead man's left hand. Read the name on the
door as if  you were standing outside. Enter the name into your
MAD computer.

There is no one named "Bat Vomit" in the city!
The name  is reversed. Enter  the correct name  "Tad Timov" into
your MAD. Tad Timov  is the  dead security  guard that  worked for
the Bank  of Canton. Your character will be  now be able to travel
to his apartment. But first  exit the bank and go to the left. You
will find a dead body.

What do I do with the dead body I found near the bank?
Look  at the  large bite  on the  victim's neck,  take the  broken
fang that is lodged in  his skin. Pick  up the laundry  receipt,
look at  the tattoo on  his hand. Travel to the warehouse.

I can't get into the warehouse office!
Set  the  arcade  mode  to  "EASY".  Avoid  the  robots.  Enter
the room at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

What do I do in the warehouse office?
Read the schedule message on the wall. Take a close look at the
message written in blood on the  top of the desk. Note the first
names  in the message, Zac and Mic, and  the contents of the
message. Pick up the  mallet leaning against the wall and notice
the fish imprint on the end. Travel to Tad Timov's apartment.

What should I do at Tad's apartment?
Wait and you will be attacked by a  guard dog. There is nothing
else you can do here, YET. Travel to the Ferry Building.

What should I do at the Ferry Building?
The doors are locked so you cannot go in. There is a message that
you must look at on the side  of the building. You cannot do
anything  else here, YET. Travel to the Embarcadero Fountain.

More on Day One

What should I do at the fountain?
Jump in. Try to enter the pipe on the right side.

How can I enter the pipe in the fountain?
Set the arcade mode to "EASY". You need  to get into the pipe on
the right, but you  keep slipping  on slime.  Anytime you  get too
close to  the drain, press {ENTER} to  spin away. When you  slide
close to the  pipe opening press {ENTER} several times until you
slide right in.

I keep getting my face eaten by rats and bats!
Set the arcade mode to "EASY". Stand in one place as you punch and
stomp. Don't try to  move forward yet. The  rats and bats will
eventually stop coming. Move forward when they stop.

What do I do in the den?
Take the  driver's license that  is lying  on  the floor. Match
the last name, "STONE" with the first name that you  read on the
desk in the warehouse office. Enter the name  in your MAD. Take
the  empty flask. Look at the  dead creature. Read the message on
the wall.

What is the dead creature's name in the den?
Mic Stone. Enter Mic Stone into your MAD.

Where do I go after I leave the den?
Travel to the Hyde Street Pier.

What do I do at the pier?
Climb down the ladder.  Look into the pipe on the beach.  Go under
the pier and climb the piling. Notice  the hole in the pier. You
can't  do anything here for now, but you will come back later.
Travel to the Manhunter's apartment.

What do I do at the Manhunter's apartment?
Look out  the window to  reveal various messages.  Look in the
dresser drawer, take the cloth.

Where should I go after I leave my apartment?
Select Travel. If you  have completed ALL of the steps in  DAY 1,
your MAD will come on  automatically with an ALERT.  Enter a
suspect's name  if you wish. You will be instructed to "Return
Home Immediately".

Whenever I go to the Manhunter's apartment  and try to lay down in
the hammock, it tells me that "It's too early to go to bed". Why?
You have not completed all of the activities in Day 1.

At the end of Day One

What are the locations I may have missed?
The  Bank of  Canton, warehouse,  Ferry Building,  Embarcadero
Fountain and the Hyde Street Pier.

What items should I have in my robe?
Peter Brown's I.D.  Card, Tad Timov's dragon note,  the newspaper
clipping, the fang, the laundry receipt, the mallet,  Mic Stone's
driver's license, the empty flask, and the cloth that says "Rub
jewel of heaven".

What suspects should I have entered into MAD?
Peter Brown, Tad Timov, and Mic Stone.

Day Two

Getting started on day 2.
The Orbs  gave you an  assignment. Press {F3}  to travel to  pier
5 to  do some investigating. Use the MAD tracker to tag the other

What do I do at pier 5?
Look at the dead creature on the boat. Take the muzzle. Compare
the broken fang with the fang that you found in front of the bank.

What do I do with the muzzle?
Remember when Timov's dog attacked you?  Return to his apartment
and muzzle the beast. Search his place for clues.

What do I do at Tad Timov's apartment?
When you see Tad's dog, select the muzzle  from your robe that you
found on the boat. Take the camera.  Note the symbols on the
tapestry on  the wall that says "Heaven Vision." Travel to the

I keep getting a Ninja's throwing star in my forehead, what can I
Set the arcade mode to "EASY". Defend  yourself long enough and
the Buddha will rise, allowing  you to climb the  secret stairs.
To make  the arcade sequence a little easier, save the game every
time you dodge a few Ninja stars.

OK, I'm in the stairway, now what?
Examine all  the statues. These statues  provide two important
clues.  Read the dragon note.  "R3" means "RIGHT  3" - Replace  R3
with the  word from the third statue on the right. Replace L1 with
the  word on the first statue on the left. Replace R4 with the
word on the fourth statue on the  right. Look at the cloth that
you found in  the drawer. It says "Rub jewel of  Heaven." Use the
cloth on the Heaven statue for another clue. Continue up the

What should the decoded dragon message say?
"The R3 is the L1 to R4" = The Castle is the Gateway to Hell.

What does the decoded "Heaven" message say?
F+Oar P+inches = four pinches.

I keep falling into a pool of acid! Help!
Set the  arcade mode to "EASY".  Stay in the centre  of the bridge
as  you move across.  Saving the  game after  making it  halfway
across  will make  crossing easier.

A very big man insists on branding dragons onto my hand! I need
some advice.
Don't touch  the brand. Instead,  run over, grab  the scroll, and
jump out the window. Once outside, run to the right before the
Ninjas get you.

I keep getting cut in half by a Ninja!
Don't  hesitate. Run  over, grab  the  scroll,  and jump  out the
window. Once outside, run to the  right before the Ninjas get you.
There  will be a door. Go inside.

More on Day Two
What do I do with the scroll, what does it mean?
West is not a direction, it is a name. Match up the name "West"
with one of the first names that you read back at the warehouse.
Enter "Zac West" into your MAD Info.

I'm in the room with an old man with a twitching moustache. What
do I do?
Remember  the "Heaven"  message? Select  four  pinches  from the
pot with  the "Heaven" marking (second from left). Smoke  the
pipe, watch the vision and take the statue.

What does the vision mean?
You saw a vision of the old  man's daughter turning into a mutant.
Remember her face, you will need to recognise her later. Travel to
the Shop.

I'm at the Shop and I can't figure out what to do.
The morbid shopkeeper seems to be holding  a finger. If you had
some body parts to give him  he might let you try to  play cards
and win a prize.  If you don't have any, leave and travel to the
Trans-America pyramid.

What are all those S's in the pyramid building?
All of the S's are slaves.

What do I do in the pyramid building?
Take the rifle. Free  the slave that the robot is punishing.  To
free the slave set the arcade mode to "EASY". The  idea is to
rotate clockwise without getting hit. Move  only when the  robot
aims at   you. When you  are at the  top of the screen, the slave
will escape. Continue to rotate until  you are at the bottom of
the screen. Walk off the screen and travel to the doctor's house.

What do I do at the doctor's house?
Get the letter  from the doctor's pocket. Pour the  urine sample
into the flask that you found  near the Embarcadero Fountain by
selecting  the flask from your inventory. Travel to the cable car

What should I do at the cable car barn?
Hop  onto  a  cable  car  to  get  inside.  You  need  to  go to
the box in the upper-right corner and bump against the right side.
Pull the switch to open the gate. Run through the gate. If you are
having difficulty set the arcade mode to "EASY" and try again.

I found the cable car, what do I do?
Look at the posters  on the side of the cable car. Look  at the
dead man on the pile of  bodies in the car.  Take the letter from
his belt. Look at  his hand. Leave the  same way you came  in and
travel to  the private club. Knock  on the door.

They won't let me into the club or the laundry!
You can't  get into the club  because it's private. It's  for
ratmen only. Come back later  when you have  a disguise.  Travel
to the laundry.  The laundry is closed, come back tomorrow. Travel
to the scientist's house.

How can I travel to the scientist's house?
Type the name "Noah  Goring" into your MAD. You picked up  the
name "Noah" from the newspaper clipping, "Goring" from the
doctor's letter.

What do I do at the scientist's house?
Take the matches. Look out the window. Read the files. Notice the
white thread. Travel to the Wax Museum.

What do I do at the Wax Museum?
Notice the fish that the wax figure is  holding. You found a
mallet with a fish on it  at the warehouse.  Use the mallet  here
to smack  the fish. Look  at the three propaganda  exhibits (you
can see  the other two exhibits  after watching the film,  then
moving left). At  the last exhibit, look  in the chimney. Leave
the wax museum.  Select travel, if you have completed  all of the
activities in day 2 you will be sent to your apartment. This ends
day 2.

At the end of Day Two

Whenever I go to the Manhunter's apartment  and try to lay down in
the hammock, it tells me that "It's too early to go to bed". Why?
You have not completed all of the activities in Day 2.

What are the locations I may have missed?
Pier  5, Tad  Timov's apartment,  the Temple,  the Temple
stairway, the  Ninja initiation  room, the  room with  the old
man and  the smoke,  the shop,  the Trans-America building,  the
doctor's house,  the cable car  barn, Noah Goring's house, and the
Wax Museum.

What additional items should I have in my robe?
The additional items  you should have are, the camera,  the
scroll, the statue, the rifle, letter #1, letter #2, the full
flask, and the matches.

What suspects should I have entered into MAD?
Zac West and Noah Goring.

Day Three

Where should I go first?
Travel to  the laundry. You  will see a  girl. Move towards  the
girl. Give the girl the laundry receipt. When she winks at you,
follow her. It's a trap... but you must fall for it.

I was clubbed and came to in the dark, what now?
The slave you freed released you. Take the walking stick. Leave
the laundry and travel to Ghirardelli Square and investigate.

What should I do at Ghirardelli Square?
Get the rat's paw. Then travel to the shop.

What do I do at the shop?
Give the man at the counter the rat's paw. He will let you play
cards. Find the ace  three times.  Don't take  a prize  yet, play
and find  the ace three more times. When he offers you a prize
this time, select the mask on the left.

I can't beat this guy at the card game.
Set the arcade mode to "EASY". Watch carefully, he's trying to
trick you with a false  shuffle. To  beat that  con, save  the
game  as soon  as the  shuffle is completed, then choose  the ace.
If you're wrong, just  restore the game. After you leave the shop
travel to the private club.

I still can't get into the club.
Get as close as you can to the door. Wear the mask and knock on
the door.

What do I do at the club?
Get as close as you can to the door.  Wear the mask and knock on
the door. When the ratman shows you the arm, note  the symbols
tattooed on it. Play dice. When the ratmen get mad at you give
them the flask. While they are fighting over the flask, grab the
hatchet and leave. Travel to Ghirardelli Square again.

What do I do this time at Ghirardelli Square?
Try to climb up the sign to the man  hanging up there. You will
need to get the ring that is hanging around his neck.  If you have
difficulty climbing the sign set the arcade mode to "EASY".

I keep getting zapped by the guy with the shocking personality.
Don't touch him. Use the walking stick to take the ring from his

Anything else I should do at Ghirardelli Square?
Go into the window in the tower. When you reach the gate, take a
close look.

My flask keeps breaking while I'm at Ghirardelli Square!
Go back to the private club and find the proper time to give the
flask away.

How do I open the gate?
Notice that the pattern on the lock is the same as the ring. Open
the lock with the ring.

OK, I've opened the gate and now I've got real trouble!
After you land  on Phil, grab the Orb-On-A-Stick. Use  the flash
on your camera to temporarily blind the ratmen. Escape and travel
to the Wax Museum.

More on Day Three

I've returned to the Wax Museum, but I don't know what to do.
Investigate where both suspects went. There is fresh meat on the
pile of bodies in exhibit #2. Examine Noah Goring carefully. Go
into the fireplace in the last exhibit. When done leave the
museum. Travel to the Hyde Street Pier.

I've found Noah Goring, but I don't know what to do with him.
Use the fang to cut the white thread on his tie. Take the card.

What do I do at the Hyde Street Pier.
Go under  the pier. Climb  up the piling.  Use the hatchet  to cut
through  the bottom of the crate. Hide in the crate.

How do I get out of the crate?
Use the hatchet.

The mutants keep stomping me!
Look at  the mutant in the  second cell, middle row.  That's Ming.
Remember her from the vision  you saw after smoking the  pipe with
her father? Give  her the statue.

How do I free the mutants?
Insert  the  Orb  card  that  you  found  in  Noah  Goring's  tie
into the cell door-access machine. Fool the camera into  thinking
you're and Orb by using the Orb-On-A-Stick.

How do I escape?
Use the balloon.

How do I use the balloon?
Turn on the  gas, light the gas with  the matches you found at
the scientist's house.

Where do I land?
Land at Julius Castle.

I'm in the control room and confused. What do I do?
Take a closer  look at the controls. Close  all of the gates.
Select  the ROBOT button -  move all of  the robots to  the lowest
sensor  square in the  centre. Select the SLAVE button - move all
of the slaves into Slavery. Select the LAVA button - open the gate
on the bottom right to flood the robots. Open the bottom centre
gate to flood the cable car barn.  Open the gate next to the lava
in the second  row down,  centre to  flood the  pyramid and  Coit
Tower.  Watch as the mutants turn into people again. Move the
slaves into Hell.

I'm at Freedom. How do I use the digger?
When you are in the digger, punch in  the code that you saw on the
severed arm. Press the START button.

What is the code for the digger?

I can't make it through the lava maze!
Set the arcade mode to "EASY". Save the game often. You need to
reach the Ferry Building in the upper-right corner of the far
upper-right section.

Additional Hints

The lava maze is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!
We have a map of the lava maze available  and would be happy to
mail it to you. Leave a message for Customer Service on  this BBS.
You may also obtain the lava map by writing or calling Sierra On-
Line's Customer Service Department.

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