Here is a pointcheck for Police Quest 2. 

POLICE QUEST 2 pointcheck
by Evan Dickens ([email protected])
Version 1.0 (updated 7/15/97)

This is a pointcheck for Police Quest 2, the middle game in one of the
greatest game series ever. This is really a fantastic game; for its
the graphics were excellent. The animation is good, and of course, the
and storyline are superior to any games of that time. This was the
Quest way. Notice I say was. I really suggest that if you haven't played
Police Quest 1 first, you should (preferably the classic version),
you'll have a much better handle on the storyline. 

*NOTE* If used as a walkthrough, this will just confuse you. This is
intended to be used for someone who's already beaten the game and missed
some points, so they can go back and check what they've missed. If you
hints, please send e-mail, I'd dearly love to help you.



1       Get keys from ignition
1       Get business card from glove compartment
5       Open locker
1       Get gun from locker
1       Get ammo
1       Get handcuffs
1       Read papers on Hall's desk
1       Get undercover car keys
1       Read bulletin board
1       Get subpoena from basket on desk
1       Get letter from drawer
1       Get wallet
2       Search wallet and find certificate
2       Get ear protectors from Ken
5       View target with properly adjusted sights
2       Get ammo from Ken
2       Get field kit from storage bin
1       Get mug shot from Bains file

30      pointcheck


3       Close and lock storage locker after storing gun
2       Get mug shot from Bains file
2       Ask for Pate's file
1       Ask jailer about car
1       Ask jailer about witness
2       Ask Saxton about escape

41      pointcheck


3       Use tape to lift print on glove box in Pate's car
1       Get holster from glove box
1       Get ammo
3       Ask lady about her car
1       Radio dispatch about gun
2       Radio dispatch about stolen car

52      pointcheck


2       Ask jogger about blood
4       Return fire on Bains
2       Chase Bains in car
1       Look down at river's edge
2       Get blood sample
1       Take pictures of scene
2       Use plaster in footprint to make impression
1       Get clothes from trash can
2       Read nametag on clothes
2       Find air tank with full supply
6       Successfully dive into water with full equipment
2       Get knife from river floor
2       Get badge from river floor
5       Remove body from river
2       Radio dispatch for coroner

88      pointcheck


1       Look at license plate of black car
3       Use tape to lift print from mirror in black car
2       Radio dispatch about stolen car
1       Push button at crosswalk
2       Buy rose from flower lady
1       Show mug shot to female ticket agent
3       Ask ticket agent for passenger list
1       Show mug shot to female car rental agent at Siva
3       Ask rental agent for rental list
4       Get revolver from toilet tank
2       Use electric dryer to dry gun
1       Push button at crosswalk
1       Radio dispatch about gun
2       Radio dispatch about rental car

115     pointcheck


10      Book evidence (one point per item)
2       Use password to get into vice directory
2       Use password to get into personnel directory
3       Call Marie and agree to meet at Arnie's
5       Ask Lloyd in Narcotics about drugs

137     pointcheck


2       Kiss Marie
2       Kiss Marie again
3       Give rose to Marie
1       Eat dinner
2       Get check from waiter

147     pointcheck



1       Get blood sample
1       Take pictures
1       Look at victim's face
2       Get corner of envelope from victim's hand
2       Remove body from trunk after coroner arrives
2       Get death threat from trunk after moving body

156     pointcheck


3       Show mug shot to manager
2       Radio dispatch for search warrant
2       Radio dispatch for backup
3       Get keys from manager
3       Open door to Room 108 safely
1       Get blood sample from room floor
2       Read letter from envelope in drawer
3       Get lipstick tube from under bed
3       Get business card from bathroom sink

178     pointcheck


3       Examine handwriting on note pinned to door
3       Get hit list from ashtray

184     pointcheck


6       Book evidence (one point per item)
3       Get crime lab envelope from basket on desk
4       Call Steelton PD and tell about Bains
4       Call Donald Colby and tell about Bains
2       Ask Jim Simpson in Burglary about shotgun
2       Ask Jim about prints

205     pointcheck


3       Buy ticket to Steelton
2       Show badge to guard
1       Fasten seat belt on plane
6       Shoot first skyjacker
3       Shoot second skyjacker
3       Search unmasked hijacker's turban and find instructions
3       Search masked hijacker's jacket and find wire clippers
2       Find bomb in paper towel dispenser
3       Cut yellow wire
3       Cut purple wire
3       Cut blue wire
3       Connect yellow wire
3       Cut white wire
3       Cut yellow wire

246     pointcheck


3       Get radio extenders

249     pointcheck


5       Radio Keith when threatened by mugger
2       Question mugger
2       Read rights
1       Look down at manhole cover
2       Move manhole cover
4       Get gas mask from cabinet
10      Find and enter control room

275     pointcheck


5       Calm Marie
5       Untie Marie
15      Shoot and kill Jesse Bains

300     final score

I can help you with any item on this list or with any part you're stuck
with in any Police Quest game. In fact, I'd love to help you. My address
[email protected], and I hope to be hearing from you! Good luck!

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