by Evan Dickens ([email protected])
Version 1.3 (updated 3/19/97)

Here's a list of the points you can get in Sierra's epic Robin Hood:
Conquests of the Longbow. This is one of the greatest adventure games of
all time, and one of my favorites. It's not all that popular, but if you
happen to find it in a clearance bin somewhere, don't pass it up.
if you need any help at all with this game, or need more information on
of the things listed below, I would love to help you. My e-mail address
[email protected] 

Thanks to Avi Machness and Alexandre Pinto for helping me in getting the
entire 7325 points.

*NOTE* If used as a walkthrough, this will just confuse you. This is
intended to be used for someone who's already beaten the game and is
because they missed some points, so they can go back and check what
missed. If you need hints, please send e-mail, I'd dearly love to help


50      Get horn from cave
50      Get coins from money pouch
10      Give money to Simon at Glade
100     Kill Sheriff's man and save peasant
50      Give money to peasant

260     pointcheck


100     Kill monk and save Marian
100     Get slipper after Marian leaves

460     pointcheck


100     Give beggar money and buy clothes
25      Give slipper to Lobb in town
25      Get silver comb from Lobb

610     pointcheck


100     Kill Sheriff's man and save poacher
50      Give money to poacher
50      Give silver comb to Marian
50      Give heart emerald to Marian

860     pointcheck

**NOTE** You can switch Day 5 and Day 6. Both days start by going to
Watling Street. The day is decided by which monk you stop. If you stop
fens monk (black robe), skip to Day 6 now, and for the next day, use the
Day 5 list. If you stop the abbot monk (brown robe), continue with Day 5
normal. My advice? Stop the abbot monk first. The Widow, the boys, and
men will all be happier with it. But this has no bearing on your score.

DAY 5   

75      Take monk's robe from monk
50      Bribe castle guard to see prisoners
10      Enter monastery
50      Get extra robes from laundry room
10      Enter hedge maze
100     Find Witch's Court in hedge maze
25      Take cask from Abbot's table
50      Win amethyst from Harry at pub
*10     Look at lowered cask in pub
25      Give cask to bartender
100     Go through secret entrance in pub
50      Put amethyst in drink during drinking contest
25      Keep talking to Abbot to get information while drinking
10      Search Abbot and get money after he passes out
25      Find puzzle box under Abbot's pillow
10      Replace pillow in Abbot's room
20      Pay Abbot's bill in full at pub
10      Give cask to bartender
75      Put money on table when guards leave
*100    Watch Sheriff's men leave after giving them money
150     Rescue boys from castle pit
50      Decide to escape through the pub
10      "Bless" Sheriff in pub
300     Escape Nottingham with boys
50      Get golden net from Widow

2250    pointcheck


100     Kill monk in staff duel
25      Blow flute by river to call raft
100     Pass gemstone test and gain entrance
100     Free Fulk in dungeon
150     Get Fulk's scroll from study
100     Get Marian's scroll from study
300     Give Fulk's scroll to Fulk
10      Go through secret wall
25      Give Fulk money
100     Raise gate and escape
25      Get Ring that Commands Water from Fulk

3285    pointcheck


200     Give hand scroll to Marian
50      Give heart emerald to Marian
10      Capture pixie with golden net
200     Pass Green Man's test

3745    pointcheck


100     Buy clothes from yeoman
10      Give money to first beggar at fair
10      Give money to second beggar
25      Buy oil from apothecary
*25     Buy silk scarf from merchant
25      Pay two farthings to get fortune told
100     Choose correct Coat of Arms from scholar
50      Give hand scroll to scholar
200     Win Golden Arrow in tournament

4290    pointcheck


75      Change into tree to escape from guards
100     Buy disguise from jeweler (by clicking Hand on him twice)
25      Rub rouge on beard to complete disguise
10      Gain entrance to castle
300     Persuade Sheriff to follow you into forest

4800    pointcheck

DAY 10

100     Get Ring that Commands Fire from puzzle box
50      Convince bartender to let you into tunnels
500     Save Marian from fire
300     Use emerald on Marian to revive her

5750    pointcheck

DAY 11

500     Choose Friar Tuck's plan to capture treasure
500     Capture treasure

6750    pointcheck

DAY 12

75      Change into tree to escape from guards
50      Spell password to false knight
50      Kill false knight
50      Search false knight and find letter
*50     Show letter to Little John

7025    pointcheck

DAY 13

25      Use hand code to increase ivy thickness
25      Enter prison tower
100     Give letter from false knight to real knight
50      Spell secret password
100     Safely climb down tower and escape in boat

7325    final score

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