Conquest of Longbow (RobinHood)
                            Complete points list

                                   Day 1
   50  Take money from bowl.
   50  Take horn.
   10  Give money to Simon at the target range (any amount).
  100  Kill sherief's man (with bow).
   50  Give money to peasent (any amount).

                                   Day 2
  100  Kill monk.
  100  Take slipper.

                                   Day 3
  100  Give money to beggar (half a penny).
   25  Give slipper to Lobb.
   25  Get comb.

                                   Day 4
  100  Kill sherief's man.
   50  Give money to peasent (any amount).
   50  Give comb to Marian.
   50  Give half-heart to Marian.

                                  Day 5/6
   75  Click hand icon on monk.
   10  Get into monastery.
   50  Get robes (laundry room).
   10  Get to maze.
  100  Find secret exit from maze (northen wall).
   25  Take cask (dinning hall).
   50  Bribe guard to castle (3/4 of a penny).
   10  Look at bucket (Inn).
   25  Give cask to bartender.
   50  Win nine man morise.
  100  Open secret passage (Inn's back room).
   50  Put amesthyst in your glass.

   25  Talk to Abbot.
       Thanks to Evan Dickens
   10  Click hand icon on Abbot.
   25  Take pillow (Aboot's room).
   10  Replase pillow (don't forget to take box).
   20  Pay bartender (12 pennies).
   10  Give cask to bartender.
   75  Put money on table (4 pennies - in castle).
  100  See guards leave.
  150  Click robes on pit.
   50  Choose "yes".
   10  Click talk icon on sherief.
  300  Leave pub.
   50  Get golden net.

                                  Day 6/5
  100  Win staff duel.
   25  Click flute on Robin (swamps).
  100  Pass test (Codes).
  100  Release Fulk (dungeon).
  100  Get marian's scroll (in study's closet).
  150  Get Fulk's scroll (on study's table).
  300  Give scroll to Fulk.
   10  Go through secret passage.

   25  Give money to Fulk (1/4 of a pennie).
       Thanks to Evan Dickens
  100  Open gate (click hand on faces in correct order).
   25  Get ring.

                                   Day 7
  200  Give scroll to Marian.
   50  Give half-heart to Marian.
   10  Catch pixie (with net).
  200  Answer riddles correctly.

                                   Day 8
  100  Give money to yeoman.
  100  Identefy correct Coat of Arms (Codes).
   50  Give scroll to scholar.
   10  Give money to one-legged man (1/4 of a pennie).
   25  Buy oil (2 pennies).
   10  Give money to beggar (1/4 of a pennie).
   25  Buy scarf (6/4 pennies).
   25  Get future told (2/4 of a pennie).
    0  Meet game designer.
  200  Win golden arrow.

                                   Day 9
   75  Become a tree (escaping sherief's men).
  100  Click hand on jeweler (Second time).
   25  Click rouge on jeweler.
   10  Talk to castle's guard.
  300  Click hand icon on jewelery.

                                  Day 10
  100  Get ring (from box),
   50  Talk to bartender.
  500  Save Marian.
  300  Use half-heart on Marian.

                                  Day 11
  500  Choose Friar Tuck's plan.
  500  Get treasure.

                                  Day 12
   75  Become a tree (escaping sherief's men).
   50  Type password (using hand code) to knight (twice).
   50  Click hand icon on knight's body.
   50  Show letter to little John.

                                  Day 13
   25  Type "GORT" (using hand code) to ivy.
   25  Get through window.
  100  Show letter t o knight.
   50  Type password (using hand code) to knight.
  100  Get down ivy.

  7325 Total (out of 7325).
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