Notes: ‘You’ can refer to you as the player or you as Roger Wilco. The parts of the game which are not completely necessary to complete (but are needed either for extra points or information useful later) are written in brackets ([]). N means North, or away from the screen; S means South, or towards the screen; W means West, or to the left; and E means East, or to the right. Each of these directions (N, S, W and E) when used indicates that you have to walk one entire screen in that direction. For example, ‘Walk N, N, E,’ means that you have to walk two full screens to the north and then one full screen to the east.


Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter


The Arcada


You begin SQ1 aboard the starship Arcada while it is under attack by the Sariens. Walk W, W, W (ignore the archive room - just walk right through it). Search the man who is lying on the ground and you will find a keycard on him. Take it.


Walk E, E (i.e. until you are inside the archive room). [Wait here until an old man enters the room and collapses on the ground. Walk up to him and type LOOK MAN. He will raise himself up on one elbow and start talking. He will utter the words ‘astral body’ somewhere along the line.] Walk to the computer and look at the screen. Type ASTRAL BODY and take the cartridge when it arrives. Do not insert the cartridge into the computer or a Sarien troop will barge into the room and shoot you!


Walk W of the room and take the lift down to the lower level. (If at any time you hear footsteps, either hide in a lift or walk out of the screen and back in, depending on which way is quicker.) Walk E (ignore the broken door - there is no point in going in there) and use the lift that seems to have no counterpart. Walk E again and up to controls for the bay door. Look at the controls and press ‘open bay door’. Walk E yet again, insert your card into the slot and walk through the door.


Walk up to the controls for the two doors on the back wall and press the left button. Take the gadget, look at it, and turn the dial. Press the right button and take the suit (you will automatically change into it). Walk to the controls in the foreground and push the button that opens the airlock. Walk W.


Walk to the console and press the only button you can to raise the platform. Walk to the escape pod and enter. Close the door, fasten your seatbelt (you have to think of everything in this game!) and look at the controls. Press ‘power’ and ‘autonav’, and then pull back on the throttle. You’re free! (If you really want to know what the ‘don’t touch’ button does, save your game before you press it!) Unfortunately, you are now going nowhere. Stinks, don’t it? Do not worry too much, though, because your faithful computer soon gives you a readout on a planet on which you will be forced to crash land. Ah, much better!




After watching the astoundingly impressive crash landing sequence, you find yourself still alive inside your craft. Unfasten your seatbelt (so they do work!) and search the floor of the pod. Take the survival kit and open it. You may need it later. ‘May’? I will explain later what I mean. Exit the pod and walk up to the windscreen. If you look carefully you will see a piece of glass lying loose. Take it. Now, there are two different ways that I know of to complete the next part of the game. Let us begin with the short way.


Short Method: The first method involves killing the orat before the spider droid lands (I know, this doesn’t make sense at all right now).


Walk E, E, E. Do not walk onto the path; just walk E again. Now walk N. Do you see the entrance to the cave? Walk into the cave. Before the orat gets you, type THROW WATER (remember the dehydrated water in your kit?). After the orat has exploded rather spectacularly, take the piece he leaves behind - you will need it as evidence.


Walk back to the place with the path. Now walk along it until you reach its end. If the droid lands while you are walking along the path, ignore it. [However, if you want the glory and points that go along with smashing it, walk behind the rock to the left of the cracking bridge, wait until the droid is directly beneath it, and then push the rock.]


Walk between the two weird pillars and you will be sucked down (wee!). Take the small rock and walk W. See the grating? There is a monster in there. Walk along the wall to get safely past it. Now put the rock on the geyser. Open sesame! Walk through the doorway and W. Walk up to the laser fence and type USE GLASS. Walk around the bend and then E. Dodge the drops while you walk E again (it shouldn’t be too hard). Walk in through the dark doorway. (Remember I told you to turn that ‘gadget’ on? Now it is going to prove its worth.)


The alien will talk to you for a while. He will acknowledge that you killed the orat. Drop the piece of orat you have and he will let you in.


Long Method: This is the same as the first method, except that you use the droid to kill the orat by getting it to follow you into the cave. This requires some good dodging skills on your part to avoid having the droid take you to pieces. Why this way is longer is because you have to wait for the droid to land. (You can go talk to the alien before it does, but this is just a waste of time because you then have to talk to him twice.)


Whichever method you use, you should find yourself inside the aliens’ underground base (ooh!). One will talk to you again for a while, and then provide you with a skimmer and leave you be. [Now it is time to see what information that ‘astral body’ cartridge has on it. Walk up to the computer and insert the cartridge. Read the whole story. Remember the code 6858. Take the cartridge. (I have it on good authority that if you leave the cartridge behind, you can still finish the game (all you actually need from the cartridge are the digits ‘6858’), but it will have a slightly less satisfactory ending.)] Board the skimmer and turn the key. Off we go to Ulence Flats!


You will now have to dodge all the rocks on the way to Ulence Flats. If you get hit by five rocks, you crash. Try setting the speed on slow - it makes things much easier.


Ulence Flats


Once you have arrived and got out of your skimmer, a man will appear and offer you money for your skimmer. Decline the offer by typing NO. Walk into the bar (E) and then out again (W). The man will appear again, but this time he will offer you some money and a jetpack. Type YES this time round.


Walk back into the bar. [Walk up to the counter and order three drinks. Drink all three and listen to the conversation going on. A man will tell a story about how he saw this ship blow up a planetoid. That is the ship you have to reach! Remember ‘sector HH’.] Now we come to the most boring and senseless part of the game. You have to win all the money needed to get off this planet by using that lethal machine in the corner. (If you know anyone who has passed this part, load their game.) You will need 214 buckazoids for the ship and 36 for the droid needed to fly it. You might as well win it all at once.


Once you have won the money, walk W, W. (If a man asks you to follow him, ignore him - he will rob you!) Buy the only ship that is parked N. Walk to the droid shop that is N and E (or E and N) to the entrance to the bar. Buy the white droid that is on the upper level to the right. Walk all the way to your ship, climb the ladder and press ‘load’. Once the droid is ‘loaded’, it will ask you where you wish to go. Type SECTOR HH.


After your ship has dodged some dangerous asteroids, it will stop outside the Deltaur (the ship the man in the bar mentioned). Type WEAR JETPACK and LEAVE SHIP. Fly to the middle of the big door and type OPEN DOOR. Enter the ship. You are now all alone on a ship full of misguided aliens! Great job!


The Deltaur


Wait until a droid opens the door. Quickly go through the now opened door. Hide inside the chest. Wait until you are carried to the laundry room. Get out of the chest (leave your jetpack behind) and climb into the washing machine. You will receive a thorough cleaning and automatically (and miraculously) change into the Sarien uniform. Look at your pocket to find a card and leave the room.


You are now in what I call ‘the main hallway’. Go through the door on the left (the one next to the one that is ‘out of order’J). Walk W. [Talk to a Sarien along the way.] Use the lift. Walk E, E, E. (Ignore the star generator for now.) Walk up to the counter and show your card. While the droid is fetching your weapon, quickly walk up to the two items at the bottom of the counter and type TAKE GRENADE. Walk back to where you were before to receive your pulseray.


Walk W and throw your grenade over the banister. The Sarien guarding the star generator will fall over. Walk W, W. (You may shoot any Sarien you meet along the way.) When you have nearly reached the elevator you will lose your disguise. (From now on you must shoot before you are shot. What I do is shoot as soon as I enter a new room because no harm is done if one shoots and nobody is there. If you come across a guard droid, walk out of the screen and back in - you cannot destroy it.) Use the lift anyway. Walk E, E. Search the body and use the remote to disable the shield protecting the star generator. Use the control pad on the generator to type 6858. The ship is now going to blow!


Go back to the main hallway, shooting everybody on the way who tries to stop you. Go through the door that was formerly ‘out of order’. Walk to the ship and climb into it. Push the ‘launch’ button and you are free once again! Well done! You have destroyed the star generator which was to be used to wreak havoc upon the stars! Apparently, the evil Dr Sludge Vohaul is not too happy about this. You will find out more about that in SQ2.


Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge


Xenon Orbital Station 4


You will start this game aboard an orbital station sweeping the floor in a spacesuit. A beep will soon emanate from your watch. Press the middle button (the first button tells you your horoscope while the third the time and temperature) and your boss will yell at you to come inside. Walk up the wall and onto the strange circle on the ceiling.


You will find yourself inside the station being decontaminated. After this is finished, change into your normal clothes. [Walk to your locker, open it and take your underwear and cubix rube (it’s meant to be a spoonerism).] Walk into the control room and your boss will yell at you some more. Walk onto the striped platform, and then step into the transporter. You will then be transported to the ship you have to clean. Just walk straight into it and you will be beaten up (there is no way to prevent it).


Sludge Vohaul has captured you! He will talk about his evil plan to infest your home planet with door-to-door insurance salesmen J and then he will transport you to the surface of Labion.




Luckily, the hovercraft that is to take you to the mines will crash and you will survive. Search the creature that broke your fall and take his keycard. Walk up to the broken craft, look inside and press the button to stop the beeping - this is to prevent you from being found.


Walk N (if you hear a noise while you are in this screen, either hide behind something or leave the screen and enter it again) and then walk W out the bottom half of the screen (i.e. do not walk on the raised piece of ground). Walk up to one of the groups of pods (but not too close!) and type TAKE SPORE. Walk N and through the ‘maze’ (setting the speed on slow may help you). Take some berries and walk all the way back through it.


Walk S (back into the screen with the spores), E and W (walk on the hillock this time). You should come to a mailbox. Walk right up to it, and type INSERT FORM IN SLOT and TAKE OBJECT. You now have the Labion terror beast mating whistle (you will get into a lot of trouble for not paying for this item in SQ3 and 5)!


Walk E, then E again out the bottom of the screen. You should now see a man tied to a tree. Untie him. You will be helped later by his kind.


Now walk W, then E out the top of the screen. Type RUB BERRIES ON BODY when you come to the lake. Enter the lake and just let yourself be caught and swallowed by the sea monster. After he has spat you out, swim E from the screen where you entered the lake. Swim to the north-eastern quadrant of the screen. Somewhere in this area you should step into a deeper area of the lake. Type HOLD BREATH and follow the tunnel until you surface in a little cave (don’t take too long!). Take the gem, hold your breath again and swim back to the surface of the lake. Swim until you step onto dry land.


Walk E. You should find a tree standing beside a large fissure. Climb the tree and it will break and fall across the fissure. Crawl across the log and then walk E again. Walk until you are caught in a trap. Wait until you come to in a hunter’s cage. Type TALK CREATURE twice, and then when he steps up to you, type THROW SPORE. Quickly take the cage key from his paralysed body and open the cage door.


Take the rope from the rock and walk N. Now quickly walk W (to avoid being detected and killed). Climb onto the log, and while you are still there, type TIE ROPE TO LOG. Climb down the rope until you are right in front of a monstrous creature. Type SWING ROPE. You have to get onto the ledge on the left of the screen, so you cannot let go of the rope at any time you wish. Wait until the creature has swung his arm at you twice, then let go after swinging past the middle.


Walk into the cave and type HOLD GEM. You will need some fancy footwork to get past the invisible rocks lying on the ground, and then you will fall into a hole of some kind. Once outside again, a few strange little men will tell you to follow them. Make sure to take your gem before you walk S. Listen, then walk up to the rock and type WORD. Climb into the hole (da da dum!).


Type HOLD GEM IN MOUTH. Now we come to the embarrassing part (for me). I do not remember exactly how to do this next part. All I know is that the exit to the cave is somewhere very down and to the right. I hope this helps; it should not be too difficult to find your way out.


After you have found your way out, start swimming again! Swim until you come to a fork. Take the water flow on the right (I only found out which was the right one by trial and error!). Swim E but stay in the water! Type BLOW WHISTLE. The beast cannot get you while you are in the water. Swim W and E, and it should be gone. Before you duck through the rock, take a stone from the pile.


Once you have walked N, you should find yourself hiding behind a bush. Now, we can do this in two ways. Let us start with the easier way first.


Easy Method: Wait until the guard is walking in such a way so that he is unable to see you, and then quickly hide behind one of the platform’s pillars (preferably the one with the elevator). Type THROW ROCK, wait until the guard has left and then quickly walk into the lift and use it. (You do not need your keycard!)


Hard Method: Wait until the guard cannot see you, walk up to the pillar with the lift, use your keycard, get into the lift and use it. (You may not have the time to do this all at once. If not, hide behind a pillar - as in the Easy Method - and then make a break for the lift.) If one had intended to use this method all along (although, how would he?), it would have been completely unnecessary to take the rock.


Whichever method you use, you should be able to make it back to the ship. To actually get into the ship, walk to the right (from the point of view of you as the player) of the rear of the ship. Now, this ship’s controls are strange yet simple. First of all, look at the controls to get your bearings. Type PUSH POWER, TURN DIAL, PUSH ASCENT and PULL THROTTLE respectively. Once you have made it into space, type TURN DIAL again and then pull or push the throttle (it does not make a difference). Vohaul should soon appear on your screen, and your controls will soon be useless. Wait until you have landed on his asteroid base and exited your craft.


Vohaul’s Asteroid Base


Walk E (you can use the other lift, but for the sake of this walkthrough we will use the east lift). There are three levels you can go to: three, four and five (there is no level two!). Let us go to level five first (not that you have to).


Level Five: Once you have stepped out of the elevator (let the cameras not concern you), walk E a few times until you come across a screen with a door and a button. Press the button, walk into the janitor’s closet and look inside. Take the basket and the overalls. The overalls will be discarded. Take the lighter which is now available. Leave the closet and carry on walking in the same direction as before until you reach the lift. Keep clear of the bars with the hands on them and do not let the ugly black alien catch you (this should not be too hard since she walks at about the same speed as you) - she will kiss you and horrible things will later happen. Go to level four.


Level Four: Carry on walking W until you come to another closet (beware the wicked floor polisher!). Enter the closet, take the glass cutter (you never know!), exit again and walk W. Enter the bathroom (as they like calling it in America) through any door you wish, enter one of the cubicles (I recommend the empty one), take some toilet paper, exit the cubicle and bathroom, and walk W a couple times until you arrive at the lift. Proceed to level three.


Level Three: Walk E three times. Enter the closet, take the plunger and skedaddle back to the lift. Finally, back to level one!


Once you have left the lift and returned to your ship, walk down (towards you as the player, as it were) from here (following the path) until you enter another hall. Walk E - gasp! Walk W - yikes! Stand against the obstruction to the west until the floor has nearly disappeared beneath you and then type (very quickly) STICK PLUNGER TO WALL (or you can type it earlier and simply press enter at this point). Once the floor is back, type STAND.


Now, do not leave this part of the passage! Type the following: PUT PAPER IN BASKET, DROP BASKET and LIGHT PAPER. Walk E twice after you have heard the ‘sizzle’ sounds. You are now in Vohaul’s command room (spooky music here)! Let him talk to you to his heart’s content and then try to wander up the stairs. You will be shrunk, but do not worry - your trust glass cutter is here! Just use it on the glass. Now it is time to put an end to Vohaul’s vile existence!


Walk to the vents and climb through. Push the big button (behind the piece of machinery that gets pressed and released) and exit through the vents. Vohaul will start the ‘launch salesmen sequence’ before he dies. Time to vamoose! Walk W, walk up to the switch and pull it. Stand on the keyboard and type TYPE ENLARGE, and return to the jar.


[Walk up to Vohaul’s body and search it - you will find four letters literally on him.] Walk up to the flashing monitor and look at it. Type SHSR and then walk up the stairs leading east. Take the mask from the box attached to the wall and wear it. Follow the glass tube all the way to the end (i.e. until you come out into yet another hallway).


Now walk W twice, but before you walk W again, set the speed to slow. Here comes the part where you have to be extremely fast. When you reach the part of the passage three W’s from where you exited the glass tunnel, walk (extremely quickly) to the first button and type PUSH BUTTON. When the door opens, walk up to the pod and type ENTER POD. You are now safe; set the speed to normal (or fast, I guess) again.


Well done once again! But life is not always so good. Your ship should start warning you that it is running low on the good old O. You will have to use your sleep chamber. Well? Go to it, and find out what happens later in SQ3!


Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon


The Junk Freighter


See what happens when you go to sleep on a ship drifting away in space? It is not good! Alright, let us get out of here. Walk E, E (into the tunnel). Take the wire. Walk W, W (back to your ship), S and E. Walk right up to the trash conveyor and wait till one bucket scoops you up. Wait until you are sitting on the conveyor belt, then type STAND and JUMP.


Now you can only walk left or right. Walk W, W, W. You should carry on until you are standing above that boring contraption hanging on the rail. Type CLIMB DOWN. (Do not take too long in this screen or you will get zapped.) Let us now get our bearings by drawing a very simple diagram:


0 1 2 3 4

_ _ _ _ _


_ _ _ _ _

5 6 7 8 9


0 - Opposite where you are now

1 - Above your now non-working escape pod

2 - Above the entrance to the tunnel

3 - Above the tunnel

4 - Above the big mech’s head (you will see it later)

5 - Where you are now

6 - Above the big piece of scrap metal (S of your escape pod)

7 - Above the upright conveyor

8 - Above the conveyor belt

9 - Above the Aluminum (American spelling) Mallard, which you will use later


The Aluminum Mallard needs three items to work: a warp motivator (which you cannot carry), a reactor (which you can carry) and wire (which you already have). You need the ‘grabber’ on your machine to get the first item. Ride your machine to point 1 (around the bend and E, or E, E, E, E, around the bend and W, W, W) and move to somewhere on the right side of the screen. Now type PUSH BUTTON (you may need to try this a few times) to grab it. Ride to point 9, stop somewhere on the right side of the screen and drop the item into the ship by pushing the button.


Now it is time to get that second item. Ride back to point 5 and stop the machine right next to the little ramp. Type GET OFF and walk into the big chute. Once you have landed on the ground (do not worry about the big rats now), walk as far as you can to the left side of the room and type LOOK WALL. You will see a hole. Type LOOK HOLE. Type TAKE REACTOR. Leave the wire. Walk to the ladder and type CLIMB LADDER. As soon as you have reached the top, type TAKE LADDER (ouch!).


Now get to your ship! To do that, first walk N, E, E and E. Ah, but while you are trying to walk E the last time, you get robbed! Now you have to get items two and three again. To do that, walk back to the trash conveyor (like you did at the start) and be drawn up again. Stand and jump as before, and get back to your ‘grabbing machine’. Type CLIMB DOWN, but this time type GET OFF right away. Walk into the chute again. Walk up to the hole in the wall, and take the reactor and the wire. Walk up to where the ladder was before and type PLACE LADDER. Climb and take it as before.


Let us try that again! Walk N, E, E and E. It worked! Walk up to the mech’s head and type CLIMB IN EYE. Climb down the steps and walk up to your new ship so that you can see Roger easily. Type PLACE LADDER and climb it - careful up here! Walk up to the hatch and open it. A panel should be pushed away from its place. Type USE REACTOR and USE WIRE. Now sit! Type LOOK SCREEN and make sure you know the controls a bit before you read on.


Turn on your engines and radar. Now take off! After your radar has warned you that you cannot climb anymore, put on your front shields (very important!) and fire. Once you have left the freighter, make sure to turn off your forward shields again. Now, there are three places you can go: Ortega, Phleebhut and Monolith Burger. You will die if you step onto Ortega because it is too hot. You will not be able to do anything at Monolith since you do not possess any cash. So, Phleebhut it is! Lock onto it and go to light speed. Once you have started orbiting the planet, land.




You are on this green planet to do the following three things: sell the gem, buy thermal underwear for use on Ortega and destroy the terminator droid (the reward for doing which being an invisibility belt) that has now started to follow you.


Once you have landed, you should type STAND and LEAVE (or PUSH BUTTON). Walk E, E, N and N. (If you see a ‘venomous scorpazoid’ walk out of the screen and back in (they are pretty fast).) You should now be outside a tourist shop. Walk inside.


Type SHOW GEM. Refuse the first offer (300) and the second (400) but accept the third (425). If you wait, he will show you a pair of thermal underwear. Buy it. [You have enough money to buy the other two items if you really want them.] Leave the store.


Oh-oh! You are in big troubles! Quickly walk W and E through the door on the side of the big ‘monster’. Walk onto the lift and push the button to go up. Walk up the stairs and to the hook that is closest to you as the player. Wait for Arnie to come right next to the big gears and type GRAB ROPE. Walk up to his remains and take the invisibility belt. Ride down with Fester when he finally arrives.


Walk back to your ship, get in and sit down. [Fly to Monolith.]


Monolith Burger


[You go to Monolith to find out the purpose of this game, because up to now it has not had much direction. Walk W and up to the funny alien behind the counter. Look at the menu, order a Fun Meal (you have enough money to order everything else) and pay up. Sit down at a table and simply type EAT. Cool, you got a swell decoder ring!


[Walk up to the arcade machine and play it. (You have to type INSERT COIN each time you want to play.) Play this silly game enough (there is a much better version in SQ4) and you will be able to read a secret message. To decode it, type LOOK RING. So, you have to rescue the Two Guys From Andromeda. It will be an honour! For now, get back to your ship.] Fly to Ortega.




You go to Ortega to uncloak its moon, Pestulon, where the Two Guys are being held hostage. Stand and type WEAR UNDERWEAR (sounds weird, eh?). Exit the ship and walk to the west until you come to an unstable crossing. Cross it, go S and hide (again!) behind a rock. Wait until the ScumSoft employees leave.


[Walk up to the telescope and look through it. Aha! There is the cloaked moon!] Walk up to the small crate and take a thermal detonator. Walk E and N, and then down the stairs (you cannot see them at first). Follow the trail inside the building until you come to a ladder. Climb it. Stand at the very edge and type DROP DETONATOR.


Quickly get back to where the equipment was. Take the pole with the small propeller on top of it. Walk N to where the gap is. Type USE POLE and get back to your ship. Fly to Pestulon.




You are here to rescue the Two Guys. Leave your ship and walk N, S, W or E (i.e. anywhere). While you are looking through the branches, type WEAR BELT and PUSH BUTTON to turn it on. Wait until a window pops up and choose the option that will let you try to enter the SS offices.


Just walk right in-between the two guards and down the stairs. When you stop at the bottom, you will become visible again. Walk up to the button on the wall and push it. Step into the lift.


The hall you walk into is quite simple to describe. Try picture two concentric circles, one obviously being larger than the other. On the inner circle are two doors and the same is true of the outer one. You just stepped through one of the doors on the inner circle. The other door opens to a janitor’s closet. The two doors on the outer circle lead to a big SS office room and to where the Two Guys are being held. To get access to the latter room, you will need a card and a picture of Elmo Pug.


Walk into the janitor’s closet and take the coverall. Inside the coverall is a vaporiser. Walk into the office (through the door without the unit on the wall beside it). Wherever you want to go in this room, you have to vaporise the dustbins on the way. To do this, walk up to each bin and type USE VAPORIZER.


Walk W (you will have to figure out the maze by yourself), take Elmo’s picture and walk to the copier. Copy his picture and return the original to its place. Walk E and N. If Elmo is there, walk S and N again (he should now be gone). Take his card and get back to the circular hallway.


Walk to the door leading to the Two Guys. Type INSERT CARD. When it tells you more is required, type SHOW PICTURE. Enter the room. Hey, what do you know? It is them - finally! Walk up to the wall to the S and type PUSH BUTTON. Walk up to the two guys and use your vaporiser. You will introduce yourself and be led off to fight with Elmo.


This is how I recommend you fight Elmo’s mech. Do not bother to move or block, just stay in one place. As soon as he gets into range, punch him (i.e. before he blocks). Punch him until he loses.


Once you are in your ship, go to attack speed (light speed no longer works, as you probably know). Go to your combat controls. When you detect a ship to your rear, switch on your rear shield and then turn it off as soon as the threat is gone. When a ship appears on your target screen, get your crosshairs on it quickly and shoot it down. Switch on your forward shield when you see funny objects coming toward you. Switch them off again immediately afterward. Continue with this until all the SS ships have been shot down. You have won the game! Enjoy the ending sequence!




The Space Quest Series


Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier


The Author and Miscellaneous


Name: Barnaby Renard

E-mail address: [email protected]

Great websites for walkthroughs: www.gamesdomain.com and www.the-spoiler.com

Great Space Quest website: wiw.org/~jess/roger.html


General comments: Recently, I played through SQ1-SQ5 again and I realised what great games they are. I found that most of the walkthroughs were hard to follow and very ambiguous. Some weren’t even completely understandable. I hope that this walkthrough fulfils all the requirements of a well-written document. If it is well-received, perhaps someday I’ll write one for SQ4-6 (if I ever get around to playing no 6).


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