Solution for: Space Quest, by Mike Ellis (ZX730C@GWUVM)
                        S P A C E     Q U E S T
First of all we begin in the hallway of your ship. You realize that the
ship is on 'self destruct' and you only have minutes to get off.
Move your man to the left. You will enter a room with two chairs and a computer
screen. Look at screen it will ask you what cartridge you would like to
The correct answer is ASTRAL BODY (the dying scientist will tell you this).
Now take the cartridge.  Do not try to play it, you will be killed......
You may see some old man enter the room he will die telling you to save
yourself. You must now leave the room and continue to the left. You will find a
body. Search the body and you will find a keycard. Take the KEYCARD.
Next you must go to the elevator and it will take you down 1 level.. Once on
the new floor find another elevator that you only see doors. That will take
you to the engine room.
In the center of the room there are docking bay doors. Look at panel and push
the 'open bay door' button.
Then go to the right and you will see an elevator. To the left of the elevator
there is a panel. Insert keycard, take the keycard back and enter elevator.
Go to the center of the room and push the button on the right, take the space
suit. Then push the button on the left, take the gadget.
Now you must walk around the railing, go to the panel and open the door.
Exit the door and you will see a pod and a panel. Read the panel (look at it)
and press the button. You will now see an escape pod, enter the pod.
Close the door to the pod. Fasten seatbelt, look at panel. Push power on,
press the 'autonav' button and then pull throttle.
Ok you are on your way.......Enjoy the trip and view.
You will now crash land on a planet. When you do, a survival kit will drop.
Take the kit. Exit the ship and take the reflective glass laying on the ground.
You must now go to the right....
After you walk to the right you will notice a path leading up, take the path.
After a short walk you will see a spider droid drop, don't worry about it yet,
(You may at this point carefully drop the stone found on the arched bridge on
the spider droid, this will take care of him right there and then! AhAh don't
do it, you will need this droid later on!) then continue until you see two
arches walk under (between) them and you will be in a elevator going down....
When you get to the bottom exit the elevator and take the rock lying on the
ground. Follow the passage and you will be in a room with a grate on the floor
and a geyser on the other side. Walk all the way to the back of the grate and
and slide by the back wall. When you get across drop the rock on the geyser.
Now a door will open, exit the room. You will see what look like beams. If you
walk into them you're dead. So walk real close and put glass or mirror in
beams (remember the "glass" from the crashed pod?). They will short out, now
continue up the path. You will be in a room that has what appears to be
water dropping from the ceiling. It's not water, it's acid..... so time
yourself and don't let the drops hit you.
At this point you need to turn the knob or wheel on the gadget (really a
translator). Enter the next room and you will see an image. It will talk to
you and send you on a Quest (if you forgot to turn on the gadget then you
couldn't understand the image).
Well, now again you're back on the outside, go down the path, you may find
the spider waiting for you but it's slow  (unless you "stoned" it) so go
to the right you will notice an indent or should I say cave. Enter the cave
and make sure the spider follows. Once in the cave move to the far right
bottom as fast as possible. The spider will enter and kill the monster. Now
you must pick up his guts as proof that the monster has been destroyed.
Take the guts back to the image in the room and give it to him. You will now
be able to go to a room that has a computer directly in front of you . Move
to the dark screen and insert the cartridge. You will now see why you have
taken on this mission. At this point take the cartridge back and the aliens
will have given you a skimmer. Enter the skimmer and turn the key.
This part is hard so save each move. You must get across the land to the next
city. You can only take 5 hits from rocks and then da da da ...
Once you get across exit skimmer and take key. A man will ask if you want to
sell it say "no" and walk into bar. Then exit bar and the man will offer 30 in
money and a jetpack. Do it. Now go to the bar and play the slot and play till
you have won 230, beware, save a lot, for if you get three skulls you're dead.
Now go to bar and drink, buy and drink, until you overhear where to take
your ship.. "Sector HH" !!!!!
Now go buy a ship. It will cost you 219 don't buy any others.... After you have
a ship go to the right of the screen and enter the Droids-R-Us shop.
Buy the droid at the top of the steps to the right.
Now go back to ship and enter ship, load droid, he will ask what sector tell
him "Sector HH".
You will now be at the Sarien ship. Wear your jetpack and exit ship.
Now you will see a door on the space ship. Open door and enter the ship.
You will now be in an air lock. Exit air lock when the droid comes in and you
will be in a room. Move the trunk farthest from you.
You will now be under a vent, open trunk, put jetpack in, open grate and
enter vent. Climb until you see a passage to the right, enter the passage.
You must now kick the vent several times until it opens. Now enter the room
and you will be in a laundry room. Enter the washing machine.
You will now have on a Sarien uniform, exit the room and go all the way to the
right. You will now be in the Armory. Give the droid your pass out of your
When it leaves the room move to the right and take the bomb off table.
The droid will bring you a gun. Now exit room and you will see a man and a
reactor. Drop the bomb and leave the room, he will die.
Walk to the elevator and go down then go to the room where you dropped the
bomb and search man press the button off. Walk to panel and look at it and
press button. You must now enter the destruct code. Which is "6858".
Now you have only a five minutes to get the Hell out... Go to the elevator and
up so you're outside the laundry. The elevator to the right which has the
sign out of order. You must open this door.. Blast it if it does not open then
enter and you will be in a room with an escape ship, enter ship and turn key.
You have now finished the game. Hope you enjoyed the docs ....
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