Space Quest I

The Arcada

How do I keep the Arcada from blowing up?
You cannot prevent  the Arcada from blowing up.  You need to
figure out  how to escape before she blows.

There is an elevator that I can't seem to open!
You will need a key card to use the shuttle bay elevator. There's
one on a dead crew member by the  name of Jerry. Go right from the
closet  you came out of at the beginning of  the game and enter
the  next elevator you see. When  you exit the elevator, go to the
right and  enter the next elevator. After you exit that elevator,
go to the left until you find the body. If you have the icon
version, click the hand icon on the body to take the keycard. In
the text version, type: "search body", then type "get keycard".

I keep getting shot by Sariens. How can I avoid them?
When you see a message that says  "You hear footsteps", duck
inside the nearest door or  hide around a  corner. The Sariens
will go away  when they don't  see anyone. If  you have the icon
version of the game  and you are in  the central control area, the
only way to survive is to hide behind the big joystick or the
giant mouse. If you remain completely hidden the Sariens won't see

How do I open the bay doors?
Once you  have the keycard  and can use  the special elevator,  go
to the lower level and walk east into the central control area. If
you have the icon version then hide behind the big joystick or the
giant mouse until the Sariens go away. Go to the window in the
upper part of  the next room to the east. With the icon version,
click the eye cursor on the  control panel to see the bay door
button, click the  hand cursor on the  panel to push the  open
button. If you  have the text version, type: "look panel". Then
type: "push open bay door button".

How do I get the cartridge?
The  room west  of the  broom closet  where you  started the  game
is  the data archive room.  You will need  to go into  this room
twice.  The second time you enter a scientist will  stumble in and
fall down. If you  have the icon version of the game,  click the
talk cursor on  the man. If you have  the text version, approach
the man  and type:  "Help man".   He will  give you  the name  of
the cartridge  you need.  Walk to  the  cartridge  retrieval unit
and type:  "look screen" or, if you have the icon version  of the
game, click the hand cursor on the  console.  In  the  icon
version,  a  keypad  will  appear.  Look  in your documentation
for the  code symbols.  Click on  the correct  symbols and enter
them. With  the text version  when you are  asked the name  of the
cartridge to retrieve, type: "astral body", then type: "get

Where do I play the Astral Body cartridge?
You won't be able to play the cartridge  aboard the Arcada. Take
it down to the planet Kerona. You will be able to play it in the
Keronian generator chamber.

Can I do anything in the Star Generator room?
Not unless you have the icon version of  the game. If you do, then
you may take the magnetic device  found on the left-hand side of
the large broken object on the floor. It will help you later in
the game.

How do I open the two doors in the Flight Preparation Room?
Stand between the two doors and type: "push left button" or in the
icon version use the hand icon to click on the  button. Open the
door to the right by either clicking on the button  in the icon
version or in the  text version type: "push right button". You
will find your dialect translator and your space suit.

I made it to the escape pod. How do I lift off?
Stand next to the open pod door. In the text version, type: "get
in pod" or, if you have the  icon version, click on the  pod
doorway. Then click on  the right hand button  and then the
throttle.  With the text version  type: "look panel". Next, type:
"push  power button", then type: "pull  throttle", then type:
"push autonav button". Autonav is one word. If  you haven't done
so already, you will be prompted to close the door and buckle your
seat belt.

Kerona Part 1

What should I do at the crash site?
You need  to get your  survival kit. It's  located inside the  pod
at the crash site. In the  text version type: "get survival kit".
In the icon version, exit the pod and click the hand cursor on the
survival kit in the open doorway.

How do I keep from dying of thirst?
You need your survival kit. If you  get very thirsty and have the
text version, type: "open survival kit", then type:  "drink
water". In the icon version, open the survival kit, then take the
water canister from your inventory and click it on yourself.

How do I avoid the sand worms?
After you have crash landed and are through with the pod, walk
south toward the bottom of the screen.  As you approach the bottom
of the  screen turn right and walk toward the east.

How do I avoid the spider droid?
You need to find  a trail that will lead to the top  of the cliffs
or with some versions, the  skeleton. Once on  the trail you  are
safe. As  you approach the cliffs or skeleton after leaving your
pod, stay toward the bottom of the screen and continue walking to
the right until you reach the trail.

How do I get rid of the spider droid?
You can stand on  the natural bridge and in the text  version,
push the rock on it. Type "push rock". In the icon version,  you
can drop a piece of vertebra on it. It's best  to wait until the
spider  droid is in the right  spot before you push the rock or
drop the vertebra on him.

What can I do with the plant?
In the icon  version you can use a piece  of it to get past a
monster later in the game. In the text version, you can eat the
plant but that is all.

How do I get underground?
Walk across the spine (or cliff) until you come to two spikes.
Walk between the two spikes and a  section will give way and you
will  fall into the underground cavern.

How do I open the door once I get underground?
You need to put a rock in the geyser. In the text version, the
rock is near the point where you exited the elevator. Type: "put
rock in geyser" or "put rock in steam". In  the icon version there
is a pointed rock  near the elevator. Break the top off of it and
use it.

How do I get past the grate with the tentacles?
In the text version,  you need to position yourself as close  to
the cliff wall as possible. Try to walk along the edge of the
grate as close to the cliff wall as you can get. If you have the
icon version, you can subdue the monster with a piece of sticky
purple plant.

How do I get out of the room with the pool of acid?
This is a very  minor maze. Walk through the cave near  the left
center of your screen. After you exit the cave turn left.

How do I get past the beams of light?
You need a  highly reflective piece of glass.  You will find it
outside  of the pod where  you crashed. Walk to  the rear of the
pod and face the  pod. In the text version, Type: "look at pod".
Then  type: "get glass". Get as close to the light beams as
possible and type: "use glass". In  the icon version just click on
it to pick it up.

How do I get through the drips of acid?
Timing is critical. It  is also largely trial and error. It  might
be easier in slow mode.

Kerona Part 2

What the heck is this holograph image saying?
You need your dialect translator and you need to turn it on. Make
sure you turn it on as soon as you get past  the acid drips. In
the text version, type: "turn translator on".  In the icon
version,  click the hand cursor  on it in your inventory.

Where do I  find a dialect translator/gadget so I  can understand
the holograph image?
Back on the Arcada when you got  your space suit in the Flight
Preparation Room there were two doors side by side. One  had the
space suit, the  other has the dialect translator. In  the icon
version the translator/gadget  is in the drawer on the North wall
and space suit is in the closet.

Where is Orat's cave?
Once you reach the bottom of the trail  go one screen to the
north. Orat's cave is to your right. In the icon version the Orat
lives in a giant skull.

How do I kill Orat?
Two ways. One is to let the spider droid follow you into Orat's
cave. The other way is  to throw the  canister of water  at the
Orat.  In the text  version you would enter the cave and hide
behind the rocks. Type: "open survival kit". Then type: "throw

Where is the piece of Orat I need?
In the text  version, stand in the right  center portion of the
cave  and type: "get part". In the icon version, click the hand
cursor on the part.

How do I give the Orat body part to the holograph image?
In the text version, type: "Drop Orat part".

How do I use the astral body cartridge?
After you have  delivered Orat's body part to the  holograph
image, you will be admitted into the steam generator chamber.
There is a console with a monitor on the far wall. Below  the
monitor is a slot. In the  text version, type: "insert cartridge
in  slot". In the icon  version, select the cartridge  from
inventory and click  it on the  console. Read the  message paying
close  attention to the self-destruct code. Remember to take the
cartridge when you leave.

How do I ride the skimmer?
In the text  version, type: "get in skimmer. Then  type: "turn
key". Riding the skimmer is an  arcade sequence. Arriving safely
at Ulence  Flats depends on how skilfully  you can  avoid the
rocks.  Slow  mode is  easiest. After  you have successfully
avoided a few rocks save your game. Continue this method until you
arrive at Ulence Flats.

Ulence Flats

What do I do in the bar?
Listen to  the band. Go to  the bar and order  a beer. You'll
never  be able to order another beer until you drink the one you
have. If you limit yourself to 3 beers you may overhear an
important conversation. Try playing the slot machine.

How do I play the slot machine?
Chances of  making an ash  of yourself (drum  fill) are pretty
good here. Save your  game before  you start.  Each time  you win,
save. Each  time you  lose, restore to the  last save game. If you
have the icon version of  the game, you might try the magnetic
device to improve your luck!

Where can I find a magnetic device/widget to help me beat the slot
The Sariens  used a magnetic  device /widget to  disable the locks
on the Star Generator. It's on the  Left hand side of the large
broken  object on the floor of the room. Take it. It will improve
your luck with the slot machine.

Which droid should I buy?
You need  the pilot droid (the  NAV-201). Enter Droids B  Us and
walk upstairs. Buy the droid on the right side of the screen.

Which ship do I buy?
The ship you  want has a ladder leading  from the ground to the
cockpit. It is located one screen north of Tinys. In  the icon
version, avoid the fuzzy little brown alien.

How do I get enough money to buy the ship and the droid?
First, you  need to sell your  skimmer. Shortly after you  get off
your skimmer you will be approached by a gentleman  offering 30
buckazoids. You can take his offer, if  you feel comfortable with
it, or decline his  offer. If you decline his offer, stay by the
skimmer and wait  for him to return with a better offer. Then  go
play  the slot  machine at  the bar.  Play the  slot machine until
you bankrupt it.

The droid asks, "what sector, sir?" What do I do?
While in the  bar you need to order  and drink 3 beers. While
drinking the 3rd beer you will overhear a conversation describing
the sector you need to go to.

The Deltaur

How do I get to the Deltaur?
You need a jet pack. You need to  sell your skimmer back at Ulence
Flats. Don't accept the first offer.  Say no to the first offer.
The  man will walk away and then return. His  second offer will
include 30 buckazoids  and a jet pack. Once you have the  jet pack
and the Deltaur  is in view, type: "wear  jet pack". Use your
cursor keys or joystick to manoeuvre him toward the Deltaur.

How do I get into the Deltaur?
There is a  door on the Deltaur with  a small rectangular window
and  a handle. Position Roger  as close to  the door as  possible.
Move him  until his head is even with the  window, or until he is
perfectly  centred within the door area. In the text version,
type: "turn handle".

How do I get out of the room with the box on the floor?
The box  is actually a  trunk. In  the  text version, type:  "open
trunk", then type: "get in trunk". In the icon version,  you must
use your knife to open the trunk.  Someone will  take the  trunk
to  the Sarien  laundry room.  There is a washing machine here.

How do I proceed from the laundry room?
After you find yourself in the laundry  room walk up to the
washing machine. In the text version, type: "open door". Then
type: "get in machine". You will find yourself wearing  the latest
in Sarien  fashions. This will enable  you to walk freely about
the ship.

My helmet fell off. Can I prevent this?

How do I keep from getting shot?
It might  be easier if  you put your  game in slow  mode. In the
text version, press F6 to fire your pulse ray as soon  as you
enter a new screen. In the icon version, click the pulseray icon
on your targets.

How do I get past the guardian droid?
To  avoid the  guardian droid,  exit and  re-enter the  screen
until  it is not there.

How do I kill the guard guarding the star generator?
You need a gas  grenade. The gas grenades are at the end  of the
counter in the weapons room. When you are directly above the guard
drop the grenade on him. In the text version you must type: "drop

The droid in the weapons room wants an ID card. Where is it?
After you are  wearing the Sarien uniform and you  have the text
version, type: "look pockets". In  the icon version, search the
floor  where you obtained your disguise.

How do I get the gas grenade?
Before you show  your ID, make sure you  are in slow mode. This
is the easiest way. While the droid is getting your pulse ray,
walk to the end of the counter. In the text version, type: "get

What is the code to destroy the star generator?
The code is revealed by playing the Astral Body cartridge back on

How do I turn off the force field?
You need to kill the guard. Stand in  the middle of the ramp
directly above the star generator.  In the text version,  type:
"drop grenade". Then  approach his body and  type: "search body"
to obtain a  remote control device.  Next, type: "push button". In
the icon version, get the remote control device and use it to
click on the force field emitters.

How do I get off the Deltaur?
You may have noticed  that one of the elevators did not  work.
Once you set the destruct mode on the star generator  the elevator
will work. Take this elevator to an  escape vehicle. In  the text
version,  type: "push button"  to start the ship.

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