Space Quest I: Roger Wilco In The Sarien Encounter (VGA Version)

Note:Please do not post this walkthru on any web site or distribute
or sell copies of it without the authors permission. Contact me via E-
Mail [email protected] (You can also contact me if you are
having trouble anywhere in the game) Thanks. Chris Avery

First of all, if you have the original version, this walkthrough should
still help you but as far as I know, there are many differences between
the original version.

	Welcome abord the Arcada, a ship in panic after being borded
by the evil space pirates, the Sariens.

01:Walk left an click on the computer screen. You can try to use it
but you don't know what you need to know...yet

02:Leave the computer screen and walk around in the room that you
are in until a dying scientist staggers in (If this doesn't work ga one
screen left and then go back and continue to walk right, then he
should come in)

03:Use the computer screen and get the cartridge he told you

04:Walk to the left, you see an elevator, but don't use it yet

05:Walk left again and click the hand icon on the body to search it

06:Walk right and use the elevator then go into the open doorway

07:Look around, WOW! the Sariens really trashed the place, but they
left a perfectly good magnetic widget on the broken Star generator,
pick it up

08:Now go right until you see a yellow and black elevator, use it

09:You are now in a room (Kinda looks like an engine room), there
are two ways to do this, you can turn up the speed and stay near the
bottom of the screen and go right FAST, or hide behinde the joystick
(Make sure you can't see any part of you), if you don't do this the
Sariens will kill you

10:Look by the door for two buttons, look at them, push open bay

11:Put the keycard in the slot next to the door to open it

12:Look in the closet on the left wall, Ah a space suit, better put it on

13:Look in the drawer (Also on the left wall) and pick up the gadget

14:Open the door and go into the docking bay

15:Get in the escape pod, and put on your seatbelt

16:Press the power button, the use the joystick

17:When clear of the Arcada, use the autonav button (If you press
the button marked "This Button Not To Be Pressed At Any Time,

18:What an escape pod, great navigation, huh? Well unbuckle your
seatbelt and get out

19:Pick up the survival kit (Inside the door of the pod), and the piece
of glass on the ground

20:Walk to the right, and then go down, you may see a plant like
substance growing, you can pick up some, but you don't have  to now

21:Go down again, then right until you see the tail of the skeleton,
and begin to walk on the skeleton (Two things 1: You have to walk
ON TOP OF the skeleton, and 2:Don't worry if a Sarien Spider Droid
appears, but you want to keep your distance because sometimes
Roger Will trip and the droid may have a chance to get him)

22:If you get thirsty you can open your survival kit, then click the
dehydrated water on Roger, then you won't be thirty

23:Continue walking along on the skeleton until you see a plaque,
then try to walk towards it

24:After a trip down the elevator, click on the stalagmite, and if you
did not click on the plant earlier, you have to click on the purple goop
that was holding the prebroken tip on

25:Walk over one screen, and click the plant or the sticky goop (Which
are actually the same thing) on the grate (You must walk close to 
first to get the grate monster near the top)

23:Walk along the wall past the grate, the drop the stalagmite tip in
the little steaming geyser

24:Walk up and use the glass from the pod on the laser

25:Continue to walk up until you see something dripping from the
ceiling, turn up the speed and walk through (SAVE FIRST)

26:Turn on the gadget (Click the hand on it in your inventory) walk
continue to walk to the right

27:Oh great, you have to KILL a MONSTER, well walk to the right
until you see the tail of the skeleton, the walk up until you see the
skull of the skeleton and walk into it

28:Hurry and click the walk icon on the rock (3/4's of the way up the
screen, near the left

29:Wow, that Spider Droid really did a job on old Orat huh?  Well the
strange face guy said you need proof, so pick up the little orat part in
the middle of the cave

30:Work your way back to where the face thingy was, and when you
get there, use the Orat part on the face

31:When you get the chance use the cartridge on the computer in the
upper right hand corner of the screen, then click on the skimmer

32:When you reach Ulence flats, a strange alien will try to buy your
skimmer, tell him NO, and walk into the bar (Don't forget to use the
hand  icon on the skimmer dashboard to take the keys!!!)

33:Use the widget on the slot machine and win about 250$, and then
leave the bar

34:The strange alien should try to buy you skimmer from you again,
if his offer includes a jet pack, TAKE IT (Also if you see a little furry
guy telling you to follow him behind the bar to see some
transportation don't follow him unless you want to be mugged)

35:Walk over to Tiny's Used Spaceships, here you can walk up and
buy the ship at the top of the screen, or you can buy the blue one on
the screen you are in, if you do this it will save you money because it
malfunctions and you will get a "70$ Discount" but it seam's Tiny
hasn't done math in a while so you get more of a discount

36:Make sure you do eventually buy the space ship in the upper right
of the Ulence Flats

37:Make your way back into the bar and win all the money you can
off of the slot machine, then sit down at the bar, and use the coupon,
and buy beers and drink them until you hear two guys talking, and
remember what sector they said

38:Leave the bar and go into "Droids 'B' Us" and but the droid called
the "NAV-201" and get in you new, used, spaceship

39:Go to the sector that you overheard in the bar, when your droid
tells you that you should turn back tell him NO

40:Get out of your spaceship, click the hand on the little wheel near
the bay door, and fly in

41:Hurry and stand next to the door, but not in front of it, when the
garbagebot comes in to pick up the broken jet pack, hurry up and go
through the door

42:There are two ways to do this also, if you did open the survival kit
to get the dehydrated water, click the hand on the chest to move it,
then use the Xenon Army Knife on the vent, then go right and up
until you see another vent and click the hand on it, OR if you DIDN'T
open the survival kit, click the hand icon on the trunk, then click the
Xenon Army Knife on the trunk and get in it, either way

43:Get in the giant washer and watch Roger spin

44:Cool, new duds, walk right, and use the elevator to the left, then
on the new floor, walk to the right

45:Talk to the really big guy, he wants some ID huh? well show him
the card that you have in your pocket

46:Remember the code he tells you, you will need it

47:Walk left two times and use the elevator go right until you are in
the room with all the guns

48:Save your game, then give the robot your ID card, and while he is
gone, click the hand on the door in the counter (The part that flips
up) and pick up one smoke bomb, walk out and close the door in the
counter, then get your gun from the robot

49:Walk to the right, use the smoke bomb on the big guard guy, and
continue to walk right

50:At some point you will trip, and the garbagebot will take your
helmet, you can't avoid it, so if you see any Sariens use your gun on
them (This is not really as hard as it sounds)

51:Make your way back to where that big guard was (Shooting
everyone on the way) and search the body of the guard, then click
the remote on the star generator, Which will deactivate the force field

52:Enter the destruct code and walk right until you see an elevator,
then use it

53:Use the elevator next to the one that you came down in

54:Use the escape pod, and watch the ending

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