Space Quest ]I[ - The Pirates of Pestulon

Ultimate Solution

Here is the Space Quest ]I[ solution that will give you full points at the end. The points that you should have at each step are given in [] after each piece of point-scoring action. Generally, north is up, south is down, west is left and east is right.

I've split it up into sections to which you can jump if you want to:

On the Freighter

You'll start off in a junk freighter, your escape pod from Space Quest II being considered junk by the robotic operators. Make your way off the south end of the screen and then the east. There you will see a conveyer belt carrying buckets of junk up to the screen above. Stand where you will be picked up by one of the buckets [5] and you will be transported up. When dumped onto the horizontal conveyer belt, stand and jump [15] before being shredded.

With Roger's exceptional balancing skill, make your way to the west until you enter a structure with a robot in it. Get into the machine that is hanging from the railing. Don't delay too much in doing this, the robot might get nasty if you hang around for too long. Once in the machine, go left and you'll end up going round onto the back part of the rail. When in the centre of the back section of the rail on the first screen out of the structure, push the button and the grabber will pick up the warp motivator [30]. Go east for a bit, going round the bend at the end and coming back onto the front section of the rail. Push the button to release the grabber at the point where the rail just starts to bend up and the warp motivator will be placed in your ship-to-be [45].

Next, go west again until you return to the structure, stop the machine in the middle of the screen, get off and fall down the chute [50]. You'll end up being dumped into a pile of rubbish in a rather dingy-looking place. Make your way to the west end of the screen, where the wire enters the wall and get the generator [65] then make go to the ladder and climb up. Go north and then east and enter the tube and go east again. Get mugged [50]. Go back west and west and south, go to the south-west corner of the screen and climb down the ladder. Go back and just take the generator again [65]. This time, after climbing up the ladder, take it [75] and make your way north, east and east again. this time, in the middle of the tube, take some wire [80] and go east again.

Make your way to the side of the big head, as far south as you can go without plunging to your death. Enter the eye [85] and you'll get to your ship-to-be. Go round to the right hand side of the ship and drop the ladder [90], climb up and open the hatch [100]. One inside, put the generator in the compartment [105] and use the wire to connect it up [110]. Get into the cockpit and search the seat [120]. Look at your screen. Put on your engines and your radar and then take off. When you stop, go into combat mode, put on your back shield and then fire and blast your way through the side of the freighter [145].


Set your course for Phleebhut and land there. Go west, west, north and north. Go into Fester's World o' Wonders. Sell your chunk of Orium from Space Quest II for 420 Buckazoids (Or for less, it doesn't really matter all that much) [153]. Buy the Orat on a stick [158], the Astro Chicken flight hat [163] and the Thermoweave underwear [168]. Leave and get caught by the Terminator. There are two ways to kill him. First way: Make your way west, enter the door in the side of the shop and go up in the lift. On the top level, go up the stairs and position yourself behind the hook on the right. When the Terminator comes to Terminate you, push the hook at him [203] and he will be knocked into the machinery and ground up. Go down the stairs and take his invisibility belt [238]. Second way: From just outside the World o' Wonders, make your way south, south and east. Go under the rock with the pulsating pods on the roof, but be sure to go around them, not directly under them. The Terminator will come on from the left and head for you. He'll walk under the pods, get chewed up and spat out [213]. Now, of course, you need his belt. Go round to the left hand side of his remains and use the Orat on a stick to get the belt [248]. The second method is much more imaginative and gets you 10 more points. That's what we want, innit?

After disposing of the Terminator, get back to your ship, take off and set your course for Monolith Burger. Once there, dock and walk inside. Go to the left side of the screen and order something to eat. You should order the Monolith fun Meal [258] because you get a decoder ring in it. Order anything else your want. The Big Belcher Combo will make you puke when getting back into your ship, but its not fatal. Once you've bought your food, take a seat, get to work eating it, and you'll find your decoder ring [268]. Next, move over to the Astro Chicken arcade game and insert a coin. Play until you get a coded message [368] (ie a lot). Use the ring [388] and you'll get a decoding table. Decode the message, head back to your ship, take off and set your course for Ortega.


Once on Ortega, put on the Thermoweave underwear [398] and leave your ship. Go east and then south. Don't wander out too far on this screen, you'll get jelloed. When the ScumSoft lackeys have left, go and take a peek through the telescope [408]. Next, take a detonator from the box near the eastern edge of the screen [418] and head east, east, north and then north again through the gap in the north east. Go down the stairs and then east and climb the ladder. Get fairly near the edge and drop the detonator [438] and then get outta there. On your way back, pick up the pole [448]. Use the pole to get across the newly formed chasm [468] and get back to your ship. Now head for Pestulon.


Get out and head for the edge of the trees or whatever they are. Wear the belt and then use it. Leave and go into the ScumSoft complex. Push the button [493] and enter. Walk down/clockwise/whatever it is until you get to another door on the left. Go inside and search. Wear the overalls [498], leave the closet and head down again till the next door on the right. Go west, but be sure to zap the trash in the baskets as you go, do not pass a full basket without zapping it. This goes for all future walking around in this place too. Take the picture of Elmo Pug, go to the photocopier and copy it [503] then put the picture back where your found it.

Go back east, then a bit north and west again. Get to the northern end of the screen and east again. The go out the exit in the north east. Zap Elmo's trash and then go out the back door in the east door. Look around, be dismayed, go back inside and back into Elmo's study. Take the keycard on his desk [508] and then get out of this complex, back into the circular tunnel. Go down (or up) until you get to the door on the right with the card slot. Use the keycard and then use the picture to pretend you're Elmo. Head inside [528]. Push the button and go to the middle where the guys are. Zap the jello [737 (riiiight)].

Wait for Elmo's appearance [538]. Kick Elmo's butt in the robots [638] and then kick all Elmo's fighters' butts in your ship [738/738]. Make sure you are travelling at attack speed when you fight the skull-fighters. If they come from the back, put your back shields on. If they come from the front, put your front shields on. Simple. Especially due to the fact that they alternate between front and back, starting from the back. Knock out five and the rest will split. Then the two guys cause some trouble, being hungry and all. Watch the ending and gloat over all your points.

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