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HOW TO USE THIS HINT FILE. These hints are divided into seven sections:


When you're stuck, go to the section that describes your location
and look there for a hint. NOTE: You may not go to these locations in
exactly the order listed here, or you may jump back and forth between them.
So don't panic if they look out of order to you! :)

Enjoy Space Quest 6!


- Help!  I'm buried in the pavement and can't get out!
- Grab onto a passing robot and you will be pulled out of the hole.

- Okay, I'm wandering around Polysorbate LX and I don't know 
what to do! 
- First, get the Security ID card from the broken down bicycle.  
Then, walk around the streets until you see the photo booth.  Use 
your buckazoid from inventory to take a picture of yourself.  Stick 
your picture onto the Security ID.  Go in all the buildings and talk to 
everybody you can until Blaine Rohmer asks you to help him find a 
missing endodroid.

- What good is shore leave with no money?  How do I get some?
- There are three ways to get money on Polysorbate 60.  First, you 
can steal money from the waitress droid in Orion's Belt. She's on the 
top floor of the bar; when she bends over, you can steal a buckazoid 
from her pocket.  Second, you can find the endodroid that Blaine 
Rohmer is looking for.  Blaine will give you 50 buckazoids.  Third, 
you will win 300 buckazoids if you beat Djerkwhad at Stooge 
Fighter 3.

- How do I use the Datacorder? 
- To turn the Datacorder on, use the hand cursor on the Power 
switch.  Make sure the Scanning Selector says Droidium.  Look at 
the lights in the upper left of the Datacorder.  If no lights are on, 
Droidium is not present.  If one light is on, Droidium is present in 
trace amounts.  If two lights are on, there is Droidium within 100 
meters.  If all three lights are on, Droidium is present within 10 

- Where is this missing endodroid?		
- The endodroid is in the basement of Orion's Belt.  Kick down the 
door to the right of the bar to get into the basement. 

- I need just a little hint about killing the endodroid. 
- Standard endodroid killing procedure requires you to freeze the 
endodroid solid and then break him up into small parts for 
easy transport.  

- I need a detailed hint about killing the endodroid. 
- Okay, this is a long one. You need to freeze the endodroid with 
liquid nitrogen. Go to the second floor and scare off the druggies 
in the left corner by showing them your security card.  Take the 
hoses from the table.  Drag the canister of liquid nitrogen from 
under the table.  Connect the liquid nitrogen to the valve to the right 
of the table.  Go back to the first floor. Show the bartender your 
security card and ask him for his special drink.  While he's busy, go 
behind the bar and turn the valve on the conduit that is third 
from the left, then yank the pipe away from the wall.  In inventory, 
click the hand cursor on the hoses to connect them together.  
Attach the hose to the conduit at the far left of the bar, then attach 
the hose to the pipe you pulled from the wall. Open the freezer 
and take the ice cube tray. Go upstairs and click on the liquid 
nitrogen to turn it on.  Now hurry!  Get down to the basement and 
the endodroid will be frozen.  Pick up the metal pipe from the floor 
and hit him with it.  Use your broom and dustpan to sweep him 
up, then click the ice cube tray on the endodroid pieces.  Give the 
ice cube tray to Blaine and he will give you 50 buckazoids. 

- I can't win at Stooge Fighter 3!
- After you play the alien in the arcade and lose, leave the arcade 
and walk through the streets.  Talk to everyone until you meet Elmo 
Pug, who will trade you a Stooge Fighter cheat sheet for a bottle of 
Coldsordian Brandy.  Buy the brandy at the Boot Liquor store and 
give it to Elmo.  Read the cheat sheet carefully and follow its 
instructions to beat the alien in the arcade.  You will win 300 

- How do I get a room at the Dew Beam Inn? 
- The Dew Beam Inn is a very classy place - rooms cost 300 
buckazoids!  You will have to win a Stooge Fighter 3 contest in the 
arcade to get this much money!

- How do I get out of these handcuffs?
- Use the hand cursor on the key ring hanging on the wall, then use 
the hand cursor on the nail in the wall.  Use the nail on Roger to 
unlock the handcuffs. 

- I need to get rid of this Singent guy! 
- Pull the oh-so-lovely Pelvis hanging from the wall and lay it on the 
floor.  Click the hand cursor on it and Roger will dance on the 
hanging - generating a lot of static electricity!  Use the hand cursor 
on the moddie in the back of Singent's neck.  ZAP!  Singent's out of 

- I've killed Singent, but can't get out of his room. 
- Take the key ring from Singent's body and use it on lock to the left 
of the desk.  The door to the next room will open. 

- Now, how do I get rid of Nigel?
- Take the Churlish moddie from the box on the floor.  Switch the 
labels on the Burlesque and Churlish moddies.  (If you don't have 
the Burlesque moddie, it's on top the dehumidifier in Singent's 
room.)  Give the Nigel the modified Churlish moddie and he'll 

- How do I shut down the Damping Field?
- Pick up the belt that Nigel dropped and remove the Damping Field 
Modulator.  In inventory, click the hand cursor on the Modulator to 
turn off the field. 

- You know, I would really love to get off this rock.  How do I get a 
ride back to my ship? 
- Go to Singent's room and find the Popular Techtronics CD.   Click 
the CD on the 3DOA player and read the article on converting 
Datacorders to homing beacons.  Click the Datacorder on Roger to 
bring up the Datacorder screen.  Open the Datacorder.  Use the 
hints on pages 7 and 12 of the Popular Janitronics magazine to 
figure out the homing beacon settings.  (Look in your 
game box for the Popular Janitronics magazine - it's part of the 
game documentation.) Go to the balcony and turn on the homing 
beacon.  A friend will come and rescue you.


- The sickbay staff won't let me use the DNA Pattern Analyzer. 
- Talk to Jebba the Hop until he gives you permission to use the 
DNA Pattern Analyzer.  Just keep talking to him.  He'll give in 

- How do I use the DNA Pattern Analyzer?
- Push the "Clean" button on the Personal Grooming Assistant that 
was attached to Nigel's belt.  Click the hand cursor on the DNA 
Pattern Analyzer, then place the hair on the shelf.  Press the SCAN 
button, then press the IMPRINT TO CART button.  This will 
transfer the DNA sequence code to a DataCart.

- What do I do with this DataCart?
- Use the DataCart on the ComPost station by the SickBay door to 
learn the identity of the thug, Nigel.

- What do I do now that I have the DataCart?
Use the ComPost to go back to your quarters.  Listen to the message 
from Commander Kielbasa.  Go to the transporter room and transport to 
Delta Burksilon 5.

-   I'm speechless at the funeral. 
- Open the inventory and choose the eulogy.  Click the eulogy on Roger 
and he will read the speech.

- What do I do in the HoloSuite? 
- Enter 555-1212 into the control panel to run the program to learn the 
Vulgar Nerve Pinch.  

- I can't get the captin to turn the ship around! 
- You need to steal a shuttle and rescue Stellar Santiago!  There are lots 
of available shuttles in the shuttle bay.  Use the ComPost to get there.

- I can't get past the shuttle bay guards. 
- Give the smaller guard the Vulgar Nerve Pinch.  Uh oh!  Roger's in 
trouble now!

- I need just a small hint about escaping from the brig. 
- Use the food on the cart to fool the guard into thinking that Roger is 
asleep in the cot, then make your escape. 

- I need a detailed hint about escaping from the brig. 
- You need to fool the guard into thinking that Roger is asleep in the cot.  
Build a dummy out of the food on the cart.  Combine the food in the 
following order:  Yoda Ears, Bobbit Kabobs, Rack of Orat, Baguettes, 
Tubers, Melon, Gragh.  Click the dummy on the cot, then click the hand 
on the hover cart.  Roger will climb into the bottom of the cart and can 
escape when Dorff wheels the cart out of the cell.

- I escaped from the brig, but I still can't get past the shuttle bay guards. 
- Return to Sickbay.  When the doctor isn't looking, steal some morphine 
from the cabinet on the right side of the center console.  Go back to the 
shuttle bay and inject one of the doughnuts with the morphine.  When 
the large guard begins to morph, use the Vulgar Nerve Pinch on the 
small guard.  Take the alarm key off the belt of the small guard.

- My arms aren't long enough to push the buttons on the shuttle bay 
- Use the ComPost to go to 8-Rear. Talk to Circuit Sydney until he gives 
you his right arm and an eyeball.  Go back to the shuttle 
bay door.  Click the hand cursor on the left button, then use Sydney's 
right arm to push the button on the other side of the door. 

- Which shuttle should I take?
- Use the alarm key you stole from the small guard to identify which 
shuttle to take.  The alarm key will also unlock the shuttle door. 


- What do I do in Sharpei's room?
- Just do what she tells you.  Click your hand on the mop to mop the 
floor, then follow her orders as she gives them.

- I keep suffocating in Sharpei's room!
- When Sharpei's room fills with gas, quickly take the "Crap-o-Matic" 
hydraulic device from the bed and click it on the door.  Santiago will 
come in and rescue you.

- I'm back on Delta Burksilon after stealing the shuttle, and I don't know 
what to do!
- Take the turboshaft to Lab A and confront the Doctor. He will leave 
and you can search the Lab.

- Where do I get a CyberSpace jack?
 - Take the Callahan Moddie from the box on the desk.  Return to the 
shuttle and return to Polysorbate LX. Go to Implants `n' Stuff and 
exchange the Callahan Moddie for a CyberSpace Jack.  Take the shuttle 
back to Delta Burksilon V.

- Now that I have the CyberSpace Jack, what do I do with it?
- Go to Lab A on Delta Burksilon V.  Use the Jack on the computer to 
access CyberSpace.

- I've just returned from CyberSpace, and I don't know what to do!
- Retrieve the files from the printer and show them to Dr. Beleaux.  This 
will shame him into confessing all!


- What's the Intermix setting to power up the shuttle?
- Set Fuel Tank 1 to Lanthanum.  Set Fuel Tank 2 to Sulfur.  Set Fuel 
Tank 3 to Silver.  The catalyst is Neon.  The Confirmation Code is 
Lasagne.  Press the Initiation button to start the launch procedure.

- I can't get past the retinal scan!
- Use the eyeball Circuit Sydney gave you to fool the retinal scan. 

- If you die every time you open the shuttle door, press 1.
- Duh! It's space!  Remove the EVA suit and helmet from the cabinet.  
Click the suit, then the helmet on Roger and he will put them on.

- How do I repair the broken Divalium Crystal?
- From the glove compartment in the cockpit, take the Elmo's Gluzall.  
Open the Datacorder and remove the Modulating Crystal.  Use the 
Gluzall on the Modulating Crystal, then on the Divalium Crystal.  Click 
the Modulating Crystal on the Divalium to repair it. 

- How do I jump-start the shuttle?
- Take the Recall Notice from behind the pilot's seat and read it in the 
inventory screen.  Put on the EVA suit and helmet and leave the shuttle.  
Take the jumper cables and sign from the trunk.  Put the sign on top the 
shuttle and wait.  Someone will come along to give you a hand.  Give her 
the jumper cables, then connect your end to the correct battery posts 
(according to the recall notice).  The shuttle's engine will start up.
- I've jump started the shuttle, but it still won't run!
- There's a fish caught in the engine intake.  Put on the EVA suit and go 
outside to remove it.  

- I can't get the Navigational Computer to work after jump-starting the 
- Push the Manual Override button.  This will activate the holographic 
crew member Manuel Auxveride.  Have him pilot the shuttle to Delta 

- How do I get back to Polysorbat 60?
- In the cockpit, click on the Photo-Triangulation button.  Take two 
pictures and peel off the negatives of both photos.  Overlay the negative 
from the first photo on the positive of the second photo by placing 
them on the PTS monitor screen.  Press the initiation button and the 
shuttle will go to Polysorbate.


- Help! I'm lost on the Information Superhighway!
- The maze is not as complicated as it looks.  Each time Roger appears at 
a spot on the maze, move him forward until he disappears again.  Don't 
back up or turn around - you'll get lost!  Just keep going forward through 
the maze until you get to the construction site.  

- The mean woman in the Lobby won't call my number.
- You will need to change the number on the board to match your umber.  
Click the hand on the number changer to open it.  Use the screwdriver on 
the inside of the changer to change the number to three.  Give your card 
to Sis Inny and she will show you to the File Room.

- I can't enter the File Cabinet Room. 
- Move the walk cursor over the spaces between the file cabinet rows 
until you see an EXIT cursor appear.  There are exits between each row 
of file cabinets; they correspond to the sections of the alphabet.  
Click the exit cursor and Roger will walk into that room. 

- Now that I'm in the File Room, what files should I get?
- You need to get the files for: Rancid, Beleauxs, Sharpei, Santiago, 
Project Immortality.

- Some of the files are too high for me to reach!
- Make a stair case out of the neighboring file drawers and climb up.

- Okay, I got all the file and I want to print them, but the printer won't 
take them!
- One at a time, click on each file in inventory to open it.  Then click the 
open file on the printer.  This prints the files on a printer back in 
Laboratory A on Delta Burksilon V.

- How do I get out of CyberSpace?
- Follow the Information Superhighway back to Laboratory A.  You can 
take a shortcut through the maze by laying the board from the 
construction site over the gap in the road.


- I keep dying when I leave the shuttle.
- Put the EVA suit on before you leave the shuttle. Don't wear the 
helmet, just take it with you.

- Where do I go after leaving the shuttle?
- Go through the ulcer entrance to the stomach.  Climb down the stomach 
until you're standing at the pool of acid.

- How do I kill the nanites in Santiago's stomach?
- Pick up the bent staple, the pinfeather and take the celery string from 
the stomach wall.  Make a grappling hook from the string and the staple.  
Toss the hook up to the esophagus, then climb up the string.  Climb 
through the esophagus, past the twinkoid.  Tickle the esophagus wall 
with the pinfeather.  This will cause the twinkoid to fall into the 
stomach.  The acid will rise and kill the nanites.

- The tapeworm keeps killing me! 
- You need to drug the tapeworm to make it more docile.

- With what do I drug the tapeworm?
- Climb into the esophagus, all the way to the vocal chords.  Dislodge 
the undigested antihistamine.  It will fall into the stomach.  You will 
need to dissolve the outer layer of the pill and drug the worm with the 
medicine inside. 

- I can't find anything to dissove the antihistamine. 
- You need something acidic.  You can make an acidic solution from 
enzymes from the Isles of Langerhans and bile from the gallbladder.  Mix 
the two in your EVA helmet and pour the mixture on the antihistamine.  
Take the Tiny Time Pills and give them to the worm. 

- Okay, I've drugged the worm.  Now what?
- Click the hand on the tapeworm and ride `em cowboy!  Get off at the 
appendix and collect everything you can.

- I can't get through the pancreatic duct. 
- Hopefully, you took the alveoli off the front of the shuttle after you 
landed.  If you didn't, go back and get it.  Insert the alveoli into the 
clogged pancreatic duct.  Click the mouth cursor on the alveoli and 
Roger will inflate it like a balloon.  This will give you enough room to 
climb through the clogged area.

- I can't get the bile from the gall bladder into the EVA helmet.
- You'd better have duct tape, hand pump and capillaries in your 
inventory!  If you don't, go back to the shuttle and get them.  The duct 
tape and hand pump are in the glove compartment and the capillaries are 
stuck on the shuttle's motor. Use the duct tape to tape the blood vessels 
together to form a hose.  Use the hand pump and hose to pump some 
of the bile into the EVA helmet.

- The shuttle is out of fuel and I need to get to Santiago's brain.
- Use the silver filling from the appendix in the shuttle tank for fuel.  The 
tank is right behind the flashing red light on the shuttle.  Click the silver 
filling on the tank to fill it up!  Go into the shuttle and press the 
Initiation button to pilot the shuttle to the brain. 


- I can't get through the membrane to the brain.
- Use the fingernail from the appendix to slice through the membrane.  
You can then climb onto the brain. 

- I can't get across the fissure between the two brain lobes.
- Click the Walk cursor three times on the other side and Roger will 
climb over.

- How do I get past the nanites at the mine shaft elevator?
- Hit each nanite with a gallstone, then hit the first one again.  They will 
fight and kill each other.  If you don't have any gallstones, you will have 
to go back to the gallbladder and get some!

- I can't get past the obstruction blocking the way to the brain core.
- Take the elevator part way up the brain shaft to the cough center.  Click 
the paperclip from the appendix on the cough center.  Santiago will 
cough, dislodging the obstruction.

- How do I kill the Sharpei robot?
- Click the paperclip on the nerve fibers to the right to create an 
electromagnet.  Click the magnet on the Sharpei robot to destroy her.

- Okay, I killed the robot, but Sharpei's brain is still around!
- Give the dead fish to Sharpei's brain to poison her.  You were 
wondering what that fish was for, weren't you?  Congratulations, you've 
saved Corpsman Santiago!

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