On leave:

	First this plant is a dump; so you should feel right at home.  You will find yourself in hole.  Use hand on robot that looks like tin man from oz and you will get out.  Look at bike in this screen and get id card; then go north and look for man in overcoat if you do not find him look for photo booth and use coin on it, if you find neither go to left of screen and look around when you find man talk to him and find out about robot.  When you find booth get photos and use them on idcard.  Be sure to talk to man before going into bar as you need to know about robot before finding it.
	In bar go upstairs and show id to smokers at left back of screen get hoses from them and use hand on hoses in pocket; then look under table and move tank to pipes at center back of screen and hook it up.
	Go down stairs and show card to barkeep ask for special and while he is making it go behind bar and open ref. get ice tray and then use hand on third from left pipe behing bar and bend it for hose hook hose to pipe at far left of screen and bent pipe behind bar. (use hands below valve) then go upstairs and turn valve on tank, downstairs and kick door get pipe near stairs and use on robot sweepup and put in tray, take tray outside and get money.  Go to store and get brandy for 20.00.
	Then go to game house and play stoge fighter with two legged shark and lose (you must lose to find drunk) then go out on street and back to where you first arrived, find drunk and get cheat sheet from him and fish.  Then go to game house and win 300.00 then to hotel and get beaten up.
	After you get room and have been beaten up; you should use hands on tail to get it and unlock handcuffs.  Then take down rug from wall, put on floor and dance on it.  Touch man and get key from belt, Get your data unit and moodle from table and reset data unit thus.

a	rf	9	spn
b	tt	7	den
c	ps	1	fer
d	fc	5	rep
e	se	3	dim

close case and power up and it should be a locater unit.
	Now you are ready to deal with other man; go out door using key from first man and after second man asks if you are lucky look in box under his desk, take label off moodie you find there and put on moodie you found in other room.  Then give him the moodie and get belt, remove control unit and turn off door shield, then go out and use locator.  Rest of your rescue should be auto.

Back on ship:

	Take shaver to scanner table and talk to sickbay attendant and you should find out who attacked you, after scanning wait and get card from DNA scanner and use in computer com unit on wall near where you came in.
	Talk to Stellar and learn about cyberjack, you will find one latter in game.
	Then go to your room and find out about job you must do.
	Go clean up old woman's room and when gas starts coming in, get cylinder from bottom of bed and use on door; help will show up, and you can then get out.
	It seems like she died, but she did not do so.
	After she is buried, you should go back to your room and use com unit.  Then to bridge to report she lives, then back to your room to use data base and learn how to fight.
	Then to hallodeck to use program 5551212 and learn neck pinch.
	Then to shuttle bay to use neck pinch on small man, and get yourself in brig, you must go this way to get something you need.  When cart is placed in brig with all that food.  Start with piece of food that looks like yoda ears and put together a replacement for yourself.  Then top it off with hair(noodles) and put it on bunk, when cart is placed inside room next time, get in it and leave brig.
	Go to sickbay and find ref. at far right and get drug, then use drug on dounut you get in brig.  Go to 8 rear and talk to robot get eye and arm.  Then go to shuttle bay and put dounut on plate, then use pinch on small man.  Push button using arm and find your shuttle in right row second down from top.
	Open shuttle and go inside, sit at controls and push icd button then set fuel mix thus:

Lanthanum  Sulfur  Silver  Neon
Push lauch button and use eye of robot on lens in front of you.  After your ship stalls on you; push the button for Manual Override and call up a friend to help you with ship.  Then go to locker with suit and get it; open middle pannel to right of locker and use glue from glove box on crystal; then open locater or data unit and get crystal out of it; use glue on this crystal and put it in larger one.
	look at recall notice from back of chair and learn which posts to use for jump start.  Sit in seat and pull hood and trunk handles.  Put on sout and helmet and go outside to rear and get sign and cables; put sign on tail and wait.  Put cables on right post and manual starts motor; put on wrong posts and you fry.  (you might do it just to see what happens)
	Once you have it started; get fish from intake of motor and go inside ship.  Then go to planet you know has your friend.  Once there go to lab a and talk to doctor; when he leaves lab, look in box on shelf near computer and get moodie device.
	Return to ship and leave; when Manual mentions pts turn it on and take first picture; remove neg. and put photo on gray screen, then take second picture, and put neg of this picture on gray screen; they should then disappear and you have choice of places to go.  Push lauch button and go to leave planet.  See inplants are us to get cyberjack then return to lab a and turn on computer; chose cyberspace and use jack.
	Walk around till you find office near building sight; at sight before going into office find screwdriver, and board near steel beams, screwdriver is on ground before you get to board.
	Enter office and take number; give to girl by ringing bell and get told sorry.  Then try to open files; after getting talked too about this; use screwdriver on number counter and reset to your number; then ring bell and give her your number.  
	In File room find file for under r for man who attacked you.  Then find files for Beleauxs; sharpei; santiago; and Project Immortality.  Do not look for End Game as you can not get this file.
	Then take these files out of file room and into office; put files on printer below file cabnet and they will print out on computer.  Then leave office and go to bridge with gap; use board here and return way you came to lab.  Using board saves you long walk.
	Once in lab take printouts and show them to Doctor; he will then tell you what is going on here; and you will get to lab b.
The Inside Story (Sorry I could not help myself)

	Once you have landed on gut; make sure you have all items from glove box in ship put on suit; carry helmet with you will need it a bucket not hat.
	Look at ship and find Capillaries on motor; and Alveoli on front of ship.  Take both items you will need them.  Then look for Hole in gut and enter here; climb down and get staple; Celery string and candy.  Use string on staple; and tape from glove box on capillaries and hose on pump.  Then climb back up way you just came and when near hole use hook on opening in top of gut.  Then climb up; after getting feather and find pill; use hands on pill and then feather on skin.
	Climb down and find pill; do not try to pickup you cannot.  Go out exit to left of screen and down one screen till you find side hole; enter here and go up when you can, you will find bile; pump it into helmet and then run for your life.  (Yes this is a steal from Indiana Jones)  Pick up some stones as you will need them later.  Go to pill and put bile on it; then return to side tunnel and go right till you are blocked; here you use Alveoli and then your month on them and clear blockage.  Go and get Pancreatic fluid and put it on pill.  Then get yourself some pills.
	Then go out exit to right and down main tunnel until you find a tape worm.  Believe me he is there and you find him.  Give pill to this worm and ride him to appendix.  Here you will find a staple; fingernail and tooth filling.  Get all three and return to ship.
	Put silver in tank behind light and ship is ready to go.  Then go in ship and use launch to go to brain; Make sure docs disk is beings used before pushing launch.
	Once at brain; use fingernail to cut way in; then go left and jump gap.  Then keep left till you find robots.  Go to back of screen near them and throw stones at them first one then the other; third stone starts fight.
After they kill each other; use elevator and go down to cough center; use steel from staple here to clear door; then go down to bottom.  Enter cleared door and find large robot; then use steel and nerves to kill large robot; when brain shows up; feed it fish.  Game will play by itself after this.

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