Torian's Passage Walkthrough  by Brian D ([email protected])


WARNING The CD requires a patch TORINPAT.EXE  21-12-95from  Sierra BBS  or WWW 
site to prevent crashing halfwaythrough Chapter 1 "The Lands Above" (no 
save/restore)(I hope that Sierra sacked all the Beta Testers....)

Torin's Passage Chapter 1  "The Lands Above"

go North to old home
get rope, axe, pouch and inchworm from basket
return to start ("T" junction)
go right to the guardhouse
read sign to right of door
use axe on large crystal
keep talking to guardsman(he wants berry juice to start a meal)
go back to T junction
get berries just to the right
give berries to guardsman(he now wants slugetti and peat balls - slugs and peat 


leave guardhouse, and at first path go North to tree
go to lower branch and look at peat bog
climb to top branch , tie one end of rope to branch, and
the other end to feet
get peat moss
start Torin swinging by clicking to right, until he graps
tree stump(Boogle retrieves Torin's bag)
return to main path 
go left, looking for snails near tree root
talk to Slim and Slime
they want a large leaf
return to main path
go to black tree with slugs on it
go North between the two trees with razor sharp spines
use inchworm to measure the largest leaf
give leaf to Slim and Slime
go left to T junction
go South to Crystal City
talk to guard Zax(fall in the moat for fun...)
use Slim and Slime on moat(Torin gets moat slime)
return to slugs on black tree
use slime on tree
use Boogle's box ability (walk right to get slugs down)(view "a mess of slugs" 
on Holographic Projector)
give peat moss to quardsman(he wants root for desert)
look at tree at top of path from guardhouse
use axe on square-shaped root
give root to quardsman
get clear crystal shard from quardsman(you go into Phenocryst Chamber enroute to 
Chapter 2) 


go to top right
use clear crystal shard in holes until all pillars retract(bowl on a stand will 
use pouch on erresdy powder in bowl
use pouch with powder on Torin(you go to Escarpa) 

Torin's Passage Chapter 2 "Escarpa" 

go up to cliff and get tile
go left to door(meet the Bitternuts....)
as soon as Boogle has got the yo-yo and shovel leave(you cannot get the tile off 
table yet)
go down to washerwoman area
get clothespin (peg)
go down to cave on left
enter dragon's cave and get tile at end
use Boogle as a worm on left end of cave
click Boogle lantern
click Boogle shovel on dragon poo
leave cave
go down
talk to Tripe and Viscera (2-headed vulture)
after "dead meat flying by" is mentioned, leave
go up to washerwoman area 


go up North East (not NW)
go across bridge into King Rupert's throne room
get hunk o' meat off table(note tile in floor but you cannot get it yet)
look at crystal shard collection on ceiling
click your blue crystal shard in hole(you get an invitation to the Royal Ball)
keep talking until Di gives you a locket for Leenah
return to washerwoman area 
go North West to Bitternuts
give invitation to Mrs Bitternut
get tile (trivet) off table
go down to dragon cave area
put hunk o' meat on ramp(vultures will fly off after it)
go dowm and walk past nest
go up to right
jump gap(ignore skunks' cave meantime)
go down to seraglio (harem)
get carpet, pillow, fan and tile off table
look at sign to right (get sign which is a "tile")(try ladder if you like...)
return to skunks' cave
talk to skunks (Sam and Max - LucasArts will not like it!)
use peg on Torin's nose
use carpet to exit at far end(TIP: click on fast forward)
Click 3 times on Veder
give cushion to Veder and get another tile
return to harem
manually scroll to lower area
use smelly carpet on outside balcony
use fan on carpet
after women flee send Boogle down hole as a yo-yo
get tile on wall
leave and watch/listen to Boogle's performance
return to washerwoman's area
give "sign" to her to wash(you should have 8 tiles)
go down to vulture nest
manually scroll down and note tree
use dragon poo on tree
go down to tile altar
leave tiles anywhere
return to King Rupert's throne room(you now have a good reason for taking tile)
get tile from floor
return to tile altar
solve puzzle....(HINT: it is an abstract face) 
       U U U U    (4 "bangs" for hair)
        o   o     (eyes)
      ///=====\\\  (mouth is frowning: ends downturned)
         ---      (chin "dimple")
go to Pergola 

Chapter 3   "Pergola"
move slighty(go down hole)
Click on Torin (tied up)
follow Smetana
talk to Leena
show Vi's locket to Leena
place locket in Holographic Projector and click on it to open(it contains 
pictures of King Rupert and Queen Di)
click on Leena's left boot
use knife on ropes(watch cutscenes)
solve phenocryst puzzle(make each of the four lines contain Ostaries with 
4 have green hats         
4 have blue cardigans (woollen jackets)         
4 have purple habits         
4 have red hats 


align the women on the left and men on the right   (work it out , orbust!)
the women must be aligned to sing an arpeggio in ascending order
use the baton to make them sing together(you'll need a good ear for music?)
when the women are correct, the left hand Phenocryst  Chamber opens(this is a 
route back to Escarpa so may not be necessary..?)
align the men, to sing an arpeggio in descending order....
Hint: Middle C at left and Low C at right...(use hints for more info but  in the 
end you have to work out the systemor just keep trying....)the right hand 
Phenocryst Chamber opens when the men are correct
use dust on Torin
go to Asthenia 

Chapter 4 "Asthenia"
open cabinet door
get closed bottle
put bottle on Holographic Projector
click on bottle to open and reveal ammonia "wipes
use wipe cloth on top of cabinet
touch top to open door at top right
go to right and look at floor plate showing a level see-saw (balance)
go left and push button on top of TV
move to right slightly, to catch stone cannonballs (get 4)
go to right hand end of island to see-saw
put 4 cannonballs in left hand end (equal to Torin's weight)
go to right hand end of see-saw(it should be level to actuate a catapult in 
another area)
take 1 cannoball out of see-saw (saves returning to TV)
go to left of door to Phenocryst Chamber (site of floor plate)
pull lever to set catapult(Torin's weight plus 1 cannonball in his inventory 
should get him to a spit of land, and not in the sea....)
get in catapult
use knife on rope to release catapult 


TIP:  A series of small movements is best.  Use manual scroll 
negotiate maze to top right where something is glinting
get wrench
return to bottom of maze, and by a different route, go to mountains at top right 
use wrench on valve of water jet
go to cavern
TIPS: Exit is at far left , at rear.  Use + to speed-up walking.          "Note 
whenever you enter a tunnel, you exit some other          tunnel. There's no way 
to get lost here. (Confused, possibly.          But lost? No!" )  Hint.
NOTE:"Fate of Atlantis" music and Indiana  Jones swinging down.... 


HINT "You must jump on each and every stone ONCE and only         ONCE, ending 
up on the far shore. If you do, the bridge will         be down when you get 
Full route:  Forward (F),  Right (R),  Left (L),  Back (B). 
go right to blue crystal/light puzzle 
HINT: "Note how each crystal affects the light beam by bending it the same angle 
every time light strikes it".  "Get the beam of light to pass through LL the 
crystals on its way to the receptor on the right hand side of console". 
when portal opens, use dust on Torin
go to Tenebous

Chapter 5 "Tenebous" (Torin is unconscious)

click on Boogle's first aid box
use box on Torin(Boogle uses ammonia wipe)
use knife on ventilator at top left
go left through ventilator system(Torin "accidently" knocks the HELP menu)
Torin is arrested
talk to Mrs Plant
look at silkworms on her roots
pick dead dawburr flower
go left to talk to tree until there's enough sap
use dead dawburr flower on sap
return to Mrs Plant's roots
put sap on each leaf to catch the silkworms
talk to Mrs Plant about the silkworms and what they can do
return to tree and slippery slope
click on slope area until grass says yea/yap/yes/okay/yo/yep/yeah 
(TIP: select "Closed Captioning"  so you can read the words... 
(Torin's foot  goes downward twice to find the next correct spot) 
go in amphitheater door
at table next to door get tophat and cane
watch archer and Bags Bunny
get archer's bow
speak to R.Kyvest(he'll give you an audcryst - recording -  of Lycentia's voice 
and acrystcorder)
view crystcorder in Holographic Projector
put audcryst in top (play) slot and push buttonyou'll hear Lycentia say, "You're 
not welcome here, you decrepitol' creep!" (you'll need to edit this sentence 
later in the game....)
go left and talk to Bags Bunny
talk to carpenter
talk to stage manager
talk to acrobat (look at bag of rosin)
talk to blind magician
on shelf at rear get bagpipes(look at bagpipes in Projector and "play" by 
NOTE: assortment of Sierra games music in vicinity of red curtain.    e.g    
Phantasmagoria choral theme                         
KQ VII finale                         
Freddy Pharkus song 

give tophat to Bags Bunny
pick up Bags in tophat
get carpenter's saw  (to left)
give tophat (including Bags) to magician(magician wants a magic wand)
use saw on cane
give magic? wand to Zippy the magician(magician wants a silk kerchief)
get  poster off wall
use silkworms on poster (instant silk kerchief..)
give kerchief to Zippy(Zippy gives Torin "Magic for Dummies" - Large Print 
use bow on saw (slipping)
get bag of rosin near acrobats couch when they depart
use rosin on bow
when called by stage manager go to stage via edge of red curtain
use bow with saw(Torin ends up in the null void)
(use manual scrolling, and note stairs and porch of Lycentia's lairto the right 
and down)
use bagpipes for propulsion by clicking on NSEW buttons
go inward to Lycentia's lair (to go IN/OUT use center buttons)(you'll be greeted 
by a big burst of bagpipe music when you arrive) 


view crystcorder in Projector.(audcryst was broken into pieces whenyou were 
remove all broken pieces and put in lower slot
select the pieces which give a message "d", "reep!", "comeh" and
"ere". ("Dreep! come here")
play this sentence continuously
move away from porch back to null void
"throw" crystcorder into void 
return to porch (one bagpipe "puff" to right  should do it)
push doorbell
quickly move up to "underneath' porch to hide from Dreep(Dreep opens the door 
and goes off looking for voice in void)
enter Lycentia's lair
use magic book on Lycentia
touch Lycentia's collar
jump onto edge of bubbling pit
use magic book on Pecand(watch cutscene to end) 

End of walkthrough. (Did you get 999 points?)

      The end 

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