"Urban Runner" walkthrough by Darksheer
Game Notes:
This game is too easy in my opinion and it has built-in
hint system but there are only 3 so-called 'jokers' at
user's dispose so it will not be very convenient to leave
a game for patching a file 'cat.inf' at offset 9Fh at 
value 03 again and more - 'jokers' are disabled in some 
Also there are places in the game when you must choose
whether to control Max or Adda - dont worry - these are
not forks, when you finish first hero's part, you'll
automatically switched to another one. Also at the very
end of the story you will have a choice whether Adda dies
or survives - but I wont suggest you replaying the game
ending once more because the outcome is almost the same.

Turn to the right. Check a locker for fishing line. Use
it on stairs. Go up to the door. Then use hook on body-
guard's feet. When he falls click on him to get a nail
file. Go to the other side of the warehouse and look for
a brick wall. At closeup use nail file on central brick.
You end up in another place. Run to the room with the 
cubbyholes. Check a well with water. Go to the shelves,
turn switch on and click on shelves to get a map of the
place (you can access it now with a memory option in the
menu). Go to the room with document transporter - there
is a fusebox on the wall. Move fuse from the section 
where it is now to the one, called "wall panel fuse".
Then go back to the room where you started in this area
and check a wall panel on the left wall. Write down codes
for operating a transporter up and down (red/green rec-
tangles). Go back to fusebox and move fuse to the 'docu-
ment transporter' section. Then using buttons near 
transporter you should operate it to lift you pump manual.
(I dunno why but codes we wrote down dont work so its
trial and error situation). Now move fuse to the 'pump'
section of the fusebox. Go to the room with pump and turn
the wheel to the right some times with a goal to set a 
corresponding meter to 576. And the left one is to be
moved to the left until meter is pointing at 2. Then start
a pump and run to the well and escape from bodyguard. At
your house quickly click on halogen flashlight, ball, 
revolver and film. Then you run to another warehouse. To
trick first thug click on ladies' room door, click on 
switch, then on plank, then on hiding place, when you see
movie with thug entering ladies' room leave your sanctuary
and use plank on the door. Now, the second thug. First,
turn the switch on the left wall off. Then click twice on
electric cables hanging on the ceiling, then click on can
and use it on a spot called 'floor'. Now just turn switch 
back on and wait for the show. The next area you will be
at - a Buena Vista Hotel. Talk with receptionist. Use 
police ID on the girl to the left, then on the girl to the
right. Go upstairs, pick up earring, try unlocking a room
227 with a key, use earring on girl, then unlock room 227
again. Try room 225 - its locked. Go down, talk to recep-
tionist and a girl - you need information that room is
reserved. Girl will attract receptionist while you use 
match on rubbish bin. You will be able to peek at the 
register when she runs away. Now use a photo from your
inventory on matchbox, you will get a telephone number
of club Zanzibar in your memory option, check it. Now
use telephone and call there, then call the receptionist
and cancel reservation. Now go and talk with her to get
keys to room 225. Then check a paper near your room'
telephone. Call room 227, then room service. Click on Adda
to (ahem) pick her up.
Now you go to the pool hall. Click on entrance, use police
ID on Sergio, give him watch. Then at the evening you and
Adda go to Lagrange's office. Use chalk on keypad, try se-
lected numbers. Now when you note a woman approaching you
need a perfect timing for Adda to overlook part of the code
she enters. For that when Max says "Go on Adda!" click the
forward arrow. If you are unlucky it may take some time to
get it right. The code by the way is 249A. Inside, pick up
a plastic cup on right hand of the guard, click on his key-
board to unlock elevator, use elevator. Upstairs check a
cupboard. Click on card punch, then on confetti on the floor.
Unlock Lagrange's room with office key. Inside turn back to
lock it from inside. Click on light switch, on all 3 docu-
ments on clipboard, click on pencil holder twice. Click on
safe. Click a wire from pencil holder on electronic diary in
your inventory, then use diary on safe. Turn diary on, enter
227, adda at prompts. After your presence have been noticed
turn light off, click on closet door, enter closet, use magnet
to lock closet from inside. Wait for guard's checking this
room and leave. Exit room, click on cupboard again to hide 
inside it. 
Your next mission features Adda. Click on blanket inside van.
Use it on documents to reach them. Examine documents and note
the warehouse's telephone number (you need to click on its
closeup for Adda to say that now she knows it; otherwise she
cant do anything here). Click twice on jacket in van and on
the holiday card on the left side of the van. Examine all the
papers to find out delivery man's name and his girlfriend's
number. Call her from van to find out van's telephone number.
Now go to the far side of the building, get into the parked
car, use one telephone to call warehouse worker and another
telephone to call delivery man's van. Then use one receiver 
on another to trick them and run out of the building alive.
Next time you are given control is when you are chased by
Eraser - turn right and when he tries to smash you with car
roll under it to escape.
Next moment you will find Max at hotel with inspector going
to search your room for evidence. Use capsule on bowl with
candies. Use ink from your inventory on document there. Open
minibar, get a whisky bottle, use police ID on whisky's 
label. When inspector comes he wont find anything but will 
try to kidnap you. Use ink on blanket, use car's rear lid to
get rid of the inspector van Dalle. Then you will switch to
Adda at the newspaper office. Look at the mail area. Pick up
glue and mail. Go to the coffee area, boil some water and use
mail on steam, then use Max's message on mail and use glue on
envelope. Enter Freddy's door. Use mail on him. Click on 
paperclips to distract inspector. Talk to Freddy. Go out and
make some coffee, use cups on tray and tray on Freddy's door.
Then use tray on raincoat and pick up raincoat to get it out 
of the room. Next, you feature Max at the graveyard. Use 
whisky on chaffeur. Then approach mourning people, look at
Dr.Dramish, click on her glove. Return back and go to the
parking near the graveyard, look at central car, look through
window, click on glove. Use tailgate to get inside and pick
up a music score and a heart medicine. Use medicine on whisky.
Use any of keyrings on valve of Doc's car and go offer a drink
to her chaffeur. Now Adda has more time to explore Doc's lab.
Pick up a stick. Use it on caramels in your inventory and then
use stick on mailbox. Examine papers thoroughly. Go to the 
garden (arrow in the upper right corner). Click on magpie's 
nest to get keys. Click on binoculars and search for hotspots
called 'glint' on the screen (there are 3 of them) and then
safely approach door, unlock it. Get glasses, search rubbish 
bin twice. Exit to garden, use recorder on magpie's nest to
record audiocode. Now back to the audiocode detector, use 
glasses, enter code EEFGGFED. Click on lab coat. Click on wires.
Use wire stripper on them. Use wire from inventory on stripped
wires. Get films. Use them on microscope. Look for MIV and CLI
codes on it. Exit. Next time you act as Max, quickly take 
shelter (arrow at the bottom of the screen). Then dispose of the
glasses when you walk past trashcan. Play with hustler to win 
Sergio's watch - you need to guess the location of Queen among 3
cards (not consecutive 3 times god bless). Then use Tony's 
keyring to enter club Zanzibar from the backdoor - you need to 
use keyring 4 times on leftmost lock, 2 times on central, once on
leftmost. After some kills you end up near the white door. Get a
bell nearby, turn right, use it on window sill, when timer runs
out, enter door and use knife on Kevork. Then use magnet on a box
on the wall to survive poisonous gas. Next, examine watch. Pull
winder, remove it, use on center of the watch, reverse watch, 
click on central ring once, then on outer ring once + on winder
3 times. Use activated watch on system. 
Inside, exit terminal view. Click on 2 drawers to get laser and
remote control. Click behind the drawer to get insecticide. 
Examine remote contoller and choose room A2 and the hottest 
temperature. Then use it on remote control receiver. Wait till
time runs out, kill Kevork with insecticide, Eraser with laser.
Search Kevork's pocket for keyring. Now start the system, eject
4th from the left cartridge, insert it. To configure switches 
you need to solve jigsaw puzzle of electronic schematic in your
inventory. Then if jumper 1 is on then turn on the 1st switch
and so on. For those who doesnt like jigsaw puzzles turn on the
2nd, 3rd and 6th switches. Enter keycode 151, use Paul's keyring,
1004, use Tony's, 10, use Lev's keyring.

dsheer. MCMXCVI.

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