The Ultimate Walkthrough by Crash

This is surely one of the best adventure game of the year. Why ? The story is
intriguing and complex, it has several ending with 2 different path : ORIGINAL
PLOT ( with Miss Dolores as a suspect ) and ALTERNATE PLOT ( with Miss Mavis
Weld as a suspect ), and the best of all is you don't have to worry about dead
ends. Any path you choose will have an ending, even though it is not the best
ending of the game.
Now to the game :

Meet your client. Ask her about Orrin. Search the office for some magazines in
the cabinet and the left drawer, gun in the middle drawer, and papers in the
the cabinet. Now head to Cal Western Company.

Ask about the company and you'll find out about the background of Orrin's being
laid off. Head to 449 Idaho Street.

Choose to wait at the door and you'll hear some conversation about Steelgrave.
You'll follow them to the street, but you'll lost them. Listen to the radio
about some new contract with Ballou. Or you can go straight inside and cacth
Johnny with some money, and fight him. You can talk with the drunk by pressing
his nose and he'll try to call Dr. Vince. Either way is the same.
Now head back to Orrin's house. Pass the drunk and talk to Hicks. Push him to
talk more. After he left, search the room. Read some bill on the right desk
near the perfume, open the drawer and look for some photo and get the delivery
order of morfine to Dr. Vince Lagrade. Read a tax refund paper on the left desk
and open the drawer to look at Clausen's wallet. Turn left and pick up the match.
Now search the dead body. Nice sceen with the ice pick, do they got this from
"Basic Instinct" ? Turn right and get a note with Vince's phone number on it
near the door. Now go back to office.

Talk with Oriamay and choose to believe her story. That's a nice love scene.
After you kiss her, open your evidence cabinet and phone Dr. Vince. He'll refuse
the fact that he know Clausen. That's strange, 'cause on the delivery paper there
is Vince name on it. Go out. Hicks will call you. Answer the phone. Head to Van
Nuys hotel at Hollywood.

Yup, Hicks is dead with an icepick on his neck. Look under the toupee and get
his photo ticket. Look at the right nightstand. You'll find another matches with
a phone number on it. Read the article next to it, hmm... Mavis Weld. Now look
at the left side of the bed. Read a greeting card on the desk and some papers
about drug dealer on the floor. Search the dressing. In the top drawer, you'll
find a wallet. In the middle drawer you'll find a gun and 2 tickets to colorado.
Is he preparing for something ? On the bottom drawer, you'll find :
  - Note from someone with initial S. ( In ALTERNATE PLOT ), Steelgrave ?
  - Envelope with initial M.W. ( In ORIGINAL PLOT ), Mavis Weld ?
  - A black notebook
Now search the bathroom. You'll be pointed a gun by a nice lady. Smack !! She
hits you on the head. When you wake up, she has gone. As you reach at the door,
the detective comes in. Watch the scene. Head back to office.

Drink some liquor to refresh your memory, the call the number on the matches box.
Hmm.. Steelgrave resident. What's his part on this case, is Steelgrave the same
as Moyer, the drug dealer ? Listen to the radio. Head to camera shop at Bay City.
Get the picture of Mavis with Steelgrave. Is Orrin trying to blackmail Steelgrave
or Mavis ? Head to Lagarde office.

Remember, be quick on this or you'll get caught by the police. You go out and
come back in again when you hear the sirene. On the shelves behind some books,
you'll find a lot of marijuana. In the desk drawer you'll find :
  - Top left drawer : Newspaper of some gangster shoot out ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
                      Photo of Vince, Steelgrave, and Mavis ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
  - Bottom left drawer : Note of Steelgrave's suspicion  ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
                         Bracelet to V.L. ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
  - Top right drawer : Photo of Vince, Steelgrave, and Mavis ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
                       Notebook of cocaine delivery ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
  - Bottom right drawer : A note and calendar ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
                          Calendar ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
Hmm... the doctor isn't a nice guy. Back to car and Johnny will tell you to stay
away from the case. Head to Mavis' house.

Meet Dolores, who hate Mavis very much, the actress. When talk to Mavis, choose
your hat and warn her about the blackmail. She seems surprise ? Go to Dolores

Look at the photo of Dolores with Steelgrave on the table. Read the letter from
'Cash' on the fireplace. Read some article and the bible. Discover the medicine
bottle on the floor behind the couch. Is she addicted ? Turn right, on the table
you'll see a box and several perfume. Open the box and discover :
  - Some letter to an artist agent ( ALTERNATE PLOT ), hmm.. there's a competition
    between her and Mavis
  - A love letter to Steelgrave ( ORIGINAL PLOT ) : love triangle between Mavis,
    Steelgrave, and Dolores
Don't worry if you get caught here. Just come back again. Go back to office.

Some goons are waiting for you here. They advice you to talk to Ballou, the artist
agent and warn you not to disturb Mavis. After they've gone, drink the liquor.
Head to Ballou's office. Again answer the threaten phone.

Force in and tell him that you're not scared by the goons. He'll help you from
now on. Back to car and listen the radio. Head to Tantamount Studios.

Click on her. Talk heart to heart with Mavis. Don't tell her about Ballou's
hired you. Go to Steelgrave Mansion.

Talk to Steelgrave and watch he got suspicious. Go to Dancer club.

Meet Johnny and Steelgrave. They deny that Johnny at 449 Idaho when Clausen was

Look at the desk. Read the perfume bill on the ground. Open the right drawer
and you'll find :
  - A love letter to Steelgrave ( ALTERNATE PLOT ), she's desperate on him
  - An envelope just like the one at Van Nuys ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
Open the left drawer and you'll find :
  - A note ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
  - A notebook under the paper ( ORIGINAL PLOT ), she's been receiving
    money from someone.
Turn left, look inside the box, there is :
  - A torn picture of Dolores and Steelgrave ( ALTERNATE PLOT ), jealousy ?
  - A love letter from Steelgrave ( ORIGINAL PLOT )
Look at the medicine. Hmm... sleeping pill. Turn right twice and find out a
ticket opera on the floor. Look inside the trash and read a note of 448 Idaho,
is she has a family relation with Orrin ? Now head to Ballou office.

Ask him about Mavis personal life.

Now you meet Johnny who threaten you not to dig up on Steelgrave.

Talk again with Steelgrave about drug dealer and Orrin. Go to Dr. Lagardie.

Threaten him that you know about drug smuggling in L.A. Back to your office.

Meet your client once more. This time promise him to continue the investigation.
Drink a little liquor. Now head to Dancers Club for the third time.

This time you'll get some info from the waiter. Go to Steelgrave mansion.

Ready to be beaten up by Johnny. Then go to Ballou office.

Talk to him again about the blackmail. Go to dancers club

Hear the secret conversation between Johnny, Steelgrave and Dominic. You'll kill
Dominic here cause he attack you first. Back to office.

Meet Dolores. Offer her to sit. Talk to her and grab her envelope. She got a
picture of Steelgrave and Mavis. Interesting. Examine the photo and now examine
more closely, hmm.. the date of the newspaper is interesting. Look at your paper
collection in your cabinet at that date. That's it, Steelgrave is Moyer !! Put
your gun in the drawer now, and get out. Oriamay will call you. She'll ask you
to go to Dr. Lagardie.

Talk with him and follow his game. What's this, you'll be drugged by him. When
you wake up you'll find Orrin attacking you. He's dead. Look at the drawer. ?Hmm..
many stuff is missing. Go out. The police will call you to met them at the office.
This time bend the fact, it will lead the police to wrong path. Back to your office.

Drink some liquor to fresh your memory. Get your gun and go out. Dolores will call
you to meet her at Steelgrave mansion. Go there.

Talk with her and she'll give you the white gun. This is the gun which kill Orrin.
Go inside and meet Mavis Weld. She seems very fragile. Steelgrave is dead. Help
her by covering her tracks. Go back to office.

Drink again to refresh memory. Note : If you tell the truth to the police but
you cover up Mavis, someone will put the murder weapon in your cabinet, and you'll
be sent to jail. Go out. D.A. office will call you now. Go there.

Mavis attourney will help you now. Note : If you report Mavis, then the attourney
will sue you. Go out. Listen to the radio. Go to Steelgrave mansion.

Search desk. In the left drawer you'll find a note. And on the right drawer you'll
find wallet. Open the cabinet. Push the house ornament. You'll find :
  - Piece of paper with number 426 on it ( ALTERNATE PLOT )
  - The paper and an icepick ( ORIGINAL PLOT ). Is Steelgrave being frame up ?
Turn around and push the painting. Open the safe with the number. Inside you'll
find : a contract of Dancers Club. Go home.

Listen to the phone from Dolores. Go to her house. Listen the whole truth. Dolores
was responsible for everything. Dr. Lagardie then will kill himself. Mavis become
a famous star ( ORIGINAL PLOT ).
Or you feel guilty by covering Mavis track, cause she's the one who murdered
Orrin, Hicks, and Clausen ( ALTERNATE PLOT ). Jealousy ?

Another ending :
 - If you tell the truth to the police you'll have an happy ending ( ALTERNATE
   PLOT ), or
 - Lagardie escape, and Mavis is sent to jail because of the evidence ( ORIGINAL
   PLOT )

That's it !!!! End of game.

One thing that keeps bothering me, why the Los Angeles Area can't be accessed
by Marlowe. If you know the way to access it, please contact me at :

  [email protected]

and I'll repair my walkthrough.




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