Written by Douglas Cameron 12/1/90
This is a step by step solution to CRYPT OF MEDEA by
SIR-TECH, an old Apple adventure but well done.  I hope that
it will take you through the game to a successful
conclusion.  Words with capital letters can be abbreviated
by the capital letters.  The parser looks for four letter
words which can save some typing. Save the game often
because a wrong step will kill you.  For example, you will
die when you swing on the rope if you are carrying too.
Going East from the lab with the table without the rod will
also kill you.  Also there are things you can do which I
don't mention in the solution which will get you killed.
They are fun to try but not without a save game.  When you
go down through the trap door, you must have the flask,
candle, matches, shovel, and gloves.
get candle, look crypt, look tombstone, pull stone, get
matches, light candle, move case, Down, North, burn hand
with candle, get shovel, South, Up, dig, pull knob, East,
get knife, East, get flask, South, look head, get id, search
corpse, get vial, drop shovel, drop matches, drop vial,
South, get player, East, open vial, throw vial at web, East,
get tape, West, North, North, put tape in player, play tape,
drop player, put id in slot, get diamond, West, West, cut
glass case with diamond, drop diamond, get mask, get glass,
East, East, South, push button, drop candle, wear mask,
West, push violet button, East, get rod, push yellow button,
push orange button, West, push blue button, East, drop mask,
drop knife (you must keep the candle and the glass), North,
North, cut rope with glass, get rope, South, East, East,
throw rope, swing (if you are carrying too much you die),
East, throw glass at mutant, North, get magnet, South, West,
swing, West, West, North, use magnet, drop magnet, get key,
South, East, East, swing, East, unlock door, South, West,
get gloves, wear gloves, East, North, West, swing, West,
West, South, South, get dog, North, North, East, East,
swing, East, South, South, East, North, throw dog at scum,
look moss, turn valve, South, East, North, look vat, Down,
East, get needle, West, Up, North, West, swing, West, West,
South, get matches, shovel, flask, knife, South, East, East,
inject mass, drop needle, Down, East, East, dig, drop
shovel, get torch, light torch, West, pull switch, West,
West, West, get fuse, push button, East, East, East, South,
West, cut lard with knife, get slice, put slice in flask,
East, North, West, get burner, light burner, melt slice with
burner, drop burner, West, get timbers, East, East, South,
West, oil dial, drop flask, West, West, Up, West, South,
make bridge with timbers, South, East, East, get earplugs
(there is a mole here which you can get but it doesn't
appear to have any use), wear earplugs, West, West, North,
North East, Down, East, East, East, North, East, Down, East,
North, get barrel (don't read the sign), South, West, Up,
West, South, West, West, West, Up, West, West, make bomb
(you must have the barrel and the fuse),
get axe, North.
At this point, save the game and turn the sound off with
control s.  Timing is crucial.  You must be prepared to
enter the next three commands quickly.  The timing is
crucial and regular Apple II speed necessary - normal speed
on a GS and will work.
Light bomb, drop bomb, South, North, North, use axe, North,
Up.  You are done - the game records 70 experience points
here.  I don't think that there are any more.

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