The Last Express isn't a linear game which means there are multiple possible ways to walk through the game. The order in which actions are to be made can and might differ without having any problems later on in the game. For this reason, this walkthrough isn't an ultimate solution. It just contains the necessary actions that have to be made to complete the game. The order in which I put them down is most of the time, in my humble opinion, the most logical one.

Besides actions that have to be made, there are actions that can be made but are not a 'must' to complete the game, for example reading the newspaper in the restaurant. In this walkthrough I concentrate on necessary actions. Of course I might have missed something. If so, let me know!

One last thing. The game has a timer in it; the egg clock. This means every action or pause will take time. If you are playing very quick, there might be a while between actions. There's enough time for slower players but to the faster ones this might be annoying. Just wait and be patient at times!

Questions, suggestions, remarks or additional information? Just want to let me know what you think of this walkthrough? Mail me! But please mention the name of the game (and the episode) which your question is about; I'm left guessing for this too often, unfortunately.

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Version 1.1 - August 20th, 1998 by Fugazi.

Title bar and altered screenshots © 1998 by Fugazi. Original images on courtesy of Brøderbund and/ or Smoking Car Productions.


Paris to Strasbourg

Strasbourg to Munich

Munich to Vienna

Vienna to Budapest

Budapest to Belgrade

Belgrade to Constantinople

Paris to Strasbourg

After you made it on time to jump on the train, turn right and go forward. Look at the conductor's seat and get the magazine. Inside you'll find the passenger's list which will be very useful. Go to compartment number 1, which is Tyler Whitney's. Open the door and find your deceased friend lying in a pool of blood.

To avoid getting caught and end the adventure prematurely, you'll have to get rid of the corpse. There's two possible ways to do so: you either throw it out of the window or you hide it in the bed. The last one is the one getting you in less trouble then the first.
After getting rid of « Tyler's body, get his green jacket and wear it. Then examine the compartment.
Examine the box which is empty. Find the scarf underneath it (take a good look!). Also check out the suitcase in the racks above your head. Open it and get the parchment of the Firebird and the second telegram. To get this telegram, you should have read the telegram you already own first! Make sure you read the one from your inventory and then pick and read the one from the suitcase.

Leave the compartment and go to the dining car. Go to Herr August Schmidt », the bold guy in the brown suit, and talk to him about the deal Tyler was going to make. Did you bring the gold? What does that mean? The merchandise will be on the train in Munich. What merchandise? It's all a mystery now but you hold him down by telling him that no goods is no gold. Leave him and wait till the waiter points you your table. After diner, leave the car. Return to your compartment and wait outside. One of the conductor's will tell you His Excellency wants to speak to you.
Follow him and meet Kronos a.k.a. His Excellency and have a little chit chat about names and some dark mystery of peace and exchange... He'll be off in Vienna... Return to your compartment and see « Milos enter your compartment or open the door and find him hiding inside. He sees the stain of blood and will attack you. Put the cursor on his left shoulder (right from your point of view). Click to avoid his stabs and wait till the cursor changes into a hand. Now you can grab his arm and disarm him! This may take you some attempts but when dead, the game will always restart at the beginning of this fight!

Note: There is a fighting cheat. When the fight starts, click the right mouse button to abort the fight and return to the egg clock screen. Click on the clock to restart the fight. Repeat this procedure 5 times. After the 5th time, Cath proceeds as if he has won the fight.

Just before the first stop in Epernay, the conductor's will make the beds. If you hid Tyler in the bed, you must avoid him to make your bed. To do so, go outside your compartment and face the conductor (your nose points towards compartment 2). Take one step forward to intercept the conductor on time. Put the cursor on his face and it will turn into a text balloon. When so, click and stop him from entering!

If your choice was to throw your friend out of the window, you'll have to avoid the gendarmes. To do so, there are 3 possible ways:

1. Climb out the window of your compartment and wait for the cops to leave.
2. Go to compartment A and when the conductor is busy, sneak into the washroom until the police are gone.
3. Visit Kronos until after the train leaves Epernay.

When you hid Tyler in the bed, throw him out of the window after leaving Epernay and make your bed.

After some time, Tatiana » will pass by and you just follow her to the end of the train. Don't take any action and then leave. She will ask you for a smoke. After the conversation, give her the Firebird parchment and she'll promise to translate it for you. Spasiva! Leave her and go to your compartment. Sleep (the 'Zz'-cursor on the bed!). Have a nightmare and leave the compartment after that. Then go back in.

Note: You can see a Turk walking down the train car. Sometimes one of his wives, too.  Although it's not necessary for the game ending, you can enter his compartement without him screaming. To do so, go to August Schmidt's compartment and knock on the bathroom door 4 times. Then turn around and open the gun case. Go back to the bathroom door and open it. This should get you in the Turk's room most of the times (not always!). There's a few memorabilia to look at, like his golden sword. Leave through the main door. Once done, it can't done again. Thanks to Anon for this one.

Strasbourg to Munich

When the train has arrived at, go to compartment F and talk to Anna Wolff.
Whilst the two of you are pleasantly chatting with a piece of iron in between, count Vassili has an attack. Automatically you follow « Anna to the count's compartment. You give the count some herbal tea.
Anna walks back to her compartment and then again back to Tatiana's. Follow Anna and overhear their conversation. Talk to Anna, wish her goodnight and return to your own bed.

When you wake up, go to compartment G, knock and enter. Meet Milos and Vesna who tell you about the secret brotherhood and the Firebird scrolls. You also learn that Tyler was planning on some deal in weapons for the Serbs. This is the gold and the merchandise you were talking about with Schmidt!

Go to the Dining Car and get the scrolls translation from Tatiana. Then go to the smoking salon and sit down at the table near the clock. A little beetle is running like hell over this table and you have to catch it. To do so, open the matchbox and get the matches out. Now move the cursor over the table. As soon as the beetle appears, the cursor changes into the matchbox. Move it over the beetle and click only when the box is covering it. This way you catch the beetle. But it might take some effort...

Munich to Vienna

Go back to the corridors and wait for August Schmidt. He'll be here about 9.45. Make sure you don't miss him! When you meet him, talk to him about the deal.

If you are playing quite quickly, you might also have time to trade the beetle with Francois for his whistle. If you're a bit slow, you'll get another change later but make sure the trade is made!

With Salzburg in sight, lunch for first class is announced. Walk to cabin C and hear the French family Boutarel talk to the Englishman Abbot ». Wait for Abbot to leave and follow him to the restaurant car. You might also wait there for him. You have to talk to him and have lunch with him.

The train will arrive in Salzburg. After it leaves this city, go to Kronos private car. When Kronos and Kahina talk, read the book on the couch. You can hear some kind of conspiracy spoken about by Kronos and Kahina. They believe Anna has the Firebird scrolls.

Return to the smoking salon and see people chat with eachother. At a certain point in time, Kronos will enter and ask Anna to play a duet with him. She agrees and everyone is invited to the little concert. Go back to the first sleeping car and meet Schmidt who will talk to you. The delivery will be in Belgrade!

Wait and see Mademoiselle Boutarel complain about Anna's dog. Go to the second sleeping car and meet the conductor who will invite you too for the concert of Anna and Kronos. Return to the first sleeping car and see how Anna's dog is removed. So it's not guarded now! Wait a while till Anna leaves her compartment and goes to Kronos' car. She will have it locked. To enter her compartment go to compartment E. In here you will find Rebecca's diary which you can read. The purpose of this break in is to enter Anna's compartment. To get there, climb out the window. Enter Anna's compartment through the window and go to the gray/ silver jewelry box. Look straight to the front of it and see three rubies. Press the middle one and open the secret compartment. Get the master key to all compartments. In the trunk there's a letter that will shed new light on the matter! Leave again through the window.

Tatiana will also leave her compartment A. Go there and enter the compartment's washing cabinet. Open the closet below the sink and get the giant golden egg. Leave the washing cabinet and the count will wake up. Talk to him and leave. Go to your own compartment and put the egg in the chest.

Leave your compartment and go to « Kronos. Sit down and enjoy the concert. Watch Kahina; she will leave to search something... After some time, she will return. Now it's your turn to leave the concert.

If you didn't have time to search Anna's place, do so now. You have 30 to 60 minutes for it. If you visited Anna's, go outside through the door in between of the last sleeping car and Kronos' private car. Get on the roof of the train, turn around and walk on till you reach the roof window. Break the glass and jump down. This is Kronos' room. Read the papers on the bedside table. Tyler had the egg when he left Paris! Go to the tapestry and find the button to the secret cabinet. Open the briefcase and see all the gold it contains. Take the briefcase. Leave through the door and enjoy (or fear!) the commotion it starts; you walk right through the concert room... Go to your compartment and put the briefcase under your bed.

Get the golden egg from the chest and leave your compartment. Go to the dining car and go through the crimson curtain. Walk till the end until you reach the cage in which Max, Anna's dog, is locked. Open the cage, let Max out and put the egg in the cage.

Return to the sleeping car and see Alexei ask the conductor to open his compartment. Put the master key from the inventory to you hands (click on it and it will be shown right of the small photograph). As soon as the conductor opened Alexei's compartment and walks back to his seat, use the master key on August Schmidt's compartment (number 3) and enter. Examine the large suitcase and find a letter he's written. After you read it, put it back and return to the concert.

Wait till the end of the concert (may take a while!) and then return to your compartment. Get the suitcase with the gold and go to compartment 3. Wait till Schmidt enters and then follow him to show him the gold. Then leave

In the corridors, both Kahina and Milos will come to you. Kahina points a gun at you so you might obey her first. Take the suitcase with the gold and go to Kronos' private car. Talk to him and loose the gold. After that, go to Milos compartment G and talk to him till Vesna is caught listening through the keyhole.

Go to the smoking salon and overhear the conversation between Schmidt and Abbot. After Abbot leaves, talk to Schmidt.

Go to the baggage car (which is now open!) and find the wooden chest that was put on the train in Munich. Open it and take a look. Unfortunately Anna disturbs you and you get some more info on Tyler, his death and the golden egg. But « Vesna seems to be not too happy with this and tries to stab Anna in the back. You pull her away and another fighting sequence begins. Duck and dive to avoid the knife. After a while Anna will interfere with her gun and Vesna runs off. When Anna has left, take a look at the box... it's filled with rifles. Then the train arrives at Vienna

Vienna to Budapest

First diner is announced but you go to compartment F and talk to Anna. She'll ask the conductor to tell Schmidt she won't have diner with him cause of a headache. Go to the end of the second sleeping car (where the private car used to be hooked on) and overhear Alexei and Tatiana talk from beside the conductor's place. Alexei is about to blow the train!

Go to compartment 2 and wait till the conductor in the blue suit passes you. When he turns his back to you, both conductors can't see you! Take this opportunity to slip into compartment 2 from Alexei. Get the suitcase from the rack and find the detonator. Take it. Abbot will come in too and the both of you make excuses for mistaking...

Return to your compartment. When you are here, depending on your game speed, second dinner will be announced, the train will arrive in Galanta. After a while someone will be knocking on your door. Open it and Tatiana will come in. She needs your help!

When she has left, go to the smoking compartment and have a drink with a very drunk Schmidt. Care for a bit of waltzing...? Tired of that, return to your compartment and sleep and dream.

You wake up. Go to Compartment A. In Compartment A, you hear Alexei's last words and
witness his death. Leave his compartment. You now overhear Abbot asking the Guard to keep the incident quiet. You should be hearing a fairly loud ticking. Remember how Alexei had noted down the time of 10:40 p.m. on his train timetable? Time for some fireworks!

Track down the sound of the clock to the Guard's forward station panel. Open the panel and find the bomb. Move the bomb once only. Moving the box can be done using the arrows whihc you'll find by moving the cursor. Use a cigarette on the exposed wires to burn through the wires. Do not open the box! Turn the box around and remove the screws from the hinges. Place the telegram between the moving contacts to disarm the bomb.

Chat with Abbot. Follow Anna to her compartment. Although she is tired be persistent in talking to her . . . The Serbs take over the train!

Budapest to Belgrade

When you wake up, you'll find yourself wrapped up in ropes, rolling around the cargo car. Free yourself by rolling around. You can find a pack of matches to burn the ropes. When you are free, go through the steel door. Another fighting scene starts. This one's not that hard; hit the Serb 3 times to win. When he hits you, duck (by using down pointing arrow).

Free Anna and collect her great attitude and amount of thanks... Go to the place in the train where you caught Alexei and Tatiana talk earlier and go outside. Climb the ladder and get on the roof. Go towards the engine (that's where the smoke comes from!) and find yourself blocked by another Serb. Gotta fight again! This Serbian thug has got himself a crowbar. He's harder to defeat. Just avoid his hits and hit him 3 times with the fist. After the third hit, your fist will turn into a hand and you should grab his crowbar.

After the Serb falls down, turn around. Vesna will attack you with more steel: a sword. There's a lot of possible moves here which need extra explanation:

1. You should put the cursor in the space that is between you arm and legs (see the trees) but keep it in a direct line under your left hand.
2. Keep the cursor pointing down but not too far down; it must be possible to change it in an arrow that pointing up in a second.
3. Vesna can attack you in two ways; a high swing with the sword and a low swing. The high swing takes a little bit more time which gives you a little more time to react. Therefore you should keep the cursor pointing down; you got less time to react.
4. When Vesna swings high, put the cursor up and click. You avoid her killing you with the crowbar above your head.
5. When Vesna swings low, put the cursor down and click. This will avoid her killing you. At this point, the cursor will change in a hand so click again! Now you will hit her with the crowbar.
6. There is a way to win a second in knowing how she will swing: high swing needs both hands, the low swing only hand. When Vesna puts her left arm back and keeps the sword only in her right hand, she will swing low!
7. Somewhere in the game, Vesna will suddenly duck. Your cursor will change in another down pointing cursor. Duck immediately! If not, you'll be splashed on a tunnel entrance.
8. Last but not least; lot of practice will get the job done!

Go back to the dining compartment and explain what's happened. Everyone should go back but Count Vassili » and Tatiana, who's in a shock after Alexei died. Talk to them. Then go between the restaurant car and the first sleeping wagon. Look down and remove the floor elements. Break loose the cars and explain a bit to August Schmidt, leaving him devastated in the slowing last cars.

Go back to the roof and go to the locomotive. Talk with Milos... but not for long cause Anna the Austrian spy will kill him with a single shot. Stop the train from breaking. Do this by looking down and to the left; pull the handle. Crash the Serbian barrier!

Belgrade to Constantinople

Return to the cargo car and meet Anna. What ever happens (no movie this time!) will make you wake up near Budapest. Anna leaves you and you will eventually follow Go to the restaurant car to meet your evil destiny; Kronos. He wants the Firebird and you will get it from the dog's cage while he's holding lovely Anna. Open it by clicking on the colored stones in the order written down in the scrolls: the surface of the egg is a globe so pick the countries, Australia (teal/ aqua), Denmark (blue), China (red), South Pacific Island (purple) and the Near East (green). Anna will make it sing with her violin. When Kronos asks you to close the bird, pick the golden whistle and blow it. Lovely bird will become an evil bird of pray which horribly kill Kronos and Kahina. So this is how Tyler died!

And like every good story, the hero and his girl will jump to freedom just in time and will live happy everafter...? Maybe after World War I, they will. First a horrible massacre will greet mankind with a four year lasting grin of death and destruction. Happy ending?

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