Last Express

                              The Last Express

 The Last Express is a first person adventure game in which you are Robert
 Cath, an American doctor who is a fugitive from justice. You are invited
 onto the Orient express just before WWI by your old friend, Tyler Whitney
 (that's him in the first movie.). Cath arrives late and jumps onto the
 train and then the game begins. Here's how to win.

                                    CD 1

 When you first get onto the train, take a right and go through the door.
 This is the sleeping car. Move forward and turn around to take the
 magazine where you will find the passenger list (it's not vital but can
 serve useful when you are looking for other people's compartments.).

 You'll see a conductor (Rene) walking down the hall towrds you. The
 'speak' cursor will automatically apper so just click on him. You'll ask
 him which compartment is Tyler Whitney's. He'll mistake you for Whitney
 and tell you that your compartment is number one. Simply walk down the
 hall and open the door to number one.

 I thinks it's obvious when I say that Tyler's dead. Look up and wlk towrd
 the window. Open it up. Pick Tyler up and turn toward the window. Click
 on the open window and you will throw Tyler off the train. Turn to the
 right and you will see a jacket. Take the jacket and you will assume the
 identity of Tyler Whitney. Close the window.

 Underneath where you got the jacket there is a box (with nothing in it)
 and under it there is a yellow/purple hankercheif. Click the 'hand'
 cursor on it to add it to your inventory.

 Use the 'look/go up' cursor to take the suitcase down from on top of the
 roof. Take the scroll. If you can read Russian, then you can easily beat
 this game but you probably can't so we'll have to find some other way to
 get it translated. Walk out and go to the next sleeping car. Pass through
 this sleeping car and go through the next door. You are now in the
 smoking car. You can look at the clock here or sit down. Keep going
 through to the next door and walk through. This is the dining car.

 If Pascal the dining attendant does not seat you, sit down at the last
 table (the one without people at it). In front of you, you will se a fat,
 bald German. That's Herr Shmidt, Whitney's colleague from Germany. Click
 the 'speak' icon on him.

 So Shmidt is having some merchandise put on the train at Munich, eh?
 Hmmmm.... Anyway, talk to the dark man sitting at the table in front of
 Herr Schmidt's. His name is Alexi, a Russian anarchist and Romantic.
 He'll leave. On the table after he leaves is a book. Take the book, open
 it, and take the paper inside of it. He scribbled 10:40 on the paper. I
 won't tell you what that means for fear of ruining the end of the game.
 Go walk around and explore for awhile. Sooner or later, Rene will tell
 you that his excellency, Prince Kronos, wishes to have you come to his
 private car.

 Kronos' car is in the very back of the train, behind Rene's sleeping car.
 Knock on the door and Kronos' servant Kahina will open the door and let
 you in. Kronos will talk to you about how he is going to give you his
 rather heavy breifcase when you give him something called a Firebird.
 When Kronos makes you leave, walk around. Sooner or later a man will
 enter your compartment. Walk in on him.

 He knows you're not Tyler. When he looks down he will see the blood on
 the floor and will think that you murdered Tyler. He'll want to kill you
 so here's how to fight him. Put the 'backwards arrow' cursor near his
 stomach area and every time that he attempts to stab you, click and you
 will dodge him. After a few times of doing this, he will try stabbing at
 you in a different style so simply click when the 'hand' cursor appears
 on his stomach (when he is in mid-swing).

 He'll talk to you about Tyler. He's looking for the gold. Maybe this has
 some connection to the Firebird. He'll leave abruptly. (His name is Milos
 and he is a Serb.)

 You can start walking around and exploring again but when the trainmaster
 (the short guy in the blue who walks around and says what station the
 train is arriving at) walks down the hall saying that all passengers
 should return to their compartments, go to the sleeping car just before
 the smoking car and go into compartment A when the police are in the hall
 knocking on people's doors. Go into the washroom and stay there until you
 hear the trainmaster saying that the dining car has now reopened.

 Later on, walk back to your compartmaent where the bed is made up. There
 will be a 'speak' icon with a little 'Z' in it so click it on the bed so
 you can sleep. After you fall asleep, you'll experience a period of
 darkness and weird sounds and then you will wake up. Walk out the door
 and turn around and walk back through it.

 Ahhh! Tyler is on your bed. He'll pull an egg out of his mouth and say:
 "Why don't you make it sing?"

 Phew! Just a dream. Now you're really awake. Walk out the door and down
 the hall to the next sleeping car. Knock on the door to compartment F.
 This is Ana Wolffe's compartment. She an Austrian.

 Ahhh! She's got a gun! It's a good thing that Vassily Alexandrovich has
 interrupted her in time. Follow her down the hall where you will enter
 Alexandrovich's compartment. You'll help him. Stay outside the door and
 listen to Wolffe and Tatiana discussing "it".

 Go back to your compartment and go to sleep. That's it for the first day!

                                    CD 2

 You'll wake up on the second day. Go to Milos's compartment (check your
 passenger list) and talk to him about Tyler's intentions. The trainmaster
 will talk to Coudert (the other conductor) about how he thinks somebody
 stole the master key which opens every compartment on the train.

 Go to the dining car and talk to Tatiana. AWESOME! She says as a thanks
 for your kind service to her grandfather that she will translate the
 scroll for you!

 Go to the smoking car. Sit down and look at the table. There's a little
 beetle walking around. You can try poking at it but you won't get very
 far. Take your matchbox out of your inventory. Open it and click the
 'hand' cursor on the matches inside. Click with the 'back arrow' cursor
 to just hold the box. Catch the beetle with the box by clicking it on it
 when it runs by.

 When the little boy in the blue (Francois) is walking in the hall, click
 the 'matchbox' cursor on him. You'll negotiate a trade. He'll walk back
 to the compartment he shares with his mother (FOLLOW HIM!) He'll trade
 you the whistle for the matchbox.At 9:40 A.M., it is important that you
 bump into Schmidt when you get to Munich.

 After the merchandise is loaded onto the train, it will be lunchtime.
 Schmidt will eat with Ana Wolffe. Talk to the new passenger, Mr. Abbot
 (he's the one with the heavy English accent. He'll sum up what you've
 done so far as well as give you some new clues. However, don't worry if
 you miss him because talking to him is not exactly necessary but will add
 to the story.

 Sooner or later, Schmidt and Wolffe will go into the smoking car to drink
 some coffee. Sit down and Kronos will invite Wolffe to play in a concert
 with him in his private car.

 Rene will later tell you that you are invited to the concert. At 3:00, go
 to Kronos' compartment and you'll see a small part of the concert. Get up
 and walk down to compartment E (the one before Ana Wolffe's). Wait until
 a) somebody walks down the hall or b) sombody talks to Coudert to go in.
 Once in, open the window and climb out. Climb in Ana's window and look at
 the jewlry box. Press the center ruby and take the master key.

 Go to the place where the game first started off and use the key to open
 the door to the outside. Climb onto the roof and walk toward the back of
 the train. Smash the skylight and jump into Kronos' bedroom.

 Use the 'magnifying glass' &look at the painting. Press the small circle
 and it will open a small space. Take the breifcase and walk into the
 hallway. Walk through the concert and put the breifcase under the couch
 in your compartment. Lock your compartment with the key.

 This one is the toughest to explain. Go to compartment 1 (Vassily
 Alexandrovich) and go in the bathroom. See the little cabinet under the
 sink? Open it. Take the large golden egg and exit through Vassily's
 compartment again. He'll say something about it "singing for you". Walk
 out to the hallway. Coudert will ask you how you got in there but you'll
 give him an evasive nonanswer. Take the egg through to the dining car.
 See the red curtain in the back that waiters walk in and out of? Walk
 through it. You may see a cook yelling at his apprentice (depending on
 what time you go in) but they will let you pass. Keep going to the
 baggage car where you will see the trainmaster writing behind a door.
 Open the door and he will ask you if he can help you. You can a) wait
 until he leaves or b) keep opening the door over and over again. If you
 do this, he'll ask you to return to the dining car. You'll be forced back
 there but then just go back and open the door. Good. He's not there. Go
 through his office area to the back of the baggage car. You'll hear the
 barking of Wolffe's dog, Maxwell. Click the 'hand' cursor on the cage
 once to pet him. Do it again to open the cage. Max will run off. Put the
 egg into the cage.

 Go into Herr Schmidt's compartment (#3) and read the letter in his

 When the concert is over, use the key to open your compartment and get
 the breifcase. When Schmidt returns to his compartment knock on the door
 and show him the breifcase. Kahina will threaten you with a gun when you
 come out. She wants Kronos' gold back. She'll walk away so walk down to
 Kronos' car with the breifcase and knock on the door. Kronos' will take
 the gold and the hankercheif.

 Now then, head down to the baggage car and go to the second hallway in
 it. The baggage compartment is open (it is usually sealed by a barred,
 iron door) so let yourself in. Go to the back where there is a long
 wooden box. Open it. Ana Wolffe will come in and demand your key. You'll
 begin to talk about Tyler's death when Vesna (Milos' comrade) will come
 in and try to kill Ana. You save Ana but now have to fight Vesna. This is
 like when you fought Milos' but easier because you do not have to click
 the 'hand' cursor on her. You just dodge her. Ana will try to shoot her
 but Vesna will just run off. Ana will leave when she finds out that the
 train is reaching Vienna.

                                    CD 3

 You start out in the dining car for dinner. Walk around for awhile.

 Later, Tatiana will knock on the door to your compartment (when she is
 standing outside the door, you can just walk in). Open it for her and
 she'll tell you that Alexi is constructing a bomb to blow up the train
 and kill her grandfather.

 Go into Alexi's compartment through the bathroom. You'll need to use the
 key. Look up on the luggage rack and take down the suitcase. Take the
 clock in there which is actually a detonator. Mr. Abbot will come in and
 send you out of the compartment. When the beds are made up, go to sleep.
 You'll dream about Alexi being murdered which is actually true.

 When you wake up, head down to Vassily Alexandrovich's comaprtment to
 talk to a dying Alexi. He'll tell you about "the clock". This is another
 bomb that is set to go off soon.

 When you walk into Coudert's car (from Rene's) there is a powerbox. Open
 it. See the cigar box?

                             DISARMING THE BOMB

 Click on the cigar box (ONCE!!). Get the match from your inventory and
 put the cursor over the pipe. Click it.

 Don't open the box but turn it around until you see the hinges. Click the
 'hand' cursor on these and you will be able to open the box.

 Take the telegram from Tyler in your inventory and put it between the
 moving metal things.

 Sooner or later George Abbot will go to the smoking car. Go talk to him.
 He'll tell you about what he does and ask you to join the service. You'll

 When you're done, you can go to Anna Wolffe's compartment. (This is
 optional but it adds to the story.)

 In any event, the Serbs will hijack the train at Budapest. Now this gets
 exciting. Stalko will clonk you with a crowbar and you'll find yourself
 in the baggage car, tied up. To free yourself, turn in any direction then
 look down followed by looking up. This will knock your matches free. Look
 down and move the cursor until it turns into a hand. Click and you will
 burn the ropes. Now click up and you're free.

 Click on the door. Ivo will come up with fists forward. Oh boy....
 another fight....

 Wait for him to throw the first punch and dodge back. Then quickly click
 the fist cursor above his head to punch him. Keep doing this to knock his
 lights out.

 Walk through the door and free Anna. She'll talk to you and then run off.

 Take a left and walk through the doors. You should hear some music. Walk
 down through the two sleeping cars and take and stop at the connecting
 part. (You can stop this time.) Open the door and climb onto the roof.
 Walk toward the locomotive. You will be stopped by Svalko.

 To fight Svalko, simply wait for him to strike first and punch him. Keep
 doing this until the fist icon turns into an open palm. Click and you'll
 take his crowbar.

 Walk a little more and you'll here the sound of a sword being unsheathed.

 Okay this is the hardest fight in the game. Vesna has a sword and two
 basic moves. She'll swing high and low. You have to click high or low to
 counteract these moves. This took me a few times to figure out. After a
 little while, Vesna will duck so DUCK!!! You'll go through a tunnel.
 You'll find yourself hanging off of the train with Vesna trying to knock
 you off. You'll pull her off. (This is all done for you.) Now, go back to
 where you first climbed atop the train. Go to the dining car and unleash
 the passengers.

 Now, go to the platform between Coudert's car and the smoking car and
 look down. See that tile in the middle? Click on it and then click on it
 again to let the passenger cars loose.

 Now climb back on top of the train and go to the locomotive. Milos will
 pull a gun on you but Ana will sneak up and shoot him.

 She will then tell you that the train is slowing down. NOT FOR LONG! Turn
 to the left and you will see a lever. Pull it. You'll be chased by the
 Serbian army until you reach a bridge which crumbles behind you.

 Go back to the dining car. You can talk to Tatiana and her grandfather
 but Tatiana is kind of messed up now that Alexi's dead.

 In the compartment before the baggage car is Ana. Go in and talk to her.

 When she leaves. Go to the smoking car where you will meet KRONOS?!!!!
 Well, it seems that he wants the firebird. Go get it in the baggage car.
 Bring it back. Hurry in doing this because if you go to long, Kahina will
 kill you.

 He wants you to open it. Well, if you look at it closely, it's actually a
 strangely wraught map of the world with gems in key locations. You can
 figure out how to open it by reading the firebird poem that you got from
 Tatiana or you can read on.

 Here's what gems to click and in what order.

 1. Click on the blue gem in Austrailia.

 2. Click on the blue gem in England.

 3. Click on the red gem in Asia.

 4. Click on the purple gem off the western coast of South America.

 5. Click on the green gem in the middle east.

 Stick you're finger in the now open hole and you will reveal the
 firebird. Kronos will try to get Ana to make it sing but it won't work.
 He'll tell you to close it. DON'T!!! Choose the whistle cursor from your
 inventory and blow it.

 ENJOY THE AWESOME END SEQUENCE! This was a really cool game and I hope
 you enjoyed it!

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