Temujin Walkthrough 1.01
	Temujin By Southpeak Interactive
	Walkthrough By Brian Ogan
	Website: www.freewebz.com/ogan
	E-mail: [email protected] (but see paragraph below)

One day while browsing GameFAQs, I suddenly got a fever to write my 
first FAQ/Walkthrough.  After glancing over the requests page, I 
discovered no FAQs on this PC game, so I wrote this, my _first_ 
FAQ/Walkthrough.  Hopefully, this will be a sufficient contribution.  

This is all I know about this game and is complete as far as I know. 
IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CONTACT ME, my e-mail is [email protected].  
Note though that others use this e-mail address, so be sure to mention 
me and this walkthrough.

Copyright 2001 Brian Ogan.  Do anything you want except sell it, put
words in my mouth (um, hands...), or plagiarize without giving me any 

Some of the puzzle problems in this game are more complicated or 
special to the episode than others, so I will give these puzzles their 
own subsection.  I call these puzzles "Grand Puzzles" in my walkthrough
and give each a name on what it is or involves.


1.0:	Original release

1.01:	Added new website address.  Added where the good microphone is
	located, which I failed to mention.


1)    Episode 1: Free Spirit
	- Freeing Mei Grand Puzzle

2)    Episode 2: Past Tense
	- Getting The Memory Book Grand Puzzle
	- Key Making Grand Puzzle

3)    Episode 3: Machine Impossible
	- Machine Impossible Grand Puzzle

4)    Episode 4: Flash Back
	- Ruined Painting Grand Puzzle

5)    Episode 5: In Security
	- MAKA 5 Grand Puzzle

6)    Episode 6: Comic Book

7)    Episode 7: Right of Passage
	- Final Challenge Grand Puzzle

8)    Appendix A: Memory Items and Locations

9)    Appendix B: Magic Camera Locations

10)   Appendix C: Mystic Puzzle Pieces Locations


		Episode I: Free Spirit
		Goal: Liberate Mei's Spirit

During this episode, you might see your cursor light up with a 
different graphic, and Mei says that you don't have the magic to know 
what this means.  If this happens, just note the location and go on.

The Great Hall
After seeing the intro movie, you start in a the Great Hall of the 
museum.  Just to your left and right of your starting position is the 
museum guide to the Stevenson Museum.  Pick one up and place it on the 
eye to view it in detail.  Clicking the detail will open it up, showing
all rooms in the museum.  If you want to, make a hard copy of it: Press
the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, save/exit the game, start 
Paint and click Edit } Paste, and then either edit and/or print it out.

    - Look at the crystal ball in the middle of the room.
    - Go to the fireplace and pickup a poke on the right.
    - You should hopefully encounter a woman, Laurie Wood, who talks 
	kind of	weird to you, then leaves the museum.  Your identity is
	the big	secret of the game (another amnesia cliché storyline). 
	You'll find out who you are and why people treat you in an 
	unusual manner when you get towards the end-game.
    - Try to walk out!  That is Mei, a concubine and the young woman in
	the intro who's spirit you must save in this episode.
    - On the table right of the exit while facing the doors is a 

Once you have done the above, lets try to do some exploring.  There 
isn't many rooms in the game, so getting lost doesn't occur often.  
Getting stuck in a room is another matter.  Exit to the horseshoe 
hallway on the right side.

The Capricorn Room

When you exit the Great Hall, your character immediately goes to the 
Capricorn Room doors.  You see a woman, Susanna Armstrong, leaving like
she saw something terrible, look at you, and run off.  Enter the room.

    - When you enter, your character goes toward the goat head.  Click 
	it to hear Mei telling you to free her.
    - Open the sarcophagi and discover the museum director, Matthew 
	Stevenson, dead.  Read the note peeking through his suit.  
	Examine his hand for a watch.
    - Look inside the pot to the left of the doors.  Looks like some of
	Stevenson's personal items are in here.
    - The displays to the right of the door includes a stand with 
	nothing on it.  Click on it to hear about a 7 oz. chalice.

After you do this and whatever other looking around you do, exit to see
the upset Susanna and a guy, Jordan Cooper, talking.  Note what Cooper 
is saying.  After this, it is time to start looking around in the other 
rooms.  Let start with the Gift Shop and work our way around.

The Gift Shop

When you enter, head for the display counter to see Lorena Carnicero. 
She at least talks to you normally.  This should also make sirens go 
off in your head, hint hint.  She leaves after hearing a crash off 
screen, leaving you alone.  

    - Look down on the counter to see a newspaper article with a 
	picture of Stevenson.  
    - Look to the right of the counter on the shelves to see puzzle 
	boxes.  These are optional time wasters which has two sides.  
	The side shown to you first shows something inside the museum 
	(one has an outside painting of the museum), and the other side 
	a message/hint about one of the museum artifacts.  To flip a 
	piece over, right click it.  Note that the second side has 
	writing that can be easier to put together.  Solve these 
	puzzles at your leisure.

The next room, New Artist Gallery, is available but can be skipped for
now.  Note that if you do decide to go in there, it is very 
clusterphobic and you can get "stuck".  The Restoration Studio is 
currently lock with Susanna inside. After that is the Snack Room.

Snack Room

Upon entering, you see Franklin Macy preparing a cup of coffee without
saying anything while looking at you.  After a sip, he says nice.  How 
come I sense he called me nice and not the coffee?  There is several 
items to grab here.

    - Go to the sink and just to its left is some plasticware.  Grab a 
	spoon, knife, and fork.  Beside those is some sugar cubes.  
	Grab some of those too.
    - Farther down the counter is a 16 oz foam cup.  Take it.
    - Finally, open the freezer and take some ice.

There is some other stuff in here, including a storage closet, so look 
around if you want.  Wood's, Cooper's, and Macy's offices are all 
available if you want to peek inside, but it is not required to do so 
on this episode.  The security door is locked.  Besides the Garden, 
that leaves only one room... Stevenson's office.

Stevenson's Office

There are several new thing to do in here.

    - First, grab that missing chalice from the fireplace.
    - Look at the table with the sword.  This is the sword that cut 
	Mei's hand in the intro movie.  Use the plastic knife you got 
	to get a sample.
    - Head over to Stevenson's desk and open the door to see a letter 
	from Susanna saying that the blood on the sword is human.
    - Use the phone.  Either by accident or on purpose ("Everyone is 
	treating me weird, I have amnesia, and I need help!  I know, 
	I'll dial 9-1-1.  Duh!, I forgot... I can't talk!"), you dialed
	9-1-1.  Nick Costello of Security comes in and terminates the 
	call, treat you weird, and leaves.  With that out of the way, 
	press the voice mail button, listen to the instructions, and 
	listen to all recordings.

Finally, press the page button on the phone to get Susanna attention.  
Head for the Restoration Studio.

Restoration Studio

There is a whole lot of grabable items in here.

    - Follow the right wall from the door to a yellow cabinet.  Inside 
	are a Flora-Chloric Acid and an Electronic Crucible.
    - Go to the desk with two bottles (6 and 2 ounces) on its corner.  
	This is Reg's desk.  Take both bottles, the wooden sticks in 
	the box left of the bottles, and open a box under the lamp to 
	read a paper dealing with bottles.
    - Behind you is Susanna's desk.  It has a few things, but nothing 
	important in this episode.
    - Go to the back of the room, where the window is, and pick up a 
	cylinder seesaw wave thingy with blue liquid inside it.
    - You may have encounter Reg Westlake drunk on the center table.  
	If not, leave and kill some time, perhaps with a puzzle from 
	the Gift Shop.  Return and when he finish talking to you, take 
	his 11 oz whisky flask.

Okay, you know have everything you need to finish this episode, with 
some extra items.  Here is your first Grand Puzzle.  SAVE. 

    |		Freeing Mei Grand Puzzle			    |
    |								    |
    | Requirements:						    |
    |	- 11 oz. whisky flask   - 16 oz. foam cup		    |
    |	- 6 oz. wine bottle     - 2 oz. wine bottle		    |
    |	- Mei's blood sample	- the chalice			    |
    |	- sink (Snack Room)	- Capricorn head (Capricorn Room)   |
    |								    |
    | Procedure:						    |
    |	1) Go to the sink in the Snack Room and fill up the 11 oz.  | 
    |		whisky flask and the 2 oz wine bottle.		    |
    |	2) Place the 6 oz. wine bottle into the 16 oz. foam cup.    |  
    |		Pour the water from the flask into the 6 oz. wine   |
    |		bottle, leaving 5 oz. in the foam cup.		    |
    |	3) Remove the 6 oz. wine bottle and add the water from the  |
    |		2 oz. wine bottle to the foam cup.  That is 7 oz.   |
    |	4) Pour the water in the foam cup into the chalice and add  |
    |		Mei's blood to the chalice.			    |
    |	5) Pour the liquid from the chalice on top of the Capricorn |
    |		head.						    |

With that done, Mei is free.  What I want to know is how did she 
learned English?


		Episode II: Past Tense
		Goal: Collect Stevenson's memories.

This is a fun episode for the game opens up, there is alot to do, and 
has two simple Grand Puzzles.  When you start, Mei will thank you again
and says her magic can now assist you.  In addition, she says magic is 
weak against code iron, hinting on that poke you picked up last 
episode.  She then heads into the crystal ball.  Check it out again.  
You will see Macy's Office.  Do as she says and go there.

Macy's Office

Observe what Macy is doing when you enter and listen to his speech. 
After this, examine the closet and candelabra he fiddle with.  You can 
check out a leaning book on the top shelf for information on 
meta-formic-hydroxylene.  Finally, check Macy's voice mail.

If you check with Mei again on the game interface, you will see a shot 
of the garden.  Head there.


When you enter, Nick will talk to you and you can tell he is having 
some problems with his sanity.  Look at the word puzzle he was working 
on.  The words are Capricorn,  Museum, Treasure, and Adventure.  The 
final solution word is Discus.  Check with Mei again and head for...

Gift Shop

And what gifts they are!  She gives you the Magic Camera to take still
photos of events, past, present, and future.  In addition, she gives 
you the "Black 660" puzzle box, containing 4 Mystic Puzzle pieces, but 
a lot of the pieces are missing.  Two of the pieces can already be 
placed together.  Check Appendix B and C for locations while you go 
place to place.  If you check with Mei again, she doesn't respond.  She
is hiding out in the New Artist Gallery.

New Artist Gallery

She was about to give you the Memory Book, when it gets locked up 
inside the chest!  This is the start of the Getting The Memory Book 
Grand Puzzle.  You should now know the routine.  Check with her and go 

Stevenson's Office

Go there via the horseshoe corridor, past Cooper's Office.  You will 
hear an argument between Cooper, Macy, and Susanna.  When you enter 
Stevenson's Office, you will see Reg lockpicking his desk doors.  Note 
what he is using.  When he leaves, take his screwdriver.  Ignore Mei's 
suggestion, and go to...

Cooper's Office

To open the chest, you need a paperclip.  Do the following:

    - Go to his desk and take one of each paperclip.  In addition, 
	click on the middle dish to get a bundle of paperclips.
    - Also on his desk, get the mirror shard, the oddly shaped blue 
	paperweight, and match.  Listen to his voice mail.  Read the 
	memo from Macy.
    - Finally, with the screwdriver and small paperclip, lockpick his 
	cabinet to get some interesting information.

New Artist Gallary

Now to finish the Getting The Memory Book Grand Puzzle.  Thankfully, it
isn't hard.

    |		Getting The Memory Book Grand Puzzle		    |
    |								    |
    | Requirments    						    |
    | 	- Screwdriver with large paperclip	- Mirror shard	    |
    |	- Chest with scorpion infested Memory Book		    |
    |								    |
    | Procedure						   	    |
    |	1) If not already, put the large paperclip with the 	    | 
    |   	screwdriver.  Use the screwdriver on the chest.     |
    | 	2) Use the mirror shard to put on scorpion under a  	    |
    |		"spotlight".  Another scorpion will approach it and | 
    |		one will kill the other.   			    |
    |	3) Repeat step two till only one remains.		    |
    |	4) Close the book, squashing the remaining scorpion.	    |

All right!  You now have the Memory Book.  Check Appendix A for 
locations.  Before you go busy bee crazy, here is some more stuff to 
know that needs to be done.  Have fun.

    -  New Artist Gallery:  Sense you are still here, go to the 
	"impossible machine" right of the chest as you face it.  Let a 
	ball go and take a leaf.  Then migrate over to the corner of 
	the room just right of the entrance when you enter.  Take a 
	balloon found there.  Carefully exit this clusterphobic room.
    - Gift Shop: Take the VHS tape on the display counter.
    - Restoration Studio: Scene with Lorena.  Take a scalpel in the 
	back of the room after getting the memory picture.
    - Supply Room: Take the bug spray, glue stick, and a piece of a 
	pipe from the shelves.
    - Security Room: Take the darts from the dart board.  Inside the 
	locker right of the one marked "NICK" is a medicine bottle with
	a broken microphone.  The locker marked "NICK" has a picture of
	Susanna and a young girl.  Who she is is a major secret within
	the game.
    - Macy's Office: Unlock the cabinet next to the couch with the 
	screwdriver and medium paperclip.  The top door contains a list
	of items which includes Flora-Chloric Acid and the bottom door 
	contains a letter.
    - Stevenson's Office: Unlock the desk doors with the screwdriver 
	and medium paperclip to find many items.  Take the 
	cassette, cash, and receiver.

Once you have done this, it is time to do the Key Making Grand Puzzle 
in the back area of the Restoration Studio, where the scalpel kit is.
You should also see an angry Susanna in the room trying to look for a 
scale, if you haven't already.  This to is not a hard Grand Puzzle.

    |		Key Making Grand Puzzle				    |
    |								    |
    | Requirements						    |	
    |	- Flora-Chloric Acid	- A bundle of clips		    |
    |   - Electric crucible	- A key stuck in glue		    |
    |								    |
    | Procedure							    |
    |	1) Pour the acid on the key.				    |
    |	2) Put the bundle of clips into the crucible and click the  |   
    |	    crucible on. 					    |
    |   3) Pour the melted metal on the glue mold.  Take the new    |
    |	    key.						    |

With that done, head for Wood's Office and open the bottom door of the 
orange cabinet (right as you enter) with the key.  Besides memory 
items, there is a note from a Matt from one of the top doors.  On her 
desk is a letter from Reg concerning the key which we just done.  Open 
the desk doors with the screwdriver and the small paperclip.  Besides 
the letter about Nick on the left door, there is scissors, lipstick, 
and perfume in the middle door (all takeable) and the newspaper article 
youseen before in the right door, except there is letters cut out of 
it.  Finally, check her voice mail.

When you are done, go to the Great Hall, meet Nick, and end this 
episode.  Note that to trigger movies in the Great Hall, you might have
to go through a certain door.  If so, exit the other door and renter.

		Episode III: Machine Impossible 
		Goal: Make strangely made tea and and play a cassette.

I hate this episode.  There isn't much to further the storyline and you
have to do an obnoxious Grand Puzzle stolen from "The Incredible 
Machine" series.

The episode begins where the last one ended, with you talking to Nick. 
Before leaving, he stressed for you to see what Macy wants from you.  
Do so, and after a speech, tells you to make him some tea. 

Before you begin this stupid assignment, do the following:
    - Use the glue on the wooden sticks.  
    - Get the scale you saw Susanna got earlier in the supply room.  
	You should see Cooper and Lorena Carnicero talking to each 
    - Head over to the tea bar in Stevenson's Office and SAVE.

    |		Machine Impossible Grand Puzzle			    |
    |								    |
    | Requirements						    |
    |	- Balloon (New Artist Gallery)				    |
    |	- Paperweight (Jordan's Office)				    |
    |	- Wave machine (Restoration Studio)			    |
    |	- Scale (Supply Room)					    |
    |	- Teacup from Macy					    |
    |	- Cardboard tube (Supply Room)				    |
    |	- Glued toothpicks					    |
    |	- Sugar cubes (Snack Room)				    |
    |   - Tea table in Stevenson's Office			    |
    |								    |
    | Procedure							    |
    |	1)  Place balloon on the teapot's spout.		    |
    |	2)  Place the paperweight on the left wall shelf, just left | 
    |		of the hard-to-see ship.			    |
    |	3)  Place the wave machine just left of the teapot.	    |
    |	4)  Place the scale just right of the teapot.		    |
    |	5)  Place the teacup on the scale.    			    |
    |	6)  Place the cardboard tube vertically on the scale so it  |	
    |		reaches the right wall shelf.    		    |
    |	7)  Place the glued toothpicks on the right wall shelf, just| 
    |		left of the cardboard tube.			    |
    |	8)  Place the sugar cubes on the right wall shelf, just left|
    |		 of the glued toothpicks.			    |
    |	9)  Take a teabag (on the table, below the left wall shelf  |
    |		and put it in the teacup.			    |
    |	10) Start the teapot and pray it works.			    |
    |	11) Remove the teabag, take the teacup, deliver it to Macy, |
    |		 and pray he likes it.				    |

Whew!  Besides the Mystic Puzzle piece and Magic Camera picture (see 
appendixes), there is now only a few more things to do for this 

    - Restoration Studio: See Susanna get upset about Reg stealing her 
	batteries from the cassette player.  Now where did you was 
	batteries before?
    - Great Hall: Go to the table near the museum entrance and grab 
	Nick's flashlight.
    - Restoration Studio: Returning here, you see Reg talking to 
	someone on the phone about the missing items and the caller's 
	accusation to Stevenson.  When he leaves, go to the player, 
	take the batteries out of the flashlight and into the player.  
	Insert the cassette you got earlier and here four interesting 

Now go back to the Great Hall to end this episode.

		Episode IV: Flash Back 
		Goal: Fix a ruined painting to learn Mei's fate.

This is another short episode, but at least it continues the storyline.  
It starts with Mei saying it is time to know her now.  First head to 
the New Artist Gallery to see Nick hiding after what happened last 
episode, telling you, among other things, "cold iron defeats magic".  
Now move next door to the back of the Restoration Studio where Susanna 
is working on that painting you probably saw earlier.  She freaks out 
because a chip is missing.  Note the brush she pointed at you.  This is
the start of the Ruined Painting Grand Puzzle.

Next go to the Garden and do the following:

    - Go to the bench and pick up Susanna's brush
    - Go to the other side of the statue and move your cursor around 
	till it changes to a hand.  Click your mouse.
    - See the blue-gray brick in the center?  Place one dart on the 
	top-right and another dart on the bottom-right corner of this 
	brick.  Check what's inside.

Now head for the Capricorn room.  To the left as you enter is a map.  
Get close to it and, with the scissors, cut off a piece of hair from 
the helmet located there.  Now for some artillery fun.  Head toward 
the catapult.  You might want to fool around with it till you get a 
handle with it.  There is five notable parts:

    - On the far left is a lever that moves it left.
    - To the right of the left lever is two levers.  The top one places
	the catapult in loading position for a low shot.  The bottom 
	one places the catapult in loading position for a high shot.  
	Top } Low, Bottom } High.
    - On the right side of the catapult is a lever to move it right.
    - Finally, there is the bucket that has the stones for ammo.

Got use to it now?  Point it to the gongs, left of the goathead.  Do a 
ow shot to hit the small gong.  Now quickly do another low shot while 
the gong is still moving.  The result will be a stone hitting the tip 
of the horn helmet off.  Get it.

Now you are ready to do the Ruined Picture Grand Puzzle in the 
Restoration Studio.

    |		Ruined Painting Grand Puzzle			    |
    |								    |
    | Requirements						    |
    |	- Horned helm fragment		- Painting brush	    |
    |	- Mortar (Susanna's desk)    				    |
    |	- Painting with missing chip (back of the room)		    |
    |	- Paint (next to the painting)				    |
    |								    |
    | Procedure							    |
    |	1)  Place the helm fragment into the mortar to get grinded  |
    |		horn.						    |
    |	2)  Move back to place the grinded horn into the paint.     |
    |	3)  Dip the brush into the paint and then with it click the | 
    |		painting.					    |
    |	4)  Notice the chip is on a painting within the painting?   |
    |		Carefully paint the rest of the painting paint away.|
    |	5)  If a movie doesn't start, you haven't depainted the     |
    |		painting's painting.  Say that several times fast.  |
    |		Your missing a pixel somewhere....		    |
    |	6)  When the movie starts, your done.			    |

Take your Mystic Puzzle piece and head to the Great Hall to end this 

		Episode V: In Security
		Goal: Frag with security to get to a secret room.

This screwy episode starts with Mei saying that she can't help you get 
to a place with her magic, but she knows how you can.  Follow her to 
security, where she frags MAKA 5.  Now for a very lengthy and tedious 
Grand Puzzle.

    |		MAKA 5 Grand Puzzle			    	    |
    |								    |
    | Requirements						    |
    |	- MAKA 5, possessed by Mei.				    |
    |								    |
    | Procedure							    |
    |	1)  Click on the yellow square in the New Artist Gallery.   | 
    |		Listen carefully to Nick on how MAKA 5 works, what  |
    |		he has to do, and let him out. 			    |
    |	2)  Unlock Macy's Office.				    |
    |	3)  Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Macy in and out.     |
    |	4)  Unlock Macy's Office twice to let Nick in and out.	    |
    |	5)  Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Nick in and out.     |
    |	6)  Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Macy in and out.     |
    |	7)  Unlock the Restoration Studio twice to let Macy in and  | 
    |		out.						    |
    |	8)  Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Macy in and out.	    |
    |	9)  Unlock the Great Hall to let Lorena out.		    |
    |	10) Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Nick in and out.     |
    | 	11) Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Lorena in and out.   |
    |	12) Unlock the New Artist Gallery twice to let Lorena in and|
    | 		out.						    |
    |	13) Unlock Cooper's Office to let Cooper out and again to   | 
    |		let Susanna out.				    |
    |	14) Unlock Stevenson's Office to let Wood out.		    |
    |   15) Unlock Wood's Office to let Wood in.		    |
    |   16) Unlock the Restoration Studio to let Susanna in.	    |
    |   17) Unlock Wood's Office to let Wood out.		    |
    |   18) Unlock the Capricorn Room to let Wood in and out.	    |
    |   19) Unlock Wood's Office twice to let Cooper in and out.    |
    |   20) Unlock the New Artist Gallery twice to let Cooper in and|
    |		 out.						    |
    |   21) Unlock the New Artist Gallery twice to let Lorena in and| 
    |		 out.						    |
    |   22) Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Lorena in and out    |
    |   23) Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Wood in and out	    |
    |   24) Unlock the Snack Room twice to let Nick in and out	    |

When finish, you hear some argument outside and a new Mystic Puzzle 
piece is available.  Now go to the secret room in Macy's Office where 
you complete your Memory Book.  Take the cassette and dagger with you. 
Hear a conservation between Lorena and Macy and then this episode is 

		Episode VI: Comic Book
		Goal: Learn what really is going on.

This is my favorite episode.  You are near the end, and the story 
becomes Steven Kingish with so many plot twists you just may want to
redo this episode again and again.

This episode begins with Nick promising you that he will start helping 
you now before he leaves the museum.  If you want, go ahead and listen 
to Macy's cassette before the game ends from here on.  Head to the 
Security Room and do the following:

    - Complete your Mystic Puzzle with a piece on Nick's desk.  Recall 
	that face?  Now watch a shocking plot twist movie.
    - Complete a new puzzle.  When you finish it, you start reading a 
	comic book where you can control the plot.  When the story 
	stops, look for two or more "?" on the last frame and make your
	choice.  The story ends the same way no matter what your 
	choices are.
    - Redo the Mystic Puzzle for a quick recap of the previous movie.
    - Now do yet another puzzle, this one is Nick's room as you left 
	it.  After this, the comic book disappears.

WOW!  If you liked the comic idea, be sure to explore all plot lines.  
Now, go to Macy's Secret Room to meet Nick.  He reveals even more 
shocking plot twists (OVERLOAD!) before getting shot by someone off 
screen.  Listen to his dying words and turn around to see Mei.  Onward 
to the final episode!

Oh, and what exactly are the plot twists?  PLAY THE GAME!!!  Okay, I 
will tell you that by now you do know who you are, but my lips (and 
fingers) are sealed.

		Episode VII: Right of Passage
		Goal: Stop the museum employees, Xiao, and Wah-Jin!

The beginning of the end starts with Xiao voice blabbing about Wah-Jin 
as he is known in other cultures in the Great Hall.  There is only two
things left to do.  The first evolved safe cracking and the second is to
finish the game.  The safe cracking is optional so if you rather just get
it over with, head for the Capricorn Room.  Otherwise, go to Macy's secret
room where Nick's dead body is.  There you will find his GOOD microphone.
Take it and go to Stevenson's Office.

Stevenson’s Office

This is a fun time waister.  Go to the painting with a man dressed in 
red to find a safe.  The combination changes every time you play, so 
some logical trial and error is involved.  Start by clicking the 
receiver on and place the GOOD microphone but above the handle.  Now, 
there is four sounds:

    - A several note beep: Starting sound for each attempt.
    - A closing click sound: Played for EACH correctly placed 
    - A buzz: Ending sound for a failed attempt.
    - A Hmm: Ending sound for a successful attempt.

Here is the strategy:

    - First, determine what numbers and how many of each number there 
	is.  Input "111111", "222222", etc.  Count the number of 
	closing click sounds.  Record it.  For example, if you hear two
	clicks with "111111", write down on scratch paper "1 1".  
    - Next, choose a number NOT found in the combination.  Note it on 
	your scratch paper.
    - Finally, for each recorded number, input it on one of the digits 
	and fill the rest with the number not found in the combination.
	If you hear a click, record it on another place in your scratch
	paper with the location noted.

When you do all of this, you have succeeded.  Need a further example?  
Here is one I just did:

    - After inputting "111111", I heard no clicks.  "222222" resulted 
	in one click, so I recorded a "2" on paper.  "444444" resulted 
	in two, so I record two.  When finished, the results were: 
	"2 4 4 5 8 9"
    - A number not found is 0, so I wrote " - 0" down like this: 
	"2 4 4 5 8 9 - 0"
    - Next, I created six boxes, one for each digit, and inputted 
	"200000", and heard no clicks.  I repeated, moving 2 down, till
	I inputted "000200", which I heard a click.  Therefore, the 
	fourth digit is 2.  I recorded that in my fourth box and 
	repeated the process twice with 4, sense there is two 4s.  The 
	final outcome was:

	-----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----
	| 8 |  | 5 |  | 4 |  | 2 |  | 4 |  | 9 |
	-----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----

Anyway, grab the VHS tape and see play it in the Security Room.

Capricorn Room

Go here and take your last picture.  This will start a movie with the 
final revelation.  Note what the goathead really is, and use it to go 
to the secret chamber.  To your right is Stevenson's body (but you 
really know who that is now, don't you).  Read a letter on him.  Turn 
around and, as you go forward, an illusion will prevent you to 
continue.  After Mei tells you what you must do, go back upstairs and 
turn right.  There is a ceremonial incense burner here.  Add the hair, 
perfume, and leaf.  Now add the match and watch the visual effects.  
Head back down to the secret chamber and the spiritual illusion will 
eventually disappear.  Turn left toward a door leading to the final 
room till your blocked by a red blob.

At this point, prepare for the endgame and the Final Challenge Grand 
Puzzle.  Have nothing in your first two inventory slots.  This isn't 
really necessary, but might save you if you accidentally fumble the 
amulet halves.  Next is the chalice and then the poke.  Remember when 
Mei and Nick told you "Cold iron defeats magic"?  Finally, SAVE.

Use the poke on the red blob and you will continue to the final room.  
I won't type what happens so you can enjoy it, but here is how to 
defeat Xiao and Wah-Jin.  Note that there is a time limit, so move 

   |		Final Challenge Grand Puzzle			   |
   |								   |
   | Requirements						   |	
   |	- 2 amulet halves (one on each side of the door)	   |
   |	- A hole (on the door)		 			   |
   |	- The chalice						   |
   |	- Evil Incarnate and his witch				   |
   |								   |
   | Procedure						           |
   |	1) Quickly turn around and get one of the amulet pieces and|
   |		put it in the hole on the door.			   |
   |	2) Repeat step 1 for the other amulet half.  		   |
   |	3) Take the amulet in your examiner and put the chalice on |
   |		it.  It is fixed!				   |
   |	4) Turn around and face Xiao with amulet in hand.  WHEN SHE|
   |		POINT AT YOU, click your mouse button.		   |
   |	5) If you were fast enough, enjoy the finale.  Otherwise...|
   |		 try again.					   |



		Appendix A: Memory Items and Locations

Grand Hall    
    - Nick: Poke fireplace with the poke and see a paper fall out.  A 
	scrap paper.

Gift Shop 
    - Lorena: Her nameplate on display cabinet. 

Restoration Studio 
    - Lorena: The ring she was wearing after encountering her.
    - Reg: The latex on his desk.
    - Reg: The memo hanging on his desk.
    - Susanna: Letter in the pink box on her desk.
    - Susanna: Necklace in the pink box on her desk.
    - Reg: Scalpel kit.

Snack Room
    - Macy: Napkin on the table.  A scrap paper.

Supply Room
    - Wood: Paper left of door.  A scrap paper.

Wood's Office
    - Wood: Miscellaneous items in a box inside the locked door of the 
	orange cabinet.  Complete Key Making Grand Puzzle first.
    - Wood: Letter in a box inside the locked door of the orange 
	cabinet.  Complete Key Making Grand Puzzle first.
    - Nick: Letter about Nick in the desk which Wood interrupts you 

Security Room
    - Nick: Comics in the open chest.

Cooper's Office
    - Cooper: Feality Investments pamphlet on desk.
    - Susanna: Broken mirror on desk.
    - Susanna: Chinese menu in wastebasket beside the desk.
    - Cooper: Book on the bookshelves, under the yellow dish.

Macy's Office
    - Macy: Contract on desk.
    - Macy: Newspaper article in the top door of cabinet.

Stevenson's Office
    - Nick: Receiver in desk door.
    - Cooper: Bill in desk door.
    - Lorena: Picture in desk door.
    - Wood: Letter in waste basket beside desk.

Macy's Secret Room
    - Macy: Cassette tape on the shelves to the left as you enter.
    - Reg: The missing items on the shelves to the left as you enter.
    - Lorena: Note on the shelves to the left as you enter.  A scrap 
    - Cooper: Blueprints on the table to the right as you enter.


		Appendix B: Magic Camera Locations

1) Episode 2: In the Capricorn Room, the sarcophagi, which results in a
	picture of the dead Stevenson.
2) Episode 3: In the Capricorn Room, the goathead, showing the goathead
	emerald damaged and black. 
3) Episode 4: In the Capricorn Room, go to the right side of the 
	goathead, take a picture of the horned helmet.  Hints that you 
	need to take a chip off of it.
4) Episode 5: In Macy's Secret Room, far right corner.  Shows Nick 
5) Episode 7: In the Capricorn Room, the goathead.  Starts a movie 
	showing... well, that will be telling.


		Appendix C: Mystic Puzzle Pieces Locations

1) Episode 2: In the Great Hall, on the statue's crouch.
2) Episode 3: In Macy's cup, after the Machine Impossible Grand Puzzle.
3) Episode 4: In the Restoration Studio, where the chipped piece of the
	painting was after completing the Ruined Painting Grand Puzzle.
4) Episode 5: In the Security Room, on MAKA 5 after the MAKA 5 Grand 
5) Episode 6: In the Security Room, on Nick's desk.


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