T e m u j i n :  T h e  C a p r i c o r n  C o l l e c t i o n 

           Episode 1: Free Spirit

           Great Hall
           In the true spirit of gaming, throughout Temujin,
           pick up anything and everything not fastened down.
           Take the poker, on the right of the fireplace, and poke up the fire.

           NOTE There are objects in the museum that have
           memories. Later in the game, you will collect these items into
           a Memory Book. Make a note of where you've seen them!
           Including the one here in the fireplace.

           When you put your cursor over a Memory Book Object, the cursor
           will change, but until you possess the Memory Book Episode Two,
           you will not be able to understand these items. Some things can be
           taken after you get its' memory.

           You may encounter Laurie, who has a lousy attitude. Take a look out
           the door she left through. Explore the hall. The guest book is on the
           credenza in a side alcove. Take a look at the book to see a list of
           Stevenson's most recent visitors.

           On a wall are some brochures. Take one, it's a map of the museum.
           Walk around and click on the art or anything interesting. Go out the
           door left or right of the fireplace. Walk through the corridor until you
           see Susanna coming out of the Capricorn Room. Enter the red doors.

           Capricorn Room.
           Straight ahead of you is the Capricorn Head. Get close and touch the
           jewel in the head. You have to perform some magic later to free the
           spirit. This room is full of ancient relics of Temujin, the great
           Mongolian warrior. Click on things as you explore the room.

           There's a display pedestal that once held a silver chalice. You must
           find it. How many oz. does it hold? There are musical instruments
           of all types to click on. There is a catapult, that you can operate,
           in the middle of the room.

           Use the long wooden levers, on either side, to maneuver right or left.
           There's two short pegs to arm and launch it high or low. There's
           plenty of shot in the bucket on the right. There are numerous
           predefined targets Shoot the large gong, Shoot the small gong.
           Shoot the Jebei display. Shoot the Helmed Horn try a bank shot.
           Shoot the banner. Try to sink one into the urn.

           You probably hit a big rug on the wall, and you may have ricocheted
           of a mannequin or two. One of them is holding a big horned hat
           Helmed Horn. Keep note of that. It'll come in handy later. Face the
           red doors. To the right and just left of the gongs, find the black pedestal.

           Push the button to learn about the missing object The Chalice.
           Listen carefully to what is said. If you've been eyeballing the big
           colorful box in the middle of the room, go ahead and click on it.
           Look closely at the corpse and discover some clues; a note and a
           watch. Be sure to examine them after taking them. Walk out of the room.

           East corridor.
           Straight ahead you'll find Susanna, being comforted by Jordan, outside
           the Restoration Studio. Listen carefully to their conversation
           two beeps! If you're facing the studio, go straight ahead to the Gift
           Shop at the end of the hallway.

           Gift Shop.
           Meet Lorena. Look at the display case she was cleaning. If you don't
           have a brochure, take one. It is a map of the museum. On the shelves,
           there are four puzzles. When solved, they could provide important
           clues. Exit the shop, turn right and go to the Snack Room. It's to the
           right of the Capricorn door.

           Snack Room.
           That's Macy drinking tea. Take everything that can be taken; knife,
           fork, spoon, sugar cubes, cup, etc. Once you have everything that
           you can find including the supply room, exit and go to the Capricorn
           next door to the right.

           Capricorn Room.
           Talk to the head. Check later for even more help. Exit and go right,
           to the end of the hallway. Enter Stevenson's office.

           Stevenson's Office.
           Walk over to the conference table and examine the sword. Use your
           knife to get a blood sample. On the mantle you'll find the missing
           Chalice. Remember what Jordan said to Susanna? At the desk phone,
           push the page button to beep Susanna. Check all the voice messages.
           Return to the Capricorn Room.

           Capricorn Room.
           Click the goat head for a bit more information. Exit and go left to the
           second door on the left to the Restoration Studio.

           Restoration Studio.
           Susanna responded to your paging, but don't follow her.
           Enter the studio and look around for a bit. Exit and go
           left to the New Artist's Gallery.

           New Artist's Gallery.
           There's lots of gadgets in here. Look around all that you can.
           There's two small machines. The one on the right gives you
           something. The left one causes you to break something. Did
           you find the broken pieces or did you just leave right away?
           The exit is between the two machines. In the hallway, go to
           the studio on the right.

           Restoration Studio.
           That's Reggie lying down on the job or did you see him earlier?
           Check out his desk the one with the skull on it. Next to the skull,
           open the small box and read the poetry. The quantities of 11, 6,
           and 2 ounces are important. Take the two bottles. Take the flask
           from the table. Exit and turn right to the Snack Room.

           Snack Room.
           Use the flask on the faucet. At this point you should have everything
           to free the spirit from the Capricorn head. The plastic knife, used to
           get a blood sample from a sword. You should also have a six and a
           two ounce bottle, foam cup, chalice, and blood sample. Use the
           two oz bottle on the faucet. You have to end up with seven ounces
           of water in the foam cup. SAVE!

           1-place the 6 oz bottle in the foam cup.
           2-pour the flask into the bottle/cup.
           3-remove wine bottle.
           4-pour 2 oz bottle into cup.

           Once you have seven oz in the foam cup, pour it into the Chalice
           and add the blood. Return to the Capricorn Room.

           Capricorn Room.
           Use the potion, on the Capricorn Head, to free Mei.

           Episode 2: Past Tense

           Great Hall.
           Face the fireplace and exit the door on the left. In the hallway,
           Macy's office is the second door on the left.

           Macy's Office.
           Macy is fooling with the candelabra. Notice what the bookcase does.
           Try the light fixture. Try the bookcase. Shake the maraca on the
           shelf and try looking at the books. If you come back later, you may
           find that there's more to the bookcase. Exit and go across the hallway
           and enter the garden.

           You see Nick. When he leaves, check out the newspaper on the bench.
           You can drag the letters; the first word is CAPRICORN. The other
           words are MUSEUM, TREASURE, ADVENTURE. From the four
           words, make a final one Tip; have you seen anyone or thing in the act
           of throwing? Go out the doors and walk straight ahead to the New
           Artist's Gallery.

           New Artist's Gallery.
           The swirling green mist, Mei, has the memory book. Now you'll have
           to get it out of the trunk. If it's locked, go to the gift shop.

           Gift Shop.
           Get the camera from the counter. It becomes part of your interface.
           When you are near something worthy of a photo, the green light will
           flash. The photo album is for you to fill up. Did you see that glow
           from one of the shelves? Pick up the proper puzzle box and you'll
           notice a few pieces are missing. You will now have a puzzle-piece
           icon on your interface.

           While you're here, thoroughly check out the supply room in the back.
           Exit and go to the Great Hall. You should have reason to check out
           the statue. Get situated so that you can click on his ah..... thing! You
           may automatically get a puzzle piece. Now go to Laurie Woods' office.

           Laurie Wood.
           Try snooping around. A chest drawer has a note from Matt. All the
           desk drawers are probably locked? On top of the desk is a note from
           Reggie. Something about a key. Now, go to Stevenson's office.

           Go to the right. As you pass Jordan's door, you may hear giggling.
           This may have occurred already. Continue to the end of the hallway
           and enter Stevenson's office on the right.

           Stevenson's office.
           Reggie is either still drunk or just plain crazy. Take the screwdriver.
           Exit, turn left and go to Jordan Cooper's office. Cooper's office.
           Get a paper clip from his desk all three sizes. Get the broken
           mirror shard. When you have the memory book, you can return
           for the compact on the desk. Exit, go straight ahead in the
           hallway and turn right to the New Artist's Gallery.

           New Artist's Gallery.
           Put screwdriver in examiner window and put large paper clip
           on it. Open trunk with your modified screwdriver. Beware of
           scorpions. Use mirror shard to shine light on one and others
           will kill. When there's only one left, click outside the book to
           slam is shut. Take the memory book.

           Your other two clips will open other drawers and file cabinets.
           Return to the Great Hall. Sometimes it takes two different clips
           for different drawers of a desk or file cabinet.

           Great Hall.
           Now you should check out the fireplace to record a memory.
           After that, be sure to pick up the item. Go to the Gift Shop.

           Gift Shop.
           There should now be a video tape on the counter. Now that
           you have the memory book, if you didn't keep notes where the
           memory items were, you'll have to visit each room and carefully
           check everything to record any memories that may be hidden.
           Exit, turn right and the second door on the right should be
           the restoration studio.

           Restoration Studio.
           Lorena's excited about the President visiting. There are items
           on the desk that you'll need to get. Particularly, two that are in
           the pink box. As you entered the door, if you turn right and go
           past the window and turn right again then forward, you should
           find the key imbedded in glue. You obviously have to get it
           or make another.

           A few tips there's a safe behind the red picture in Stevenson's
           room. If you have some tooth picks, try gluing them together.
           In Cooper's room, click the side of the desk to get a view of the
           waste basket. Also, check out the close-up of the left side of the
           bookcase. You need a bunch of paper clips to melt for the new
           key after you put acid on the old one.

           If nothing seems to be happening, make sure you have listened to
           all messages on all the phones in the museum. After having done
           that, return to Woods' office and check the desk again. You will
           most likely discover a paper with the following letters blacked

           In one drawer you may discover several items to take. As you
           look through a folder, Laurie will tell you that it's none of your
           concern. When she leaves, check it out again to get a memory.
           Go to Cooper's office.

           Cooper's Office.
           Recheck his desk drawers and the folder on his desk. Then, go
           to the Great Hall.

           Great Hall.
           You should see Nick again. After he says several words, you
           should be prompted to insert disc 3.

           Episode 3: Impossible Machine

           Great Hall.
           Nick puts down his flashlight and tells you that Macy wants to
           see you. Take the flashlight and put it in the examiner window.
           Take the batteries out and keep them and the flashlight. Now
           go see Macy.

           Macy's Office.
           He tells you to make him some tea. You may see Nick again as
           you go to the Snack Bar Employees Only room. Enter the
           supply room. You will spy on someone. Go to Stevenson's office.

           Stevenson's Office.
           Face the teakettle in a close-up. If you've picked up everything
           that you could find, you should have everything to make some
           tea; the items are listed in the book on Stevenson's desk

           Tea bag, sugar cubes, tea cup, tea or coffee pot, hot plate, wind
           propelled toy, balloon, rubber ball rather flat looking blue thing,
           scales, lever with shifting liquid, 30 tube, 26 toothpicks, glue.

           Put ball on left shelf, sugar cubes and glued toothpicks on right
           shelf, lever with shifting liquid left of the teakettle, balloon on
           teakettle, scales right of teakettle, cardboard tube right side of
           scales, teacup on scales, tea bag in cup there's a tea bag on the
           left side of the table. Take the tea to Macy. If you ask the spirit
           guide, she will probably tell you to go to the Capricorn Room.

           Capricorn Room.
           As you enter and approach the ram head, your camera will be
           active. Take a picture of the ram head. Find the cap, by the
           map of the Mongol Empire, and use your scissors on it to get
           a lock of hair. Go to the Restoration Studio.

           Restoration Studio.
           Someone is really peeved about their radio. Put some batteries
           in it and then the cassette. Listen to the cassette in its' entirety.
           Remove the cassette. Go to Macy's.

           Macy's Office.
           Not much here. Might as well take the abandoned tea cup.
           There could be a puzzle piece in it. Head for the Great Hall.

           Great Hall.
           You should encounter Nick again. This takes you to episode four.

           Episode 4: Flashback

           Go to the Capricorn Room. Take a picture of Triumph of Jebei
           the mannequin dressed in pink. Go to the Restoration Studio.

           Restoration Studio.
           Go around behind to the area where you found the key. She's
           mad about a missing puzzle piece. Notice the brush she's shaking
           at you. Go to the New Artists Gallery.

           New Artists Gallery.
           You might see Nick again. He says that Cold iron defeats magic!
           Go to Security.

           Try making a bulls eye with the green dart. When you do, you'll
           hear a ding. Turn right and notice there's also a green dart
           between the target and map. Don't bother the dart just yet. Keep
           the two yellow darts. Go into the Garden from in front of the
           New Artists Gallery.

           Turn right and click on the wall with your slanted hand. Use your
           two yellow darts to open the secret hiding place behind the grey
           brick. Scroll to the bottom of the photo. At the bench, where the
           newspaper was, you should find the brush that was shaken at you.
           If it's not there yet, wander around and check back often. Once you
           have the brush, go to the Restoration Studio.

           Restoration Studio.
           Go past the window and behind the counter. On the right, dip
           the brush in a small white container. Click and hold the brush
           over the missing piece in the picture. Now drag the brush
           around to create a red smear. Exit the table and start toward
           the window. Mei should tell you that you need a more powerful
           solution. If you ask, she will point you to the Capricorn Room.

           Capricorn Room.
           Can you knock the horn off of the Jebei Horned Helm Exhibit?
           You can ricochet a shot off the big gong, but it doesn't quite hit
           the horn. Notice that when you hit the small gong, it swings
           for awhile. Try hitting it again while it's still swinging.

           Grab a shot and click it on the handle, then drop it into basket.
           shoot again.

           Restoration Studio.
           Grind the piece of horn with the mortar and pestle, behind the
           pink box. Go around past the window, to the picture with a
           missing piece. After dipping the powder in the stripper, dip the
           brush in the bowl, then click the brush on the picture.

           After it zooms in, while left clicking and holding down the mouse
           button, rub the brush over the small portrait that looks like it has
           a missing puzzle piece in it. Rub back and forth all over the
           portrait until it turns completely red and a video should start up.
           Don't forget to look back, after the video finishes playing, to pick
           up something.

           Wander around, if you want, to check out the rooms. Enter the
           Great Hall from the side near Stevenson's office. In the hall, as
           you turn right, you should see Mei.

           Episode 5: In Security

           Follow Mei to Security. At the console, let everyone out of their
           rooms. Watch Laurie Wood assemble a gun. View the Capricorn
           room and watch her enter and give the gun to someone.

           Let everyone go to and from, the break room and supply, trying to
           override the junction box. Someone has to get a stepping stool,
           from one of the offices, in order to get some wires from the ceiling
           in the Artist's Gallery. Nick finally overrides the security lock and
           you can wander around again. Go to Macy's.

           Macy's Office.
           Now you should be able to get behind the bookcase. Take a
           photo of the back wall in the secret room. There's four
           memories to get. Take all items that you possibly can,
           including the missing knife in a bag on the shelf. As you turn
           around, you automatically spy on Macy.

           Episode 6: Comic Book

           You automatically see Nick in the Great Hall. Go to Security.

           There's a puzzle piece on the desk to complete your puzzle. Do
           another Comic puzzle. Open the comic book and leaf through it.
           Click the ? on the girl. Page back and click ? on the boy. Click ?
           on Mom, then on Dad. Page back and click on the red 35. Click ?
           on the boy. Click the ? on the console over his hospital bed. Run
           the slider all the way up. If you go back and click ? on the red 65,
           the boy ends up in the hospital again.

           Click ? on the group of kids in the hallway. Page to the back side
           of the comic book. Page back through the book. You eventually
           put the original puzzle back together.

           Go back and click ? on the girl. The boy walks home. Click the ?
           on the speedometer 45? of the truck. Go back and click ? on the
           truck radio. Seems like no matter what you do, the boy still ends up
           in the hospital. Go back to Macy's.

           Macy's Office.
           Enter the secret room and see the comic book kid. If you can
           search Nick's body, you'll find a key. There's also a bug device
           a good one. As you turn around, you'll see Mei again.

           Episode 7: Rite of Passage

           Go to Macy's Office and get the key from Nick's body, if you
           don't already have it, and the good bug while you're at it. Go
           to Stevenson's office.

           Stevenson's Office.
           Put the good bug on the safe door and back up a step. Put the
           radio device in the viewing window and turn it on. Click an
           empty slot, to put the device there. Get a close-up of the safe
           door and start trying to input the correct combination. One way
           is to punch 1 first, and the rest 0's. If you don't hear a clunk
           heavy click, try the 1 in a different position and the rest 0's.

           By doing this you determine whether or not the 1 is one of the
           six required digits. Do this by putting the 1 in a different position
           each time until you have tried it six times. Use the same method
           for each of the other digits. You eventually get six digits but not
           necessarily in the correct order. In my case they were 579824, in
           that order. My reward was a video tape.

           Next, Mei pointed to Security......I'm not sure if there's any need
           to be here.

           Restoration Studio.
           Listen to your new tape at the cassette player. Go to Capricorn.

           Take a picture of the ram head. Watch a video. Click on the ram
           head to discover a door behind the tapestry to the left. Click on
           the tapestry and use the missing knife to open the door. At the
           bottom of the stairs, turn right and read the note on the body.
           Turn around and move forward. Mei says you have the tool to
           shatter the gold beast. Go upstairs.

           Put the green leaf, hair, perfume and match on the incense burner.
           Go back downstairs and the beast will dissipate. Move forward,
           then left. Use the poker on the red mist. When you can move,
           do the following as quickly as possible

           Turn around. There is a half amulet on each side of the door.
           Put them on the door, then click chalice on amulet. Click chalice
           on amulet in examine window. Take chalice and turn around.

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